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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.

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  2. why is it that i can only create/modify a class between games? i have just the 10 seconds after the game is over before the new map loads to create or modify my classes.
  3. do i download the maps even though i connect through steam?
  4. used to play low grav maps in unreal tourney , but i haven't played that since i got WAW
  5. maybe someone should make a WAW space map because like others have said, it's good for a map or 2 but not all the time......
  6. that was fun to do back when i played..like getting 15 idiots in a room and beers drops a maltoff or tube the wall and killed us all..
  7. WaW server doesn't have space maps.
  8. I LOVE Low Grav myself, but that was mainly from the old days of playing Star Trek :Elite Force. Not all maps we played were Low Grav, but there were some really fun ones that were. I think it would be fun to put some space maps in and have LG for a day.... not sure how well this would go over on a WaW server tho
  9. I'll change it back today. @Labob
  10. You have to watch out for changed gravity of course. Mappers often set up barricades or ledges with the assumption that it wont be higher than defaults. If interested for info, a lot is way because of the nature of how maps are made. UT and others like it you start with a solid cube and 'hollow out' the play areas. So the default is to block everything. CoD and others use the opposite approach. Everything is open and you must use blocking volumes to keep players out. Whether or not one is 'better' is one of those great debates.
  11. I agree, change of pace for a map or two, but it wears out fast.
  12. I like it . Its not permanent guys
  13. Maybe its just me, but manipulating the gravity settings takes away from gameplay. May be fun for a map or two (the novelty), but it wears quick. My 2 cents. Have a good one. Tek
  14. I am new to this community and you guys seem to have the only WaW Zombie Mod that I'm looking for. I am wondering if the speed can be put down to normal speed by chance? Me and my buddies want a server like this but the speed is way too fast for normal gameplay. Just a suggestion
  15. The next rotation for freezetag has been loaded and the downloader updated. mp_78compound mp_82ab_richemont mp_82ab_chateau mp_africorp_rmk mp_agx_shinu mp_anzio mp_bocage2 mp_armory mp_breakout mp_communique mp_contra mp_duong mp_dogville mp_dome mp_db_snowypark mp_jungle mp_pavlov_h mp_rhinevalleygits mp_roundhouse mp_yomi Cheers
  16. use the >XI< downloader no more waiting for a map to load, ever
  17. why is it when i download a new map it crashes the game when i join?