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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game


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  2. mp_haus was removed server will need restart admin please post in this thread when done
  3. I will have to take a look at it when I get a chance, thanks.
  4. the map mp house is brocken i think players get kicked for a m16 sillencer error
  5. Some great maps there xxx Pengy
  6. mp_4hanoi mp_castle_v1 mp_beta mp_bog mp_4nuketown mp_bjwifi_port mp_carentan mp_meanstreet2 mp_highrise mp_farmland_beta mp_area52 mp_4t4scrap_s mp_xi_lobbyb1 mp_kk_arena2 mp_fubar mp_luna2
  7. Rotation #23 25 maps by Roxy, Stephanie, Yaccster, Pitbullpete, daniel - winners of the player picked rotation project from Dec 2019/Jan 2020 put in rotation 02 18 21 by Pengy map mp_4hanoi map mp_castle_v1 map mp_beta map mp_bog map mp_4nuketown map mp_bjwifi_port map mp_carentan map mp_meanstreet2 map mp_highrise map mp_farmland_beta map mp_area52 map mp_4t4scrap_s map mp_xi_lobbyb1 map mp_kk_arena2 map mp_fubar map mp_luna2 map mp_asylum map mp_mtl_the_rock map mp_bloc map mp_haus map mp_toybox4 map mp_osg_studio_2 map mp_kufah map mp_arbor_day map mp_osg_nt_2025 Ser
  8. Rotation #18 25 maps tested put in rotation 02 18 21 by Pengy map mp_colonel map mp_dahar map mp_dc map mp_depot map mp_desert_dock_2 map mp_deserttown_v1 map mp_destroyed_village map mp_disputed map mp_docks map mp_dooerte map mp_doowntown map mp_doowood map mp_downtown map mp_drv0 map mp_dust map mp_fabrika map mp_fallout map mp_firingrange map mp_foxhunt_ruins map mp_fr_pv1 map mp_fregata map mp_fsd_witp map mp_funland map mp_garena map mp_tundra_depot Server restarted @ 9:29 pm. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  9. RobMc

    He's out of jail now, was playing with him, unfortunately his arsehole is now bigger than his mouth
  10. Dessy

    i would not be XI if it did
  11. KicknDatAzz

    man. some things never change... lol
  12. Rotation #13 24 maps by CobraBites put in rotation 02/12/20 by Pengy map mp_4t4scrap map mp_ancient_ultimate map mp_borisbeta map mp_backlotair_b1 map mp_chateau4 map mp_bjwifi_port map mp_deserttown_v1 map mp_docks_n map mp_dustcod4 map mp_shipment map mp_fart_house_v2 map mp_fubar map mp_ffctaksim map mp_hob_second_c map mp_hof_junkyard map mp_homelandsecurity map mp_kamakura map mp_family_beta map mp_mirage_b3 map mp_overgrown map mp_mohdv4 map mp_nvabase2008_final map mp_powcamp_v2 map mp_qmx_matmata Server restarted @ 8:52 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  13. Rotation #17a 24 maps put in rotation 02 11 21 by Pengy map mp_cuf_scifi map mp_broadcast map mp_backyard map mp_fart_house_v2 map mp_gf map mp_grange map mp_gridiron map mp_grinder map mp_gvft map mp_hammerjacks map mp_hanger map mp_hasinta map mp_hhk_ballroom map mp_skidrow map mp_slick map mp_spbase map mp_stalingrad2 map mp_storageyardv2 map mp_township map mp_toybox4 map mp_train map mp_twolevels map mp_winter_bakaara map mp_xi_lobbyb1 Server restarted @9:50 p.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  14. Re-uploaded map, should be fine now
  15. Baron came in to another server I was playing on and reported FT1 was in some sort of download loop. I confirmed, it was on 17:57:06 map: mp_lalustanya_v2 Seems like a few folks were playing and a handful had the download loop issue on that map. I then pushed the map to the next one which showed no immediate issues.
  16. recoiillz

    I know most of the time I can be a pain in the ass to play with, but I think, and this is my opinion, that I'm a great teammate to have, I live on communication, because I'm a cop of course, I am very vocal, as everyone knows, yes I can be overwhelming at times yelling or talking a lot, and yes the social discussions bug me but I have been better I think and like I said after my talk with Roxy and Pen I did have a different outlook on playing with and against you.
  17. WeednFeed

    I hope you have that appointment ASAP to have this looked at.
  18. Snow White

    Hello Majbasil, I not pissed @ Recoiilz.. I just want to have fun without being blamed for other team-mates getting frozen around me... PSI Snow White, is my old screen name from the Unreal Tournament 1999-2k4 series.. Most of the time I listen to music while playing on the XI Cod4- Unreal Tournament servers.. I have a bump @ the base of my tongue.. Everything that I google (webmd) Along with other websites says cancer.. Not knowing is very stressful..



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