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  1. It was a great evening for me and was nice to finally put a face to the voices. I have not laughed so much in years. So I will see you all at the next one
  2. Morning, As much as I agree with you I would say there is one band that also was amazing that has not been mentioned here.... All were amazing song writers and musicians and the lead vocalist could sing the contents of shopping cart and make it sound amazing they were the first to make a proper music video for one of their songs and kept going for decades and although the lead singer has passed on they still keep going. Yes you have guessed I am a Queen fan ... I grew up listening to Elvis (Mother was mad on him) Father was 100% country so it was not until the seventy's that i really got
  3. baldie

    Guy's I just wanted to say thank you for all your help I am back in business and everything is working fine so far
  4. baldie

    Thanks all I will give it a try and play a couple of rounds
  5. baldie

    @YACCster That is the problem . Before in the previous install I used to have the same folder for Maps but this time even though I have installed it from the same disc no folder. Now i thought it might be a bad install so I deleted the cod 4 and re installed but still no folder. Hence the reason I am scratching my Head
  6. Hi all I am an idiot and I need your help. Thanks to @Sitting-Duc I now have every map and mod stored on my pc . How and where do I put them back into the cod 4 files. Do I just drag and drop each folder of the map I need or do I open up each individual map folder and drag the contents. I know I am an idiot but its years since I have had to do this and I have completely forgotten how to do it
  7. baldie

    Happy Birthday
  8. You Wanker I cant believe I fell for it FU
  9. I am really sorry to hear about your dog I hope you get the person responsible and they are made to suffer or at the very least brought to justice
  10. baldie

    Damn and I was not there thats why you did so well But never fear Baldie will be there for the next one
  11. Hi Labob yes its Cod 4 had to start again from scratch but now all files will be mirrored to a back up drive so should not need to go through this again . And thanks to @Sitting-Duc I have already downloaded 1.7 GB so it should not be too long until i have them again
  12. That would be great if you could please it will save me a lot of grief and time.
  13. The reason I am asking is my Hard drive failed and I have had to start again from scratch . So I have gone from having every map and Mod ever made to none, and as you know downloading them before every game can take anything from 5 min to 30 min which is a pain . So I just thought I would ask the question.



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