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    thank u 😅
  2. Chips Ahoy

    may they rest in peace, happy feelings monkey, happy feelings 😊
  3. Chips Ahoy

    happy early birthday!
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    no posts members rise up
  5. Chips Ahoy

    Pats fans (aka "Refs") back at it again ???
  6. Chips Ahoy

    Where to start Its been a rough discussion last couple weeks deciding whether your ban should stay or not. Just to make is absolutly clear, you were banned for MAP EXPLOITING not for hacking or beefing with other players, the only reason you've been granted second chances and ban lifting without an official ban appeal, much unlike many many others, is that you actually help us seed servers and keep them alive, you normally dont break the rules and, before the exploit you didnt strike me as a trouble maker at all. But you were rebanned due to reports of you going to glitched spots again, and as Pingfuzzboi (id rather just say justing shits too large to type) said, evading a ban using alts and vpn, you really didnt help yourself. I like you snek and i really dont want to see you gone despite the "argument" we had, but if you keep breaking the rules, what are we supposed to do? You have been banned twice and managed to get banned a 3rd time like bruh. Althought, a few people make a propper appeal like you just did, you actually seem sorry about it so i will have that in mind. Get back to you asap ?
  7. Chips Ahoy

    fk u bitch
  8. i thought this was Unturned gameplay
  9. Chips Ahoy

    im an offensive and i find this women
  10. Chips Ahoy

    It happens when the smoke lands next to a fire, for example in the desroyed humvee on buhriz
  11. Chips Ahoy

  12. Chips Ahoy

    If you cant do something so simple as read a rule thats on a loading screen theres no hope for you. And tell me again how is getting behind enemy spawn getting on a restricted area not map exploit? You knew it perfectly and you can stop acting stupid now, you are not getting unbanned.
  13. Chips Ahoy

    Hahahahahahahahah jesus christ dude you made my fucking day. My day??? What am i saying u made my entire week omfg. Not only are you a toxic teamate but you are also a toxic player and person in general. You have that sense of superiority i hate, but what i hate the most about you is your proclaim to be the best player in existance, you are arrogant and annoying, when you are mediocre at max. On top of that you use map exploits and say "someone else did it so i can do it too". The ban wasnt for spawnkilling (that only adds up, and u only killed 4 people btw not "the entire team"), it was for map exploiting, and you are experienced enough in game and have enough hours on our servers to know thats a map exploit. Your prepotent attitude honestly makes me lean towards a deny, but at the same time, its the first offense, so we will consider this. We'll review, be back with a response asap.
  14. Chips Ahoy

    yaaaaay! congratulations to the best boss ? ❤️ happy birhday jean ?
  15. Chips Ahoy

    lol fuck off its not april's fools yet ????