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  1. XTeKK

    I'm just now catching wind of this... Yeah I remember that day.. I sure did kick you, and stopped once you said who ya were.. before that though, you were Smurfin the server.. had a different player name... I didn't realize it was you. And you only said something once that I noticed. if you said something twice, I only seen the one, and stopped after that. And this bs that I kicked you because you were winning!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA please... had nothing to do with it.. I kicked you because it seemed like you were hacking before I knew it was you.. ~XTeKK
  2. XTeKK

    Damn, that's a fine Rig!
  3. XTeKK

    Welcome to XI derXos !!! ConGradz!!! ~XTeKK
  4. When shit happens, we do our best to accommodate the issue. work arounds, or alternatives. Props to our Admins & mods, for their diligent efforts to keep things running smoothly.. ~XTeKK
  5. XTeKK

  6. XTeKK

    That's a Good Point RobMc.. I didn't think of that... Sometimes, Opening up the DvD Rom drive, and viewing the contents, Right Clicking on the Install, or Setup.exe file, and Running as Administrator helps also. ~XTeKK
  7. XTeKK

    Dang almost forgot.. Do all the patch updates for the game. if you dont have those I can Upload them to you.. I think they might be available for download on Xi Site. IF Not I will make arrangements to get them uploaded and posted for the Members.. Do all the updates before you start copying your data over.. If I think if anything else Ill msg ya. XTeKK
  8. XTeKK

    Drizit, Hey You have to do this.. Install WAW on to windows 10 like a new install. Then copy over your old install directory over the new one. Run the game. so it can load up your player profile to the WAW directory. Exit the game. Now goto the hidden location where your game Data is stored. Copy all of that, and plaste it over the new New install Appdata location. Since windows 10 is a bit diffrent, be sure your placing it in the correct location. DON'T Delete your old pc install.. if this doesn't work, which it should if you get everything back in the right locations, you want to be able to do it again if needed.. Research out where the Player Data goes in windows 10. ~your PaL, XTeKK
  9. XTeKK

    I'm Sending out a request... I need a Sig.. however I am a complete noob on how to create one myself.. If any XI members could help me it would be much appreciated.. very much so.. ~XTeKK out.
  10. XTeKK

    ahh... sorry, caps... one to many beers.. =p ~XTeKK
  11. XTeKK

  12. Part one: Okay first thing you need to do is open control panel, Then select file explorer options.. Then when that's open, Click on the view tab at the top of that window, under view, Select show all files, and uncheck hide or all the hides from that menu. Apply, exit that. Now your ready for the temp directory. Part two: You need to open up C-drive, where your OS is located.. Find the Directory called users... Open that, then select your profile name (it should be there). IN there you will see a directory called appdata, Open that, then open Local.. IN that directory will be yet another directory called Temp. Open it, Select all, then delete. Your done. ~XTeKK out.
  13. XTeKK

    Farout!!! Welcome to the ClaN!! CongradZ!!!!
  14. XTeKK

    It worked.. Thx for the help. ~XTeKK btw, good video beers..