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Wanted !!!! Vinyl, vinatge audio gear and musical equipment !!

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Didn't realize there was a "For Sale" section in the forum !!!   While Im not selling anything, I am always looking for vintage late 60's through 70's stereo equipment.  Im talking separate systems.  No consoles or all in one systems.  Silver faced stuff from Sansui, Pioneer, Marantz, McIntosh, Akai, Polk, etc..  Turntables, Reel to Reels, Receivers, Speakers, etc...    Also always looking for media too.  Vinyl, Reel to Reel tape, Cassette, 8 Track.  Also into any musical instruments you may want to part with.  PM me a detailed description ( Brand, model, condition) and an idea of what you want for the item.  On vinyl and other media, I am into vintage rock, metal, blues, etc.., and I like my records (the vinyl) to be near mint or VG+ (no scratches).  Cover shape doesnt matter as much.  

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