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  1. Did we move the redirect or something. I have a screen shot of a 1 minute and 10 second map change. People leave server thinking it is locked up.
  2. Have a good one.
  3. Home now got some limbs down. No big deal. Pool is full of Oak tree leaves. I'll clean that out tomorrow and go swimming.
  4. noon tomorrow lol
  5. We just got a mandatory evacuation starting at noon tomorrow. They are reversing 4 lane highway to Columbia.
  6. Is that her game name or what you call her?
  7. I was wondering the same thing. LOL Hope she's better than you in COD5
  8. Well for one thing, there are some maps that I am redownloading that I know I had, the server rotation hasn't been changed in 2 weeks that I have been gone, and yes everyone started getting CI's this morning. Spin couldn't get in the server when the CI's were happening. so he reset the server came in and CI's are not continuing at the moment.
  9. Where is his tan at?
  10. Oh great he goes from a 3 square foot one to one that weighs a ton.
  11. congrats man
  12. Welcome fuck face Herb.