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  1. @LilAcorn I'll send you a pm soon. Ill probably be sneaking in @WldPenguinbed anyways. Maybe government @Roxy!a good shock and creep in her bed too. Bhahahahahaha!
  2. If I go I'd have to share a room for sure.
  3. Icequeen

    This one's a tough one. But like most have said my mind has checked out of the news. Probably just a diversion of something more important going on.
  4. Icequeen

    Worked a 17 hour shift. Life of the party. Don't tell @TBB that wasn't me he was with.
  5. Icequeen

    Yes my child?
  6. Icequeen

    Honestly I can see you doing this. My son is the sameeee exact way.
  7. Icequeen

    I don't know why but every time I see you using that fancy doo dad I giggle.
  8. Icequeen

    Well LAPD was involved and I guess they asked Chris Rock if he wanted to press charges and he declined.
  9. Icequeen

    I dunno. That slap and Rocks shock kinda makes me wonder if it was real. I mean they are actors so if it was staged they did well.
  10. Icequeen

  11. Icequeen

    Well tbh he laughed at the joke. And then I think he realized that it upset his wife and I think any husband would be pissed off. I'm sure that's a sensitive thing for her. It would be for most people. But maybe he should have been removed for his outburst. Unfortunately it's a topic of well.....I understand where he's coming from and than violence is never the answer. It definitely was a slap heard around the world.
  12. Icequeen

    Thats funny shit. Not sure how to feel about that. Like you smacked Chris Rock? What man smacks another man? He left Philly a long time ago apparently
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