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  1. Damn, 32 after 32 after 32 equals more than i expected And by the way, congratulations as you are the only one who manages all of it...I think u make a great job c:
  2. lol this thread
  3. Sorry for being late congrats
  4. i didnt know ppl actually used game tracker
  5. ion understand
  6. what game
  7. Yeah not where i live lol
  8. Damn why yall gotta post this when im hungry asf and no food or money available
  9. Thank u al I promise to do my best.
  10. Hey!! So I just got my mod powers (thx for that) and Id like to ask a few things to the community to improve my work at the servers. Please if u can/want to reply it would help me out a lot, I wanna know what yall think and act depending on it. First of all: What is considered spawncamping? I say its getting killed right out of spawn, no matter of its with c4, rpg or shooting at it. But in some cases, as you know, spawns have walls, stairs and other buildings which cover the spawn and make it impossible to detonate or shoot directly at it (Eg. Revolt C spawn for defenders) so most players try using an explosive NEAR to it, and i say it with capital letters because the explosive is at least 10 meters away (Eg. Tell B spawn for defenders) which leads me to the next question, when is spawncamping? In the last example I said the explosive is near, but what if the person doing it is far, say at least 20 meters away, I say this because a lot of players think that just because they are far from the spawn its not considered spawncamping or that because they are using a gun instead of an explosive it doesnt count, and that brings up my third question; Are some spawncamps worse than others? I say yes, because you cant compare idk...Revolt B defenders with District A defenders, and even though both are horrible and frustrating, its impossible to say District one is far as bad as Revolt one, anybody can do the second one (even noobs) while District is a bit less common, experienced players take advantage of that and crush new/casual players to the point of leaving the match and in sometimes even leaving the game def, so heres my last question about spawnkilling: Should experienced/active players on the server have less chances to spawnkill before being considered excesive? I think they should already know its forbidden and expect less tolerance for it compared with a new player. Also I gotta ask how harsh should i take disrespect or racist comments during games? I know a lot of people love saying the n-word for laughs but i dont want to seem like a dick for kicking them after saying it once, but what if someone gets offended? I aint trying to start a political debate but i want to know what you think of this? Even tho its specified on the rules, most people dont read them or ignore it, and sometimes even ignore the admin when they tell them to stop, so what should i do? Thank u very much for reading, add me on steam for anything u would like to know, im a lot more active there than here.