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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.


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  2. Hi Rowan, Your claims are legit, just the current state of INS with lower player count at its lowest ever doesn't do the game any good. It's primarily the veterans taking advantage of nade/rpg spam. We used to have an anti excessive spawnkilling rule in place for years but it's just not doable anymore for us admins as we don't play as much as we used to. That has been the games meta the last year or two with the top gameme players, it will just happen regardless. In regards to reducing explosive damage/radius is another story altogether. It would need a modified theater file to be copied to the server to be tested out and tried. If it worked successfully it could also put the server down as a "custom server" and not in the same playlist as "sustained combat". There's also a chance that it wouldn't put the server down as a custom server. I haven't dealt with modifying theater files, I did have a friend a few years back try to create an infantry only mode for me with just pistols/rifles and no explosives but he ran into difficulty and it never materialized. If you yourself or if you know someone who can deal with customizing theater files, I would be more than willing to test them out and see how they turn out for you
  3. Explosive spamming is getting so ridiculous, we will go for days on end with everyone spamming grenades at each other. Even the players who don't use explosives regularly resort to it just because there is no other way to play when someone else is doing it. They are also insanely powerful and have extremely wide blast radiuses, even if you see a nade or rocket coming at you and get a good five seconds of running in the other direction, you're still gonna die. Like, if I am a solid 5 seconds away from an explosion in the opposite direction wearing full armor it should hurt me a lot, but it shouldn't kill me. Whenever I bring this topic up people are just like "Get good" or "The game is meant to be realistic". But the explosives aren't realistic, entire teams of people spamming each other with grenades at random is not realistic. I'm not even being salty here, I'm a decent player, definitely one of the top ones on XI, and I can use nades and rockets successfully too, and get tons of kills from it. However it's just not enjoyable for either side and it ruins lots of aspects of the game like tactical positioning, sniping, or pushing. It basically makes the game nothing more than an explosive competition, the different classes have no purpose, you can't use any playstyle other than nade spamming if you want to win. ffs please at least consider lowering it a little I am so tired of this and I know a lot of other players are too
  4. We haven't received a ban appeal, you can try here if you wish: https://www.xtremeidiots.com/forms/19-insurgency-ban-appeal/ But keep in mind we have records of all chat logs so you can decide for yourself if you want to appeal it
  5. Was banned today 3/4/2021 and sent an appeal. Please take a look and I am not making any excuses, I said things I should not have but I also apologized and am not a repeat offender for vulgar/personal attacks in chat. I love this server and the people playing on it and I would really appreciate someone giving my appeal a shot. Thank you and I'm sorry.
  6. I know the server rules about this and have been playing XtremeIdiots for 4 years. I swore at another player saying "Fucking loser" "Pussy" etc. I know that it's wrong and it sucks what I said, and I shouldn't have but it's very difficult for me to control. I have problems w tourettes/anger tics IRL and apologized and explained later to a user, but they took it personally and said they were going to have me banned for saying these things to them. Not really sure what to do as I know I messed up momentarily and it pains me to see a personal issue I have ruin years of good playing with the friends i have made on this server. I know I was in the wrong to an extent but I don't think it warrants a permanent ban. Again I'm sorry but XtremeIdiots is my favorite Ins server and I said offensive things to one user out of an uncontrolled tic and now I can never play again. It just sucks and I'd like someone to take a look at my appeal. Sorry.
  7. Yeah I used that link a couple days ago, but thanks because I just used it again and it appears to be working
  8. Nothing has shown up , did you try here? https://www.xtremeidiots.com/forms/19-insurgency-ban-appeal/
  9. Submitted a ban appeal a couple days ago and I still haven't gotten a response?
  10. Since you have been banned you need to make a ban appeal here: https://www.xtremeidiots.com/forms/19-insurgency-ban-appeal/
  11. Hey, so it seems one of your members must have had a bad day, I got banned for no reason, except for saying "shut up noob" yet I must say, "noob" is in the players ID. So they warned me and I proceeded with, "awh feelings hurt" and then got banned! I just wanted to come on here and see what that's all about because I did not slander the player (which I had no idea was even an admin, though that does not matter because as I stated, I did not slander the player or towards the player) I enjoy the server and I have friends who play on it, but if the admin can just ban someone because they are having a bad day than I am totally fine with not coming back, but I figured to let y'all know about it. Thanks for your time!
  12. Saddle up Giorgi we are waiting for you on the Insurgency servers. Have fun.
  13. You can not join the Insurgency game server using the Half-Life 2 Insurgency mod. This is the Full Game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/222880/Insurgency/
  14. You are playing Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. That is a source mod that came out in 2007. What we play is what is considered the sequel to that mod but is its own standalone game called Insurgency, which was released in 2014. You will have to buy the game Insurgency from the steam store to be able to play on our servers.
  15. oh shit i live in lie. your serrver insurgency is older than this game?
  16. Again this is the wrong insurgency game you are referring to.
  17. i have that Insurgency from steam its free and i downloaded but i cant join in this server i can play only 2 servers
  18. The link you provided was the mod, If you are stuck i'll purchase you Insurgency (not the mod)
  19. That's the Insurgency mod that was released before Insurgency that released in 2014. They are completely different, one was a free mod and the other was from the mod that was released as a full game. That is the first question in regards to that matter I have seen?
  20. Hi, i download from here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/17700 how to update?
  21. Is the game version up to date ?? i know steam is an ass with updates sometimes.
  22. Hi Giorgi. I have no knowledge of the "Invalid steam key size" error. I did a quick google search on it , there is not really any explanation as to why it occurs. I know it sounds stupid but have you verified your insurgency files through steam?
  23. Hello, i spend in this game lot of time but in steam, i find this server on gametracker and cant join i have error Invalid Steam key size.

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