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  1. Chips Ahoy

    In case u need a new link, the other one expired already i think https://discord.gg/eBGHXa
  2. Chips Ahoy

    Hello, thx for your post. You were not banned for "being good" it was because of map exploiting in Kandagal. You were hiding inside some rocks becoming invisible to the players, im sure you know that spot is completly glitched and its why you used it. Do not worry though, as it was only a 30 minute ban, next time just dont camp there, okay?
  3. Chips Ahoy

  4. Chips Ahoy

    If my opinion is worth anything id say u should def buy it, looking like a very good candidate for GOTY. Rockstar really put their time and dedication into it so i think its gonna be very good
  5. Chips Ahoy

    Why does this have 71 replies lol
  6. Chips Ahoy

    Congratulations man 😄 🎂
  7. Chips Ahoy

    Im actually sad to hear this, im reallt sorry. Losing a pet must be one of the worst pains in the world. I know how you feel perfectly, i have lost 3 dogs and i still havent fully recovered from it. But as an advice get a new pet, not to replace him of course, dont let this stop you from giving boths love to another puppy that needs it.
  8. No offense but its kind of a dumb idea That would reduce the population to almost nobody, because lets be honest, if u normally play on a server and it suddenly asks u for a password...who is gonna take the time to go looking for it when u can just join another one? Most people just play on them because of the features and community not because of the owners you know?
  9. Chips Ahoy

    I currently have 2 jobs, but they are 1 at the same time. Basically I work at a vacations agency; sometimes im in the "selling you a travel" stand for which i get paid montly, and other times im sent as a tourist guide, for which i get paid daily. Its a job i actually like, and i get to visit to a ton of new places, the only two cons i find are the low payment for the amount of hours i work and the energy consuming it can be
  10. Chips Ahoy

    About time lol
  11. Chips Ahoy

    Bruh this dude got banned on February and he just makin the appeal now lmao
  12. Chips Ahoy

    Dude what the hell? I thought those Blue Whale challenges trend died ages ago, may he rest in peace.
  13. Chips Ahoy

    hijos d puta Whenever dude, just hmu if u need any more help
  14. Chips Ahoy

    "Bienvenido al servidor de Freezetag XI" Yeah thats gramatically correct, no problem.
  15. Chips Ahoy

    What a fucking piece of shit. I hope he already called the cops