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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game


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  2. @YACCster great a mac being praised into heaven…. by a MAC SITE!!!
  3. https://9to5mac.com/2019/11/12/ibm-mac-users-are-more-productive/
  4. you guys can do even a better thing then not upgrading... buy a real computer and start using windows instead of those Ischmacks
  5. kk arena deffo a good map
  6. Rotation 14 25 maps rot1 by nisty put in 16 11 19 by dadda2 map mp_arkona map mp_rusmata map mp_coldfront map mp_offices_v2 map mp_skidrow map mp_ravine map mp_aerodrome map mp_karachi map mp_asylum map mp_psycho map mp_vukovar map mp_firingrange_v2 map mp_incursion map mp_compact map mp_hangareturn map mp_overpass map mp_equestriana map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_cod4_torn map mp_harbor map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_storm_b map mp_kk_arena2 map mp_invade map mp_northport server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  7. I was about to post something about 'the one comming up with this rotation needs his/her ass whooped'. Now that I find out it was @WldPenguin I'll wisely keep my mouth shut and wait for this saturday
  8. I agree, some good maps not played for a long time, thanks WP & Loco.
  9. Thanks, Sixgun! Credit also goes to LOCO He and I have been testing maps and putting rotations together for several months now. We will continue to search out new maps, and test maps that we've never played or haven't played in quite some time in order to keep the MW2 server fresh and interesting. Any input on maps and help with testing maps is always greatly appreciated
  10. server restarted at 17.27pm thank you dadda2
  11. This by far has been one of the best rotations we have had in a long time! Good job @WldPenguin
  12. Rotation 14a 20 maps put in 15 11 19 dadda2 map mp_karkand map mp_noobville map mp_offices_v3 map mp_oldtown map mp_pheasantrun map mp_qmx_matmata map mp_villa map mp_winter_bakaara map mp_highrise map mp_hisar map mp_hk2 map mp_hob_second_c map mp_hof_junkyard map mp_homelandsecurity map mp_impound map mp_invade map mp_jor1 map mp_kabul map mp_stalingrad server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  13. i get this when i pick a resolution thats not compatible,,play without changing anything and see if that works
  14. First things I would try is updating your video card, directx is proper version for cod4, and update hardware drivers. But, you can try and see why its crashing with your Event Viewer. Attached a link below if you don't know how to use event viewer. https://www.digitalmastersmag.com/magazine/tip-of-the-day-how-to-find-crash-logs-on-windows-10/
  15. Have you tried to play without adjusting the settings? Maybe one of the changed settings is the issue? If by settings, you mean setting up class, then nevermind.
  16. Maybe try running COD4 as Administrator?
  17. Have you tried a fresh reinstall of COD4 & the two patches?
  18. Update your sound drivers would be the first thing. Also if you could give us more info with regards your problems like any error messages. These problems are usually something minor to solve and the good people here are more than willing to help just give us a little bit more info and i am sure we can help you fix it 👍
  19. Thank you for this fantastic set of maps, I haven't heard one person bitch this week, no screams of hackers, not one go to spec, no one demanding a map vote, everyone enjoying themselves laughing and cracking jokes, it's a dream. Shit it is - I just woke up Oh well back to normal
  20. Map mp_pripyat has been changed to 3 wins instead of 5 - server restarted at 2:10 a.m. EST
  21. I would say look at the direct x drivers from your original CD. Or update your graphics card drivers. Email me [email protected] i'll have a look with you if you like over teamviewer. Thanks! Fancytricks
  22. Having lots of trouble with cod4. any one have ideas.. It keeps crashing and actually locking up the pc?? [email protected] "LoreNzo" thanks
  23. greetings.. this is LorenZo… I have not been able to get onto cod4 for many months now. I can get started, I can get to xtremeidiots map. After that, I try to adjust the settings at which I want to play, and everything disappears..... I go to the task screen and everything there is locked up. I can't end any tasks, so I end up having to sign out in order to get rid of whatever mess ths cod4 game is making of my pc.... anyone have any suggestions??? Email me if you could.. [email protected] Thanks.... Larry
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