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  1. Ov3rKi11

    Thx Hoth omg crazy ass idiots lol lol lol lol it is Quake 1
  2. Ov3rKi11

    Quake has been updated this is my first online game and it’s still a lot of fun If others are interested hit me up they even have co-op for the campaign that’s cool
  3. Ov3rKi11

    I have been watching a player/streamer the Running Man Z he has made the game look so good lol it would be cool if we could run it again just to try out at least
  4. Ov3rKi11

    Did we run DayZ server at one time or could we run one in the future???
  5. Ov3rKi11

    Is there anyone else in here that plays Over Watch? looking to have some friends join in thats what I have been playing here lately and I’m having fun no calling out of cheats or hackers
  6. Ov3rKi11

    Same here “FIX IT “
  7. Ov3rKi11

    It’s very sad to know that such a great person like him had to pass away he will be missed very much so
  8. Ov3rKi11

    I’m going to try my very best not to miss next year
  9. Ov3rKi11

    Rugger why dose my name have to be on top of the list and showing age “OMG” lol Laszlo that’s not funny just letting you know... lol... lol you two idiots ?
  10. Sounds like a great weekend planned count me in !!!!!!!!!! Butboy (Budman) make sure you are on LOL
  11. Ov3rKi11

    You could have left out the Overspill lol
  12. Ov3rKi11

    I figured it was time for it for I have been playing under that one name for years all the way back when Quake 1 was the game to be playing......... I will always be Ov3rKi11
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