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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.


  1. What's new in this club
  2. New rotation maps are map mp_78kwai map mp_akushima map mp_ax_neuville map mp_barracks map mp_communique map mp_cw_pacific map mp_doc78 map mp_drum map mp_ict_stone map mp_jungle map mp_kwalajein map mp_malta2 map mp_makin map mp_provence5 map mp_ravine map mp_salerno map mp_stronghold map mp_tunnels map mp_ugcarena map mp_vacant map mp_yuko
  3. New rotation maps are map mp_78auenwald map mp_78druglord map mp_aa_vosges_fr map mp_akushima map mp_alcazaba map mp_camp_merc map mp_cw_pacific map mp_gustav map mp_kneeriver map mp_nazaire map mp_rb map mp_snr_vimyrd map mp_stalingrad map mp_waw_caen map mp_wbridge
  4. Thank you for all the good work Merlin; 5 new rotations !
  5. The next rotation for knives only server is in. Small map rotation map mp_crate_yard map mp_dugin map mp_egn map mp_give_up map mp_hospital map mp_killhouse map mp_opera map mp_republic_1 map mp_yuko Medium map rotation map mp_all_out map mp_asylum map mp_broadcast map mp_chateau map mp_ddd_wet map mp_makin_day map mp_rb map mp_warehouse map mp_xfire_bay Cheers
  6. Next rotation for the TDM server is in. map mp_506th map mp_akushima map mp_all_out map mp_beertruck map mp_bf1942_berlin map mp_chateau map mp_crash_day map mp_downtown map mp_eindhoven2 map mp_marsh map mp_oldbrecourt map mp_silesia map mp_snr_kassel Cheers
  7. Next rotation for bolts only is in. map mp_78bathroom map mp_algiers map mp_all_out map mp_anzio_beach map mp_beach_redeaux map mp_bgate map mp_boneville map mp_crash_day map mp_cw_abandoned map mp_deadwood map mp_decoytrenches map mp_drum map mp_frenchvillage map mp_gardenofheat map mp_get_lost_3 map mp_iceworld map mp_ict_stone map mp_jsvacant map mp_leningrad map mp_line_of_fire Cheers
  8. Next rotation for DM3 is loaded. Server will restart in the am for tomorrow. Small map rotation map mp_78bathroom map mp_breakout map mp_fritzkrieg map mp_hospital map mp_killhousev2 map mp_nachtfeuer map mp_snr_seals_2 Medium map rotation map mp_78druglord map mp_agx_depot1 map mp_akushima map mp_ax_neuville map mp_bergsnow map mp_broadcast map mp_crossroads map mp_dawnville map mp_docks map mp_fatherland map mp_frenchvillage map mp_jungle map mp_makin map mp_mohdv2 map mp_nvabase map mp_railyard map mp_ratskitchen map mp_scarecrow map mp_poolshark map mp_v2 map mp_xfire_bay
  9. Next rotation for DM2 is running. Small map rotation map mp_78bathroom map mp_breakout map mp_fritzkrieg map mp_sandbox map mp_leningrad map mp_pavlov map mp_shipments Medium map rotation map mp_agx_burgundy map mp_agx_market map mp_argentan_n map mp_bellicourt map mp_broadcast map mp_byalistok map mp_courtyard map mp_cw_trainwreck map mp_downtown map mp_eindhoven2 map mp_feba map mp_lapatrouille map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_nachtzug_2 map mp_overleaf map mp_railyard map mp_sabre map mp_sweat_blood map mp_warsaw map mp_yomi map mp_waw_peaks_s Large map rotation map mp_1078carent
  10. Thank you Skuzy ! I'll try to play it tonight, but maybe only tomorrow too as I'm coming back from a fishing trip
  11. New rotation maps are map mp_5nav1 map mp_82ab_panzerwerk map mp_airfield map mp_bahnhof map mp_byalistok map mp_cw_hurtgen map mp_downtown map mp_kilian map mp_maquina map mp_nvabase map mp_ratskitchen map mp_silesia map mp_snr_stmengs2 map mp_stlo map mp_trenchtoast map mp_trenchville
  12. agreeded seems back to normal i guess may been M$ issue with network. my prophile also changed but not did anything ? to change it.
  13. Seems to be working fine, but player counts are down, compared to last week. Logged in a couple times during the week w/o problems. It's not awful like it was last month where it was almost impossible to get in.
  14. play just now and seems activision back too server issues dropping connections and blank server list of players has anyone had same issue, wonder if last M$ update throw a wrench in the mix
  15. Finally got the chance to restart the server and change the rotation. Down_trodden, Kharkov and Winter_war have been pulled for bad spawns. The rotation is now map mp_506th map mp_agxstlo map mp_burma map mp_cw_farm map mp_downfall map mp_gb_karkand map mp_kiev map mp_siege map mp_stanjel map mp_trainstation map mp_vm_crash map mp_vm_maichau map mp_yuko
  16. Hi Skuz - looks like we also have a spawn issue with map Winter_war ... both teams spawning together. Cheers 'E' ... @skuzapo
  17. Hi Skuzapo, today we played the Down Trodden map. And yes, the spawns are awefull. We all spawn at the same place , making it practically impossible to get to safety while in ' grace' moment. we had lot's of comment on it during the game in the game chat and in TS. ( but speaking for myself, the map looks really nice, only that spawn problem makes it a bit hard to like )
  18. Thanks E! I'll find a couple of maps to replace kharkov and down trodden. I'll post the replacements when done.



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