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  1. Hmm I have windows 10... I reinstalled the game and launched it set my resolution and into the server I went... slayed a few dozen.. good times..
  2. ucjohn

    Just want to say thanks to Mental for helping me get resources to build my base, that was later raided and I was rekt by Sixgunz lol.... Good times in the neighborhood!
  3. Good I'll try to get into it today!
  4. ucjohn

    Rest in Piece our brother and our friend... My Prayers and condolences go out to you and your family and close friends.
  5. ucjohn

    I thought about doing the same thing when I flew back to Canada from Miami, FL. My ps4 was in my carry on lol.
  6. A box full of memories 🤣
  7. ucjohn

    Looking to make new friends feel free to add me. And drop yours here too 😊 Steam: UCJOHN Origin: UCJOHN_XI UPlay: UCJOHN_XI Twitch: UCJOHN_XI Twitter: UCJOHN_XI Discord: UCJOHN>XI<#3338 Regards, UCJOHN>XI<
  8. Add your favorites 🤣
  9. ucjohn

    Your power options you need to go to advance and set everything to none also.
  10. ucjohn

    I recall that error it's usually to do with bad ram you may want to also try removing a stick to see if that helps fix it.
  11. ucjohn

    I'm not back I'm on my cell phone. I'm partially here lol.
  12. ucjohn

    My condolences to his family, rest peacefully our friend.
  13. ucjohn

    I'm sorry I haven't been around much for awhile, I hit a bad spot in life my roommates kicked me out due to me working lots of hours and not being able to hangout with them. Yea I know that was a really stupid reason, I ended up homeless living out of my car. I had to sell my computer monitor and my ram and GPU, to cover my car payment and eat. I was still working on a custom theme for XI. But with working several hours then ending up homeless then my job let me go due to me being homeless. It's been a struggle but I'm now in my own place. If anyone can help me get the parts I'm missing then I can be active member and help with things again. Missing Parts Here It doesn't have to be new, any help would be greatly appreciate. Please feel free to contact me directly. Sincerely, John C (UCJOHN)
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