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    Talk to me about anything u want, most likely i wont know jackshit, but i like to chat

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  1. Chips Ahoy

    Im from Stans, you could visit my family they are like 1 hour away 😅
  2. Chips Ahoy

    very nice, may i ask what brand of paint are u using
  3. Chips Ahoy

    ok but what were you doing, mind showing us ? ?
  4. Chips Ahoy

    literally just MAGA and modded servers, but because of my job to be an admin on XI i rarely go on other servers. I even do badly on others because im so used to Xi that it feels weird playing somewhere else lol
  5. Chips Ahoy

    ебать тебя.....i mean what
  6. Chips Ahoy

    this is very pretty, where is it?
  7. Chips Ahoy

    who????????????????????????????? never seen this guy in the servers not even once ??????
  8. Chips Ahoy

    he likes to come cuddle in bed
  9. Chips Ahoy

    Mexico, apparently its the cheapest to smoke here....just about 2.5-3 dollars each pack, Malboro even. Strange i guess thats why most people become addicted, so accesible
  10. Chips Ahoy

    Sure go ahead get them free games, just for the love of god DO NOT BUY from Epic Store
  11. Chips Ahoy

    So far I only have these 2, althought im getting 2 more on my collarbone in like 3 months or so while i gather the money haha
  12. Chips Ahoy

    dude this is fucking amazing
  13. Chips Ahoy

  14. Chips Ahoy

    @r0nin we dont talk much but i wish u a happy birthday, pasatelo bien ?
  15. Chips Ahoy

    I, too, am extraordinarily humble
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