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  1. baldie

    Happy Birthday
  2. baldie

    Congratulations Well Second 🤣🤣
  3. baldie

    Happy Birthday
  4. baldie

    Happy Birthday
  5. baldie

    Congrats Crimson
  6. baldie

    Congrats i feel this will be you in a few days 🤣🤣🤣
  7. baldie

    So sad but bloody true. 😫😫😫
  8. baldie

    This is great to see you back. Never a Dull moment with HXTR around
  9. baldie

    You are welcome anytime. Just glad I could help
  10. baldie

    Well might I suggest, getting yourself a spare hard drive and clone your existing one that way you never have to worry about hard drive fails. The program I use to clone my drives is MACRIUM REFLECT its free to download and use and has a lot of features that come in handy. 😎
  11. baldie

    Sounds great nice job 😎 But I would make sure you have Surge protection because something caused the old MB and CPU to be fried. And if you can work out what happened to the old ones that will help you 100% in protecting and putting in safe guards to protecting your new Rig. But overall nice work ....... Now get in game so we can Shoot your Ass .....🤣🤣
  12. baldie

    Yes but was that under load ?. it might seem fine running happily until you start asking it to run everything then it could be causing a surge . If possible try it in an old comp if you can just to be safe. Hopefully you are right and it is fine.
  13. baldie

    I would be very wary of the power supply. In my experience its very rare for the MB and CPU to go at the same time unless something else caused the power overload. I would hate for you to get the new parts and for it to happen again.
  14. baldie

    Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery