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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a massive 8x8 km island to be the lone survivor.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Bazza, My wife and I chicken dinner
  3. Shad0wKiller and I finalyl getting the chicken dinner after a ton of shitty rounds...lol
  4. yes that game free fire the game i thought was pubg sorry yes i have it now got 2nd in the round interesting how quick this game came out and free oh and i got a pair of boots and i shirt now i will be warmish lol
  5. I was 2nd today. 10 kills! One by vehicle.
  6. Came in third on mobile. 4 kills. I like it. tough on the eyes though.
  7. Not sure what you're playing, but PUBG on Mobile is called "PUBG Mobile" and is developed by Tencent Games.
  8. right guys pubg on mobile adroid store is called Free Fire awsome game add me if u get it same name as on here
  9. I was able to download it from the US GPlay store, but I'm still region locked and can't play here in Japan. But honestly doubt I'll play it on mobile anyway...I'm a tactile ganer... touch screen shooters are horrendous to control IMO.
  10. And second Chicken Dinner with the wife this evening! (Sorry, couldn't edit to last post).
  11. Duo with the wife...her first team Chicken Dinner!
  12. Schmuck, Texas, Schmitz and I with noone being downed at any point.
  13. After getting to #2 twice today in Solo, I got my 1st Chicken Dinner squaded up with these Idiots! Great spot to end the game with the final and my only kill. lol Great teamwork!
  14. hey, you punched me first.. LOL, AND ..... get off my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. My first solo chicken dinner w/ 5 kills!
  16. Hid on the Cliff, got my loot and went to Circle early, stay still and listen.
  17. This shit is hilarious. Enjoy! PUBG CHAT
  18. After this I got 2nd the next round. Got 2 like 10 times.. Prone helps for the win in the hills anyway. See ya idiots out there.
  19. Alright expanding my tips again... Tip #1 - If you squad up, don't let @Texas OR @bazza drive. Very important! (UPDATED) Tip #2 - Learn how to go further/control your parachute on the initial jump. Tip #3 - Take your shoes off. ADDED: Tip #4 - Holding control while moving makes you slower, yet quieter. Tip #5 - Learn to loot fast before I loot all the good shit....or so I've been told. Tip #6 - Don't shoot people at a distance without a suppressor when you're in a squad...chance are you'll miss, but you'll give away our position and get us killed. Tip #7 - Don't use a vehicle in the smaller circles unless absolutely necessary because you'll just draw everyone's attention to you. Tip #8 - When firing at a distance, use single shot instead of burst/auto. Rapid click instead...more accurate, less recoil. Tip #9 - Don't carsurf w/ @bazza...and don't give him a Sickle either.