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    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What game did you get banned from?: Insurgency What server were you banned from?: #2 When did you get banned?: 01-28-19 20:32 What was your in-game name?: SNΞK ♔ What is your game GUID (if known): Why do you think you were banned?: Alright, let's start at the beginning! I was originally warned by Daemon for going onto the roof of C on Buhriz. I immediately complied and that seemed to be that. After being offline, I come back to find myself banned from the server. After inquiring Daemon on Discord as to why I'd been banned, I was told that I had been banned by Chips for being in the before mentioned spot on Buhriz. I told Daemon that to my knowledge, I had not been in the aforementioned spot since I was warned. Daemon later got back to me, informing me that the admin team had voted for the ban to remain, but as I was a regular user, the ban would be lifted on the condition of no further exploits - to which I agreed. Fast forward a couple of weeks and a lot of hours on the server - including a lot of running around, waiting for the server to populate from scratch. Now, I'm not sure if the next part has any bearing on me getting banned, since I've been unable to establish the concrete reason as to why I was banned. Regardless, I'm including it as the details may be relevant in regards to a whole other dispute, if not this. I'm playing along when the user Nullspace joins and greets me with "SNEK din klamme dansker", which roughly translates to "SNEK you filthy Dane", although calling someone "klam" in Danish, is quite a bit harsher. Apparently, he had discovered that we're both Danes. Now, the strife between me and Nullspace goes all the way back to when I was first banned. Whenever he saw me on the server, he would usually feel the need to sling some insults at me; mostly commenting on how I'm such a noob, that I'll never be good, and that I have no skills. Furthermore, he has threatened to get me banned on several occasions, despite not being an admin. All that being said; I'm not above a little teasing and the like when people obviously have a problem with me, so I'm sure I've given back plenty of insults. Now, having discovered that we're both Danish, we go back and forth a bit; me trying to get clarification on what I'd done to upset him so greatly, and him, mostly trying to insult me as always. Eventually, he suggests that we both lay off, and I agree. That being that, he apparently felt the need to seize the last word, as he proclaimed that he would always play against me, and that it was an invitation for me to hopefully, get better at the game. Petty as I am, and with no reconciliation in sight, I decided it would be fun to poke him a bit and write "Nemt." every time I kill him. As Pingfuzzboi quickly caught on to, "Nemt" means "Easy" or "EZ" if you will. This instantly triggers yet another threat of him having me banned, whereafter he tries to rally his teammates in the team-chat by writing things such as; 'please humiliate SNEK for me', 'i love everyone who says "nemt" whenever they kill SNEK', 'i promise endless love to whoever writes "nemt" when they kill SNEK.', 'guys remember the "nemt" when you kill SNEK', 'voteban the fucker', and 'need 1 more vote guys'. At this point, Pingfuzzboi was spectating the match, and was trying to ask me questions via the chat. Now, on the server, chat is disabled for spectators, but as Pingfuzzboi is an Admin, I'm sure he could write anyway - I was however (as Insurgent at the time) unable to see or hear any messages from him at the time. As Pingfuzzboi tried his hand at Google Translate in order to get in touch with me, my good friend Nullspace eagerly seized the opportunity to help out in this matter, writing things like "ill translate for you", "actually, on a serious note you should talk to Daemon about that", "several ppl have been saying that he is hacking...", and "must be easy playing when you use exploits". Not long after, I was banned by Daemon, much to the satisfaction of a particular user; "lmao who banned snek", "my wish came true". As I did the last time I found myself banned, I contacted Daemon on Discord, again asking why I had been banned, explaining that I to the best of my knowledge hadn't broken our previous agreement, and that I hoped the ban wasn't a result of Nullspace's campaigning. Daemon however, seemed to be done communicating with me and so I was left none the wiser as to why I had been banned this time around. Next day comes around and I feel like getting some kills in Insurgency - Not wanting to wait around for Daemon to get back to me, if ever, and not wanting to go through a ton of servers filled with noisy Russians or bad players, I decided to hop on my alt account, so I could keep a low profile, and play a little on my favourite server - at least until this whole ban situation was resolved. As I assumed I'd also been IP banned, I hopped on my VPN. Amazingly, it didn't take long for the admin team to recognize who I was, despite me keeping it on the down low. I honestly didn't expect anyone to notice, but after getting whiff of who I was, it was easy enough for the admins to put 2 and 2 together and tie together the connection from my alt to my primary account. This quickly resulted in a kick by Daemon, and shortly thereafter a ban of both my alt account and the IP I had connected from via VPN. So much for playing a little Ins. As Daemon still hadn't bothered getting back to me, despite seemingly having nothing but time to ban me in whatever which way, I decided to reach out to Pingfuzzboi on Discord - If nothing else, just to get clarification as to why there was such an eagerness to ban me. Pingfuzzboi was quick to get back to me, telling me about a vague suspicion from players who thought I was cheating, and suggested that I record some of my gameplay, write on the forums and take it up with Barron. So here I am. I recorded some gameplay to the best of my ability, which you'll find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69HJDSbtxGw Unfortunately, it's only available in 720p, due to my monitor being 1680x1050. As noted in the video description, it was 5 in the morning and my settings had just randomly reset on me, I'm obviously not at my best. None the less, it should give an insight into my playstyle when playing aggressively. Barring low resolution and video compression/encoding, I hope it'll provide you with some insight into my end of things, if nothing else. Now, I've gone through more trouble, fighting this whole ban/unban thing, than I normally would for any game. But, I happen to have really gotten back into the game, after finding a server with well-skilled people, who communicate in a language that I can understand, and that is reasonably well moderated. I'd say perhaps a bit too well moderated, considering my many bans. ^^ Joking aside, I obviously think highly of the servers you run in Insurgency. If you need anything else from me, or want me to clarify something, I'll be happy to assist. I'd also love to hear the thoughts of the involved parties, and preferably have Barron take a look at this case, as I don't believe he has been involved in all of this, and probably is less biased than any of us involved. With that, I hope we can finally put this entire thing to bed, once and for all. ps. Sorry for the wall of text.
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