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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.


  1. What's new in this club
  2. Seems to be working fine now. Thanks Gentlemen.
  3. Please try again. I have kicked it.
  4. yea our redirect is not working at the moment please do not change the channel
  5. Kind of a noob here. was having no issues downloading maps automatically between games. Now if the game doesn't switch to a map I have the screen freezes as soon as the download starts to launch. Anyone know what's going on here?
  6. Well I'm so old that I test the toilet water temperature with my hanging testicles so there! 😝
  7. Hey Hefe. No can do this year. We'll have to get together sometime though.
  8. I would, but we are going on vacation about the same time
  9. 14 hour drive for us and depends on the exchange rate as well.
  10. Lucked out last year with XI Fest but four hours to the west. And lucked out again this year with it being four hours to the east. I'll be there.
  11. LMAO, I hope he learned his lesson on using the tools :-) 😋
  12. I would like to say that I will be there, but we will see what work throws at me this year. It seems like I can't plan anything further than 2 weeks out.
  13. And Run D.M.C. made his fortune selling tickets . . . Lol. Fiefdom? Ayaq
  14. how many of my COD5 peeps plan on XI fest this time around? we had a decent turn out at the falls 2 years ago... fairly weak in Nashville... can we get some COD5 numbers in NC this year? My wife and I will be there, and Iceman and his wife plan on attending... whos in?
  15. And Peace ruled once more over the Kingdom
  16. This ban was placed by me, if you need something concerning this please contact me. I think we all need move on with our gaming lives and put this behind us, I'm sure the next big drama issue is just around the corner that we can discuss. Continuing to discuss this isn't going to change anything, it's just gonna cause more drama that isn't needed.
  17. did i use the words old bitch or fuck off in my message to Angelz no,but its okay for her to lash out at me thats messed up.
  18. Found out today they sell these at Home Depot.
  19. @fbi_open_up you and @Angelz are making nothing but drama. This crap is tiring and was settled several days ago. Both of you need to stop. I am not the only one that is tired of you bashing other members here and the constant attacks on XI are completely out of line.
  20. This a reply from Angelz to me. I am going to answer your whiny old bitch man private message you just sent me here. Read every word I type as you obviously did not read any posts regarding this YOUNG mans BAN!!! He was NOT banned for cheats!!! His DEMO proves that!! He was banned because of OLD whiny men with failing eye sight and slower than dirt reflexes (LIKE YOU) who could not handle playing in the same server as him. So you bitched and whined and bitched and whined till you frustrated an admin so much he wrongfully banned him to shut you the fuck up!!! Your lucky I am not a leader here because I would of kicked you out of the clan as soon as I read your post where you openly accused a player (without proof) of hacking in public chat. This is why people like you will never be admins. If you were an admin the servers would be empty because you would ban everyone that killed you!! My closing note is yes I did defend him and I always will defend good CLEAN players. So, FUCK YOU!! Do not communicate with me again!! Better yet YOU are going to be the 4th person I block on this website.
  21. LOL wow dude you really need to get in touch with yourself. This was the private message you sent to me: "pretty funny how you and others defended this Real Estaufa player and making excuses why he is a better player and now he is banned from our servers oops guess you got that wrong." hmmm Simple message? LOL More like a bit stupid with added not so good sarcasm. Guess you didn't like my response of smack talk with a better handle on sarcasm. With all the childish responses you made to me in other threads it is obvious you had a problem with me. So on January 22 I sent you a pm with your avatar fixed and you didn't like it and I said NP, just trying to be nice. Then today you send me that? What was the true reason out off thousands of members on this site that you would choose me to send that message to? So I made a post to smack talk you and give you a dose of better sarcasm and you can't handle it? LOL Well I feel sorry for you.
  22. Bullshit. All the people who complained about him were NOT correct. Most of them claimed that the admin were wrong and that Real was cheating. They offered no proof that he was cheating. They simply repeated it, ad nauseum. He wasn't. And he wasn't banned for cheating. He was banned because his skill level was causing continued disruption and driving members away, sort of like your childish post.
  23. I am not making any drama here its coming from all the whiner haters. The Admins obviously had good reason and I really doubt it was for people complaining and besides I havent said or posted anything in several months about real estaufa.