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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Any and all of the new maps are my favorite. After years of all the same same it is good to see anything new.
  3. Thanks Jon ! I'll try to note down some of the best maps in the next few days and I'll let you know
  4. mp_82ab_crossing mp_vm_river mp_amberville mp_snr_flatdeck mp_beuvron mp_bocage2 mp_caen2 mp_canal2 mp_cityhall2 mp_kilian mp_dugin mp_dundygrad mp_kwanriver mp_malta2 mp_supply_depot mp_sps_kiebu mp_matmata mp_vm_maichau mp_agx_castle mp_warehouse Maps are up!! Enjoy....also....I'm looking for everybodys favorites maps....let me know yours!! I'm compiling a list lol... PS. Downloader NOT updated....it will be shortly!! PPS. Downloader IS updated...Please let me know if you have any issues.
  5. New rotation sets are in on DM2 as of this morning. They are: small mp_africorp_rmk, mp_algiers, mp_bridge, mp_dugin, mp_gardenofheat, mp_homeroom, mp_lichtung, mp_nachtfeuer, mp_republic_1, mp_ripac, mp_shipments medium mp_506th, mp_82ab_richemont, mp_anzio_beach, mp_beach_redeaux, mp_boneville, mp_byalistok, mp_cityhall2, mp_cw_hill, mp_desolate, mp_dropzone, mp_fatherland, mp_freedom1, mp_hob_mohdv2, mp_kneedeep, mp_nachtzug, mp_overleaf, mp_railyrd, mp_snr_freedom2, mp_subway, mp_the_cube, mp_warehouse, mp_waw_arnhem, mp_xi_nowhere large mp_13_townville, mp_agx_port, mp_ax_simmerath, mp_bgaden, mp_byalistok, mp_caen_night, mp_contrav2, mp_derailed, mp_foy_nite, mp_hunt, mp_mohaa_dasboot, mp_omcbrest_ffa, mp_ps7, mp_rtcwchateau, mp_snowypark, mp_snr_stmengs2, mp_stalemate, mp_suburban, mp_v2, mp_vodka, mp_xi_castillo Enjoy!
  6. Or playing map mp_contra now cause everybody left and it's a large map and we only have 11 players now. WTF
  7. Ain't nothing like playing mp_cw_neuville, with 21 players in it. Can't even stay alive for 4 seconds.
  8. mp_enigmaoff is a medium map not small. Had 3 players in and couldn't find each other.
  9. Huh The new rotation is suppose to have a shit load of maps that weren't in the last set!
  10. Yeah, I noticed that too. It also has shitloads of maps that weren't in the last set. It was too damn late last night for me to work that out, lol. The world won't end, I promise you.
  11. Last rotation had beltot in it also. WTF
  12. DJ just noticed that last rotatation had blood_island in it also.
  13. Next rotation is in and the downloader has been updated. mp_5nav1 mp_78gaperon mp_africorp_rmk mp_agx_burgundy mp_akushima mp_snr_vimyrd NEW mp_anzio mp_asylum mp_ravine mp_beertruck mp_beuvron mp_desolate mp_snr_stmengs2 NEW mp_kwai mp_outskirts mp_ax_simmerath mp_seelow mp_docks mp_amberville mp_snrtrondheim NEW Cheers
  14. New rotation sets are in on DM2 as of this morning. They are: small mp_hhk_yokora, mp_asylum, mp_maquina, mp_dugin, mp_enigmaoff, mp_republic_1, mp_leningrad, mp_algiers, mp_maquina_viet, mp_bridge medium mp_clum, mp_beertruck, mp_agx_eindhoven, mp_snrtrondheim, mp_cityhall2, mp_anzio_beach, mp_argentan, mp_cw_neuville, mp_agx_market, mp_hospital, mp_decoytrenches, mp_agx_burgundy, mp_blood_island, mp_78outpost, mp_docks, mp_broadcast, mp_snr_arnhemwt, mp_akushima, mp_cav_slated, mp_haguenau, mp_jsvacant, mp_fatherland large mp_altered, mp_amberville, mp_cw_bocage, mp_nuenen, mp_caen2, mp_cw_pacific, mp_montargis, mp_nazaire, mp_panzerfact, mp_burma, mp_bastogne, mp_communique, mp_hunt, mp_78lolv2, mp_78gaperon, mp_beltot, mp_gustav, mp_contra, mp_provence5, mp_barracks Enjoy!
  15. Have a great time, make sure you travel outside of the US to see the best of this world