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  1. TattooGamer

    We will review your request and get back to you.
  2. It would help if you submitted all evidence along with making your appeal. It makes the process smoother, and quicker.
  3. TattooGamer

    Welcome to the clan
  4. TattooGamer

    Still looks edible. Maybe the pep at least.
  5. TattooGamer

    Welcome to the clan! Remember, you're not just an idiot. You're an Xtreme Idiot.
  6. TattooGamer

    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay with us. Have fun.
  7. TattooGamer

    I spoke with other admins. While your remark was borderline racist. We do not tolerate racist remarks period. Jokes or not, and nothing suggestive either. So with that in mind, you can return to the game with a 3 day mute starting from 9:43 PM EST. Please return here at this time 3 days from now if the mute has not been lifted.
  8. TattooGamer

    Thanks fellas, looking forward to it!
  9. TattooGamer

    Loving the ink man!
  10. TattooGamer

    I hated everything about Window's 10 before trying it. The very thought of it made me cringe. Eventually I decided to try it out, and found it to be almost the same in some aspects as far as functionality and improved in other areas that Window's 7 was lacking. Mind you; Microsoft definitely has a lot of Spyware added to Window's 10 (i.e. Cortana, Keylogger, etc.) Which can all be disabled. If you do decide to take the leap, there are plenty of tutorials for turning these things off. Good luck.
  11. TattooGamer

    Not here to start an argument. But that is the whole point of play time, to increase your claim blocks through playtime. And you also have the ability to buy claim blocks which in itself gives you an urge to get into the economy, the more stuff you sell the more claim blocks you can buy. If you think about it, the amount that you start with is a decent amount given you're not going to expand into a huge base from the start. Last but not least, donating will give you the afk-kick-exemption permission which will allow you to afk for long periods of time. I've been here for a while and have never had a problem with claim blocks as it gives you something to work for.
  12. TattooGamer

    FTB, Infinity Seems ever so popular these days.
  13. TattooGamer

    Very Nice Specs, I'm sure you'll enjoy it