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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.


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  2. @Daemon do not take it personally, it was a joke. Your opinion counts as that of others. Our differences / fights should be left in the insurgency servers. Peace ☮️
  3. Nah he was giving the middle finger response to everyone who doesnt want sinjar or station thats all haha
  4. I didn't know I wasn't allowed to say my opinion here but ok.
  5. Ronin the middle finger I agree with haha
  6. My thoughts exactly, you can't balance the shit map layout with the no team switching. That's why there is server 1 out there, if folks like sinjar or station, they can go play them there.
  7. id rather be scrapped with broken glass on my balls and have lemon juice poured on the wounds than play shitjar ever again station is meh but having a server without both of them feels good for the players imo.
  8. I wont be voting in this poll as I am neutral on the maps being added back The maps have been removed the past 2 years only realising earlier . Let it run till the 31st of December at least
  9. voted. I think sinjar is a pretty bad intro to the game/server for new players and plenty of old ones hate it. Station can be ok, but rarely in my case.
  10. I second this. Even if I hardly play Insurgency anymore.
  11. Initially it could be just Station and then see what happens. The spawncamping in Station is not as serious as the spawcamping paradise of Revolt and even with this Revolt is one of the most played maps: XI Maps With Sinjar I'm sure it's going to be more complicated to be included again.
  12. I don’t play much these days, but Sinjar was cancer. Station isn’t much better after a point
  13. Poll above. They were orginally taken out due to mad amounts of spawncamping
  14. Thank you very much for considering it!!!
  15. Yes it can be looked into , or even have a poll up about it
  16. Hello my friend, Do you think Buhriz is more balanced than Station? I do not see it that way, for my Station it's less frustrating. Is it possible to do a survey to know what others are saying?
  17. Basically due to no team switches on server 2 and 3 Spawncamp fest and people tended to leave
  18. Hi Chips Ahoy, ty for your answer. Personally I find Buhriz more unbalanced than Station, and yet everyone wants to play it. As for Sinjar, it's a difficult map, but I'm sure people like it more than others, like Peak for example.
  19. u could of just asked barron why lol im pretty srue its because servers 2 and 3 dont switch sides n teams dont get to scramble, so its a bit unbalanced, id include station cuz its a cool map but fuck shitjar
  20. Hello everyone, Why on server # 2 are not Station and Sinjar? Is it possible that they can be included? Do you like these 2 maps?
  21. Yup, all good. Have you figured out how to spawn camp yet? lol
  22. Servers have been restarted, should be good to go now.