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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.


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  2. Eso es lo que tienes ronin, te pones gay de una :V I love you too
  3. I've been playing fps since quake, half life, and unreal if that gives a perspective. People cant just log 1 or 2 hundred hours and expect themselves to be the beez knees. But they do
  4. It's as simple as spectating someone to realize they're not hacking, but some folks just assume they're the best. I think it was pokemans that did that. I've seen people try to say you're hacking, but I can confirm you're just a damn good player who whoops my ass a lot.
  5. You know, i'm not an admin, i was bluffing because a i can't kick nobody, but salty butthurt people who can't accept there are people better than them put my balls on fire, luckyly that motherfucker left the server. Saludos y gracias
  6. Things like this even happened to me before, people can be really stupid. Thanks for the screenshots, I'll take care of those people.
  7. I'm really not aware how people can vote ban unless the individual was an admin without the >IX< but apparently all one needs to confirm a hacker is an opinion and a weak sense of critical thinking. Nyx took care of the issue thankfully because we've played against one another on many occasions exchanging high scores for awhile. I'm not trying to boast or brag but I just wanted the community to know that there are people...apparently with ban powers "again don't know anything about server running" who will ban if you preform to well. Thanks again to Nyx for overturning the votes and kicking the salty one. Just for reference as to what both funny and sad altercations look like for future reference.
  8. There is a vote happening on the Insurgency Discord for changing the settings on Server #3. Please Head over there and vote for Ministry Skirmish. Thank you in advance
  9. If you are still giving away Insurgency keys I would not be opposed to receiving one.
  10. Chips Ahoy

    U mean help with sandstorm or source insurgency?
  11. Barron3000

    Their server browser whole thing is being upgraded in the next game update with community XP on the servers , lets see what happens on that first Right if you havent played the original Insurgency or their WW2 game Day of Infamy , you will have a hard time to master it all. If you are new to game id suggest to play "Local play" against bots and try out the different roles etc, commanders and radiomen need to be beside eachother for airstrikes There is pop up tutorials on the right of your screen in game too if it detects your new to the role. Sandstorm just isnt the type of game to hop on and play straight away, but if your up for a challenge go for it 😂 Mess around on local play with insurgents and security to find out their advantages and how to counter each other is the main thing.
  12. Hi all would like some info , been practing , and would like more,. is there a way to save favorites , i was just getting over the flu when the match date and had only played a little of sandstorm , i bought first , then the origal and not played it at all, I like the sandstorm better ,any info would be a help ,,,,, Clifford the Big Red Dog 😎
  13. Barron3000

    Before that does even happen He was not banned for "being good" he is talking crap He was banned for racism and a recent VAC ban
  14. FUNky

    Someone please lock this shit or move it before we have another thread bashing the Admin team and XI in general. 🖕🏽
  15. Sand Santa

    I'm not trying to appeal the ban, just want info as to why you ban good players lol.
  16. Sand Santa

    welcome to XI where 99% of our playtime is on the ground "bind mouse_1 prone" = pro player
  17. r0nin

    My humble opinion? Ban to eternity for this asshole
  18. Sand Santa

    I'm not appealing my ban, shit server anyways.
  19. Barron3000

  20. playing buhriz push, 30:8 or something, get banned mid push to b? or was it another reason?
  21. I would like to give it a try if there are any more, thanks.
  22. I am not that rich to be giving out 20 keys for that
  23. Thanks i thought it was the new insurgency🤣
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