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      We added a couple new themes for the website, if you want try a different theme you need to scroll down to the bottom of the website and find the theme menu. Click on that it will give you options of different themes to use. Once you change it, that is the theme the site will use every time you come to the site until you change it. If you choose the Titan theme, you can click on the paint brush next to your name in the upper right hand corner and change the background. 


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  1. Yeah server needs reset though.
  2. took ya long enough. welcome.
  3. Small Map Rotation 2 map mp_78bathroom map mp_asylum map mp_egn map mp_hospital map mp_killhouse map mp_koshiki map mp_little_town map mp_opera map mp_trainingcamp" Medium Map Rotation 8 map mp_78stalingrad map mp_agx_depot2_night map mp_all_out map mp_backwoods_5 map mp_blood_island map mp_chateau_xmas map mp_cw_dawnville map mp_ddd_wet map mp_downtown2 map mp_feba map mp_haguenau map mp_kalsville map mp_makin_day map mp_myths_farm map mp_opcenter map mp_railyard map mp_streets map mp_uss_rescope map mp_vm_maichau map mp_yomi map mp_byalistok" Large Map Rotation 5 map mp_78lolv2 map mp_agx_algiers map mp_anzio map mp_barracks map mp_bridgefthunt map mp_chokepoint map mp_cw_farm map mp_dumont map mp_great_escape map mp_kharkov map mp_lolv2_codwaw map mp_newsicily map mp_panzerfact_winter map mp_rhinevalleygits map mp_sfss_castle map mp_southside map mp_stlo map mp_trainstation map mp_vm_caen map mp_waw_caen map mp_xi_titanic"
  4. It's the chem trails eagles, and gator tails. LOL
  5. Are we welcoming baby, back to the clan, or is it a new member called babyback? Just ribbing ya! LOL
  6. What do you use? beyond compare? it is great
  7. Bring it on. I'll take a kick if you think you can do it. LOL
  8. If she's scared she needs to say she's scared.LOL
  9. a moderator is someone that can kick someone if cheating take a video for evidence so we can ban them if no admin is around.
  10. Moderator for what server? Haven't seen her in DM2 at all hardly. Think she's afraid to get stuck. Must be Nam FT server.
  11. Was thinking about taking the spawn killing rule out of the DM2 server now that we are back up to 20/22 players. It is really easy to kill someone after they spawn with that many players in the server.
  12. your welcome now let me stick you with a knife. Get in here.
  13. Small Map Rotation 1 map mp_algiers map mp_bridge map mp_dugin map mp_gardenofheat map mp_homeroom map mp_lichtung map mp_nachtfeuer map mp_ripac map mp_shipments Medium Map Rotation 7 map mp_78outpost map mp_agx_depot2 map mp_alcazaba map mp_ax_neuville map mp_bgate map mp_chateau map mp_cw_burgundy map mp_db_snowypark map mp_downtown map mp_falaise5 map mp_gits_terminal map mp_jungle map mp_makin map mp_murmansk map mp_nvabase map mp_psycho map mp_reichattack map mp_snr_vimyrd map mp_stream2 map mp_turm map mp_xi_jordan5 Large Map Rotation 4 map mp_78junobeach map mp_aa_vosges_fr map mp_byalistok map mp_ballpark map mp_boulogne map mp_castle map mp_cw_brecourt map mp_downfall map mp_gits_tanks map mp_industrial map mp_lolv2 map mp_newhurtgen map mp_panzerfact map mp_renan_bridge map mp_sfrance_nite map mp_southfrance5 map mp_stanjel map mp_townville2 map mp_vm_brecourt server has been reset.