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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game


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  2. RobMc

    That's why you should keep a regular profile copy, anyone who doesn't know how put in search, been posted many times, but very strange this is happening to so many people around the same time?
  3. EastCoast50

    I had the same issue when I logged on the MW2 server last week. Lost rank, reverted to default settings, and lost my personal setup (options, killstreaks, etc). Everything worked fine when I last logged off. No errors or other options displayed to warn me that anything would be reset.
  4. lTplkey336

    RobMc could just be Karma ! lol
  5. Just crank the gravity to 50x. lol It's actually kinda funny if you try to bunny hop with that much gravity. You only jump about an inch off of the ground.
  6. One less on my hackers list Keep it up!!!!!!!!
  7. KaptCrunch

    rob should see serverlist.xxx not sure of name at the moment rename old.serverlist.xxx then get your server IP that you plays and write them down boot game go in Fav's and delete old ones then add them from your list that wrote
  8. I have weird things happening when I join the ftag server, happened last week and happened again today, I notice a couple of others with the same problem (@Being?) might not be the same. When I join the message server disconnected comes up and theres a flash, join again and I have lost all my rank points and go to basic default loadouts. I solved this last week by reloading the GFG file under my profile as I keep copies, it worked. This afternoon same thing but reloading GFG file didn't, I had to restore my Robmc profile folder from last restore point, but it doesn't look right (but works alth
  9. Definitely agree with this, kinda ruins it a bit when you get noob tubed from across the map else.
  10. Even if he wasn't hacking, he was glitching which is a big naughty Remember, glitches are for bitches!
  11. I'll try it tomorrow night, has many people been on it?
  12. change to dark theme, always does this with cut and paste
  13. I just missssssssssss the old days without all this BS! HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW
  14. I prefer the new mods suggestion (my personnal taste) - Stealth would be absolute, running near a betty would not trigger it - The defrost car is equipped with a EMP that you can trigger to explode as the kill car. It could stunt a player which can be an advantage when there is no one to defrost and it could kill an opponents car - Trophy would be reduce to 2 blow - Tube load and reload would be a lot longer (1.5 sec ) as it is by far the most overpower weapon in the game The heist perk is a pain but you can adjust and it lead to epic turn over which is a lot of
  15. I don't have a problem being transparent about it......I voted old. The new mod combined with the release of Modern Warfare is the reason I stopped playing on the server. There is just something about the newer mod that I don't like. Actually a few things about it. I've been one that has been vocal about it to some of the admins, not here on the forums, but on other platforms (WhattsApp). I was and still am willing to give it a try, I just think the older mod runs more smoothly and isn't congested with all the "extra crap" in this mod. One of the things that made the older games nice (in
  16. Perhaps the poll should show who voted for what. In the interest of transparency.
  17. Why is your text blacked out like a pentagon report
  18. thats the same trick they did putting on the new mod it works good
  19. We have decided to remove Kyniek[PL] from our servers, this was done by discussion with the COD4 admin team. We have had issues with him since November, he was actually banned on November 20th of last year but the ban was lifted because we didn't have enough evidence to make it stick, but since then we've had issues with him glitching, going under maps, possible hacking. If he's not hacking then he needs to be playing with others on his same level and not sit on our servers and ruin our members fun.
  20. Hold on buddy, just trying the old Biden trick, registering soon 25 buddies interested in the site (and voting lol)



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