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  1. Might be missing a map in medium map rotation !Merlin. map mp_fritzkrieg was on but we had 4 or 5 players in game so it should have went to medium.

    What they started making you work now? Bastards

    So Rob in here posting instead of on cod4 ace mod! mmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. Dam that sounds like a threat to me. Maybe they out to kick you out of the clan for threatening people. Kinda like Maz said DirkNaptist was threatening her.
  5. Don't have time, don't have the band width. These are all great excuses.
  6. From what I see the server is played quite a bit, and just about everyone would like a new rotation put in.
  7. Takes 45 minutes to do a rotation change. I play on DM1 alot so I would like some different maps in there please. Dm1 is not an escape hatch, it's a server that wasn't getting used and is getting used now.
  8. You changing DM1 server also? It's been in there for 15 days now.

    Maps are too long, beer gets warm, can we try backlot only 6 players in there now.
  10. 2_MANY_BEERS

    Their already tired of same map.
  11. 2_MANY_BEERS

    What time is it now?
  12. All we are asking is to make server 1 DM1 the way DM2 use to be. All that is, is changing the jump height back to 8. You were asked to make another server for the cheaters (DM1), which you did, and now he doesn't play on either one. If you would of just left it alone (DM1) and not messed with the jump height there would be no more discussion on this. It would be stupid to change it over to low gravity server again cause we had not much traffic on it. If you want servers with traffic on them you should listen to the people that play on the server, not someone that plays 1 hour a day.
  13. Yeah Dm1 was doing good for morning play and then everyone played DM2 in the afternoon till the jump setting got taken off of 8. This is what it looked like when we had it at 8.
  14. And yet another reason people don't like playing on the DM2 server.
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