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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, Well, my 6-7 year old Sandy Bridge Core i5 2500k (overclocked) rig is starting to show its age (with dual nVidia 680's!), so it's time to start putting together the components for a new PC. I use it for the basics, as well as tons of photo editing (Photoshop, Lightroom), and gaming. My rough thoughts on a base spec are: 32Gb RAM large SSD for boot drive and a small one for cache A couple of big spinning disks for bulk storage i7 CPU - 6 or 8 cores (or maybe i9, though the cost is nearly double for far less than double the performance) high-end nVidia video card I'm not wedded to Intel and nVidia - they're just what I'm used to - so I'm open to suggestions Any thoughts on the above, and other components like coolers, case, power supply etc? I'll be buying the pieces in a couple of weeks. Cheers, AstronomerXI
  2. Hello, Everyone I'm proud to announce the official release of our very own Second >XI< Server. This one is located in Bristol, UK Current Settings: Domination To connect in game open game select region simply use tild key ~ and type connect If you have issues with the server please Direct Message me I will see if I can get them sorted as the game server stuff is still very early access crashes can be expected. Sincerely, >XI< UCJOHN
  3. ucjohn

    ALL FUTURE DLC WILL BE FREE Played it first hand it was alot of fun it brings the old school FPS shooter back to life.. Releases on steam Feb 1/2018 Check out more here: https://battaliongame.com/ Steam Store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/489940/BATTALION_1944/ Keynote: There developers are very very active in the PC gaming community. I'm locked and loaded I will be giving away 2 keys to some lucky members of >XI< Enter Now for the Giveaway! ENTER HERE
  4. >XI< BATTALION 1944 SERVER NOW OPEN >XI< Hello, Everyone Through a hosting company I'm sponsored with and now working for as of yesterday. I'm proud to announce the official release of our very own >XI< Server, I can get another server rolling in the UK if required no issue. Current Settings: CTF To connect in game open game select region simply use tild key ~ and type connect If you have issues with the server please Direct Message me I will see if I can get them sorted as the game server stuff is still very early access crashes can be expected. Sincerely, >XI< UCJOHN
  5. ucjohn

    Hey you... Yeah you.. Got your Funderwear on? Looking for a diverse Gaming Commmunity? Tired of gaming alone or with people that wear their undies to tight? Xtreme Idiots is here for you! Oh yeah baby.. We got you covered like mud on the tires of your Jeep Willy. What I offer? You know you want to know more.. Sorta like that moment when you're asked what the hell we do all day? WE GAME!! My Care Package includes.. 1) I'm Canadian... Who doesn't love Canadians we got that maple syrup and bacon that makes you wanting to know me more.. 2) I'm 31 years of age.. Sorta like them tires on that Jeep Willy. 3) I'm very open and honest and have a great personality and am easy to get along with.. Unlike them tight undies. 4) I have teamspeak, discord, just about anything your heart desires for communication needs. 5) What do I do? I drive a limousine a 30FT Ford Excursion blacked out with no mud on them tires.. (Just snow and ice) 6) What else do I do? I build and theme websites for Invision Power Boards and HTML websites. I also am sponsored by a hosting company (CLASSIFIED HIGH LEVEL ACCESS REQUIRED). 7) I'm am a FPS gamer I shoot things that move... Just ask Hammer well he will say I die frequently but that's cause he is a "Noob Tuber". 8 ) Highly designed PC gaming rig that is built with military precision like that Jeep willy.. 9) I'm a DAD. 10) I originally started hanging around with XI back in 2014 but due to personal life issues and the job I had then (Tow Truck Operator) time for gaming was limited and spent alot of time working. I did check in frequently didn't post but jumped into the COD4 Freeze Tag server and kept in touch with a few people. HIGHLY CLASSIFIED CONTACT INFO: 1) STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ucjohn/ 2) TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/ucjohn 3) DISCORD: UCJOHN™#3338 4) ORIGIN: UCJOHN 5) UPLAY: UCJOHN Sincerely, UCJOHN
  6. genci76

    Wann to build a New pc! My question: 1. Whats Bether, the New AMD ryzen 1600x or Intel i5 7k? Mainbaord for AMD ( Chip 350 ) , Intel? I want to use it for games in Most of time. Have someone an İdea, or Experiance With that . Thx , genci
  7. Hi there, I'm a community manager for the game Abatron, which is an RTS/FPS hybrid and we're currently looking for playtesters. I was recently made aware of this community through twitter and thought you all might be interested in participating. A quick summary of Abatron is that you are in charge of your base and creating buildings and units to defend against enemies. However, at any time you can jump into any unit you have and start playing in FPS mode. Each unit has their own set of abilities that can be leveled up and unlocked. Currently it is only a multiplayer game and can have up to 6 players at a time. You can check out more on our website: http://www.abatrongame.com Hopefully that gives you a bit of an idea about the game and how it's played. If it look interesting to you, we'd love to have you for the Alpha testing coming up. The process for participating looks like this: Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter: http://www.abatrongame.com/newsletter Subscribers will be sent a survey to determine the best play times at the end of this month Once a schedule is created, all survey participants will be notified Scheduled play times are not required, however it will help guarantee that more players will be online. And that's it! I know some of you probably stream or make videos, so you probably want to know if you can create content while playing. THE ANSWER IS YES! There will be no NDA during the playtest, so you can feel free to stream, make videos, etc. Thanks so much to all who sign up, and please let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Hello, Everyone Just figured I had gone MIA from gaming on the XI COD4 servers. I miss gaming with everyone some might still recall who I am. Gamed with Devildog and a few others, was good times. I'm 28 I live in Manitoba, Canada I drive Limousines I go between the 2 Black n White Ford Excursion 26" Feet long fun stuff driving around here. I also do alot of assisting with people fix game server issues or teamspeak issues or generaly PC hardware & computer tech support. I rock out with my Shotgun out in Battlefield 4 that's how I roll with my 870 CMS. My other half and I had our first child on May 8th/2014 8lbs 8oz 21 1/2" long he eats, n sleeps more then me but he is growing fast now... YIKES well he is a future gamer hoping FPS lol Anyways hopefully will get back into the swing of things and maybe get asked to join XI again. I'll be around alot more. Thanks, ucjohn
  9. http://store.steampowered.com/app/319510/ Five Nights at Freddy's seems fuckin scary. its only 5 bucks
  10. finishing up the internals for case, thought id share. help me name this case guys, ive been leaning toward "nARVOS" Thanks for taking a look
  11. Just give it a look. practicing cad some for when i move to 3d design Floating objects will be attached with brackets and bolts to give it a more industrial feel. final product will be translucent black and lit with uv and purple lights
  12. HueHefnaXI

    Hello to all my Idiot friends! I finally was able to get a rig! My old rig to be exact LOL...the one my gal sold awhile back when we broke up temporarily. My friend she sold it too was on a financial bind and I was able to buy it back dirt (and I mean super dirt) cheap LOLOL plus he threw in a bunch of leather working tools/supplies and brand new sewing stuff for my gal...what a score...I also have an amd machine that is much newer with a quad core cpu so I might just move my gpu and psu over to that platform...either way my Idiot ass will be back on the ace mod very very soon! Missed all of you very much...I can finally get back to giving away nades to all my favorite idiots LOL See you Soooon! Dino Roman Pagano aka Huehefna>XI< member since the early early days! and still rolling with ya'! reporting from Hopewell, VA!
  13. Hello, I am going to get a job soon and would like to make a new build. I don't want to use existing parts from the current (Family PC). I would like one of the nice i7 chips in a 500$ range, at least a 600 wat PSU, 2 PCI-E MOBO, looking into an AMD 295x, an ssd for the os, and about 2 TB on a mechanical, also need monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headphones. (from the ground up). I also want a basic water cooler for the CPU. I want to keep it under $1,500 and I want to play battlefield 4 on ultra at at-least 90 frames so I can record. IDK when I will have all the money, But I want to start getting a price goal and an Idea of what parts to get (GPU can change, just find me a good one for the price). Hope to get some good feed back -Unit_108
  14. phudruker

    just some pics of my rig. dont keep it super clean but like the lights Asus Gtx 780 amd fx8350 WD 1tb black nzxt Phantom 410 Gunmetal case
  15. So i'm using and older graphics card, the ATI Radeon HD 6770 ( http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2389466,00.asp ), and I can pump out Battlefield 4 at medium graphics with about 35 FPS, and I am wondering about cheap replacements that can get me to ultra, or at least a way to modify my current card to work harder (Overclock?). Any suggestions on what I could do to get better FPS, especially when running Bandicam. If I got better frames I would always be recording. My processor and RAM are just fine (AMD Phenom II X4 965 and 12gb RAM). (Uses less than 50% of processor)
  16. Flapjack Joe

    After flipping from $800 to $900 to $1000 back to $900, I wanted some feedback on what my build looks like. Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sports 8GB Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM Video Card: EVGA Geforce GTX 760 Case: Antec Three Hundred Two ATX Mid Tower Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 750W 8 0+ Bronze Optical Drive: Samsung SH-224DB I am getting all of these from Amazon. There is a barebone kit on TigerDirect that is almost identical to this, so if this doesnt work out, I will get that.
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