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  1. Great read Wildthing, thank you for sharing
  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery with no lasting effects, and like others have said take time to heal and recover
  3. Great read Duc. thank you for sharing and for all your hard work here at XI
  4. Enjoyed the read. thank you for sharing
  5. May he rest in peace. thoughts and prayers to his family
  6. Hi all my wife came home Tuesday and is doing well, She is still in pain but her spirits are high. What has really helped is all the well wishes and yesterday one of her colleagues from school brought her a gift that really made her day.. Get well messages from every child in the school over 300 her teaching and working with kids means everything to her so this was very special. A simple thing like this helps so much with her recovery. Well wishing you all the best Baldie
  7. Thank you all for the well wishes and Prayer's. It means a lot to me and my family and I have no doubt it has helped. My wife has seen everyone of your posts and sends her love and thanks to you all. With any luck I will have her home in the ext day or so, We know it is still a long way to go before she is fully healed but we are over the biggest hurdle and it only gets better from here
  8. Well she had toast first thing this morning and she will get soup for lunch. The aim is to get the bowels moving slowly. Because they were chopped and rejoined they have to take baby steps. But will not be allowed home until she has been for a #2 twice, we are hoping for Monday or Tuesday. Then the hard work starts trying to keep her from doing too much once she gets home it just means she has to put up with the diet they set her and my cooking
  9. Hi all as you know a few weeks ago my wife was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Well yesterday she went into hospital and they carried out a 4 hour surgery to remove part of her lower bowel and intestine that contained the tumour. The surgeon told me it was a lot larger than they expected 15cm across (the size of a large grapefruit). Well they got it all and there were no signs of it spreading. As a precaution they took a few biopsies further up the bowel and intestine to be sent off for testing. Although my wife is in a lot of pain and requires a lot of healing we are all over the moon and she looks better already.
  10. Hi all firstly thank you for all your positive thoughts and best wishes. We have no news as of yet, the last 2 weeks have just left the whole family feeling Numb. Donna finally had the full body CT Scan we have been waiting for yesterday. Now we are just waiting for the Doctors to look at them, and then hopefully we can finally start to get treatment. Although the chance to just talk to the doctors and find out what the options are would be great, instead we are just in limbo waiting and praying it has not spread and the outlook a positive one. Anyway from my family to you all thank you .. You guys are amazing and Donna has read everyone of your comments.
  11. Yesterday I took my wife for pre booked tests at the hospital. And after having an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy the Doctors discovered my wife has Bowel Cancer. At the moment we are just numb and trying to get our heads round it, Donna is a woman who has never smoked or drank to excess (the odd glass of wine) and teaches PE at school. So she has always been fit and healthy. And in ten years has only been off work twice due to illness it just makes no sense. We have now told all the family which has been very hard on everyone. This woman is my rock for over 22 years we have only ever been apart 3 times in all those years. I find myself having to be the strong one telling everyone its alright mum will be fine, while cracking jokes and keeping a smile on my face when in reality I just want to scream. It is now a waiting game for more tests and the results from the Biopsy. We have a full body CT scan booked for the 4th of next month to see if it has spread and only after those results will the Doctors decide the next step. I do not claim to be a religeous man but I prayed for the first time in a lot of years. Not for me but for my wife who is the most wonderfull kind and gentle woman you could ever wish to meet. I only post this to remind everyone, hug the special people in your life , tell them you love them today. Because you never know what tomorrow brings. Wishing everyone the best Baldie (Rob)
  12. Thank you for sharing and very nice pics
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