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  1. KaptCrunch the air out the back is pretty cool even under load it is barely warming up . And though everything is so close in the case the airflow seems to be not bad at all, plenty moving through the system. And you are right about the power supply, I am thinking of ordering a 1000w when i order the monitor it will save me problems later
  2. Well it is an amazing card ... But I think I might need a bigger case There is about 7mm between the end of the card and the front radiator. And Yes I need a new monitor I cant decide which one yet ? about 32" would be what I am looking for. I played Battlfield 2042 with everything maxed and the card barely warmed up so I think it will be perfect for my needs
  3. Good evening all. I am going to upgrade my GPU finally tomorrow from Nvidia To AMD is there anything I need to do, or do i just delete the old drivers and install the new. I am going from an Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 to an AMD RADEON RX7900 XTX THE REST OF MY SYSTEM IS. Amd Ryzen7 5800X 8 core 32 GB RAM 2 X SDS 2TB Hard Drives Windows 11 64 bit 850W power supply Going by these brief details is there any problems you can foresee or should it be simple
  4. I know that I have not been around for a while, Unfortunately family and work got in the way of eveything. But Tonight I will be there at some point . I have missed all you Idiots
  5. Well its Been a crazy few months for me, Family issues, finding out I will be a grandad in october and changing career. thats why I have missed a few, but now thanks to my new job I have my weekends free so Baldie will be there
  6. Really sad news. RIP BudSr and thoughts and prayers to his family
  7. baldie


    Thoughts and prayers from me and my family
  8. Hi guys its Happy Hour come say hi.... @Totty @SAPPER @Icequeen @Duffy @Snap @E-raser @Chris @Exe @AthenA @Angus @Magnus_1 @hotrod @Bamm @wildthing @ShadyBrady
  9. BUMP..... Do not forget for the euro peeps it is starting at the earlier time of 8pm GMT . looking forward to seeing you
  10. Well today we went and picked up our new little boy Kai the Akita. He is cute as hell and he already follows Mrs baldie every where .
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