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  1. Hustlakov

    Thank you sir !
  2. Hustlakov

    well then i am not lucky about numbers) CONGRATS MAN!
  3. Hustlakov

    was your post in my ban appeal 9999th????
  4. Hustlakov

    Dear administrators, I want to tell you just few simple things about me so you know better why I am fighting so much to not be banned and keep playing in your server. XI community amazed me from the first day when I saw how many different players from different countries speaking in mic at game and communicating with each other as a team which makes the game look more interesting more fun and more professional. This is all result of the way how you lead the server and how strong your rules are followed. I’ll be honest that I haven’t seen any server like this in cod4. At cod2 we were not using mic at game as it wasn’t so popular but I am an ex-admin from 1 of the biggest cod2 clans and unfortunately it’s shuted down now. The things we were doing there were very similar as you are doing here but with a 1 big difference: we were talking at teamspeak while we are playing. Here it’s different and I really love it because if you play in public then u mostly need to communicate with non-members also who is just a guest in your server but he is in your team that moment. I was the main clan war strategy manager of that cod2 clan for 4 years. I been making all tactics and telling players where to go and where to stay at war. Everything about game strategy was under my control. This is not simple to do and it made a great practise for me because I been spending hours, days and even months playing alone in maps just to get the best spots and make a tactics. This all became part of my logic at game so here at XI I do the same and maybe for some people my gameplay can look strange, very strange or even unbelievable and the first comes in their mind it’s – HACK. But they are all missing 1 big point: THEY DON’T SEE THE TIME THAT I FIRST SPEND AT EXPLORING ANY MAP UNTIL I FIND THE BEST SPOT FOR ME AND THEN START TO KILL AND GET SCORE! This is just 1 of the main points about my gameplay. Look at the spots where u see me at videos. It’s all trained before, I have already searched and found that position as a great cover for the most part of my body(enemy can see almost my head only, from far distance can’t see me at all), great position to see most part of the map(specially the usual places where enemy goes), great position to have my back and top covered(to not be knifed or killed by a chopper/artileery). These all must be count, plus lot of times I just spray at some special positions, I work my brain to guess how enemy logic will work and where he will probably be, skill, of course u get luck many times, and the most important – COMUNICATION WITH MY TEAM ON MICROPHONE TO HEAR VERY CAREFUL ANY INFO GIVEN BY THEM WHICH HELPS A LOT TO GET MANY KILLS ALMOST BY BLIND SHOOTING(because your teammate already told you where to shot or you see when your teammate dies somewhere so you spray nearby and most likely killing them). I am sorry for again typing so long but I really like XI community, I don’t want to be banned, I am ready to have a full patience but I just got necessary to tell this all about me as you are discussing and will make a decision based on many things. XI is the best community I’ve ever been visited and I am ready to fight for it, I am not kind of a person who gives up. I got great friends here and I that’s the best for me. I really like to come from work and sit in front of my pc to play freezetag XI server with my friends so we enejoy it and I also relax like that after a hard work tired. I also like to speak in forums, discuss many stuff with people and even make own topics to have some fun. I was hoping very much when that 3 moths was up to join XI and be a member of it. I am not a hacker, I am asking please do not ban me. This issue has only slightly dampened my enthusiasm. All I want is just to play in your great server and be a part of the XI community! I hope I didn’t offend anyone and 1 more time sorry for such a big letter, I just really care for staying at this community and I don’t know what more I can do to proof you something so all I can is a message. Thank you in advance, I truly believe on your fair judgement and I’ll just hope for the best
  5. Hustlakov

    @@7toes_ky bad photo. i don't agree with fun makings about God or Bible! just my opinion...
  6. Hustlakov

    oh okay then. was just curious what language he speaks because after his intro i started to think i have no english knowledges at all lol))
  7. Hustlakov

    what is happening? someone hurted him? I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING...
  8. Hustlakov

    Happy birthday Pinglo. Best wishes to you and your family!!! Have a great day with many fun and hope to cya drunk as never)))
  9. Hustlakov

    hello dear admins. this is a 5th day that i am banned still and i know that it can take a week or more till you will make final decision, you have my complete patience for as much it needs to take, i just hope you didn't forget about me. i am feeling very sad about this ban, i take it very serious and i care for being in this comunity.i don't want to speak many words but i also don't know what to do because this is first time for me i get banned like this. every day many times i am checking here and all the time i am afraid to come and see that you decide to perm ban me and kick me out from XI servers & website. every day i vote for XI best clan because i love it and i fully enjoy my staying here. i really care for this all very much, it's serious for me, i hardly sit infront of pc it's 5 days i haven't played any game i even removed cod4, i don't need this game anymore if u keep my ban because i've got very strongly attached to XI. please understand my feelings and trust me i don't wallhack, this is wrong ban. don't perm ban me based on some video that i haven't even had a chance to watch. can u show it to me? can u say me what is wrong there for you? maybe we can discuss or i can explain my kills??? i am really very very sad of this, please tell me what can i do to proove you my fairness??? i will record my every single game played in your server. what more can i do? do you want me to take a screenshot any time if XI admin or even XI member says "Hustlakov ss" and i will immediately take it so you can see your message in screenshot and it proof that i immediately made it because i have nothing to hide??? however, just know i respect you all, i will not argue with anyone(i am not like that), and i will respect any decision you will make.this is your comunity, your servers and you have full rights here i am just a constant player and friend, but if someone personaly doesn't like me, or if you don't want to see me here please just say me that i am not welcomed and i will not join your server or teamspeak or website to not disturb you, but please don't ban me and say i am hack.my honor is important for me more than anything else... i am very sorry for this big letter
  10. Hustlakov

    from 7:20 starts the WELCOME TO THE WILDTHING FUCKCLUB))
  11. Hustlakov

    didn't know there is more emotional gamer than Wildthing...wow
  12. Hustlakov

    got it sono.sorry for speaking here and thank you
  13. Hustlakov

    We do NOT allowed hacking or hackers in our servers PERIOD..Don't give a shit how far back was..If your buddy hit on your wife and got in there would you trust him again to walk into your house?.. P.s..Worry about your OWN ban leave this 1 alone.. p.p.s...Thank you Shultz for at least admitting to it..You have grown lots here man..too bad... i worry about mine more than anyone else, but tell me what shall i do when you are still discussing it and i don't have any info about it? so far i'm just patiently waiting with a hope that admins will finally give me the right to speak a single word about MY OWN BAN.
  14. Hustlakov

    come on, unban him. he already got a lesson in 3 years!!! punishment for whole life?