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Call of Duty: World at War is a 2008 first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.

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  2. in perks use flak jacket when being hit by a betty when yo have full health it only takes half health away and you live through the betty also saves you from nades
  3. I would marry that bitch betty but she goes off faster than I can
  4. Heh well thats their fault for not protecting themselves with their own Betty watching their backs.
  5. A favourite trick of mine is to locate a sniper, creep up on them and plant the betty behind them before stepping back and shooting it!
  6. once you lay down with betty? you will see it is alright
  7. Now I feel lonely @Gatorgirl I'm in love with Betty go boom.
  8. Big Thanks to Merlin007 your efforts are GREAT Any news on that map that failed?
  9. Please lets not do that: she is a good friend til Slo fry gets in the game! Best used against Morris and Deerjohn--LOL
  10. Please bann Bouncing Betty. She always kills me without warning. This behavier can not be tolerated. It is annoing to read always Bouncing Betty got me. Ok Ok it took a while for me ( as a N00b) to understand who / what Bouncing Betty was. First I was searching for the player Till I understood it is not a player , but it can be configurate in the profile. But can you immagine how often I said nice words to this "Lady" Cya on server Zagor
  11. The map is finished, but not too sure how this is going to go down ? all i can say is its going to be different lol
  12. Next rotation is in and the downloader updated. mp_78dawnraid mp_agx_burgundy mp_ambush mp_bf1942_berlin mp_eindhoven2 mp_industrial mp_tge mp_lost_temple mp_louret mp_marsh mp_nachtfeuer mp_nvabase mp_rb mp_rocket mp_seelow mp_suburban mp_kiev mp_townville mp_wbridge mp_xfire_bay Cheers
  13. Cool , thanks Beers ! You keep it rockin man !!