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  1. DJ needs to know where the map files get downloaded for steam. I only use steam for cooking oysters and lobster. LOL
  2. Miss playing against you DJ. I think the program you are talking about is hlsw. Got some great DM servers on cod4 now. >XI< DeathMatch >XI< MW2 DM and the old ace mod server that big mean dean use to knife us on all the time. Extreme Idiots Ace Mod The cod5 DM server is >XI< DM Custom Maps 3
  3. Try going out of the game when the score screen timer starts at 10 seconds. Then after a little bit come back into the game.
  4. Isn't any good if name isn't changed. Watched video on custom maps, and doesn't look much different anyways.
  5. I thought Dew was running this give away!
  6. I hope ya win it Spawnicus. This guy has been having trouble with his hard drive locking up, and his wife hates it. lol He keeps alot of people on the death match servers cause he makes our K/D ratio look real good. lol Good Luck
  7. First off I would like to thank @Cooper for posting this. I have seen it help 3 people so far that had pains. It also seems to boost your energy level quite a bit. I can do yard work now without having any pains at all. That's without drinking any beer to kill the pain. lol Sister in law is about 400 lbs. sits at a computer almost all day long and can't get up out of chair without help. She bought just the mouse pad cause her wrist and shoulder always hurt, used it for 2 days and now she can pop up out of the chair on her own, no help needed. She was amazed.
  8. Looks like she is walking back to the plaza to the left. Must be a Walmart over there. lol
  9. OK I bought the mat that goes under your bed sheet and got up this morning with no pain from laying in bed, which I usually do. Got this book with the purchase. It is $11.00 on Amazon. There is a word of caution if your take a lot of medication, that you should consult your doctor before trying this earthing stuff.
  10. Well being an ex electrician I had to try this. Just did it yesterday and most of the pain I was having is gone. Don't have to have any expensive stuff, even though they do sell it on line. I took a piece of 12 awg wire stranded long enough to go to ground hole in a socket (not a lady Rob) to my foot on the floor. Stripped about an inch off of one end, doubled it back over itself to fit snugly in the ground hole. Then stripped about 4" off of the other end to set my foot on. The ground hole is the round hole on an outlet. It will only work if your house is properly wired, and grounded. PS Don't stick it in any other hole. (That's what she said) LOL
  11. Hlsw is so much easier to use. You just put in the IP address of the servers you play and it shows all of them with how many people are in them, and who it is.
  12. I'm going to do a balloon next since the FAA doesn't care who flies them. lol
  13. Here are a few more. I put a Biden I did that sticker on this one pointing to the electric motor. lol
  14. LOL You need to go to a rc flyimg field. They usually have people to train you.
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