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  1. Looks great. Didn't realize you were going dual video cards !! That rig should be good for a few years.
  2. Senn. Headset !!!! I own many Sennheiser headphones. Love the HD650's for listening to music, and use 280's for tracking in the studio. Always wondered what their gaming sets are like. Be sure to do a review on the Headset !!!
  3. They are more interested in the clam shells and snail shells they find
  4. If you have your PC or video drivers set to auto update, that can cause issues. Check and see when the drivers were installed (if auto update). If the date installed is when the issues arose, then thats the answer. Rollem back and shut of auto updates.
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't donate it to a museum. Maybe on loan. No broken edges on it. Very nice shape.
  6. Congrats !!! Have that ball framed !! During a scramble or just out ?
  7. Oh yeah !!! Crappie, Bluegill and Catfish galore up there. Fried in beer batter !!!!
  8. Spear point may be on point (no pun intended) .
  9. Yeah sort of. Forgot to put in dimensions. Will edit original post. As my son pointed out. He said "God usually does not carve rocks in a straight line"
  10. We own a summer lake house at Indian Lake, Ohio (been in the family for 50 years). Our grand kids enjoy going under water and scooping up rocks, mud ,sand and fish shit. They then keep the shiny rocks and throw the rest back in. My siblings and I did the same as kids. Anyway they found this. Its 58mm or 2.28" long by 11mm or .43" at the widest point. And 7mm or .27" thick at the thickest point. When looking at it from the end, it is a tapered diamond shape. The Shawnee, Hopewell and a few other tribes lived in this area. Behind our cabin is a prehistoric Hopewell burial mound. I think it is a cutting tool ? Or it could be nothing. Please chime in !!! Oh yeah, I came across this old photo of my dad taken on great day of fishing at Indian Lake. Man that was 30 + years ago. Also threw in a sunset view (taken a few days ago).
  11. I installed the new Quake game and I like it. We had a Q3 server running for a while and a Unreal server. Most have not gotten much action to justify keeping them. But I still play the old games. I still find Kingpin servers running. That was a cool FPS. And there are still Q2 servers up and running. I hit them up now and then.
  12. Sounds like we will be in great hands. Give us a shit ton of tank maps !!! And naked lady maps !!!
  13. downloading now.