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  1. Icequeen

    Soooooooo darn cute!!!!
  2. Icequeen

    It's because I'm a bad accountant isn't it? LoL
  3. Icequeen

    I keep each one for certain things.
  4. Icequeen

    Omg my gaming husband.
  5. Icequeen

    You're a strong young man. You definitely didn't deserve that. Unfortunately people can be shitty and ruin a part of us. But in life you also learn from mistakes and grow from them. Not every relationship is going to be filled with distrust. Tje right one will come some day. You're still very young and a handsome young chap (haha I've always wanted so say that to someone) so don't let her fk up be on you. Anyways we're all here to support you kiddo. Keep your head up. Lots of XI love.
  6. Icequeen

    Looks amazing.
  7. Icequeen

  8. Icequeen

    That's your first problem. Taking it.
  9. Icequeen

    Then how the hell did you wind up getting some poor girl preggos?
  10. Icequeen

    Okay so I actually dread the number 13. So my birthday lands on the 13th. So of course in the mix there I get Fridays every so often. So I was 9 years old. I remember I had this absolutely beautiful ballerina birthday cake that I was excited for. Well I wound up in the hospital with tonsillitis. Another birthday I also remember I had been at work and I actually had list 30lbs so I was super happy. But my pants were so big. I thought I had tied them tightly and even used my gaitbelt yo hold them up. Well I came out of a room and sure enough they slid to the floor. Thank goodness it was wash day
  11. They actually had 2 drawings. One for the card and another for a critter. I think when Pengy is done with work she'll let us know.
  12. Just want everyone who didn't show up to know that it was an awesome time. Who knew that @ANGU5 was the life of the party and kept the whole night rolling.. Thanks man it was so much fun.. and iy lasted for hours. It was also so much fun seeing new faces.. @ShadyGregBrady @FunkyJosh>XI< @Wardogs411 @Janey and @WldPenguin has the whole list I'm just saying come by again guys.



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