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    Thanks fellas, looking forward to it!
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    Loving the ink man!
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    I hated everything about Window's 10 before trying it. The very thought of it made me cringe. Eventually I decided to try it out, and found it to be almost the same in some aspects as far as functionality and improved in other areas that Window's 7 was lacking. Mind you; Microsoft definitely has a lot of Spyware added to Window's 10 (i.e. Cortana, Keylogger, etc.) Which can all be disabled. If you do decide to take the leap, there are plenty of tutorials for turning these things off. Good luck.
  5. TattooGamer

    Not here to start an argument. But that is the whole point of play time, to increase your claim blocks through playtime. And you also have the ability to buy claim blocks which in itself gives you an urge to get into the economy, the more stuff you sell the more claim blocks you can buy. If you think about it, the amount that you start with is a decent amount given you're not going to expand into a huge base from the start. Last but not least, donating will give you the afk-kick-exemption permission which will allow you to afk for long periods of time. I've been here for a while and have never had a problem with claim blocks as it gives you something to work for.
  6. TattooGamer

    FTB, Infinity Seems ever so popular these days.
  7. TattooGamer

    Very Nice Specs, I'm sure you'll enjoy it
  8. TattooGamer

    "For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is Christ Jesus our Lord." (Rom. 8:38-39) With that being said, the intention of this post is to bring hope to people who are struggling. Whether it's depression, self motivation, laziness, whatever might be holding you down or holding you back in life. It's not really a debate for religion, more of a support thread.
  9. TattooGamer

    Well it's nothing I feel ashamed about, and I'm sorry to hear about your accident and wish you a fast recovery and good health. I guess not every person is the same but I'm happy to hear you're making the best of it!
  10. TattooGamer

    Greetings fellow idiots, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss a topic that is very prominent in all of our lives, but also seems impossible to escape for some people. Depression. Anxiety. No Motivation. Stress. No hope. Suicide. Loss of a loved one. I've got a friend struggling with depression and I'm doing the best I can to help but I figured some of this would also be great to share with this community of idiots. If you are struggling with depression or the lack of self motivation, I'm gonna tell you it'll never be easy to persevere through it, I'm telling you it will be worth it. So to shed some light on what may seem like the darkest parts of our lives, I'm going to leave some very inspirational videos that I think would definitely be worth a watch, I've watched every single one and more of them and THEY DEFINITELY HELP. A few of them have changed my life for the better, and always remember if there is something in your life that seems so bad that it doesn't feel like it's worth it to continue, just remember, you're not alone, seek help, seek advice from your friends, and family, if that's not an option, seek professional advice, hell, even post here because the community here is amazing and I very seriously doubt any of us would let you make a bad decision. If you are suffering from depression, anything bringing you down, if you're struggling to find yourself, I implore you all to talk about it here and support each other, share ideas, let others know what worked for you, or what you plan to do to take care of yourself. PLEASE, WATCH THE VIDEOS, THEY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, THEY'VE CHANGED MINE. WHEN TIMES GET TOUGH - WATCH THIS THROUGH HELL - THIS ONE HELPED ME ACHIEVE MY DREAMS CHANGE YOUR MIND AND BECOME SUCCESSFUL OVERCOME DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY PROVE THEM WRONG! FIGHT YOUR DEPRESSION SELF WORTH - MOTIVATION THE HERO IN YOU - THIS ONE IS AMAZING I CAN, I WILL, I MUST - A VIDEO FOR SUCCESS
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    Welcome to the forums Wafflz, see you around in-game.
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    Chemistry teacher? Okay Mr. White. (Breaking Bad reference) Welcome to the forums!
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    Fuck yes. That is all.
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    Test good. 10-4