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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.


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  2. mp_gardenofheat mp_chokepoint mp_hunt_winter mp_78tokyorose mp_ambush mp_anbinh mp_anzio_beach mp_snr_freedom2 mp_ratsbedroom mp_contra mp_gb_karkand mp_hospital mp_snr_st_mengs mp_lao_cai mp_makin mp_mohdv2 mp_omcbrest_ffa mp_radiorelay mp_kiev mp_snr_treblink PS. I counted the files this week and also tested so we should be good to go. I heard that last rotation was needing server restarts....just hit me up if that happens...PM's should go right to my phone and some of you have my cell....thanks...
  3. Hello DM2 Players, Here are your maps for the coming week: Small Map Rotation mp_agx_castle, mp_bridge, mp_hgy_c, mp_kauten, mp_little_town, mp_maquina_viet, mp_pmcod, mp_remagen, mp_xi_arena Medium Map Rotation mp_78outpost, mp_agx_depot2, mp_alcazaba, mp_ax_neuville, mp_bgate, mp_byalistok, mp_chateau, mp_cw_burgundy, mp_db_snowypark, mp_downtown, mp_falaise5, mp_gits_terminal, mp_jungle, mp_makin, mp_murmansk, mp_nvabase, mp_psycho, mp_reichattack, mp_snr_vimyrd, mp_stream2, mp_turm, mp_xi_jordan5 Large Map Rotation mp_78townville, mp_agx_psel, mp_assault, mp_beltot, mp_byalistok, mp_claremont, mp_cw_pacific, mp_ederdam, mp_gustav, mp_kursk, mp_lsb_gloomy_moor, mp_normandie, mp_panzerschlacht_02e, mp_river_09b, mp_shrine, mp_snr_arnhemwt, mp_stronghold, mp_trenchville, mp_vm_jungle, mp_winter_crash You know, after all those frags, the one thing I can say is I'm Still Standing. It's Elton John.
  4. Why ?, tampons too loose in your ass ???
  5. I just want to state for the record that when I have PMS, I use pads. Thank you.
  6. I have another solution I have just applied.
  7. I'm looking into this, I will have some news soon
  8. Still is a problem with certain individuals. I have to ask are you donating or do you think your buying XI ? Yes that is what we are doing. Several players and members had decided they would leave if we did not get rid of the good players. Good players are now gone and the fix that was applied seems to be working. I guess they like everette I want servers that work for everybody not just a select group. Again if the servers are not the way you like it sorry they are working. Nobody is stopping you from going to other servers to see what they offer. Maybe then you guys will see what you have here. That would also answer the why you donate question. And I know Markoff well thank you.
  9. I am confused ,we are making these changes to help discourage "WORLD CLASS,HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYERS" instead of just out right banning them.I see that Everette is back and still out scoring our best players by 40 to 60 deaths,we should not let these type of players determine what changes we make to our servers.Leave the servers alone and just ban the "WORLD CLASS,HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYERS" how much easier could it be.
  10. All we are asking is to make server 1 DM1 the way DM2 use to be. All that is, is changing the jump height back to 8. You were asked to make another server for the cheaters (DM1), which you did, and now he doesn't play on either one. If you would of just left it alone (DM1) and not messed with the jump height there would be no more discussion on this. It would be stupid to change it over to low gravity server again cause we had not much traffic on it. If you want servers with traffic on them you should listen to the people that play on the server, not someone that plays 1 hour a day.
  11. Sorry Labob me old mate but this is certainly not the message I understood from the members in all their posts. There was never a problem with cm2 or ftag, the problem was with certain individuals, who I also understood, after agonising deliberation would not be playing on the servers again. So from what I read in your post they are not banned, but the server has been altered to discourage them, this is how it reads? In other words after almost a year of members complaints, nothing has changed, other than the fact that the servers they enjoy playing on they no longer enjoy playing on? Markoff a ten year plus member had the guts to quit over this, I admire his principles. What is blindingly obvious now is there is not much point being a member, and even less for donating to the servers. If other regulars agree with this add a like to this post please, kind of quiet protest.
  12. So let me see If I can explain this to ya all. You had a few player who would come into your server and hand you your butts. You did not like that. You all got very upset and made a huge stink. I fixed it now the players who come into your server can't kick your butt. Now one would think we would get a thank you for that. So now I hear and yea I get it you don't like the fix to the first problem. So if I turn it off you get problem one back. I really have to ask are you guy's pm'sing ?? or are you just bitchy lately ? Another thing making a treat that you will go play elsewhere does not work. We have the best servers if you went elsewhere their admins would ban you for all the bitching plus you would be playing with people who want to win. And all the players you have banned. Plus I would think there are more people who would stay then leave. And you would miss them to. So its all up tp you guys and gals. Do what you think you have to but for now the server stays the same. I'm not going to open up that other can of worms. If you want to jump I'll put the low grav server back for a while.
  13. lol I don't know what your problem is with me but you really need to get over it
  14. Yeah Dm1 was doing good for morning play and then everyone played DM2 in the afternoon till the jump setting got taken off of 8. This is what it looked like when we had it at 8.
  15. And yet another reason people don't like playing on the DM2 server.
  16. Yea good job, you seem to be pissing off the players and a great admin who put in 8 - 10 hours a day, most days, week in and week out, and did a fantastic job, what is it you say? 'way to go' lol.