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Found 9 results

  1. ucjohn

    Hey you... Yeah you.. Got your Funderwear on? Looking for a diverse Gaming Commmunity? Tired of gaming alone or with people that wear their undies to tight? Xtreme Idiots is here for you! Oh yeah baby.. We got you covered like mud on the tires of your Jeep Willy. What I offer? You know you want to know more.. Sorta like that moment when you're asked what the hell we do all day? WE GAME!! My Care Package includes.. 1) I'm Canadian... Who doesn't love Canadians we got that maple syrup and bacon that makes you wanting to know me more.. 2) I'm 31 years of age.. Sorta like them tires on that Jeep Willy. 3) I'm very open and honest and have a great personality and am easy to get along with.. Unlike them tight undies. 4) I have teamspeak, discord, just about anything your heart desires for communication needs. 5) What do I do? I drive a limousine a 30FT Ford Excursion blacked out with no mud on them tires.. (Just snow and ice) 6) What else do I do? I build and theme websites for Invision Power Boards and HTML websites. I also am sponsored by a hosting company (CLASSIFIED HIGH LEVEL ACCESS REQUIRED). 7) I'm am a FPS gamer I shoot things that move... Just ask Hammer well he will say I die frequently but that's cause he is a "Noob Tuber". 8 ) Highly designed PC gaming rig that is built with military precision like that Jeep willy.. 9) I'm a DAD. 10) I originally started hanging around with XI back in 2014 but due to personal life issues and the job I had then (Tow Truck Operator) time for gaming was limited and spent alot of time working. I did check in frequently didn't post but jumped into the COD4 Freeze Tag server and kept in touch with a few people. HIGHLY CLASSIFIED CONTACT INFO: 1) STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ucjohn/ 2) TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/ucjohn 3) DISCORD: UCJOHN™#3338 4) ORIGIN: UCJOHN 5) UPLAY: UCJOHN Sincerely, UCJOHN
  2. Just in case you've not seen it And it was put in bf4 before there was a bf1 forum just in case you were wondering
  3. Qball1

    Does anyone else have issues with loading bf1 and it stalls then pops up with "server disconnected?" After every round I get kicked with that dumb message and can not get back in. It only started happening when the latest Dlc came out. just needing some help please. I tried googling my problem, and it seems like a lot of people been having the same issues but they do not have a fix for it.



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