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  1. MikeB

    I always pick seats behind the mixing console when going to concerts. Best place for listening. Well, unless the sound man sucks. Been to a few of those. Went and saw Weezer years back and the opening band was Motion City Soundtrack and wow the mix was horrible !!! Thank goodness when Weezer came on the sound guy got his shit together.
  2. MikeB

    Shoot the fuckers !!!!! Eat em all up !!! Damn car killers !!! I have a couple nesting behind my garage and want to take them out !!! But wifey likes them. We raised a deer back in the 90's. Lived under our kids swing set. It played with our kids and followed me around when I mowed. So naturally the wife thinks its one of its offspring.
  3. MikeB

    72 degrees one day and snow on the ground the next day !!! Hate this time of year.
  4. Here is a maggot encrusted steak I did the other day !!! Yum yum !!!!
  5. MikeB

    The "bt" sound would be a hell of a tongue twister to pronounce !! In todays world even though banks and credit unions are federally insured, what happens when both fail !!!! Your fucked !!! In that situation we will rely on the "Barter" system. Real Estate, precious metals, and of course other tangible items of need will be used. Gold Standard here we come !!! Real Estate (especially farm land) is being bought around here by large corporations and Investment firms at a much higher rate than in the past.
  6. MikeB

  7. MikeB

    Pete's Alive !!!! Hey where are my rocks from overseas ????? You forgot !!! Man I had a very nice piece of Beatles memorabilia was going to send you for grabbing them !! I thought you loved me man !!??
  8. MikeB

    Lets not forget the loony lefty who shot Steve Scalise. And the loony lefties in congress who told their continuants to harass Republicans in public. Shows you how classy they REALLY are.
  9. MikeB

    I do not have a Twitter or Facebook account either Sammy. Both are the Devils' Playground !!! Time and time again Twitter and Facebook have shown their political bias. So I think the Musk take over is very good. Let everyone speak, no matter what your affiliation.
  10. I quit riding back around 2005. Traded a Suzuki GSXR750 for a Z car. Too many distracted drivers now a days to feel safe on a bike. Fuckin cell phones !!!! But my current Z is just as fast and I have some protection.
  11. Scanners are getting cheap. And most auto parts stores will run "fault codes" for you. Many sensors are easily replaced. And YouTube video's abound on fixing specific vehicle issues. We developed a bad rocker tick in our 2014 Chrysler Minivan and my wife said lets just buy a new one. I told her thats crazy !! The van is in excellent shape and there is zero oil usage. So I bought a set of rockers for less than $100 and fixed it. Took a few hours in labor, but its back to normal. Even if I had to replace the motor, I would. Cheaper than junking it and buying another.
  12. In my 44 years of driving I have only purchased two new vehicles. We buy 2 to 3 year old vehicles. Let someone else take the depreciation hit. As far as repairs I do them myself when I can. I put in a car lift a few years back and it didn't take long to pay for itself in labor savings. But I drive them till they fall apart from the rust !!
  13. MikeB

    Believe it or not Sammy. Here in Ohio we all get along !!! One of my best friends is a die hard Biden fan. I dont get it !! But hey its his choice. And we check our political and religious views at the front door.
  14. MikeB

    Where ever you go, stay out of Dem ran cities !!! Im serious. You need to move to rural USA. Buy a place with at least 3 acres (to plant shit). You will need to grow your own food soon. Or better, one with a stocked pond to fish, woods to hunt and land to have a descent garden. And as far as medical services, hell our small town has a hospital and many medical professionals. Plus country living is good for the body !!! Yee Haw !!!
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