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    My Sister who is a Senior Staff Nurse in Leicester City Royal Hospital is just recovering from it. She is super fit with no underlying health Issues but it still knocked her for six for 3 weeks she suffered really bad and had to spend a week in ICU. She knows of 2 other nurses that were not so lucky and passed away, and 3 other nurses that who she works with had it with very little symptoms. Doctors do not know why it affects people differently some of her patients did have other issues but some did not but still ended up in ICU. Her Advice to everyone.... what harm does it do to take precautions if wearing a mask saves just one person is it not worth it ????????? And remember you may get it and have no symptoms but you will still pass it on. So in my opinion its selfish not to take precautions.
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    Very nice
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    What we need is World War III shove all the little shits out on the front line until they put up or shut up for good. They might then realise just a little bit of how much they owe all the Brave souls that have given their lives for the very freedoms that they are protesting 😡😡 Or at the very least a good civil war here in the UK would sort it all out in no time.... no more illegal immigrants no more pussy footing around the little fucks and no more overcrowding as the population would be halved before a shot was fired as they would all run away at the actual thought of fighting for their beliefs , then bring back national service and make it a mandatory 3 years.. Just my thoughts .....
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    Happy Birthday
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    Welcome back 😂😂
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    Congratulations 👍
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    Welcome to the Idiots
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    I see your Dog had a good time 🤣😛😛



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