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  1. Timmah!

    https://mobile.weather.gov We pay for it... might as well use it. 😃
  2. Timmah!

    Have a good one & watch out for the contrails & The Edge!... body could fall right off!
  3. Timmah!

  4. Timmah!

    Maybe- if you don't already- make a conscious decision to, what I like to call, set your intentions every morning. Perhaps start by listening to this first thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pppexz-KKig I make an effort to control what I hear, see, smell (occasional incense), taste (breakfast), & feel every morning to set my mood to be as positive as possible & help in my periodic resolve -to a greater or lesser extent- to establish & maintain a positive mindset to apply to any incoming stimuli over the day. Positive self-talk is important also, for me, throughout the day. Don't know what your internal dialogue is, but many peoples', about themselves, the outside world & their relationship to these things imbues their reality more negatively than is healthy. Intention, attention, resolve, perspective... it's work, but like the current program, becomes more automatic with practice.
  5. Timmah!

    Went to the concert in '89... was like a gigantic PARTY!!!
  6. Timmah!

  7. Timmah!

    Are you that hungry for attention, to pretend to not have basic research & scientific data comprehension? Or are you really this daft?
  8. Timmah!

    Yessir, fun game.
  9. Timmah!

    Check your psu... check your voltage to your cpu & memory also. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/sysinternals-suite https://www.hwinfo.com/ http://hddscan.com/
  10. Timmah!

    You have to ask the player who owns the turret(s).