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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.


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  2. mp_xmas_blood mp_chateau_xmas mp_downtown2 mp_hunt_xmas mp_kiev mp_lapatrouille mp_pavlov_h mp_warlord mp_powcamp_n mp_railyrd_xmas mp_ratsbedroom mp_nachtzug_2 mp_backwoods_5 mp_winter_crash mp_rhinevalleygits mp_rocket mp_rostov mp_db_snowypark mp_burma I know we just played some of these but there are only so many winter/xmas maps. If you want something else just holler.
  3. hmmm, if you take away the non XI votes this is almost even ?? shall we ask some other clans to vote ??
  4. yes will answer a few questions in here no will only answer one. Yes then again a guy will always say yes
  5. Welcome to Week 3 of 4 Days of Snow.for 4 Weeks Here are this week's snow and regular maps. Only 17 more shopping days till Christmas. Remember your Admins!? Snow Map Rotation (Sat, Mon, Wed, Fri) mp_bergsnow, mp_cw_rocket, mp_downtown, mp_frenchvillagen, mp_hunt_winter, mp_lapatrouille, mp_panzerfact_winter, mp_pavlov_h, mp_railyard, mp_snowypark, mp_snrwcarentan, mp_warehouse_rnr, mp_winter_war, mp_xi_snowmen Small Map Rotation mp_agx_castle, mp_bridge, mp_hgy_c, mp_kauten, mp_little_town, mp_maquina_viet, mp_pmcod, mp_remagen, mp_xi_arena Medium Map Rotation mp_78stalingrad, mp_82ab_panzerwerk, mp_agx_depot2_night, mp_all_out, mp_blood_island, mp_chateau_xmas, mp_cw_dawnville, mp_ddd_wet, mp_deadwood, mp_downtown2, mp_feba, mp_haguenau, mp_kalsville, mp_kneeriver, mp_makin_day, mp_myths_farm, mp_opcenter, mp_railyard, mp_streets, mp_vm_maichau, mp_yomi, mp_byalistok Large Map Rotation mp_13_townville, mp_agx_port, mp_ax_simmerath, mp_bgaden, mp_byalistok, mp_caen_night, mp_contrav2, mp_derailed, mp_foy_nite, mp_hunt, mp_mohaa_dasboot, mp_omcbrest_ffa, mp_ps7, mp_rtcwchateau, mp_snowypark, mp_snr_stmengs2, mp_stalemate, mp_suburban, mp_v2, mp_vodka, mp_xi_castillo Luke Bryan knows all about Games. Lets give a listen.
  6. Thanks for your input but that is not what this post is about. The correct response is yes or no.
  7. Who's "we?" Did a head admin request this poll?
  8. I vote yes! @2_MANY_BEERS, spinpuppy must be a liberal!....Lmao
  9. This post is going to run through the weekend. Then we will decide what to do.
  10. Yes! I can pickup things quietly!! Shouldn’t be giving me away,,especially if I don’t want to pick them up!
  11. 1. NO 2. NO i think its pretty good as it is, certainly wouldnt want more freeze time
  12. We are not sure how this works so we wanted to try it out. It may still pick up the stuff, but without noise, or you may have to hit the use key to pick the stuff up like you do to steal a betty. I'll put you down as a no then. 7 yes 6 no's so far.
  13. NO! Where else am I going to get my drinks, Beers?!
  14. Too bad for the triggerhappy players ,including me 😂