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  1. baldie

    I have been here since 2009 what can I say... These Idiots are just too much of a laugh and like you said the good the bad and the @RobMc ARE FAMILY......WE ARE DOOMED
  2. baldie

    Great Intro and as @WeednFeed has said it does explain a lot But always good to game with you
  3. Well I have had my second AZ 5 Hours ago. The first shot left me feeling ill like a bad case of flu (aches and pains) for around 12 hours, but for some reason after only 4 hours of having my second shot, I really do ache but what worries me is when I received the shot this time the Nurse informed me I could experience shortness of breath and a tightness in the chest. Not something someone with my condition wants to hear (I have Asthma and COPD) But I will let you know how I get on .....
  4. baldie

    Ok I have set up my class and I will be in game around 9:15 GMT 15 min before we start (it gives me a chance to watch the football before hand )
  5. baldie

    Yes they were the good old days that fathers and sons spent quality time watching TV together and both getting disappointed when she was wearing a bra
  6. baldie

    Well I have worked up and under ladders my whole life in communications so no problem there. I live at Number 13, and have never thrown salt over my shoulder. But I believe in 7 years bad luck for breaking mirrors and I must admit I do the whole magpie thing ( one for sorrow, 2 for joy, 3 for a girl and four for a boy 5 for silver and six for gold) And yes @RobMc I am old enough to remember the old program called Magpie
  7. i will be on around 9:30 pm uk time got to pick daughter up first
  8. baldie

    Thank you all for your kind comments it does mean a lot and is much appreciated. My wife has decided to turn a little corner of our garden into a memorial garden and that is where we will bury his ashes, if it makes it easier for her I am good with that.
  9. baldie

    What makes it worse is it happened so quick Friday we were in the garden running and playing then Saturday morning he was not well. I never thought we would lose him before his Mum and Dad . But he had a tumour in his spleen we did not know about it ruptured and he lost 60% of his blood into his stomach before we knew anything about it. They removed it but it was too late. The only consolation is we got to hold him before he passed and were with him at the end.
  10. As a family we are heartbroken our youngest of 3 dogs took ill on Saturday Morning by 4pm we were at the vets saying goodbye to him. Noah was the most gentle funny loyal dog.
  11. baldie

    Dean the problem you have if there is any Drive connected to your PC that is infected that Virus will spread to any other drive you install (Unless you find a really good Antivirus program that can remove it) . Or The only other way is a clean install but like RobMc I would need to know what you have so we can work out the easiest fix for you before you spend any money.
  12. baldie

    Happy Birthday to you All
  13. Yes you do need patch 1.7 If you go to the community tab at the top of the screen you will see a drop down tab Downloads if you look in Cod4 you will find all the patches. But if the game was crashing before it was more than likely due to the sound drivers on you PC so it might be a good idea to update them while you are at it. I hope this helps
  14. @BigPapaDean If you can post your specs like I suggested we will see what you need and see what all of us Idiots have, that way we can help you get back to gaming as quick as we can



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