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  1. XTeKK

    yeah.. that's a tough blow.. but be assured you have nonjudgmental friends here willing to be supportive.. Welcome back sir.
  2. XTeKK

    Its a nice looking build.. good cable management, no airflow restrictions.. dang.. very nice build! ~XTeKK
  3. XTeKK

    FBI, tell me more about the video card..
  4. XTeKK

    Nice Looking Pc Build..
  5. XTeKK

    Thank you!
  6. XTeKK

    Where's Charlotte ?
  7. All the Shit aside.. I am here because I Enjoy the Xi Community, I support that growing.. not falling apart.. Regardless what drama Transpired.. it's over now,, move forward.. I didn't require a paycheck when I did Admin stuff.. I did it to help Xi manage it's server.. that's it.. Anyone that thinks they should be paid, is mistaken.. never once was being an Admin a paycheck. It did pay in other forms.. Satisfaction, knowing your helping the Xi community.. able to rotate the map when needed... etc.. People, please don't forget,, this whole thing is about being a community.. a group of friends you can count on to have your back in this game or that.. You know who's who, for whatever server you enjoy... Many Many Thanks to the Staff and Admins, that put up with the $hit, and still get the job done... Props to you all.. That's it. all I've got to say on this matter... I won't chime in again.. Someone Lock this Thread please.. XTeKK out!
  8. Whatever the issue was prevernting connection to the server seems to have corrected it's self... Try again.. see if it's working for you... it is for me.. XTeKK
  9. I wonder if he is referring to the same Issue I was describing to Mr DJMOT... humm...
  10. I guess I should Correct my statement. I heard all about it, I never, heard why. FFS Stands for "FOR FUCK SAKE"
  11. Yeah I heard all about it.. Sad when things go south.. The Up side, we Still have Cat and Dj,, So Far It is my opinion RocketJay and Eastcoast, Not to forget Mr McGrim, they are doing a GREAT Job!!! There's my 2 1/2 cents Cheers!! XTeKK
  12. XTeKK

    FBI are these the Cards you used to run?
  13. XTeKK

  14. Yeah FireFox did an Update last night that Totally disabled all but two plugin addon's. If you Roll back to a older version, then disable all updates, your plugins & addon's will work again..
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