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  1. This is the last feeding before setting a new bin on top of the current one. They will then transition to the new bin in which I will set bedding & food. First I grab some of the shredded cardboard (which they love to hang-out in between the layers, inside the corrugation) I simply keep it in a trash bag & grab some when needed: Then I soak it in a bucket of tap water that's been allowed to sit for 24 hours, so that the Chlorine evaporates (don't want chlorinated water in the bin...kills the microbes that decompose the fruits & veggies) The worms actually feed on these aerobic decomposing microbes, not the fruits & veggies directly. So it's actually an aerobic decomposing bacteria farm. After soaking for a short while, I squeeze out the excess moisture from the carboard as I add it to the bin. You can see from this scoop that there is nothing left but wonderful worm castings, as the bacteria have completely decomposed the bedding & organics since the last feeding: The population has really exploded in the months since I purchased the initial pound of worms to start. They double in population every 60 days & there's easily 4 pounds of worms in the bin now. Every scoop is teeming with the little guys. I mix the chopped food & bedding with some of the castings to inoculate the mix with the decomposing microbes, facilitating the process: I then fluff it up to allow the oxygen the microbes need & the worms easier access. The microbes are aerobic & produce a loamy smell like you find in the woods under the leaf litter. With the lid on, you couldn't guess what's in the bin, even if you put yer snoot right next to it. It is then topped-off with a light layer of more damp shredded cardboard to allow the worms freedom of movement in, over & around the full volume of their new bedding & food. Lastly, I soak a whole piece of cardboard to then lay on top, keeping the bin moist & providing the darkness the little guys like: (I keep water in my tub to help maintain humidity in this dry apartment.) The worm casting provide an unequaled amendment to my garden soil, packed with beneficial nutrients, bacteria, fungi & enable me to recycle food that otherwise would go to waste...and recycle cardboard. All for free. That banana which woulda been thrown-out now comes back as a tasty tomato!
  2. Timmah!

    Don't be hatin'. ...even converted & imported X-models from Delta Force and Battlefield series. Of course, had to then skin them so they had player collision. Also had a program to convert 2D images to Grayscale and then to terrain.
  3. Timmah!

    It's a time sink, a rabbit hole, if you let it be. When I was seriously into it, the mapping & modding had me immersed for many a late hour for months on end.
  4. Timmah!

    ...some Arctic Jade. Such a handsome specimen. (you can see the diamond saw track at bottom of the piece.) I keep pieces around the house, they make me happy and have their utilitarian values, too. Use a brick of California Jade for a burger press. No harm, no foul.
  5. Timmah!

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Timmah!

    Better get to working that corner; grab a squeegee & multi-task. Keep some chocolate in yer pocket.
  7. Timmah!

    I'm off this Sunday, since my overtime- on that day, at least- was cancelled. Will find the videos I took of fishing & cobble them together. They go back to last Autumn.
  8. Timmah!

    Was thinking 'Extended Dogging Tour'.
  9. Timmah!

    ...real hard. Was ready to build a new rig just about time covid & shit drove-up the price of all things computer hardware. Still holding out until after AMD's new architecture drops this September-ish.... but it's fukkin' killin' me, I tell ya. Nonetheless, I might have to buy this just to satisfy my urge...just a little: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-10gb-gddr6x-pci-express-4-0-graphics-card-titanium-and-black/6429440.p?skuId=6429440 Edit: Sold out. =(
  10. Timmah!

    Neither did I, until a little over a year ago. Only built credit for a lower land loan & construction rate.... ...then it'll be once again as it was before: cash purchases for anything.
  11. Pleasantly surprised with turnaround time.
  12. Timmah!

    Thought I'd see a pic of @J3st3r.
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