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Insurgency is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by New World Interactive.

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  2. They are showing fine for me man on server list and server browser Even in the Server Browser just type "xi" in the search option at the bottom and 2 of the servers will show up. I have the servers tags set as "XI" , there isnt any other servers with the same tags
  3. Hi guys, XI servers disappeared from my steam both history and favorite and i am unable to find them again. is there a fix to that? or why it is happening? thanks Liquid
  4. GMO is who banned you. He gave you warnings earlier in the game which you went ahead and ignored him You were giving a 1hr temp ban by GMO, it wasn't a permanent ban.
  5. 1st thanks for the post. 2nd the rule is excessive spawn killing is not allowed. in other words if it is round after round you will be kicked. I am not the one that banned you I would get with the admin that banned you and plead the case. then go from there. you also need to make a Ban Appeal.
  6. interesting Could we have a biting my tongue emoji?
  7. There needs to be a set rule on spawn killing. Currently you just get banned by an admin sometimes and other times you don't. Also there is admins who spawn kill too but there is nothing a regular player can do.
  8. Welcome to the website.
  9. Been playing on the insurgency servers on occasion, having fun. Yesterdays highlight reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZHzHAV_H6A
  10. Another clip from during the week , US have air strikes and drone support , Iraqi's will have mortars or more
  11. There has been a few waves of closed alpha keys being sent to people , I still haven't got one yet :/
  12. Singleplayer is on hold , they are focusing on Multiplayer on release and adding Single player campaign down the line. It's going to be based around the Iraq war and there is a Kurdish character in it , I can already see Turkey banning the game
  13. This is gonna be sick. Can't wait!
  14. Singleplayer would be awesome!!!
  16. Fear, do you want to go first or shall I? I've been getting excited to wait for you Daemon to self incriminate more by saying you haven't done this for a long time. Also please note that playing on defence doesn't mean you can't spawn camp so don't make baseless claims. Fear nor I do map exploits or spawn camp. Yet another baseless claim you made because you lashed out without thinking. recordings will help clarify that in addition to admin abuse.
  17. Exploiting imo is using map glitches to your advantage (like In revolt when you can run behind sec spawn and shoot directly in it) and I've never done that. Yes I used to run into restricted areas to plant c4 or IEDs but that's not an exploit as i said. Lately, my 90% of playing has been on defence, so yeah I'm interested to see how I "spawncamped 2 weeks ago".
  18. i have been fighting the urge to reply since last night but i can't hold back anymore.... i have a video from a while ago (before you were an admin) of you running into a restricted area. (is this not exploiting the map?) to spawn camp. unless you classify a few weeks as being a long time then this quote is another lie. i have video proof of you doing this very recently.... not a long time ago as you explain it. up until 2 weeks ago things haven't changed as the videos clearly show. so ALMOST everything in your explanation is a load of shit tbh. should be interesting to hear your reply this time. Fear
  19. Lol I indeed used to spawncamp a long time ago but I never exploited on any map. Things have changed since last time we played together, and I as well as the other admins also keep the other "professionals" (I never claimed to be one, I suck at the game ) under control. Sorry for being the cunt I was back then.
  20. wow this is hilarious. No offence Daemon but if you're going to ban players for exploiting maps and spawn camping start by banning yourself. it is because of you and a few other players that i now refuse to play the game. i loved playing insurgency, felt at home playing on XI severs only for you ("professionals" as 1 ball bag likes to describe it) fucking ruining it for me, and others. i eagerly await your reply Fear
  21. No offence but you're the guy I recently caught twice exploiting in Tell and Revolt maps killing people right when they spawned.
  22. I know this is an old post, I'm a new member, but whatever. I used to spawn camp a lot with c4 and rpg on maps like Sinjar, Tell, Vertically, etc. I have moved away from this now since I see no "skill" or honor in doing so. I also do not wish to be know as that cancerous spawn camper. Admins like GMO do a great job preventing spawn kills, he will kick/ban any who does it over 1 time. I also actively discourage spawn camping and often guard our spawn (siege A insurgent spawn) when I know players who love to spawn camp are on the opposite team. I think insurgency has much more to offer in terms of gunplay and explosives, but spawncamping is a cheap resort to "win" a game. You also feel real accomplishment if you take objectives through pure skilled gameplay and strategics. If Xtremidiots is recruiting for more admins I will be happy to volunteer to discourage such spawnkilling/exploits