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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game


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  2. Rotation #18 25 maps Put in 09/20/2023 by LOCO map mp_colonel map mp_dahar map mp_dc map mp_depot map mp_desert_dock_2 map mp_deserttown_v1 map mp_destroyed_village map mp_disputed map mp_docks map mp_dooerte map mp_doowntown map mp_doowood map mp_downtown map mp_drv0 map mp_dust map mp_fabrika map mp_fallout map mp_firingrange map mp_foxhunt_ruins map mp_fr_pv1 map mp_fregata map mp_fsd_witp map mp_funland map mp_garena map mp_tundra_depot Server Restarted 8:00PM PST Yesterday Enjoy
  3. MW2 Rotation #9a 25 maps By LOCO Put in 9/21/2023 By LOCO map mp_mw2_term map mp_blackrock map mp_bjwifi_port map mp_aquadukt map mp_cuf_gutter map mp_dustcod4 map mp_isla_volcan map mp_showdown map mp_offices_v2 map mp_selo map mp_woodland_final map mp_fsd_witp map mp_remontna map mp_de_aztec map mp_broadcast2 map mp_dahar map mp_highrise map mp_streetsofacc map mp_carentan map mp_gitten_r_done map mp_sab map mp_vac_2 map mp_hillside map mp_ravine map mp_ffctaksim Server Restarted 9:15PM Enjoy
  4. obit = the player-gunimage-player line when a player is killed. obituary. Made a couple changes to simplify a couple checks and how round and scores are kept. Since people are playing I am assuming it didnt shit the bed.
  5. With the second one, we already went on to the next map, so the map you see behind the console screen is the next map. The data that came next was all about the changing maps/getting the new map. So I think it was the relevant info of the previous map ending? I'm not sure what obit is though. And as reminder, second screenshot was of a normal map ending. But I'm glad the screenshot of the actual error is helpful in a way
  6. The second one, the console screen is scrolled too far up to see current data. Sometimes the print statements are not in order. Or in this case the obit. However the data on the first one is interesting and unusual.
  7. In normal map ending where red won 4-0, it also said that winner was axis: Only thing that confuses me is that the code says score limit reached before the code says that the last person was shot.
  8. We just had one again: Our team won this round and I believe we had red bubbles if I remember correctly? In case it matters. I didn't pay attention to the score again though nor did I notice if it was halftime or not. I asked the other players, Kamikaze thought the score was 2:1.
  9. Hi all. You might have noticed certain extra server lines at the bottom when the round ends. It is for helping to step through the various events and see what happens. Hopefully it will be useful if this happens again. So if it does, plz let me know what it says. Looking for something about score limit, round limit, or tie games in particular. Also if the 'winner' is a team or a player. If the winner is a player it suggests the game ended early but as a tie game. When that happens in team games, and there is no team winner, the scoreboard shows everybody based on their player scores. It also doesnt play the usual 'won/defeat' dialog and music. So this suggests something is forcing a tie game early. 'Force end' is a normal flag that tells the game that it is over. Could be score limit. Could be a forfeit.
  10. @SweeperMan So now you'll be able to pour the rain on us Scheissen!!
  11. Going through vids seems its not just at halftime. Was a good thought.
  12. In 'multiplayer controls' in the menus it has keybinds for all three streaks, the special and the tacnuke. A good setup could be 6-8 for the streaks. 9 for the special. And 0 for the nuke.
  13. the air strike shows unbounded in the icon, just don't know what control button it is to set up
  14. I will try to analyse it more and get as much info as I can
  15. Ok thx. Anything that narrows things down with certainty, or rules things out, helps trace and step through all the relevant functions. Especially when it has to all be done by hand instead of running the game through an IDE debugger.
  16. I do not know of a time that it didn't happen in overtime/sudden death
  17. Starting with the assumption of it happening at halftime. Different vids iirc also establish, under this assumption, that the winning/losing score can be any variation of four rounds. 2-2, 3-1, 4-0. Next is whether or not sudden death happens every time and never after regulation play, so to speak. edit: ‘usually’ is an important distinction.
  18. @SweeperMan, after you set up your killstreaks when you create a class for your weapon, go to controls/multiplayer controls and then on the right-hand side there should be a place to set a key for use killstreak1, 2 & 3. Hope that helps!
  19. how/what button controls air strikes in Freeze tag? How do you set it up to use it? What's the air strike control button called and where is it? I've asked doing game play but I'm hard of hearing and can't understand sometimes... thanks in advance! SweeperMan
  20. Yes the issue usually happens at half time, We definitely have been getting fewer crashes since the auto balance was moved, so still might be a factor somehow
  21. Ok. So… that means auto balance wasn’t it. But, half time again. So that is the next possibility to investigate. Also after sudden death? Not a tie. And I noticed at least two people leave. thx.
  22. @Sammy we had one today, We were drawing 2-2 and this is the last 2 mins sudden death 5th round to give you an idea about what may, or may not have happened before the crash
  23. Swapped mp_xi_overgrown for updated mp_xi_overgrown2 i blocked the glitch rock and stuff

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