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  1. comegetsom

    Hey all...been missing you ...in the middle of moving to a new home...been living in the sister-in-laws home with my family...cant set up the gaming computer...even if I did had problems with it before I moved...BobBarker's gonna help me get it fixed up ...be back in action soon... thx for keeping my login active..much appreciated! See you soon!
  2. comegetsom

    bobbarker funny as hell...that went on for about 5 minutes....Wildthing was chasing me around the campsite...crazy bastard!
  3. comegetsom

    Sex_Panther Check out the flag post bitches...me getting pummeled with paint balls right after I rose our Teams' flag...awesome time...great bunch of guys and gals...lets do it again next year!!!!!!!!!!! Here are some photos I took.... More to come later



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