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  1. ban hammeeeeeeeeeeeeer
  2. Welcome to the forum Justin, hope u have fun playing
  3. wtf I hadnt even realize we have a section for members who passed away, this is very sad RIP
  4. Nice xD
  5. Omg Sorry to hear that
  6. He e ey Since its your first offense we have decided to unban you, please do not repeat this as you will be permanently banned with no chance of another appeal. Have fun
  7. Hello Napoleon, im who banned you and we will discuss this to see what proceeds Thank you for your post. We'll try to take a look at this as soon as we can.
  8. Jesus, a thousand euros...damn what would i with that money
  9. This? Maybe a lot of you dont like rap but i think the message of the song is what matters
  10. If you know how bad designed the spawns are, then why do you take advantage of it? Its not only the fact you did it really close to B spawn which is always considered spawnkill, but that you did it multiple times even after i told you to stop nicely...I FUCKING ASKED PLEASE 3 TIMES before i kicked anyone. You were ignoring my warnings and defying me when i asked you to stop, you joined back after i kicked you (for a reason) I even let you play, it wasnt only me there was even people on your team agreeing what you were doing isnt allowed. Next time just dont be a smartass, good players dont need to spawncamp, Ive never had to spawnkill to capture B when im attacking, why should you? Its only a temporary ban however, 15 minutes, and Im being very generous considering your attitued towards me.
  11. Wow u really changed a lot
  12. I wonder what he did to get that VAC ban in first place
  13. Damn, 32 after 32 after 32 equals more than i expected And by the way, congratulations as you are the only one who manages all of it...I think u make a great job c:
  14. lol this thread
  15. Sorry for being late congrats