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  1. Great Job that was awesome
  2. baldie

    Welcome to the Family
  3. baldie

    I am really sorry for your loss
  4. For me it would be @wildthing when he is in game its brilliant yes you have to turn the sound down a fraction but a great guy @P!nk for the same reason loud and great fun .. For a laugh its got to be @pitbullpete although I am normally laughing so much I cant play and end up being frozen even more than normal But I must say all the regulars are amazing to game with thats why I have never played anywhere else since i came here ?
  5. I love the cheerleaders too and you should see the very lovely ladies at some of the Rugby games. Especially the wasps i live 2 min walk away from their stadium so I have been to a few games and WOW what a sight to behold ???
  6. I stayed up till 3:30 AM...... Why....... Sorry my American friends but I AM STICKING TO RUGBY from now on Go Tigers.....
  7. baldie

    Earlier tonight I was enjoying a game of FTag when my good lady brought a nice cup of coffee to me at my Desk (She Loves me lol). But my joy only lasted a couple of seconds my bloody dogs came rushing in from the yard and boom coffee everywhere my keypad was soaked. So for the last 2 hours I have been taking the thing apart and drying it out. When I say it was soaked I mean it was swimming. Luckily for me its a mechanical Keypad but cleaning and drying all the little parts was a nightmare. But it now works again So my advice when you have 3 huge dogs no drinks at the desk DO NOT BE AN IDIOT like me
  8. Yes but auto assign will sort that once the round is finished. I personally do not mind gives me more people to shoot at (and usually miss) ?. like I said if people are leaving because of that why are they gaming. its a game its random its supposed to be fun if everything was perfect all the time people would still find time to moan about something
  9. baldie

    Great Pictures some beautiful cars
  10. In my opinion Auto assign works perfectly , keeps teams even, keeps teams Fair and generally stops all the best players going on the same team. It has worked for over ten years so why change it , I for one would stop playing if it was removed because it mixes things up gives you the chance to play with everyone and keeps things fun. Generally if people leave the server because of something like that well maybe they should go back to playing with their Playstation and leave the PC gaming to the big boys and girls. we do not need to hold the hands of our friends and generally play well with others.
  11. baldie

    An escaped convict, imprisoned for 1st degree murder, had spent 25 years of his life sentence in prison. While on the run, he broke into a house and tied up a young couple who had been sleeping in the bedroom. He tied the man to a chair on one side of the room and his wife on the bed. He got on the bed right over the woman, and it appeared he was kissing her neck. Suddenly he got up and left the room. As soon as possible the husband made his way across the room to his bride, his chair in tow, and whispered, "Honey, this guy hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw him kissing on your neck and then he left in a hurry. Just cooperate and do anything he wants. If he wants to have sex with you, just go along with it and pretend you like it. Whatever you do don't fight him or make him mad. Our lives depend on it! Be strong and I love you." After spitting out the gag in her mouth, the half naked wife says: "Dear, I'm so relieved you feel that way. You're right, he hasn't seen a woman in years, but he wasn't kissing my neck....He was whispering in my ear. He said he thinks you're really cute and asked if we kept the Vaseline in the bathroom. Be strong and I love you, too."
  12. When nuns are admitted to Heaven they go through a special gate and are expected to make one last confession before they become angels. Several nuns are lined up at this gate waiting to be absolved of their last sins before they are made holy. "And so," says St. Peter, "have you ever had any contact with a penis?" "Well," says the first nun in line, "I did once just touch the tip of one with the tip of my finger." "OK," says St. Peter, "dip your finger in the holy water and pass on into heaven." The next nun admits, "Well, yes, I did once get carried away and I, you know, sort of massaged one a bit." "OK," says St. Peter, "rinse your hand in the holy water and pass on into heaven." Suddenly there is some jostling in the line and one of the nuns is trying to cut in front. "Well now, what's going on here?" says St. Peter. "Well, your excellency," says the nun who is trying to improve her position in line, "If I'm going to have to gargle that stuff, I want to do it before Sister Mary Thomas sticks her ass in it."
  13. baldie

    Look after yourself Giggles ...thoughts and prayers are with you take care
  14. baldie

    I was Thinking of changing mine too.......Baldiethesolarpoweredbulletcatchingsexmachine
  15. baldie

    Here you go just for LilmordJr