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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.


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  2. All the Shit aside.. I am here because I Enjoy the Xi Community, I support that growing.. not falling apart.. Regardless what drama Transpired.. it's over now,, move forward.. I didn't require a paycheck when I did Admin stuff.. I did it to help Xi manage it's server.. that's it.. Anyone that thinks they should be paid, is mistaken.. never once was being an Admin a paycheck. It did pay in other forms.. Satisfaction, knowing your helping the Xi community.. able to rotate the map when needed... etc.. People, please don't forget,, this whole thing is about being a community.. a group of friends you can count on to have your back in this game or that.. You know who's who, for whatever server you enjoy... Many Many Thanks to the Staff and Admins, that put up with the $hit, and still get the job done... Props to you all.. That's it. all I've got to say on this matter... I won't chime in again.. Someone Lock this Thread please.. XTeKK out!
  3. Whatever the issue was prevernting connection to the server seems to have corrected it's self... Try again.. see if it's working for you... it is for me.. XTeKK
  4. I wonder if he is referring to the same Issue I was describing to Mr DJMOT... humm...
  5. How are you trying to get to the server? Favorites list? HLSW? Server directory?
  6. it always says its awaiting connection and i tried 4 times in 4 hours too see if anything changes also rnning it on adimistrator to see if it has any change but nothing
  7. I'm not sure of what could be causing this. I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem, And I haven't either.
  8. Been having connection issues for the past 5 days preventing me to enter the free for all server, i been always brought up to the "awaiting connections" screen and when logging out steam multiple times i been playing other games fine with my connection. Any thoughts please right down below. thanks for reading InfEdge
  9. Well that all went sideways. I'm shocked people think Chile has balls. Mrs Chile had them removed quite some time ago. And dirty they are not the dogs are licking them clean every time the rains brings them out of the ground. Like little squeak toys. Anyway I got my answer. Not one person knows why. Few care, a lot more care its over. That might be a good thing. Reason I asked because it is important for admins to know why things happen and why team members think they happened. Last was it solved in a way that people could live with. IDK I do know people care that its done with.Which in a sense means get it fixed fast .
  10. You must mix with some very strange people Queenie if you think he is normal?? ps having slept on it definitely aliens
  11. I'm glad that you can admit that you are one smelly guy. You are right I do see the resemblance on the bottom. No worries Chile love you for your personality not your.......physique. Kudos though for trying to pull off an aquaman though. 😘 Oh and 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  12. Looks like I might have to dust off cape for this one.. @Icequeen Told you I lived by the Ocean and like the SEA breeze, but , Come on !! I felt like Aquaman here.. Lmao....🖕
  13. A "split" roast meal made outta @piglo? Seasoned right, it might taste good . . . Probably need lotsa salt . . . Ayaq
  14. I don't understand how this has been working all along then. No clue who changed it or when. This is the first I've even heard there is a problem getting maps from the redirect. What server is giving you that address, @Labob?
  15. The reason why @Unchilenoand I aren't sharing a room is because he doesn't wash his balls.
  16. No don't want to do this for all to see, should be members only, all I truly know (honestly) is that two people were arguing, but it seems to have gone completely off the map (no pun intended) and we lost a good admin, simple as that really. I don't care if you tell us or not what happened but if you do I suggest members only, for me leave it, it's over and done with and nothing will change it now.
  17. Why don't we start with what you know, and what you want to know. I think some of this may be simply not knowing, and some of it may be misinformation. But I don't know what you know and what you don't know.
  18. That's it! As a self-proclaimed pro-gamer, you are hereby banned for being too good to play with us!
  19. EC love you to death, in a manly non gay way of course, but wtf has this to do with what happened ?? Looks like we will all wonder about area 55 forever. This event ranks amongst mankinds mysteries, why is it that when you open a tin of evaporated milk is it still there? Why can't McGrim shoot straight?, why aren't Queenie and Chile sharing a room? and other XI mysteries, Labob will have to wonder forever poor boy, and Harry will only squeal on his deathbed, goodnight Vienna r.i.p. Still think it was aliens or bigfoot.
  20. This is how i see it, one idiot wanted to rule the world, and one idiot put a post up that was always going to do more damage than good
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