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  1. baldie

    Take it easy look after your self and get well soon
  2. baldie

    Best wishes and Get well soon to you both
  3. baldie

    Well its Day one of isolation for me now I have no option but to isolate for 12 weeks. I have Asthma and COPD the government gave me no option but to hide away 😪😪 although work is not happy they have no choice but to let me stay off
  4. baldie

    Yes he is and very needy always needs cuddles and always first there at the door when you walk in 😀
  5. baldie

    The first is my old Boy Samson doing what he does best. The second is Noah (son of samson) with his favourite toy Then last but not least is Delilah my little girl
  6. Hi Guys I need advice.. My good Lady is sick of the 500 plus DVD's that we have on our living room shelves and wants them gone before I decorate . The problem is we still use them if its not me and Mrs Baldie it will be one of the kids in there bedrooms. So I was thinking a Networked NAS Drive. How hard will it be to set up ? How much space will i need ( I am thinking at least 8 TB) And what software will I need to transfer the films onto the drives. I have never set up a NAS Drive before so please keep the reply's Idiot Proof 🤣🤣🤣 I found this on Amazon what do you think ?? Synology DS218J 8 TB 2 Bay NAS Solution | Installed with 2 x 4 TB Western Digital Red Drives: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories
  7. baldie

    Thank you ROCKAPE i was going to drop you a message later 😀
  8. baldie

    Bloody hell I just realised its been Ten years for me. 😮 Now I know I am getting Old.... October 2009 How time fly's. Back then I was called Baldiemeat 😂😂😂 I can not remember what year it was I changed it to just Baldie. Oh well here is to the next Ten Years
  9. baldie

    Happy Birthday All
  10. baldie

    Janey depression is not easy to cope with but please remember we are all here for you if you need to talk or just have a laugh with. Being part of XI means you are never alone just reach out to anyone of us we will listen. In the mean time take care and get better soon
  11. baldie

    Well it works for me now Cheers Duc 😎😎
  12. baldie

    I have lost the ability to like or FU or anything on any of the posts 🙈
  13. baldie

    @Timmah! Thank you for that I will mention it to my Doctor on Monday. It describes most if not all of my symptoms 👍😎
  14. baldie

    No Me and Donna just put a brave face on it and got on with it the worst part is I cant really Drink either 😫😫
  15. After months of worrying. Today I finally found out that I do not have Cancer. I have been suffering with pain and Bowel problems for months with blood and constant sickness and pain. As you can imagine you start to fear the worst so I went to my GP in October who immediately booked me in for tests and to see a specialist. At first it was pretty quick I had an ultrasound within a week followed by an appointment to see the specialist the next who gave me a prostate exam straight away, It was swollen and enlarged but he said not to worry lets wait for the other tests. So the first week of December I went in for a Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy at the same time , The Endoscopy went great although uncomfortable they saw everything they needed too, But the Colonoscopy could only go so far because my intestines have too tight a loop for the camera. So they had to book me in for a CT Scan which happend Dec 22 . So Because of Christmas I did not get any news or Results till Today, And I was told it is not Cancer. I still have more tests to go but I am not worried. Diagnosis so Far Stomach Ulcers non Cancerous Polyp's and a Sliding Hiatus Hernia around 5cm. The Meds I am now on seem to be dealing with the pain and a lot of the stomach problems so its looking not to bad hopefully i will be back to work ASAP. The only reason I did not mention it sooner there was a lot of bad news over Christmas and you guys did not need anymore so I kept it to myself (In fact me and Donna did not tell the kids either no point in worrying them) But Its all good Thanks for reading and I hope you All have a blessed and healthy year. Rob (Baldie)
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