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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.


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  2. Well, ever since I am playing on the XI servers I am slowly realizing the very thing you are saying. I guess I was in the past all about "I play to win." But my girlfriend is telling me to let that go and enjoy the game for once. Steaming is a good way to enjoy my games more and being way less in this "I wanna win or else I cry." mentallity. I start to finally opening myself up to te randomness of the game you described. 🙂
  3. With defening. You need to know how you wanna defend. If you are a impatient fellow, you may wanna adopt this "attack is best defence" mentallity and go light weight with a smg and frag or molotov. With the right setup you can go zoom zoom around the map and kill your enemy team when they least expect you. I did that a couple of times and it is rather fun shooting the attackers in their back or even knife them. 🙂
  4. I believe one of the compelling features of the game that keeps one playing Insurgency is the various team specialities and the attack versus defend roles. If you stick with the same squad role e.g Sniper on defense you fall into a comfort zone that gets you points but loses you the randomness that makes the game interesting. For example on Tell defense I always grab an AK, 3 grenades and toss them toward the attackers and usually score loads of nade kills. I never play demo or rocket man or several of the other roles ( if i have a choice). However when i first join and have to be a sniper I hate it but I learn new stuff....and that what keeps me coming back. I do agree that some of the maps are frustrating when you are on the wrong side of the equation, and I do have preference on which side I want to be on certain maps, But hey its all part of the challenge.
  5. swiss_guard

    all the cool kids play on attacking
  6. swiss_guard

    alphanoob can you show me the ways of defending? after 1300 hours i still haven't mastered it. or maybe i'm just to impatient to just camp a corner for 5 mins
  7. fuck denis and kusaba servers they insta kick me whenever i try to join
  8. i can understand why people accuse you of hacking. I've been angry many times as well because of you.
  9. swiss_guard

    are you trying to get the 20 posts for memebership?
  10. swiss_guard

    My experience on KoG has been very similar to XI's. And the admins have always been quite friendly so far.
  11. aren't the XI Insurgency servers #1 right now? even before them shitty russian servers
  12. swiss_guard

    I agree with alphanoob. It's been 2 years since this topic has been started and it has been even longer that this problem has been around. Would love to see some changes in regard to this.
  13. Alphanoob

    I am sorry for performing a necromancy on this tread. But I was wondering if NWI since then has been putting up a update to adress the flash bomb abuse. I think that NWI itself has to code such an alert into their own games. Not sure if they wanted to...
  14. Nice, that calls for a toast ?
  15. The official figure would be slightly more as we used gameme stats 6 months or so after the first server Mad looking at it there , wasnt expecting that 3/4 years ago when I started the servers back up 1 million by the end of 2020? ??
  16. Alphanoob

    Well, It is just weird noticing the armour and hp/ap tweak. Was it a hack? I am not sure. Now I think about it, I wish I had recorded it.
  17. NyxNyxNyx

    rocketeers (RKT) is not spanish, it is brazilian. I use to play a lot there never having problems of any kind
  18. Alphanoob

    I can understand that. I feel used to no FF and I do wanna play with no FF. The amount of teamkilling with FF on is scary. Most of the time I got troll TK'd because people were pissed off at me for taking rocketeer class first before them. XD
  19. Chips Ahoy

    literally just MAGA and modded servers, but because of my job to be an admin on XI i rarely go on other servers. I even do badly on others because im so used to Xi that it feels weird playing somewhere else lol
  20. Hi guys again. I have been playing on other servers from time to time and I noticed that some servers have some very weird tweaks on them. One of them seems to be the spanish Rocketeers rank 2 server in where I took notice that the server has tweak the HP/AP bullets and armour, meaning that instead of 2-3 shots needed with an AK-74 with AP I needed about 6 shots. I decided that visiting that server would be a waste of my gametime. Another one I do avoid is the Knights of Gaia server aka KOG for short. I am not liking the admin there and recently I also heard stories of him banning streamers from his server because he doesn't like twitch tags being shown next to the players name. I am not sure why, but it seems that he thinks that the twitch streamers can cause the KOG server to get some bad rap when things go wrong. I think that he is a bit paranoid, don't you think? I also avoid servers that have no restricted areas. What Servers do you avoid playing your matches at?
  21. Alphanoob

    I did Ministry Skirmish quite a few times. I love it and hate it at the same time. But atleast this map is quick, hence why a lot of people choose it I think.
  22. Oh wow, Random loser doucebag saying in a whiny voice: "Oh, he is sooo good at pwning me so he must be a hacker." I can't stand those folks. Thank god this was sorted out.
  23. If I have to dislike the map I am defending than I think it would be District aswell. There are too many moments in where the enemy just can spawnkill you easy. One of the most nasty situation I had to witness was when a whole team got wiped out by a combination of a IED and a few AK-74 gunners when A was being taken.

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