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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a massive 8x8 km island to be the lone survivor.

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  2. stop in we play most day's and night's look in team sp we are there .the more the better ..
  3. @HookerHeels then again there is loads of players on XI playing PUBG on teamspeak , should pop into them. I might just reinstall the game tomorrow
  4. @Sitting-Duc we need alot more channels in discord. I have brought alot of the insurgency crowd in too A few channels like on TS with miscellaneous channels too would work
  5. Could we get a PUBG Discord channel? I usually play with my friends and use my own Discord(which any XI that wants to play pubg with us is welcome to join,) but we could maybe pop in XI's channel if there was one.
  6. so this server has been down for a bit. should I just uninstall this or do you think they will use it again?
  7. check out the vid... hope this helps you guys fuck em up!
  8. This was taken from Reddit, but originally posted on the official Korean page. Translation is rough but gets point across. Also new vehicle, new sights, and new 7.62 gun. New Sights: https://i.imgur.com/Jk5DMLf.gif
  9. THIS is what we found in the recent Event Mode - an ARMORED UAZ!! We got this from a FLARE package drop. SWEEEEET!
  10. Not any worse than CoD. Not a ringing endorsement. Was considering some kind of new game to get but tbh I am having more fun playing old arcade games on mame than anything else.
  11. Every night I play I may come across 1-2 obvious and a small handful that are questionable. Considering I come across at least 1000 every night in the 10+ games I play, I would say it's not that bad. Yes there are quite a few cheaters, mainly from China, but I wouldn't say it's any worse than Call of Duty for instance.
  12. Here's the question. How many hackers are in this game? Some are to be expected and hopefully dealt with quickly enough. But waves after waves of them, well thats not good.
  13. Why the fuck would they remove the 3 seater bike? What does that accomplish?
  14. FINALLY GOT IN!!! lol i really like this map!
  15. There's lots of different views on replay Kickin
  16. KickinDatAzz, Pure3vil, SexyFyre, and myself
  17. STAY OUT OF THE BLUE!!!!!!!!! i c u r using also -KoreanRating its so easy to see hits from a long distance!
  18. nice kit! lol what the deal with the spect view? my replays dont look like that...
  19. Was on a roll lol too drunk to pay attention to the blue line. Scroll through to about 15 minutes in and watch from there and put on 720p
  20. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/04/11/new-malware-holds-your-pc-hostage-until-you-play-pubg/#715e01877d3f THAT is hilarious!
  21. Same place Bazza and I had ours on Sunday lol
  22. Chicken Dinner no kills lol me and kickinDatAzz
  23. I played it like last week for 1 round , no one seemed to know what they were doing at all I got like 7 kills and finished 10th , everyone is just standing still when shooting due to the controls It's not my cup of tea and haven't played it since haha