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  1. Yeah !!!! The new phone book is here, The new phone book is here !!!
  2. How about the "Im Sofa King We Todd It" map ?
  3. Been on it for years. Cervical issues. Only problem I have is some blurry sight from time to time. And it makes you dream some very vivid dreams. Also used to treat epilepsy.
  4. I have it happen from time to time. Depends on map. So your not crazy !!!
  5. I play all. COD WAW (5) is a my favorite. The graphics are the best of the 3 and the game mechanics is the best of all 3. COD 4 while fun, it is very fast paced, to the point of being unrealistic. Also the graphics are kind of cartoony, if that makes since. I know I will get shit from the COD4 peeps, but dont knock 5 if you dont have it. My favorite order is COD5, COD2 then COD4.
  6. Shaped like a Mk III Supra.
  7. Prices will come back down in a few months. Mining for cryptocurrency with "PC" rigs will slow down, now that the price of bitcoin and others are dropping. Plus the latest ASIC Miners are getting more efficient than PC rigs and ASIC miners are easier to setup. But they are pretty damn loud. More people are doing "Cloud Mining" ( I being one). With cloud mining your renting ASIC miners, that these sites maintain for a percentage of your profit. Now when ASIC Miners and/or video card rig prices settle down, I may build my own miner or buy an ASIC Miner. At current values (hash rates, difficulty rate and bitcoin price) a single Radeon 570 pc rig would earn around $3.00 - $3.50 per day (after operating costs). Thats $1,095 profit a year. Now build a PC rig with 6 Radeons would earn you $6,570 profit a year (at current values). A 6 card pc rig would cost roughly $1750 to $2,000 to build. After 4 months the rig is paid for. Now the latest ASIC Miners can earn you up to $250 a week or $13,000 per year. At current levels. But they cost around $6,000 to buy. An ASIC would pay for itself in 6 months. So in the long run ASIC's are the way to go. I predict bitcoin will be around $5,000 per coin in about a month (if not sooner). And with the governments around the world on the fence about cryptocurrencies, that alone is making shit volatile. Now if the governments come to a consensus and acknowledge cryptocurrencies, well one could see bitcoin shoot up to $100,000 in a few years. But then again, they could all go belly up !! Very interesting and unpredictable investment. Remember who got rich during the "Gold Rush" ? The guys selling shovels !!! Video card manufacturers and ASIC builders are laughing to the bank.
  8. Wasssuup !!
  9. I never have auto updates turned on. And I have 8 pc's in various rooms (6 AMD and 2 Intel). Windows 7 SP2 on all, but 1 (windows 10). And the laptop with Windows 10 is set up like 7. I put 10 on it for shits and giggles and turned all the damn auto updates and privacy shit off. Should have left it alone. Hell I ran XP forever. If it aint broke !!!!!!
  10. Play the DM server !!! Thats where the cool kids hang out !!!
  11. Never got a chance to see The Tubes. Would have loved to have seen them. Can you say QUAALUDE !!!!!
  12. If you have never seen Alice Cooper before, then DO SO !!!! So amazing !!!! Eric Singer, one of my all time favorite drummers, played with Cooper for years. Great drum solo
  13. Alice Cooper marathon !!!! Go see him !!!
  14. Well thats a bunch of poppycock !!!!!!
  15. Sauerkraut and kielbasi and or pork here in Ohio. But the sauerkraut is the luck bit !!!! I like Bavarian Sauerkraut the best !!!