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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.


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  2. The next rotation for DM3 is now running. Small map rotation map mp_hgy_c map mp_hhk_yokora map mp_hospital map mp_kauten map mp_leningrad map mp_maquina map mp_nachtfeuer Medium map rotation map mp_agx_depot2_night map mp_makin_day map mp_mohdm7 map mp_ravine_v1 map mp_remagen map mp_snr_carentan map mp_snr_freedom2 map mp_snr_matmata map mp_snr_treblink map mp_snr_vimyrd map mp_stream2 map mp_streets map mp_strike map mp_subway map mp_sweat_blood map mp_tankhuntwaw map mp_the_cube map mp_toujane map mp_v2 map mp_vm_maichau map mp_wolftown map mp_xfire_bay Large map rotation map mp_kursk map mp_kwai map mp_kwalajein map mp_kwanriver map mp_landing map mp_little_village map mp_lolv2 map mp_lyon map mp_malta2 map mp_mohaa_dasboot map mp_montargis map mp_nazaire map mp_newhurtgen map mp_newsicily map mp_normandie map mp_nuenen map mp_oldbrecourt map mp_southfrance5 Cheers
  3. @Merlin007 this map qcame up tonight. Would be a great map with spawns on the right side like the Vietnam version. But spawns mixed isn't as fun
  4. thank you Skuz ( and again a little people map ( bathroom ) thank you thank you )
  5. thank you Skuz and especially for the little people map
  6. New rotation maps are map mp_1078brecourt map mp_78bathroom map mp_78compound map mp_78stalingrad map mp_82ab_panzerwerk map mp_agx_depot2 map mp_ambush map mp_bridge map mp_cw_dawnville map mp_desert_storm map mp_duong map mp_v2 map mp_maquina_viet map mp_mohdm7 map mp_railyrd map mp_sweat_blood map mp_toujane_rmk map mp_turm map mp_kokoda map mp_v2bunker map mp_vm_caen
  7. New rotation maps are map mp_13_townville map mp_82ab_dresden map mp_aa_vosges_fr map mp_amberville map mp_bastogne map mp_canal2 map mp_cw_pacific map mp_downfall map mp_drum map mp_frenchvillagen map mp_gustav map mp_kokoda map mp_lyon map mp_montelimar map mp_opera map mp_pipeline map mp_ratsbedroom map mp_sps_xian map mp_ugcarena
  8. Thank you for the work Skuzy, as always !
  9. Thanks much Skuz for keeping the maps a-flowing!
  10. Fixed. Server will need a restart.
  11. Skuz, appears to be an issue with the rotation(?) - COD5 OW seems to hang either on or after map Stanjel ... @skuzapo @Merlin007Thanks Cheers E
  12. Just to note, if there is a map that is just too good not to play, except for the mixed spawns, OW based mods in cod5 should be able to move them on a case by case basis.
  13. That shocked you, have you asked her?, no way I could cheat she wasn't signed in, old ladies drink tea she's a 'chick'. My second is on the ferry, and dawn is English dawn not 1000 your time, brush your teeth
  14. rioja ??? really Rob that's the best you could come up with ????, darn dude tell you what ..... send your second for the duel. really you are disappointing me right now btw Essie's favorite drink is tea !!!!!!!!
  15. So you think owning an MGF, and a pilots licence interests her do you? you are wrong, she's mine, to prove it I've just sent you her favourite wine on a PM (so I can't cheat) ask her what her favourite wine is, she drinks 10 bottles every meal ha ha loser (lend me some money), mine mine mine.

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