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  1. Small Map Rotation 1 map mp_africorp_rmk map mp_algiers map mp_bridge map mp_dugin map mp_gardenofheat map mp_homeroom map mp_lichtung map mp_nachtfeuer map mp_republic_1 map mp_ripac map mp_shipments Medium Map Rotation 6 map mp_78kitchen map mp_agx_depot1_night map mp_akushima map mp_ax_dawnville map mp_bf1942_berlin map mp_byalistok map mp_cav_slated map mp_cw_breakout map mp_dawnville map mp_dock_assault map mp_enigmaoff map mp_gits_harbor map mp_jsvacant map mp_louret map mp_montelimar map mp_nijmegen map mp_powcamp_n map mp_rb map mp_snr_matmata map mp_snrwcarentan map mp_toujane_rmk map mp_xfire_bay Large Map Rotation 6 map mp_78rocket map mp_agx_assault map mp_armory map mp_bastogne map mp_burma map mp_byalistok map mp_city map mp_cw_hurtgen map mp_duong map mp_gtown44 map mp_kiev map mp_lost_temple map mp_nighthound map mp_panzerschlacht_02b map mp_river map mp_shallowgrave map mp_storm map mp_trenchtoast map mp_vm_crash map mp_wdocks
  2. Fuck I don't even know why I play this game. That is mine .
  3. She didn't say anything about her digital plug in tester being bad. LOL
  4. Oh someone alreadt did LOL
  5. Small Map Rotation 5 map mp_agx_shinu map mp_breakout map mp_crate_yard map mp_cw_abandoned map mp_dome map mp_hhk_yokora map mp_killhouse map mp_meatgrinder map mp_radiorelay map mp_snr_kassel map mp_yuko" Medium Map Rotation 5 map mp_78hellcatraz map mp_agx_depot1 map mp_agxstlo map mp_beuvron map mp_byalistok map mp_cassino5 map mp_crossroads map mp_cw_trainwreck map mp_docks map mp_eindhoven2 map mp_ict_stone map mp_kneeriver map mp_line_of_fire map mp_mohdv2 map mp_nachtzug_2 map mp_nightmare map mp_pds map mp_ravine_v1 map mp_ship_n map mp_snr_carentan map mp_toujane map mp_wolftown" Large Map Rotation 5 map mp_78lolv2 map mp_agx_algiers map mp_anzio map mp_barracks map mp_bridgefthunt map mp_byalistok map mp_chokepoint map mp_cw_farm map mp_dumont map mp_great_escape map mp_kharkov map mp_lolv2_codwaw map mp_newsicily map mp_panzerfact_winter map mp_rhinevalleygits map mp_sfss_castle map mp_southside map mp_stlo map mp_trainstation map mp_vm_caen map mp_waw_caen map mp_xi_titanic
  6. What ya eating tonight?
  7. Yeah no little dear does that much damage.
  8. Small Map Rotation 4 map mp_agx_castle map mp_bridge map mp_hgy_c map mp_kauten map mp_little_town map mp_maquina_viet map mp_pmcod map mp_remagen map mp_xi_arena Medium Map Rotation 4 map mp_78druglord map mp_agx_burgundy map mp_anbinh map mp_argentan_xmas map mp_bergsnow map mp_byalistok map mp_canal2 map mp_crash_day map mp_cw_ship map mp_doc78 map mp_dundygrad map mp_frucanal map mp_hunt_xmas map mp_lapatrouille map mp_marsh map mp_mohdm3 map mp_newvillers2 map mp_pavlov_h map mp_ravine map mp_sabre map mp_tge map mp_wbridge Large Map Rotation 4 map mp_78junobeach map mp_aa_vosges_fr map mp_byalistok map mp_ballpark map mp_boulogne map mp_castle map mp_cw_brecourt map mp_downfall map mp_gits_tanks map mp_industrial map mp_lolv2 map mp_newhurtgen map mp_panzerfact map mp_renan_bridge map mp_sfrance_nite map mp_southfrance5 map mp_stanjel map mp_townville2 map mp_vm_brecourt
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  10. maybe in here. If not just down load it when it runs on the server.
  11. Small Map Rotation 2 map mp_78bathroom map mp_asylum map mp_egn map mp_hospital map mp_killhouse map mp_koshiki map mp_little_town map mp_opera map mp_trainingcamp Medium Map Rotation 2 map mp_5nav1 map mp_agx_abusimbel map mp_agx_eindhoven map mp_argentan map mp_beertruck map mp_borisovka map mp_byalistok map mp_clum map mp_cw_neuville map mp_die_bruecke map mp_drum map mp_frenchvillage map mp_kokoda map mp_matmata map mp_owatatsumi map mp_railyrd_xmas map mp_ratsbedroom map mp_riverbank map mp_snrcarentanxm map mp_sweat_blood map mp_warsaw map mp_waw_chateau Large Map Rotation 2 map mp_78compound map mp_1078brecourt map mp_amberville map mp_ax_trainwreck map mp_byalistok map mp_caen2 map mp_corregidor map mp_desert_storm map mp_gb_atami map mp_hurtgen map mp_landing map mp_montargis map mp_outskirts map mp_railgun map mp_salerno map mp_snr_ridge map mp_stalemate_1 map mp_supply_depot map mp_v2bunker map mp_warehouse_rnr map mp_xi_shima
  12. lol
  13. Fuck I wasn't going to say anything about the WALL. lol you can get back in on the other side of the map by the stream.
  14. You have a spawn glitch in the dome of a bunker, but once you come out of the dome it becomes hard again. At least that's what she said.
  15. Small Map Rotation 3 map mp_103_hobbit map mp_bazaar map mp_camp_tj map mp_compound_base map mp_dooramides map mp_haus map mp_kratov map mp_nuketown map mp_sc_hangar map mp_soldier_field map mp_under_yuko Medium Map Rotation 3 map mp_4t4scrap_s map mp_al_jabal map mp_armshotel map mp_backyard map mp_blue_yard map mp_bordertown_final map mp_cave map mp_ciudad_abandonada map mp_d_day_74_night map mp_desertglory map mp_equestriana map mp_freeb map mp_heavensource map mp_invade map mp_kufah map mp_matroska map mp_naout_s map mp_opcenter4 map mp_pb_frost map mp_rats08 map mp_rundown map mp_showdown map mp_steamlab map mp_township map mp_villa2 Large Map Rotation 3 map mp_82ab_llanfrynach map mp_bjelovar_beta map mp_bpu_shack map mp_cdi_skatepark map mp_creek map mp_dhc_carentan_r map mp_falaise map mp_fr_mogadishu_v2 map mp_gitten_r_done map mp_hw2_returns map mp_kirkuk map mp_lut_gholein map mp_normandy map mp_poppyhill map mp_rescue map mp_sharqi_day map mp_tobruk_4 map mp_village_s map mp_xi_islandv2