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  1. Gonna set up a stand to take in the whole screen & use a higher resolution for a more tolerable image. =)
  2. You're only seeing the bottom 2/3's of the screen & the central 2/3's, at best...gonna get a stand to be able to take in the whole screen....You can fast-forward to the 10-minute mark to see more of the screen; I adjust the camera up some at that point.
  3. Lol...I have the camera sitting on my desk in front of me; 2 feet from the screen; it's a 30-something inch screen, so I can't get the whole thing in frame; guess I can get or make a simple stand to sit to my side.
  4. I have recording software, bro. I used an external camera because I've heard that the use of cheats can be hidden while using recording software; so I used an external camera. The game comes with a recording feature; just open the console and type 'record'; you can even bind it to a key. I have FRAPS, Gamecam & OBS studio. Thanks for the helpful spirit. =)
  5. Recording my screen with external camera...
  6. Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Pheewww!... Frodo can really channel vintage Robert Plant.
  9. Had to post teh meme of old: Someone would ask what song/artist is that & the troll reply would be: Darude Sandstorm.
  10. Here's the finished product: