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  1. baldie

    Wild really sorry to hear about your injury . Stay positive you can get through this we are all pulling for you and hoping it is not too long before you start to feel better. Good luck and get well soon
  2. baldie

    Thank you all and a very Happy Birthday to my fellow Idiots born on this wonderful day
  3. I will 100% be there this time I have missed you guys
  4. I have to work Sunday morning but I will be there for a little while
  5. baldie

    It was a great evening as usual. I had a great laugh and one of these days I will last till the end although it was 3am UK time when i finally left and it was still going strong. Thanks to all that make this happen every month and I will see you all next month
  6. I will be there with drink in hand ready
  7. Baldie will be there I even booked the week off starting Saturday
  8. Sorry Guys I can not make it this time. My new manager has decided I need to work on sunday so I need to go bed early to be up for 5am this will be my first Sunday shift in 20 + years to say I am not happy is an understatement . Enjoy your selves and I will see you all next time
  9. baldie

    I am really sorry for your loss may she rest in peace
  10. baldie

    I think you will find you do not need to download a program just activate one in your Bios. If you do a google search it will tell you how and there is a youtube video as well.
  11. You are probably right, but from first hand experience it does cause fear. My 26 year old Autistic son a few months ago while at work was told all this conspiracy bullshit and he fully believed it now we have tried to raise all the kids to make up there minds them selves and make informed choices ( 4 have had the Vaccine 1 has decided not to) and we as parents have supported that decision . But when this rubbish causes my Autistic son to have extreme anxiety and panic attacks because he was told that this is all about control by the government the vaccine is fake and just a drug test that will fuck up future children and cause problems long term, now that pisses me off, we as a family have had to constantly reassure my son everyday that he will be fine and that silly people make up stories for attention and if he has any questions talk to us or one of his councilors. We should not have to do this life is hard enough for him without the added crap of fairy tails .
  12. Well I read the news via multiple mediums and I am afraid this is fabricated rubbish. This is just some idiots going to extreme measures to cause fear and panic. And to be realy honest I am sick to my back teeth seeing this shit everywhere. It does nothing but cause the elderly and insecure stress and anxiety. And before I am called a sheep of other names ect ect , I am a very well educated man in my 50's who does his own research, I have a sister who has spent 35 years as a nurse and now teaches other nurses and doctors, my nephew works in the medical research field and is lead on several projects (please note not Covid) Covid is nothing more than an extreme version of flu it will kill the elderly and inferm, The vaccine is designed to make the symptoms less of a threat not to stop the virus. Exactly the same as a flu shot. Now please do your own research and not be a sheep and jump on the bandwagon of misinformation.
  13. I have just read this on sky news. I am not sure if this is good or bad for us gamers ??? https://news.sky.com/story/microsoft-to-buy-troubled-call-of-duty-gaming-firm-activision-blizzard-for-almost-70bn-12519144
  14. baldie

    I am so sorry for your loss my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
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