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    Talk to me about anything u want, most likely i wont know jackshit about it, but i like to chat

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  1. Chips Ahoy

    Dark glasses make anyone look handsome
  2. Chips Ahoy

    Im kinda tired of multiplayer games, always the same crap: campers, lag, cheaters and just people in general who cant play fairly, always trying to gain advantage by abusing some broken game feature and it really annoys me to the point of wanting to quit playing multi's n just focus on single players. So here's my top 5 games who i think everyone should try -Last of us -Halo saga -Hotline miami 1 & 2 -Bioshock trilogy -Life is strange 1 & 2
  3. Chips Ahoy

    lol fk off its a piercing hahahaha 🤧
  4. Chips Ahoy

    other people pets make me happy
  5. Chips Ahoy

    me and my homie looking at your bs
  6. Chips Ahoy

    ah yes my 3 moods happy, doing the big think and sad
  7. Best movie ever? Why even ask BB.mp4
  8. Chips Ahoy

    Theres quite a difference between headglitching and scopeglitching. Headglitching isnt a thing we forbid, since the game is made that way, but abusing a bug like "scopeglitching" is a complete different thing. You guys always say the same thing "hurr durr admins and other players do it to so its ok if i do it" but always lack to provide any kind of evidence, if you are so sure we all glitch and break the game please give us an example
  9. Chips Ahoy

    Oh yeah i hadnt seen it, my bad lol. I'd be glad to help, i know my way around the game but i gotta ask what are we gonna use for a tool? Infistar? Its the one i know how to use
  10. Chips Ahoy

    Any chance for a dayzmod server with custom mods? Ive been an admin for a server like that
  11. Chips Ahoy

  12. Chips Ahoy

    Wow i nearly shit myself when i read your name...a really good friend had the same nickname "fuzzybunny", i thought it was you lol. I havent talked to her in years tho :(
  13. Chips Ahoy

    Lowkey not funny, imagine if it was the other way around....people would have lost their mind
  14. Chips Ahoy

    yes finally a fellow 9 year old minecrafter to spend time with hi hi 😻
  15. Chips Ahoy

    U mean help with sandstorm or source insurgency?
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