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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.


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  2. Well, it's been interesting the issues as of late so here we go. The OWFT server now has a new IP: so update your favorites again. This server is up and running and is loaded with the rotation Skuz had put in on Sunday. Cheers
  3. Hello all, we've seemed to have had a similar issue with the NamFT server that we ran into with DM3 so a new server has been setup. NEW IP: Don't forget to update your favorites in the game and remove the old one. Cheers
  4. New rotation maps are map mp_78deadsville map mp_agx_destroyed map mp_arroyo map mp_bgate map mp_desert_storm map mp_falaise5 map mp_gb_atami map mp_housewars map mp_kilian map mp_leningrad map mp_maquina_viet map mp_pavlov_h map mp_republic_1 map mp_snr_freedom2 map mp_sub map mp_vodka map mp_warlord map mp_xfire_bay
  5. Thanks Merlin.........
  6. New rotation for the Sniper server is now running. map mp_chesterville map mp_coal_depot map mp_fr_gt_3 map mp_gps_dustcity map mp_ifis_cs map mp_lsb_cave_village map mp_mass_africa_hill map mp_nubby map mp_rural_village map mp_sos_airfield map mp_sos_icepack map mp_sos_orel_summer map mp_sos_tgh map mp_sps_desfi map mp_sps_hiryu map mp_sps_rc map mp_uhs_memorial_2 Cheers
  7. Our DM1 has been put back into play for now as there has been some request for it rather than the low gravity play. Starting rotation now running. As before, these are mainly urban style maps. Small map rotation map mp_agx_shinu map mp_cw_abandoned map mp_hhk_yokora map mp_killhouse map mp_maquina_viet map mp_republic_1 map mp_snr_seals_2 Medium map rotation map mp_agx_depot2_night map mp_anzio_beach map mp_ax_neuville map mp_boneville map mp_cityhall2 map mp_cw_dawnville map mp_dinant map mp_dundygrad map mp_gits_harbor map mp_haguenau map mp_jsvacant map mp_makin_day map mp_murmansk map mp_nijmegen map mp_powcamp_n map mp_riverbank map mp_streets map mp_toujane_rmk map mp_wolftown map mp_xfire_bay map mp_byalistok Large map rotation map mp_78townville map mp_altered map mp_beertruck map mp_beltot map mp_city map mp_dogville map mp_foy_nite map mp_hill78 map mp_konigsberg map mp_little_village map mp_montargis map mp_panzerfact_winter map mp_rtcwchateau map mp_silesia map mp_sps_xian map mp_townville2 map mp_v2bunker map mp_waw_caen map mp_wdocks Cheers
  8. Very busy. Recently though we've had to create a new DM3 with new IP due to authentication issues so if you are referring to the old IP, then yes it's dead. DM3 is now on We're a bunch of Idiots and too stubborn to give up on COD5, LOL, so too bad Activision. HAHA
  9. You must have been busy this server has been down for three weeks. LOL
  10. The next rotation for DM3 is now running. Small map rotation map mp_asylum map mp_dugin map mp_hhk_yokora map mp_killhouse map mp_maquina_viet map mp_ripac map mp_villa Medium map rotation map mp_down_trodden map mp_agx_depot1_night map mp_bog map mp_alcazaba map mp_beach_redeaux map mp_borisovka map mp_canal2 map mp_cw_breakout map mp_ddd_wet map mp_dropzone map mp_feba map mp_frenchvillagen map mp_kalsville map mp_makin_day map mp_montelimar map mp_opcenter map mp_ravine map mp_rostov map mp_ship_n map mp_streets map mp_vm_maichau map mp_xi_jordan5 Large map rotation map mp_gambler map mp_78compound map mp_aa_vosges_fr map mp_ambush map mp_ballpark map mp_bridgefthunt map mp_city map mp_cw_farm map mp_duong map mp_great_escape map mp_kilian map mp_lolv2_codwaw map mp_newsicily map mp_panzerschlacht_02e map mp_river_09b map mp_rocket map mp_siege map mp_southside map mp_stronghold map mp_ugcarena map mp_warlord Regarding a map in the last rotation, that was my fault. I had loaded an updated version of a map onto the redirect however my local file that went to the server was the older version. Sorry folks... Been a bit busy lately. Cheers
  11. thank you Skuz appreciate the work you do every week
  12. New rotation maps are map mp_78dawnraid map mp_agx_depot2 map mp_armory map mp_bf1942_berlin map mp_cw_farm map mp_derailed map mp_downtown map mp_erdingtonoff map mp_gardenofheat map mp_hospital map mp_lapatrouille map mp_montargis map mp_paresu map mp_renan_bridge map mp_snr_carentan map mp_sturm map mp_vm_river map mp_wdocks

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