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  1. baldie

    @Timmah! Thank you for that I will mention it to my Doctor on Monday. It describes most if not all of my symptoms 👍😎
  2. baldie

    No Me and Donna just put a brave face on it and got on with it the worst part is I cant really Drink either 😫😫
  3. After months of worrying. Today I finally found out that I do not have Cancer. I have been suffering with pain and Bowel problems for months with blood and constant sickness and pain. As you can imagine you start to fear the worst so I went to my GP in October who immediately booked me in for tests and to see a specialist. At first it was pretty quick I had an ultrasound within a week followed by an appointment to see the specialist the next who gave me a prostate exam straight away, It was swollen and enlarged but he said not to worry lets wait for the other tests. So the first week of December I went in for a Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy at the same time , The Endoscopy went great although uncomfortable they saw everything they needed too, But the Colonoscopy could only go so far because my intestines have too tight a loop for the camera. So they had to book me in for a CT Scan which happend Dec 22 . So Because of Christmas I did not get any news or Results till Today, And I was told it is not Cancer. I still have more tests to go but I am not worried. Diagnosis so Far Stomach Ulcers non Cancerous Polyp's and a Sliding Hiatus Hernia around 5cm. The Meds I am now on seem to be dealing with the pain and a lot of the stomach problems so its looking not to bad hopefully i will be back to work ASAP. The only reason I did not mention it sooner there was a lot of bad news over Christmas and you guys did not need anymore so I kept it to myself (In fact me and Donna did not tell the kids either no point in worrying them) But Its all good Thanks for reading and I hope you All have a blessed and healthy year. Rob (Baldie)
  4. baldie

  5. baldie

    I am really sorry to hear that DJ. But you have to do whats right for you so I am really glad you managed to get what you wanted and cheaper. My Daughter is looking for a PC so if its not too much bother where did you get yours from 😎
  6. baldie

    I agree 100% Rob like you I have worked with the technology for years and have had no side effects. But no one has explained why they raised the masts and changed them out. Also it is new and the Phased Arrays can be a problem according to the people I have spoken to, One was my Trainer at BT (Many Years ago) now retired lol But he did say that he had his reservations and when he made enquiries he got the same stone wall response. But on the good side there are no more dead birds around the hospital. But I just worry that maybe the clowns installing the masts are not as skilled or methodical as we used to be. Nowadays its all about numbers not quality.
  7. baldie

    Interesting reading Harry and in theory that article is right apart from Not all the various frequencies were tested. Now I know there are numerous unexplained animal deaths every year whether it be Dolphins /Whales washing up on beaches or whole heards of Deer and Flocks of birds dropping out of the sky. I refered to an instance where the birds were 400mtrs from the hospital in a tree lined walkway 15mtrs from a brand new 5G tower. I am also not saying the technology is not safe as I believe it is, when correctly calibrated but like anything in life mistakes can happen. and on this occasion I believe mistakes were made why else would they change out the masts and raise them by 3mtrs . But I found this article which is very good reading https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/we-have-no-reason-to-believe-5g-is-safe/
  8. baldie

    I used to install the old 4G masts years ago when they first came out and even back then we were warned about the dangers although minor they still did pose a risk thats why back then they were disguised as trees and signs so the public was not aware of how close they were. And the reason I am wary of 5G is the technology has not been tested. I will not go fully into how 5G works. But one of the main differences is the frequency wave it utilizes mm wave radiation which has been proved in the past to be harmfull to humans and animals also it uses new active antennas capable of beam forming and phased arrays which pose a huge threat to us if not calibrated correctly. Thats why having worked in the field in the past i asked my former colleague if he could throw any light on the subject and after getting the cold shoulder and no comment from him I began to ask questions and got nowhere fast.
  9. baldie

    I do not know about Chemtrails but i do know there is a huge cover up about the 5G telephone masts and how dangerous they are when not calibrated properly. The day they switched them on any birds in the area hit the ground either dead or dying. A former colleague of mine who installed them vanished for nearly a week then recieved a promotion and will not even answer any questions with regards them... Funny though everyone of them have since been replaced and the news papers dropped the story and my former colleague now lives in a lovely house in London.. But there are areas in Coventry that you still find dead birds usually within meters of one of these masts. And when I have called the papers and my MP they do not want to know. Here is a link to the original story in my local paper that they refuse to follow up.. https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/birds-dying-falling-sky-coventry-17087242
  10. baldie

    Thats Brilliant did you double check the power supply I upgraded my sons from 500w to 700w I think it only cost an extra £10 but worth it long term. it tells you at the bottom of the page how much your system needs then just pick one slightly higher 😎
  11. baldie

    @DEEJAYKEG have a look at Cyberpower https://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/ I have bought 2 computers from them in the last year on behalf of my sons. The build quality is great delivered on time and after support was brilliant after my youngest son broke his (he is Autistic) I explained to them the problem and 3 days later one of there techs came out and replaced the part. I was told there would be a charge of £65 because it was his fault (brute force and temper tantrum swift kick broken power switch) not only did they replace the front panel when i called to make the payment they said no charge on this occasion. now that's good customer service. The reason i used them in the first place is you pick a system and then you can customize every single part upgrade whats important and downgrade whats not. I hope you find whatever you are looking for there is a lot to choose from😎 Edit... What i would do is pick a system around £500 then customize it one piece at a time up to your budget you might just be surprised at how much you can get for your money
  12. baldie

    My in game name will be Baldie>XI<DADDA I tried a few combinations and this was the best i could come up with. oops no it will be............... Baldie.RiPDadda
  13. baldie

    So sad and so young. RIP Hue Hefna thoughts and prayers to his family
  14. baldie

    Happy Birthday
  15. baldie

    Merry Christmas to everyone
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