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  1. Hey, thanks for the work. See you in there next Fri.
  2. It ain't music, but you can listen to it. =)
  3. See, THAT sounds like a tactical insert...it inserts you to that spot upon respawn...not take you to a spot once you're frozen...that is tactical exfil. as it stands...
  4. yep...might have to start tubing me some wabbits...=)
  5. LMAO!! That's so wrong & funny...had me in tears.
  6. Funny...but obvious photo editing...
  7. Don't feel like crawling under my desk just yet...
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. Heynow.
  10. We're omnivores, bro....gotta check into the greens!
  11. https://www.webdesign.org/html-and-css/tutorials/basic-iframe-code.9081.html