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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game


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  2. BlackRose

    cd,,always full screen,,it just started about month ago
  3. J3st3r

    It will do that if you Play multiplayer in windowed mode. It will also do that if you do not have a Mic connected or you are using a USB Mic and it disconnects. Since you are crashing mid game I would suspect that your Mic is the problem. If you have a USB Mic try plugging it into one of the USB ports on the back side of the PC. Same thing goes for a normal audio jack Mic. The rear facing USB ports and Audio ports are typically set to Higher Priority since they are hard wired directly on to the motherboard. If you all ready have it plugged into the back? Log into the game and Wiggle the wire. If it crashes or disconnects you from the game then You probibly have a broken wire in the cord.
  4. evo

    do you have cd version or steam if you have steam right click on cod4 then properties then local files then verify should work if not 2nd make sure all drivers and windows is up tp date exp your gpu and netframe 2nd part should work for the cd version 3rd sometimes if playing window mode it will make this happen too so play full screen this is with both cd and steam version of game hope one of thease works
  5. MtDeW

    that is what it did when you needed netframwork 3.5 and 4.0
  6. my game goes back to splash screen during play?? Ive heard a few other mention this as well. I dont know if its map related?? Sometimes it will go back in game after about 4 min sometimes it just crashes!!
  7. It's been a good rotation. Good job!
  8. MW2 Rotation #10 25 maps made by dessy put in 03/24/2023 by LOCO map mp_argel map mp_skidrow map mp_firingrange_v2 map mp_showdown map mp_equestriana map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_chateau4 map mp_powcamp_v2 map mp_bridge2011 map mp_arkona map mp_4hanoi map mp_gb_bunker_b1 map mp_mw2_term map mp_area52 map mp_gridiron_night map mp_burgundy_bulls map mp_seatown map mp_crash3 map mp_oldschool map mp_4nuketown map mp_carentan map mp_agroprom map mp_blue_river map mp_aquadukt map mp_bo2carrier Server Restarted 9:35PM PST Enjoy
  9. Rotation #2 21 maps Put in 03/24/2023 LOCO map mp_4hanoi map mp_aquadukt map mp_athena map mp_backlot_snow map mp_redzone map mp_chateau4 map mp_brokenroad map mp_gb_bunker_b1 map mp_cassino map mp_chicago map mp_e_streetstation map mp_arbo_a map mp_fav map mp_funland map mp_goodtimes map mp_hhk_sandman map mp_moh_sfrance_b1 map mp_ncc_1701 map mp_prisonblock map mp_m_town map mp_shipment_island Server Restarted 9:35PM PST Enjoy
  10. Rotation #22 25 Maps by LOCO put in 03/17/2023 by LOCO map mp_broadcast2 map mp_aosta_valley map mp_carentan map mp_cargoship map mp_asylum map mp_convoy map mp_csgo_assault map mp_countdown map mp_cgc_crossfire map mp_anchorage map mp_creek map mp_mission map mp_overgrown map mp_bo2overflow map mp_pipeline map mp_strike map mp_al_jabal map mp_shipment map mp_ammaedara4 map mp_showdown map mp_bloc map mp_crash3 map mp_aquadukt map mp_cgc_bog map mp_waw_castle Server Restarted 11:45PM PST Enjoy
  11. MW2 Rotation #9 25 maps by ShadyBrady put in rotation 3/17/2023 by LOCO map mp_4t4scrap map mp_wallendar_4 map mp_blackrock map mp_oldschool map mp_hk2 map mp_coldfront map mp_compact map mp_anchorage map mp_meanstreet2 map mp_fav map mp_dooerte map mp_efa_market map mp_bo2frost map mp_lapatrouille map mp_isla_volcan map mp_complex map mp_printery map mp_roundup_day map mp_dawnville_rota1 map mp_school map mp_bacalao map mp_argel map mp_fallout map mp_kufah map mp_4hanoi Server Restarted 11:45PM PST Enjoy
  12. ???????? Some of the best players are girls and definitely the most fun, I would fundamentally disagree with this statement, on every XI server, and others. I would say the men love playing with them, you rarely hear them bitching at the girls. Men are always keen on game girls, nature dictates it.
  13. I like what Loader wrote - "I guess the moral here is we do not know who some of these people are and may not even enjoy their lack of team play or skill but despite all that they come back time and time again and in some way we are helping them escape real life troubles of their own and I guess that is all we can be thankful for because one day there will not be many of us left to come back...I get what your saying 100% but just giving my one pence". YES! As for folks being quiet, I have found out over the years that folks will talk when they are good and ready, heck I played off and on with XI group for years before I even got a mic! AND YOU GUYS WOULD KEEP ASKING ME TO GET ONE TOO! I kept thinking, but once you hear I am female you'll be upset, most guys don't like to game with girls, and to be honest, it has taken me years to get a backbone to hear some of the things I have heard while gaming. BUT THIS GROUP, XI is different, better imho, this group is special, what a group of fun characters! What fun most of you are! So leave the non talkers alone, maybe one day they will bite the bullet and get a mic and click to talk and say hello... like I did one day. NOW GET BACK IN THOSE MAPS SOLDIERS! And if I or others talk too much or you just don't want to hear their voice, MUTE THEM or ME, mute is a wonderful thing, I do it all the time if I wanna (hehe)
  14. @roxy it does the same as mp_fart_house and we still play it i changed it for now
  15. @LOCO map_LUNA2 need to be removed ... big issue w players dead and shoot and kill out of their ice cube.
  16. That and FO? Maybe not.
  17. Only one word to remember here Corsica, especially playing Monkie, Qball, Rocket Jay, Larsin and of course Beers see below, be nice to the rest 'cochon' will do, but for Rob it is aimer. FU In French translated as FU
  18. corsicaman

    To not speak or understand English, I can assure you that it is frustrating! but hey, i try to do my best. I blame my parents who never wanted me to learn English but it's useless, they died a long time ago;) and at 74 I really have a hard time getting started!! lol but I'm more comfortable in ace mod or DM
  19. True, but... taking in consideration that a lot of players (at a certain moment of the day) are not english, it is not always easy to find the correct word/translation for a decent intel, so for a lot of people it is easier to say on me. I appreciate the "on me" more then the ones that are not giving intel at all. This game even has an "on me" quick message that everybody could use, and it is also only a handful of players (that don't speak) that use it, even that is better then the silent treatment, in this game.
  20. Orange dumpster, back-right corner, Old Construction, Gas Station, Middle building, left side approaching spawn. Simple, concise. If there's an enemy afoot, you don't need to unnecessarily take your eyes off your surroundings to focus & search a mini map for an illuminated icon. Takes no more work than 'on me'.
  21. The player that does it should have a 'talkingicon' on the minimap flashing.
  22. but you dont always know who is saying it or what the hell they are!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAh

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