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    Have a great time and enjoy yourself
  3. baldie

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes
  4. baldie

    Yes I might be having one or two
  5. baldie

    Like @YACCster I had pong but my first dabble into computing was ..... I was Lucky my parents bought these for me but hell my calculator has more processing power now
  6. baldie

    That is amazing news and with all the bad news lately it is fantastic to hear of Mrs Pete's recovery. wishing you both the very best future and I hope you enjoy every min of it for a lot more years
  7. baldie

    Welcome and enjoy
  8. baldie

    Happy Birthday All
  9. baldie

    Great News Congratulations
  10. baldie

    I am sorry but this whole post is in bad taste. I understand you have views on the subject and I really do understand. But have we not just lost 2 very dear clan members recently from Covid and Blackbarts wife is still fighting the illness. I have also lost one friend and 2 work mates to covid one was only 20 years old my sister is still trying to recover from long covid. I have my own views on this subject but I would never even think of posting them on the clan forums at this time. So sorry It is very bad timing and a bit selfish to post this on the clan forums at this time
  11. I can not say I really knew Blackbart as well as the Original members of the clan. In fact as far as I can remember I only spoke to him twice in game or should i say talked once cried with laughter the second occasion. But he was family and a lot of people here loved him and called him friend so yet again it is a terrible cruel loss for so many. With that being said my thoughts are with everyone here who really knew the man and his Wife and family who I am still hoping and praying that she recovers from her health issues, although I fear a broken heart will make it even harder for her. R.I.P Blackbart and the best wishes and prayers for his Wife and family
  12. baldie

    Happy Birthday @ROCKAPE
  13. baldie

    That is really sad news please pass on that we are all thinking of him and his wife. And he will always be part of and in the hearts of this his extended family.
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