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  1. Icequeen

    I'm sorry just my sentiments for him 🤪
  2. Icequeen

    And this is a bad thing? 🤨
  3. Icequeen

    LoL should we say thanks Funky or congratulations? LoL
  4. Icequeen

    Crack just suckkkkksssssss
  5. Icequeen

    Who's @Lunkster?
  6. Icequeen

    @Sikon_ the truth of the matter is the admins sit on ts and decide who they wanna redirect. How rude of them right?
  7. Icequeen

    No it's not.........
  8. Icequeen

    Dos Stinko!
  9. Icequeen

    Welcome to the forums MrsG.
  10. Icequeen

    I've had this happen before. And through steam I fixed it by oh gosh what was it.....verifying something. Anyways that worked. It happened again and I just waited for a few hours and oddly it came back.
  11. Icequeen

    Do you go through steam?