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Found 3 results

  1. OceaanLord

    Welp, I know that the Mining World Resets are scheduled and I should've looked for that, but Yesterday I was grounded and even if I knew I couldn't get my stuff outta the mining world. I know that there is probably nothing you can do but if you can, please. That was my only way to get resources and put everything I had into getting it as good as it was. Info Follows: Coords of Pre-Quarry - [x; -5385] [y; 80] [z; 1825] In about a 20 block radius I would think Item List -Ender Quarry -8(ish) advanced universal cables -8(ish) Fluid Conduits (ender IO) -8(about) 8x Lava Generators -Ender Quarry Speed Upgrade 1 -3(ish) ME Glass Cable -Gold Chest -ME import bus (2-4 acceleration cards) -ME 16k drive (my only one...) -2 ME 4k drives -Lava ender tank (all orange) -ME access terminal -ME Drive (the block) -Energy acceptor Any amount of what you can get back, if any will help a lot. Username - OceaanLord Skype - billybobjrthe3 (show up as OceaanLord) Discord - OceaanLord on Discord#1447 I don't know how quick I will to respond but I should be back to you atleast by 2 days, as I have school from 6AM to 12PM tomorrow and the day after, but I will do my best to get back as soon as possible. (edit was just me putting in a comma xD)
  2. Hey guys, I was just wondering what could be done to contact help, or who should be contacted for help, if a serious issue arises on the server. I have recently played a different mod pack, and on the server I joined, they had a /tps command. it would usually return something like: TPs: 16/20 [================++++] ~If the TPs drops below 15, please leave a /ticket so an admin can correct the issue~ Anyways. that's just a thought on how to notify the admins about severe lag. I'm sure that there's a server plugin that can do the same thing automatically though. that was just me getting sidetracked, I'm really good at that. Today the servers kept going up and down... and up... and then down again. I wasn't sure an admin had been notified about this, or if there was even a way to notify an admin. how can I contact an admin if the server is crashing, or somebody is creating a lot of lag? TL;DR: If there's something strange in you neighborhood Who you gonna call?
  3. Hustlakov

    Hello everyone.Many of u might not know me so i'll tell u a bit about me and then continue the main of topic that i created for.I'm not an XI member yet(wishes to be one),I'm from cod4 and known as Hustlakov.Today i would like to offer my help to anyone here (no matter XI member or not) as i really loved this comunity and having great time playing in the server and enjoying comunication of XI members and admins so i would also like to do something good and helpful for this great comunity as i don't have money to donate.So there we go - I been working on many clans started from cod2 by fixing their teamspeaks or setting it up.I have a good knowledge about ts3 and i can do many things to make it more protected,more easy to use and more nicely to look.So if u guys would like to have me as a XI teamspeak manager i would be just happy to have that title and work on it.I can also do a customer support for anyone who si having problems with teamspeak on his pc such as connecting to XI teamspeak,installing ts3,updating ts3,failing devices,etc... After all i am also teamspeak designer and as u got many servers on different games so i can make great teamspeak skins and themes for each game players,for example i can make bf3 teamspeak theme for bf3 players and cod4 teamspeak theme for cod4 players.Gonna upload two pics now so here is the one of my works for some clan called "Rage" that u can take a look on it.I can also design good themes for none gamers just to look nicely as a desktop(some sexy themes:P).U can see pics in this topic after the text. If u r interested on this my info is visible for everyone so for contacting me all u need is just checking my profile and get an email,skype or just pm me here at website(I prefer website pm). Greetingz..
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