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  1. Icequeen

    I have netflix and hulu. Use them as I dont watch much tv anyways.
  2. Icequeen

    @Unchileno you hush your self. BEECH
  3. Wait......is that.....nope its pizza.
  4. Icequeen

    @Unchilenoknows all about faking. Faked it with him a few times.
  5. Icequeen

    The nails look nice ladies, and indeed trendy.
  6. Icequeen

    What is this metric system you speak of?
  7. Icequeen

    @Timmah! I hate you.......😂
  8. Icequeen

    Wheres the cheesecake? Lasagna looks bomb
  9. Icequeen

    Sorry I'm testy. Broke my arm, and bit a huge hole in my cheek doing so and it got terribly infected so I've legit been miserable on a vacation I finally wanted to take. 😓
  10. Icequeen

    So now I cant post songs that I like anymore? Geezuz I'll leave the forums too.
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