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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.


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  2. Yup, all good. Have you figured out how to spawn camp yet? lol
  3. Servers have been restarted, should be good to go now.
  4. Is anyone else having trouble joining the sandstorm servers? It just stops loading at 95%
  5. Sandstorm is probably our most demanding game on XI , trust me I have gotten an new GPU and SSD recently for the game haha
  6. dwnloaded sandstorm but it lags..think its my video card..but im def gonna get these games
  7. That's awesome @Barron3000. I knew I our servers were popular but Damn. Lets keep it up boys
  8. We run both. The 10$ one goes on sale often for less than 2$ and we have the most popular servers around. The other one is on free weekend right now, you can come and check it (if you have a powerfull pc)
  9. what insurgency do we run ? i checked and my system can run it but i seen 2 diff ones on steam one for 10 bucks one for 30 bucks
  10. Here is the screenshot: Yes it was 158 players at that moment but it did hit 160 through NFO if anyone wants to be a smartarse I may bring out an announced soon too
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/games/581320/announcements/detail/1708450267019722721
  12. Competition is over, the final top 3 total kills is here: Congrats to Helio and Dreven who are the winners More detailed daily stats are below
  13. Here is a clip from a few months back. If you are interesting in buying the game you need quite a powerful rig to play the game , its very demanding
  14. does anyone have any real video,,im trying to decide wether to buy this or not,,i like cod because i just want to go in and kill ppl,,lololol,,i dont want anything like WOW where i have to do all this shit just to get into the game..
  15. Update on the servers, they are not offering communtity servers point progression towards player ranks which is one of the main reasons community servers are not being populated The daily player counts are low on top of that since the game has been in beta for months. The game release is in less than 4 weeks and soon the dev's supposedly said they will have point progression then. There is till multiple updates to be released and once the game is released all current ranks will be all reset , so lets hope for the best
  16. Ahh...gonna take that Dutch lag to the Insurgency servers; they're in trouble!
  17. We got a sandstorm server going tonight and the other 3 servers full too , that's over 120 players on the servers at the same time!
  18. Pretty smooth ., Great game
  19. Regards to GameMe I have no idea. It will have to be GameMe at the end of the day if they decide to support. They have a server browser in Sandstorm now , they got rid of the matchmaking as seen above in the screenshot I posted
  20. Will they also have the same Game.Me system like on the Insurgency servers we have now, and will the server selection for Sandstorm be like DOI where its stupidly set up or will it be actually viable to select the XI servers? (Haven't been playing Sandstorm for a while)
  21. Latest Insurgency update has allowed server browser and server hosting. We are running 2 servers, One is Push and the other is a mixture of Push/Skirmish. The games full release is in like 4 weeks time and plenty more maps will be added Servers can be seen here
  22. Leaders from week 1 : 1st : Helio with 477 kills 2nd: Onmipotent with 270 kills 3rd: Crus4de with 263 kills