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  1. about time.. Welcome aboard!
  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. Welcome aboard!
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  5. Welcome aboard!
  6. The videos are up on the demo manager so all of the admins can make a decision if it was a hardware mod, or software mod(such as a Trigger script), or just downright hack.
  7. Congradz!!! Enjoy!!
  8. Thanks for the heads up! ~XTeKK lmao, im just a month late on that memo..
  9. Tell Them Nurses your Front side needs washing too! =p ~XTeKK
  10. RobMC, I am just now getting this news, My GoD MAN! Glad your still alive!! I had been offline for a bit.. Had to reload my Pc. get better soon! ~XTeKK
  11. I want your video card 7toes..