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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas to all XI members and your family's and our idiot friends have a safe and festive holiday season! From, UCJOHN >XI<
  3. ucjohn

    Definitely ? it can be done just needs approval..
  4. ucjohn

    That's why a custom theme would be more suitable cause I could do a theme for Colorblind people and one for everyone!
  5. Hello, I'm not going to say that our website is bad by any means it could use a fresher look and plugins and apps could use updating seems that "Twitch" Streams is broken all together atm. I'm a very avid website developer and have been heavily Involved with Invision Power Boards well now it's Invision Community for several years .. I mainly do theme's and some minor custom work. Yes I'm sponsored by a hosting company from Australia yet I'm in Canada anyways good times good times... Issues Noticed I will list below. 1) Default IPB Theme when visiting site for the first time... Not very welcoming for a Large Gaming Community / Clan 2) Noticing the theme's that we do have in place don't all share a similar Logo 3) Out-Dated Plugins (Twitch, and a few others) 4) Out Dated Theme 5) Various minor bugs I do have my own webhosting and testing environment where I have IPB setup if @Ruggerxi or whomever else is interested I would like to make 1 theme that will be viewable for Guests and members and will give it that Big Warm >XI< look at me join us today appeal! If not oh well I figured I would offer to help >XI< out as a web dev. I would like to hear from anyone and everyone if they approve of custom theme etc.. What the community would like to see IE: Colors and designs I'm open to all Idea's and Suggestions and even Critics that will be harsh just don't be rude about it lol Sincerely, UCJOHN >XI<
  6. ucjohn

    Sorry for the very late responses I was without internet and working a boat load of hours!
  7. ucjohn

    Welcome you to the clan you idiot!!
  8. ucjohn

    Congrats Funky Monkey!! Upgraded Idiot Status!!! Win Win!
  9. ucjohn

    Welcome to the club!!
  10. Hello, Everyone I have a XI Backup Teamspeak, it's open to everyone in XI feel free to use it is provided by the Hosting Company I work for. Connection Info: XI.ESCAPEHOSTS.COM PASSWORD: scrappy Sincerely, UCJOHN >XI<
  11. ucjohn

    You can use: xi.escapehosts.com Password: scrappy <--- Works 100% 0 Downtime ever. ts3server://xi.escapehosts.com?password=scrappy <---Highly doubt it will work as IPB converts it lol. @LOCO Rugger is fully aware that I have a backup to backup there backup lol.
  12. ucjohn

    I can't connect to Dadda's for some reason.. Connect: xi.escapehosts.com Password: scrappy Thanks UCJOHN>XI<
  13. ucjohn

    that's cause using hyperlink in the website decides to auto stick http infront of it lol.. I fixed my original post.
  14. ucjohn

    If Dadda's doesn't work I have had this setup for awhile.. tho forgot to mention it to Rugger.. CONNECT HERE: xi.escapehosts.com PASSWORD: scrappy
  15. ucjohn

    Thank you for the warm welcoming..
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