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  1. baldie

    Beautiful machine very nice ?
  2. baldie

    You are right and I agree 100% I should have bought it earlier but with the lock down due to covid I could not buy it and could not book a CBT. The first CBT available was this Monday just gone so I took the course then bought the Bike brand new at a great price with 2 years warranty and 2 years breakdown. But I have also purchased fully armoured Jacket, trousers, boots and gloves and it will be only used when weather permits for the commute to work.
  3. Bought myself a new toy. It is only 125cc but I have not rode a bike in over 35 years ??. I needed new transport for work and decided this was the way to go ????
  4. baldie

    Happy Birthday all
  5. baldie

    Happy Birthday to all. And thank you all for the Birthday wishes
  6. Glad you are back ....I really need to get this PC working properly so I can get back to having a laugh with you all again its been a long while since I played on the servers. Time to strip down a couple of old PC'S I think .
  7. Congratulations @BigPapaDean ?
  8. baldie

    happy birthday all
  9. baldie

    Amazing Actor who played some amazing roles my favourite being Jackie Robinson in "42". It is a shame may he Rest In Peace.
  10. baldie

    Hi Lucky you are Right I am an idiot that is the only thing I never checked... My VPN was causing the issue because the site comes up as not trusted it did not like it and kicked me out. Problem now resolved so I should be good now. Thanks for all your help and hard work
  11. baldie

    Well I should be another 10 million up now.. slow tables ? but tomorrow I will hit them again @YACCster I am coming for you ??
  12. baldie

    Hi Lucky No my end is perfect my PC is all good since the rebuild (I have checked) and my internet connection is 100% 1.1Gb Download.. I have my own personal Network Engineer who keeps an eye on my broadband connection ( My Son trained by me works for Virgin media) ??
  13. baldie

    It would appear that the game has crashed .....I must be jinxed
  14. I am in..... over 300 tickets in ??
  15. baldie

    Nothing wrong with kids getting a few bumps and scrapes it is how they learn ?. My 4 boys (now grown men) have had bumps scrapes and a couple of broken bones over the years. My response was always did you learn from it ? and did it kill you ? .... No well then pick your self up and dust yourself down you will be fine. ?? Obviously a little more concern was shown with the broken bones ?? but the principle is they learn to understand that shit happens and if you sit and cry about it .. it still hurts the same and brings you down. but if you get up and carry on although sore you will soon forget about it and get back to having fun ..



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