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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.

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  2. Words matter and "SINCE" you obviously haven't read the reply I'll paste it here for you: I was the one who banned him for walling. His play was suspicious so I took a look. He was spoting people behind walls. Appeal denied. @Sitting-Duc why isn't this guy site banned at this point?
  3. Why was I banned? lol. I joined the server and was banned within two minutes with no explanation as to why I was banned. Please give me a reason at least.
  4. You mention you and Fear and that "our word should be taken into greater consideration"...Really? You's have been flat out playing PUBG , only Ling has appeared recently on the XI servers since pretty much. No offensive The screenshots Fear posted 1 has been perm banned and 1 is no longer a moderator , the other 2 I never seen them since You are completely over exaggerating man. If you have played on the servers recently you would know what you said is wrong I'm sorry but there is no point taking shots at us when at the time you were playing there was 2 admins , now we have 4 admins and a handful of moderators.
  5. As a player, like Fear, who has played Xi servers a great amount of times and continue to use XI TS, I agree. I also think that our word would be taken into greater consideration. As Fear posted via screenshots, those players spawn camped over multiple rounds, thusly breaking your idea of "excessive". I also find it interesting that players that were once under investigation for hacking are now admins. Furthermore players that spawn camp every round on every map with explosives are admins. I haven't touched XI servers for a bit now due to this. I understand that the more senior adms havent been on the XI ins servers that much and thats ok. I am just surprised that nothing is done about it when reported/complained about. And again.... even more surprised that you let them become admins. I would enjoy having a better conversation with a standing senior admin regarding this as the XI servers are completely toxic and despite having put hundreds of my 1500+hrs into them, have too many spawn campers (admins). Funny how they mean the same thing these days.
  6. We do, but it's always empty. Fucking TWI servers getting all traffic.
  7. Had Day of Infamy since it came out...i think we had a server for it at one time, not sure if we still do.
  8. Looks pretty good. This is the same Developers that made the Free Insurgency Mod for Counter Strike Source. That was a really fun mod but it did not have very many maps. There full game had 16 maps after all the patches and updates. IMO That's not enough maps to keep people interested for more than a few months. Day of Infamy is another game that they made. It's a WW2 shooter. $20 on Steam. Anyone tried it? http://store.steampowered.com/app/447820/Day_of_Infamy/
  9. I just hope I can get my desktop fixed before it comes out, my lappy probably can't run the UR4 very well. (I currently play [the Source Engine] around 30FPS, on low.) Man I miss my desktop :'(
  10. Looks serious, I havent played a decent FPS since DOI , hopefully it lives up to the hype!
  11. More tactical, more hardcore In general. You should try it.
  12. I've got Insurgency, but I just didn't see the point in playing it because I already had CS:GO. Are there many differences?
  13. There are some good custom maps for Insurgency, a few of us were playing them everyday a couple of years back before Xi had any servers, can only imagine there would be a few more now too.
  14. Yeah well if we did get a 3rd server my priority would still be on the 2 push servers. It could be worth a shot like, I may have an idea for up my sleeves
  15. Oi, I also agree. Custom maps WOULD be fun. Only problem is, they take a while to load. I guess we would have a server map pack workshop collection?
  16. I'm with Deamon custom maps might be fun
  17. Realistically we could run a 3rd server and we have spare gameme slots. I will have to think about it
  18. If you guys want another server just let me know and I will get it going for you
  19. As we spoke before, a 3rd server with custom maps would be fun. Either that or a co-op server works for me.
  20. Yeah it's a shame about RS Vietnam, i was pushing for a server all the time but when we finally got it back it was the same old story, we got plenty of "supposed" interest at the time but when it came down to it nobody was playing it, it seems the attraction of blue ice bubbles is too strong and the time i usually play there was never anyone playing in our server and the days of me sitting in empty servers is gone now, had enough of that, not enough days left for me to be hanging around in a server with 3 or 4 people waiting for other clan members to arrive only to find they are playing the same game but on another server.
  21. Yeah I am literally in the same boat as you , I'm just waiting for the next Insurgency too man. I sort of regret putting this post up , I'm just trying to get the point across that if we got new game servers for other fps maybe more people would play. I could name a handful of games that we don't support etc. Look at RS2 Vietnam , that was very successful when we first had a server for it. There is just very little interest from the clan In terms of a 3rd Insurgency server I mean it can be done. I was thinking of possibly adding custom maps as a trial awhile back as 1 or 2 servers are running them somehow on the main sustained combat servers rather than on the custom servers. Realistically we could run a 3rd server but I'd rather wait for Insurgency sandstorm as the closed alpha will be out any moment If anyone else is interested in a 3rd server, then leave your opinions below
  22. I am waiting for Insurgency 2...but if we have so many people wanting to play our servers it might be time to open a 3rd server Barron.
  23. Servers can be constantly be full for over 24hrs and at times 3+ days full Insurgency server 1 player stats below: Insurgency server 2 player stats below: Over 300k players have played on the servers , by far the most populated across the clan by a miles. But yet even though the game can be bought for less than $1.50 and barely any XI members play it. Some people don't like Insurgency because it's too difficult for them But you guys must play other games too? Why not mention them and if they support multiplayer we could get servers for them instead of not mentioning anything about the games
  24. Oh why do they do it, i cannot see where the pleasure is in doing that.