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Shop Tutorial - 1.7.10 Pack

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Welcome to the XI Server Shop Tutorial






We have finally found a way to implement a player ran economy that works for everyone. We have worked long and hard on this.

There will be some rules that must be strictly adhered to if you are going to be a shop owner. Below you will find everything you need to know in order to successfully set up a working shop. Additionally with the release of this new update we have set everyone's in-game balance to $5,000 as to not give anyone an unfair advantage over others as the race begins to rent your first market area. 





  1. No auto-feeding or auto-stocking your shop. You must manually stock your shops.
  2. The prices for shops are set and managed by the admins. They will not change.
  3. Feel free to arrange your chests however you like. Chests must remain in the shop area.
  4. If you unrent your shop or go inactive for more than 7 days, you forfeit your shop and your items.
  5. Admins are not responsible for any items lost to shops. No exceptions.
  6. This is a privilege for everyone, any abuse to the rules set fourth could result in loss of shops for everyone.
  7. Absolutely NO shops with Alt's. We log everything, if you are found breaking this rule, you will lose your shop privilege indefinitely. We know everything with logs.
  8. Staff hold the final say to any interpretation to these rules set fourth.



Normal Players = 12 Chests

Donators = 18 Chests






To buy a shop is easy. Simply stand inside the shop you wish to rent and right-click the sign. A confirmation message will appear in the chat box. You will have to click confirm in order to purchase the shop.

To Rent: Right-Click




Confirmation of Rent




To Extend Current Time: Right-Click




To Unrent a Shop: Shift+Right-Click




Additional Commands

Add friend to shop: /as addfriend name (You must stand inside your rented shop)

Delete friend from shop: /as delfriend name (You must stand inside your rented shop)





Setting up your signs is a little more complicated, but easy once you've done it at least once. To start you need to place a sign on the front of a chest and set it up like the following example. The top line is required to make the sign shop. The bottom line is the price for what you are selling.



In this case, I will be selling 5 cobble stone for $10.00 so I set mine up a little differently to help players know what I'm selling.



Next we need to determine the quantity of items we want to let a player buy during a single transaction. For this I will put in ONLY 5 cobble stone into the chest. The amount must be specific! If you put in (5) they will purchase 5 at a time. If you put in 64, they will purchase a stack at a time. If you fill the entire chest, they will purchase the entire chest all at once, for the cost that I specified, which was $10.00. In this case, I want players to buy 5 cobblestone for $10.00. So I will put only 5 cobblestone in the chest.



Now it is time to link the sign to the chest. Take a single piece of redstone in your hand and left-click (Punch) the CHEST FIRST. Then take the redstone and left-click (Punch) the SIGN SECOND. You will now have linked the sign and chest. Because the [BUY] will have turned blue and you will get a confirmation in chat.



The last thing we have to do now is stock the shop so I fill the chest with all the cobblestone I have and the shop is ready for people to buy from. If you run out of items to sell in that chest, the [BUY] sign will turn red, indicating that the shop needs to be restocked. Always test your shop as the sign will not update in color after restocking.





Please, if you have any additional questions ask in Discord #General-Chat, please do NOT post in #help-chat on discord. Please read this post in it's entirety before posting.







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