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Garry's Mod Faction Lores

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This information is for the purpose of those that would like to know the lore of the Garry's Mod military group. This a small backstory on how UCF/Others was created.

This lore is subject to change as I figure out how to go into more depth and as the story line continues in game.

Not the greatest, but for the time being this is in place.



United Citizen Federation

United Citizen Federation is an established private military company in the year 2030. As rumors of a third great war began to spread (2026) in foreign countries and America. The administration of the U.S. Government was preparing to branch out even further. Inside of the United States, areas such as Detroit, Portland, Philadelphia, and Jackson have began to have a series of riots. The country as a whole is beginning to see internal war as a result of political division. The U.S. needed an organization to not only manage internal damage, but external affairs without over using foreign affair officers. The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force were still the main notable branches at this time. January 1st, 2027, Former U.S. General [REDACTED] created a private security firm known as UCF. Following the creation of the security firm, a small training facility was purchased out of North Carolina on January 30th, 2027. The facility was 8000 acres with indoor, outdoor, urban reproduction shooting ranges, an artificial lake, and a driving track. After acquiring ex-military special operation veterans, UCF conducted specialized training for their operators. By year 2030, the new formed PMC secured a 10 million dollar contract as a security detachment to deploy to foreign countries to which they did. During times of the deployment back the U.S., federal employees that needed protection or escorts were charged over $150,000 daily. UCF also began charging upwards of $30,000 per riot for their work. Funds began to stack as they continued working. Following the year 2034, UCF purchased a facility located in Mount Carroll, Illinois. UCF operates independently from government military control which leads to the questioning of their moral and ethics, to which are still not openly discussed. By 2035, UCF began to be more open to the public eye as more information was released. Upon information releasing, the company stands in the eye of some as a possible savior. Others as an organization awaiting to go rogue.



[Information to be added]


Desert Rebels

[Information to be added]

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