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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.


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  2. Barron3000

    Since you have been banned you need to make a ban appeal here: https://www.xtremeidiots.com/forms/19-insurgency-ban-appeal/

    Hey, so it seems one of your members must have had a bad day, I got banned for no reason, except for saying "shut up noob" yet I must say, "noob" is in the players ID. So they warned me and I proceeded with, "awh feelings hurt" and then got banned! I just wanted to come on here and see what that's all about because I did not slander the player (which I had no idea was even an admin, though that does not matter because as I stated, I did not slander the player or towards the player) I enjoy the server and I have friends who play on it, but if the admin can just ban someone because they are havi
  4. Snap

    Saddle up Giorgi we are waiting for you on the Insurgency servers. Have fun.
  5. J3st3r

    You can not join the Insurgency game server using the Half-Life 2 Insurgency mod. This is the Full Game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/222880/Insurgency/
  6. Helio

    You are playing Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. That is a source mod that came out in 2007. What we play is what is considered the sequel to that mod but is its own standalone game called Insurgency, which was released in 2014. You will have to buy the game Insurgency from the steam store to be able to play on our servers.
  7. Giorgi

    oh shit i live in lie. your serrver insurgency is older than this game?
  8. Barron3000

    Again this is the wrong insurgency game you are referring to.
  9. Giorgi

    i have that Insurgency from steam its free and i downloaded but i cant join in this server i can play only 2 servers
  10. Barron3000

    The link you provided was the mod, If you are stuck i'll purchase you Insurgency (not the mod)
  11. Giorgi

    can you give mod link please
  12. Barron3000

    That's the Insurgency mod that was released before Insurgency that released in 2014. They are completely different, one was a free mod and the other was from the mod that was released as a full game. That is the first question in regards to that matter I have seen?
  13. Giorgi

    Hi, i download from here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/17700 how to update?
  14. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Is the game version up to date ?? i know steam is an ass with updates sometimes.
  15. Barron3000

    Hi Giorgi. I have no knowledge of the "Invalid steam key size" error. I did a quick google search on it , there is not really any explanation as to why it occurs. I know it sounds stupid but have you verified your insurgency files through steam?
  16. Hello, i spend in this game lot of time but in steam, i find this server on gametracker and cant join i have error Invalid Steam key size.
  17. Snap

    Hey Sneaky welcome to the Insurgency club. I have been playing for a while and have recently noticed a change the server profiles. The FF server seems to get populated faster than the non FF server since it was introduced recently. I have had some of the regular players asking to populate the non FF server while playing the FF server because they are used to the non FF server. However lately I noticed that there seems to be less requests to do that and the FF server gets populated faster at certain times. In addition we seem to have newer players coming to the FF server and they may take
  18. Barron3000

    Sorry it did come across quite arrogant just looking back. Insurgency is dying as it is, I can understand your frustrations in regards to populated servers as there is not half as many as there was over a year ago. Me personally did not want FF on server 1 but a good majority did, so we went ahead with it. The 2 servers were both populated last night like so you had either option of FF server or FF off on server 2.
  19. sneakysneaky ninja

    Is it a problem that I want to play on a populated server and not spend my free time that I wanted to spend playing a game instead populating a server for somebody? I'm sorry I actually enjoy playing the game and enjoy playing on your servers enough that I'd come to your forums to express my feelings about them only to receive a snarky reply from the administrator. Thanks for nothing.
  20. Barron3000

    Simple answer is: It is because people wanted it. Server 2 still has no FF, that is always the other option. It's typically the same people that complain about a server they are unhappy about but yet don't want to help populate their favourite server when it is empty.
  21. sneakysneaky ninja

    Question: how come you guys enabled friendly fire on server #1? The server is almost unplayable now with noobs not knowing how to use explosives or accidentally shooting you in spawn. I spent 3 out of 5 waves dead on the attacking side because I got teamkilled before I even got fully out of spawn and then i spent one more dead because of a spawn killer. At the very least can we have spawn protection for a few seconds? (might also deter spawn killing)
  22. We need one more Insurgency member to get us to 200 members. Can we do it?
  23. Sitting-Duc

    Thanks for that @Angelz and @EDD THE DUCK The fist ones still don't work great as they either disappear into the background or 'blur' to be unidentifiable. @EDD THE DUCK your one seems to work well: Thanks again!
  24. J3st3r

    Different Colored Dots for each game would work.



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