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  1. Pingfuzzboi

    Ah Rust. I remember those days. Never again. Rust = Really utterly shit time Jokes aside it does require some skill and has a bit of a learn curve. Its something that wouldnt be bad to get into as a community. I do not recommend any other servers. Its a more realistic version of fortnite if you think about it in a way. And it does require great teamwork with clans.
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  3. Pingfuzzboi

    n o i c e
  4. im 18 so I guess i am a cool "kid". >.> *also only a mod but you get the point
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  6. Pingfuzzboi

    My buddy in Canada told me some guy smoked out a train station recently and they had to let it air out. Yall over there wildin' already haha.
  7. Pingfuzzboi

    Good shit Canada. Now only if america could catch up.
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  9. Pingfuzzboi

    Avast is a joke anyways. As for the dev, at least respectable that they are attempting to shed light into the situation however I'll still pass. Especially since the company is Tencent.
  10. Pingfuzzboi

    neato, good on you mate!
  11. Pingfuzzboi

    Dont recommend it. Some of the things downloaded mine your data. Also has reports of Chinese viruses being installed, specifically rootkits.