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    I like old movies and playing guitar. AND cyberpunk genre.

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  1. Chips Ahoy

    What im saying is mind your own business
  2. Chips Ahoy

    I remeber a couple months ago a scandal you guys made because someone from other game banned a player in COD5 and everyone was throwing tantrums. Seems a bit hypocrital doesnt it?
  3. Chips Ahoy

    Lmaoooo u would be surprised the amount of times ive been robbed. On the street at least 5 times, but the interesting story is at work: I used to work at a fancy restaurant about 3 years ago as a waitress. One day 3 black trucks with polarized windows pulled over and no kidding about 15 guys got out, all of them with big ass rifles and pistols. Then the guy i presume was some important cartel member proceded to tell everyone to hand over their phones and electronic devices, that they would return everything after they left. I had been working there for a couple months only, but boss had told me beforehand those guys were part of a very dangerous cartel, and that he came over every once in a while to collect their share of the restaurant income and have dinner. Back to the scene, Some them sat down in the VIP saloon and some others stayed in the doors and windows, and me, out of all the freaking staff got selected to serve their table, i almost pissed myself no joke lol. They all ordered tons of stuff and after taking their order one of them noticed i was frightening so he told me to come close and told me to the ear to "stop looking so hard and hurry up with the food" ive never been so scared in my life. I was panicking when i entered the kitchen, i was worried that if the food took too long they would cut my head of haha. Fortunatly the kitchen was prepared so the food was ready in no time. After they were done eating, all the phones were returned to the people and they gave me a pretty good tip ngl. Thats all lol
  4. Chips Ahoy

    Im from Stans, you could visit my family they are like 1 hour away ?
  5. Chips Ahoy

    very nice, may i ask what brand of paint are u using
  6. Chips Ahoy

    ok but what were you doing, mind showing us ? ?
  7. Chips Ahoy

    literally just MAGA and modded servers, but because of my job to be an admin on XI i rarely go on other servers. I even do badly on others because im so used to Xi that it feels weird playing somewhere else lol
  8. Chips Ahoy

    ебать тебя.....i mean what
  9. Chips Ahoy

    this is very pretty, where is it?
  10. Chips Ahoy

    who????????????????????????????? never seen this guy in the servers not even once ??????
  11. Chips Ahoy

    he likes to come cuddle in bed
  12. Chips Ahoy

    Mexico, apparently its the cheapest to smoke here....just about 2.5-3 dollars each pack, Malboro even. Strange i guess thats why most people become addicted, so accesible
  13. Chips Ahoy

    Sure go ahead get them free games, just for the love of god DO NOT BUY from Epic Store
  14. Chips Ahoy

    So far I only have these 2, althought im getting 2 more on my collarbone in like 3 months or so while i gather the money haha
  15. Chips Ahoy

    dude this is fucking amazing



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