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  1. Pingfuzzboi

    is that aussie slang or the whole fucking dictionary
  2. Pingfuzzboi

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KNqFhJ6-n0 very niceu
  3. Pingfuzzboi

  4. Pingfuzzboi

    noticed it on the gmod panel too. thought it mightve sent you an email as well, thanks for the update!
  5. Pingfuzzboi

    Had no luck with anything. Had to reset my PC. :( !fu windows
  6. Pingfuzzboi

    Computer auto updated last night for some unknown fucking reason. Getting the error: C:/Windows/system32/config/systemprofile/Desktop is unavailable. Resulting in a black screen and unable to open anything but task manager. Also windows will not restore to a previous version which makes me think the update corrupted files somewhere. Tried manually creating a folder through command prompt for the desktop (folder already exists) still not able to fix this nonsense. Will I need to do a clean install of w10? Maybe sfc scanning will work?
  7. Pingfuzzboi

    Head-admins are currently not able to assist, sorry for the delay. Your ban has been reduced to one month from a perm ban due to it being a one time occurrence. Your ban will expire on 5/16/2019 4:09PM EST. Next time it's permanent.
  8. Pingfuzzboi

    I banned your dumbass. You and the other two I banned for it all decided to hop on a train and spew it from your keyboards. It doesnt matter what race, color, size, height, or gender you are. Read the server rules upon joining. The head-admins will be on shortly to discuss the ban and will post the result. Using the "Im this race so it shouldnt matter" isn't a valid excuse for jack diddly shit, so hope you arn't planning on using that as your excuse.
  9. Pingfuzzboi

    you fuck moms?
  10. Pingfuzzboi

    the foundest memory of halo i have is jumping around the map t-bagging people with the t1 after i merked them.
  11. Useful in some situations. If youre CPU is bottle necking, it might help with some games. Generally it just eliminates processes that are unneeded, you could do it yourself. Looking around reddit its also just considered bloatware like every other games booster. If you do give it an install, dont use the system optimization features due to the fact it has potential to break stuff that isnt broken. (Example : WoW addon-s and such)
  12. Pingfuzzboi

    holy shit imagine that. microsoft taking a W for once
  13. If all of you get Insurgency, I better be seeing you in our servers. >.>
  14. Pingfuzzboi

    I live 45 mins from Charlotte. Carowinds after anyone? ? Just be prepared if you go to the water park. There is usually some man-kinis or better known as banana hammocks walking around for some odd reason.



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