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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.


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  2. Barron3000

    Hi Nacho, There is a guide here that explains everything about joining the servers. If you have anymore problems just give us a shout
  3. Hello ALL I am new to this game. I have it downloaded for a while now but never fired it up until today. I cant seem to get servers to populate it is saying something to the affect of ( No servers available with your filters????)
  4. Snap

    I find Night difficult cos i cant see anything. Gotta get a lamp.
  5. Alphanoob

    Nightfighting is fun. I used to be very annoyed by it. I just love to blind the enemy team with a flare gun 😛 Does siege night and contact night exsist btw? I never saw those two.
  6. NyxNyxNyx

    Peak night for real man
  7. Barron3000

    Current maps added to Server 2 : buhriz_night district_night tell_night embassy_night Maps added to server 1: buhriz_night district_night tell_night embassy_night sinjar_night Any other recommendation or change just post here and we will look into it
  8. Evil-Monkey

    I also think something needs to change but don't know what. I got tiered of the same old maps and same old thing that's why I haven't been a lot as well. all though I have been getting for a couple rotations. but night maps might fun for a change up.
  9. Barron3000

    Yep I know what you mean , I haven't been around as much lately but we often did have night maps in The night maps I thought was best for the servers at the time was , Panj , Embassy , District , Buhriz, Tell and Sinjar (Server 1 only) If anyone else have any other suggestions for maps fire ahead, No issue there
  10. I've been playing on the XI Insurgency server for years now and I love them. But I think it's time to change it up a bit. My suggestions are more night maps Maybe the community has got some ideas or oppinions.
  11. He often get those salty messages. He pretty much laughs about it XD The most hillarious salty player was somebody who was accusing a enemy player for hacking without realizing that you can fire a FAL on full auto. XD
  12. That happened literally yesterday lmao. Someone was accusing xapilh (not spelled correctly) of hacking. Dude was salty.
  13. That happened literally yesterday lmao. Someone was accusing xapilh (not spelled correctly) of hacking. Dude was salty.
  14. J0nny

    I had an awful experience on VIP GC Ambush. I told the VIP in game to move up and started get flamed by the admin lead to me being steam banned from their servers. Talked to another admin and he said the guy who banned me is emotional and he couldn't do anything about it.
  15. Alphanoob

    Ooohh, that explains a lot. Thanks 🙂
  16. Daemon

    I know the KoG owner, he isn't a bad person he's just a control freak haha. He runs his servers with a plugin that kicks people with advertisements in their name. That includes twitch too for some reason, that's how wompa got banned lmao.
  17. Alphanoob

    Ah okay. Well, tbh, the moment the shennigas happen between me and KoG I was very moody and angry. There were two guys who were taunting me after losing some matches and I started to scream at them. And the Admin, who already got tired of the constant discussion with me about not being able to get to a objection without getting sniped down and the complains I had about his wrong sniper setup decided to put me on mute. And that was above the other situations about me getting taunted and baited into getting angry. So after the mute I took my lessons, licked my wounds and moved on. I heard later from a friend of mine that he had gotten banned from KoG because he uses his Twitch channel as his username. So I decided that going back to KoG wasn't the best of ideas. Thankfully, I am not so easy to anger anymore. I had to change my approach to gaming and I am starting to enjoy it again. 🙂
  18. Well, ever since I am playing on the XI servers I am slowly realizing the very thing you are saying. I guess I was in the past all about "I play to win." But my girlfriend is telling me to let that go and enjoy the game for once. Steaming is a good way to enjoy my games more and being way less in this "I wanna win or else I cry." mentallity. I start to finally opening myself up to te randomness of the game you described. 🙂
  19. With defening. You need to know how you wanna defend. If you are a impatient fellow, you may wanna adopt this "attack is best defence" mentallity and go light weight with a smg and frag or molotov. With the right setup you can go zoom zoom around the map and kill your enemy team when they least expect you. I did that a couple of times and it is rather fun shooting the attackers in their back or even knife them. 🙂
  20. I believe one of the compelling features of the game that keeps one playing Insurgency is the various team specialities and the attack versus defend roles. If you stick with the same squad role e.g Sniper on defense you fall into a comfort zone that gets you points but loses you the randomness that makes the game interesting. For example on Tell defense I always grab an AK, 3 grenades and toss them toward the attackers and usually score loads of nade kills. I never play demo or rocket man or several of the other roles ( if i have a choice). However when i first join and have to be a sniper I hate it but I learn new stuff....and that what keeps me coming back. I do agree that some of the maps are frustrating when you are on the wrong side of the equation, and I do have preference on which side I want to be on certain maps, But hey its all part of the challenge.
  21. swiss_guard

    all the cool kids play on attacking
  22. swiss_guard

    alphanoob can you show me the ways of defending? after 1300 hours i still haven't mastered it. or maybe i'm just to impatient to just camp a corner for 5 mins
  23. fuck denis and kusaba servers they insta kick me whenever i try to join
  24. i can understand why people accuse you of hacking. I've been angry many times as well because of you.
  25. swiss_guard

    are you trying to get the 20 posts for memebership?

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