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  1. Icequeen

    Yes! Hell of a good choice for once!!! 😋 Gratz Crimmy, blue looks good on you.
  2. Icequeen

    Very awesome. Congrats you two!!! 😊
  3. Icequeen

    Good luck Boom. Sucks, but sometimes real life does catch up with the best of all of us. Hope to see you around soon, and best of luck always.
  4. Icequeen

    Happy Birthday Kiddo!!!
  5. Icequeen

    Happy Birthday Ayaq! 😊
  6. Icequeen

    That is awesome Stormy. 😊
  7. Icequeen

    Happy Birthday sweetie. Hope you had a great one. Sorry I was late on here 😋
  8. Icequeen

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one.
  9. Icequeen

    Wow! You guys are seriously fucked in the head. Don't you have time for anything else? This is why I'm glad I haven't come back. Unnecessary drama and I've never been happier. And when I say you guys I clearly meant Chiles jealous ass that can't seem to keep my name out of his mouth. if anyone wants to "know" what's going on all they had to do was ask. Currently I'm dealing with some health issues and I've only told a couple people. However, I wasnt ready to tell all. So thank you for the support of those who cane to me. And thank you for the others reminding me why I left.
  10. Icequeen

    And runs off your car battery Penis.
  11. Icequeen

  12. Icequeen

    Hello again Herbie!
  13. Icequeen