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    nunyo buizness lol
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    i like Call of Duty, I rep the hatchetman, my faviotite color is blue, I will eat anything that can stick in my mouth (anything), and thats it.

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    TrippyTrianglez TrippyTriangles MoonJumper ghij76 (ps4)

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  1. 5aff9e3890631_moonjumperlogo.thumb.png.1cd5718f19cf7ca5b9bf2e3df2013dcc.pngthis took forever... and im trying to get better at making stuff in paint 3d... so let me know if you want a custom logo and ill try to make it to the best of my abilities. (i am not taking money, this is 100% free)

    1. MoonJumper


      oh and one more thing is I didnt make the cresent, i did add shading and a littlee bit of color


    2. MoonJumper


      i took the lazy way for mine haha

    3. MoonJumper


      i am really glad my dad Tim3839 showed mr this website and the servers, i have lots of fun everytime i get on here, so thank you to the server creators and much more thanks to Whomever made XI possible...


  2. follow me plz     I needs it plz? lol




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