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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.

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  2. Our servers run sv_pure 2 which allows all custom mods to be allowed in game. By the sounds of your problem you have a mod or 2 that isnt working or conflicting with each other. I would recommend to uninstall mods one by one to see which is causing it. If you are not running any mods at all , then when your getting the black screen in game. Open your console and see what error message appears
  3. Yes it does recover, just game reset. Other official servers there is no problem, if i remember right :D
  4. Unless it's happening for everyone (which I imagine it isn't). Probably your client having an issue.. going black I would be inclined to say graphics? does it recover after or do you have to restart? Duc
  5. Why it is always that black screen in the middle of game, like game is collapsing or what?
  6. The servers have been back to normal now guys
  7. I have noticed earlier and now that some time Game goes black in Xremeidiots servers.
  8. The password system and that can get through to be member in here
  9. I have played in other servers, but crew is different. I miss you guys to play... :'(
  10. well i knew Barron wouldn't have broken it... but you on the other hand... mmmmmmmm strong possibility.. Have noticed you didn't deny it
  11. Hope they're back up soon, these servers are such a huge part of the game for me, and many others I'm sure.
  12. I know right? I tried multiple servers yesterday and no dice, just not the same
  13. @FearMe.Not Dang I knew you would call me out...….lmfao
  14. The servers are offline guys do to banned players being able to connect recently. We have over 500+ bans on the servers. We just thought it would be in the best interests for players on the servers to not have banned players connect in the servers. The last thing we want is banned hackers and toxic players in the servers causing problems.
  15. I popped onto to some new Push server earlier today for 2 rounds of Buhriz. I don't know I just cant play on other servers , just feels odd
  16. At what other servers do you all play?
  17. *Crying in the corner holding a bottle of wine while in the fetal position, while rocking back and forth*
  18. Yeah, that side too, but if there is so much troubles as it said in first post "Our ban database has been acting up the past week", I think that if there where registered users using it, there would be less that problem.
  19. Did Monkey break the servers again????
  20. No offense but its kind of a dumb idea That would reduce the population to almost nobody, because lets be honest, if u normally play on a server and it suddenly asks u for a password...who is gonna take the time to go looking for it when u can just join another one? Most people just play on them because of the features and community not because of the owners you know?
  21. BTW why not put passwords to them? So you can monitor who can enter?