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    Happy Birthday!
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    got a whole freezer FULL of popsicles...plus, we can play Crazysnakes!
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    why, come on down to the cellar...
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    I just flag it as spam.
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    It's a fun song+video. 1.2 billion people concur. 😃 I mean you got Wanz @ the end, Macklemore in a Batman onsie & cap. That kid cracks me up just as Wanz appears with: " poppin' tags, Yeeaahh!"
  9. Timmah!

    On a tangent of map size & fun...I remember the days of Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising & Escalation...was fun to grab an apc & troll the beaches 1,000 yards out to sea...or set up satchels at a progressive spawn point, waiting for an unsuspecting 'customer' to commandeer a vehicle...was a great game in it's time, with borderless maps. Or the glory of a Javelin taking it's arc for a tank down range...& the motorcycles, pulling X-game backflips while trying to avoid the enemy....or if you really wanted to make them cry, park a .50-cal-mounted dune buggy on a little bird and wreak havoc! Anyhoo...can't please them all...
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    ...one person who viewed this hates poppin' tags.
  11. ...some people asked...It's called THRIFT SHOP by Macklemore:
  12. Timmah!

    Happy Birthday! 🤪