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  1. Me too pedro !!! What happened to Thumper ? He was from the same era.
  2. Im running a AMD 8350 with 16 gig on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 Motherboard, no SSD and the GTX660 of course . I tried the beta too with no issues. Just may be that combo he is using. I strictly build with Gigabyte motherboards. I use to only use DFI LanParty boards and then DFI quite making consumer boards !! Pissed me off !! Great boards. Rock Solid. I have tried Asus, MSI and just found Gigabyte a solid replacement for DFI.
  3. Hell my GTX660 runs all my games great !!! What is he trying to play ? Only game I can think of that the 660 would have issues with is the new "Warhammer" game. Even then, just dial down the graphics.
  4. Smooth game-play on my end with it. And my system is several years old. I love the graphics. Slower movement in the game than Im use to. But I nice addition IMHO.
  5. Pull them out and clean the contacts on the modules. Blow out the socket. Put them back in and fire it up.
  6. Great news with wife !!! And I feel for you on the fixing up the home !!! We have a summer house at Indian Lake, Ohio and from late June until now its been a mess. Had a new seawall, cement patio and boat-lift put in. Contractor was suppose to start back in May, but do to all the rain we had here, the lake was too high for them to cut bolts on the seawall posts. They started late June and just finished the concrete work and boat-lift. We are putting a deck on top of the boat lift and hopefully that contractor will start in the next few weeks. But we have use of the house and lake again !!!! Again, great to hear your wife is fine. Enjoy the rest of the summer !!
  7. Got it fixed. Luckily I found a config file that was a month old.
  8. Went to start up the game for the first time in a week or so and it would not log in (Activision Server). So I figured they must be having issues. Well today I can play, but I lost all my key bindings, perks, graphics were reset to default, etc.. Like starting over !!! Anyone else ?
  9. Amendment II A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
  10. You owe my Zombie !!!! I had to cash in all my favors to get your stinky ass accepted !!!
  11. Its the Motherboard that makes or breaks a cpu !!!
  12. Like them too. But its not stock. Unless the stock animal comes with Hoosier Tires !!! I doubt it. So technically its not stock.
  13. We got rid of the latter when you moved !!!!!
  14. Urbana, Just above Springfield
  15. Hey another Ohioan !!!!