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  1. I would like to have a rust server to play around in but if we don't have one then no worries.
  2. Hello, Sorry I haven't been around life and work has had my time very consumed. But I'm wondering where the Rust server is? I would like to play in it with a few friends.
  3. I'm not new to XI thanks.
  4. Your not wrong... lol
  5. Hello, I know it's been awhile since you've seen me I did jump into freeze tag server last night good times. It was a long winter been driving tow truck which consumed a good chunk of my time. But going from -15c to -55c and had a total of 250cm of snow through the winter made some long days. I'm a hooker aka tow truck operator. Recently May 5th was my 36th birthday. Hope all is well I'll be around more frequently since it's getting nice been +20c lately
  6. Hello, I seen that I was marked inactive, tho I'm not I was playing in freezetag servers 4 weeks ago and have been in teamspeak. Tho 3 weeks ago I got a infection in my leg called cellulitis which I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and another few days bed rest when I got home then right back to work. Just been a off year I had the covid virus 2 months before this so it's been rather tough on me. Sincerely, UCJOHN >XI<
  7. No we have a team of presenters it's the best online station to listen to while gaming ? I enjoy what I do.
  8. You can make requests directly from the website / desktop app / Android app.
  9. Hello everyone, If your wondering where I've been, I've been around no I have not left nor abandon >XI< to much respect and love for the community. I have been busy with my IRL job and also am a Live "Presenter / DJ" for Simulator Radio. That's right so I ask you to show some love and support as I really do enjoy playing music for thousands of listeners while they game or do whatever you do. Everyone there that is a presenter/dj of the music is a volunteer and we all do it as a passion for you guys also. So please head on over to: Simulator Radio *Tune In* Or if you want you can download the Desktop app: Download Get it on Google Play Store: Search Simulator Radio On Iphone: Use Tune-in Radio I hope you guys come on over and enjoy what I do as a passion for gamers worldwide it's a UK Based Online Radio station, even tho I'm Canadian I enjoy every minute of it and I have been in Teamspeak more often lately playing on the rust server. Regards, UCJOHN>XI< - UCJOHN_SR
  10. Hmm I have windows 10... I reinstalled the game and launched it set my resolution and into the server I went... slayed a few dozen.. good times..
  11. Just want to say thanks to Mental for helping me get resources to build my base, that was later raided and I was rekt by Sixgunz lol.... Good times in the neighborhood!
  12. Rest in Piece our brother and our friend... My Prayers and condolences go out to you and your family and close friends.
  13. I thought about doing the same thing when I flew back to Canada from Miami, FL. My ps4 was in my carry on lol.
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