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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.


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  2. We need one more Insurgency member to get us to 200 members. Can we do it?
  3. Sitting-Duc

    Thanks for that @Angelz and @EDD THE DUCK The fist ones still don't work great as they either disappear into the background or 'blur' to be unidentifiable. @EDD THE DUCK your one seems to work well: Thanks again!

  5. J3st3r

    Different Colored Dots for each game would work.
  6. J3st3r

    how about this? I call him Cockman or Chile for short lol
  7. Angelz

    Here it is with a dark grey background.
  8. Angelz

    I put a thicker black stroke around it than the one you have shown.
  9. Sitting-Duc

    The current ones in the above screenshots are 16x16, yes small but cannot be larger.
  10. Angelz

    That is very small takes the look away. The one I shrunk down doesn't look like an arm & fist. I'll try again with others.
  11. Angelz

    What size do you need it to be?
  12. Does anyone have a small Insurgency icon, I need a .png 16x16. I have been messing with updating the Portal players map to split down by game type and it's not looking as nice as I would like for Insurgency: As you can see even when zoomed in the icons is not as visible as the others: I think something darker or with a dark background would be better. Can I get some help from someone please?
  13. Barron3000

    Hi Nacho, There is a guide here that explains everything about joining the servers. If you have anymore problems just give us a shout
  14. Hello ALL I am new to this game. I have it downloaded for a while now but never fired it up until today. I cant seem to get servers to populate it is saying something to the affect of ( No servers available with your filters????)
  15. Snap

    I find Night difficult cos i cant see anything. Gotta get a lamp.
  16. Alphanoob

    Nightfighting is fun. I used to be very annoyed by it. I just love to blind the enemy team with a flare gun ? Does siege night and contact night exsist btw? I never saw those two.
  17. NyxNyxNyx

    Peak night for real man
  18. Barron3000

    Current maps added to Server 2 : buhriz_night district_night tell_night embassy_night Maps added to server 1: buhriz_night district_night tell_night embassy_night sinjar_night Any other recommendation or change just post here and we will look into it
  19. Evil-Monkey

    I also think something needs to change but don't know what. I got tiered of the same old maps and same old thing that's why I haven't been a lot as well. all though I have been getting for a couple rotations. but night maps might fun for a change up.
  20. Barron3000

    Yep I know what you mean , I haven't been around as much lately but we often did have night maps in The night maps I thought was best for the servers at the time was , Panj , Embassy , District , Buhriz, Tell and Sinjar (Server 1 only) If anyone else have any other suggestions for maps fire ahead, No issue there
  21. I've been playing on the XI Insurgency server for years now and I love them. But I think it's time to change it up a bit. My suggestions are more night maps Maybe the community has got some ideas or oppinions.
  22. He often get those salty messages. He pretty much laughs about it XD The most hillarious salty player was somebody who was accusing a enemy player for hacking without realizing that you can fire a FAL on full auto. XD
  23. That happened literally yesterday lmao. Someone was accusing xapilh (not spelled correctly) of hacking. Dude was salty.
  24. That happened literally yesterday lmao. Someone was accusing xapilh (not spelled correctly) of hacking. Dude was salty.



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