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  1. Sorry just misunderstood your intentions. Thought you wanted a refund and to stop owing. We like to break even or owe a little too.
  2. Beers !!!! Claiming yourself on your W4 is not a good thing. Plus there is no "Head of Household" on the W4 So if you are single or even married for that fact, with no kids you claim, then be sure to file "Single 0". Especially with the new tax code in play. While the average tax brackets have dropped 2 to 2.4%, the payroll tax withheld (be it W2 wages or pension") have dropped too. Meaning they will be taking less taxes out each pay period. If you or anyone have any related questions PM me, I would be happy to help and get you squared away for next year.
  3. Since deadline falls on weekend, you get two extra days. Sucks !!!!
  4. Sorry dad !! Forgot your birthday present again. Just like you forgot mine !!! Your loving son, Mikey
  5. And dont you just hate lovely RITA !!!!
  6. We have over 60 extensions to file. Worst year yet for people coming in late. And 70% of those will wait till freaking October to get their shit together.
  7. States often want to verify (by hard copy) efiled tax returns. Dont take it personal beers. They are just trying to cut down on the fraud.
  8. Is pretty cool. Ive seen one with blue lights too.
  9. Free for all is what I meant, sorry should clarify. Good to see them have it now. The demo was team only. At least the early demo
  10. Played demo. Looks great, but no "Death Match" online play. At least when the demo came out. Does the release have death match ?
  11. All the COD's of course I have no issues with my current rig. I play all the games in high resolution and all artifacts on. Even the new COD ran great (demo) and looked fantastic. Just time to build a new one.
  12. You have the same case my son has. I like the case I have, but Im going to be running two pc's. Going to keep the one I have for everyday use and the new is strictly for gaming. My sons been looking at the Ryzen Threadripper. Most games out today only utilize four cores (if that) so the Ryzen Threadripper is overkill for me. Now for multi-tasking with multiple programs it might be worth it. My son does alot of audio and video editing with multiple programs running at once. So the damn high price is justified to him.
  13. Looks good. Case wise its personal taste. Most cases now a days are comparable. I do like Antec cases and used them a lot, but case quality has come a long way. I remember in the 90's most had razor sharp edges and one had to be careful during assembly. I currently have a large Antec with a Corsair PS and "knock on wood" the PS has been bullet-proof. So I may lean towards Corsair. I have a Micro Center close by and usually get my stuff there. They match any online price and I walk out with everything. Definitely will go "liquid cooled", just for shits and giggles. And two "blue-ray" burners. Analog drives I have good luck with WD. But back to cases, I will look all over for one. Definitely want something weird and cool looking.
  14. In the same boat. Im running an AMD-8350 now, so its getting old. Going to build a rig in late April. I have always used AMD except on my last build (for my wife) which was an i7 2600k (few years back). Ive been comparing Ryzen and Intel offerings, especially these two. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-8700K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-7-1800X/3937vs3916 The link is a great site for comparing different cpu's. Well comparing everything. Im leaning towards the Intel chip. As far as GPU, Im leaning towards the Nvidia 1070. I always use Gigabyte boards. I've built probably 50 pc's and through trial and error settled on Gigabyte as my only choice. Well, DFI was my main source in the day, but they abandoned the "consumer" market and make only commercial specific motherboards. DFI was the LanParty company, which some may know. Miss those boards !! Anyway, I definitely will go solid state for the OS (Windows 7), and I always use a separate sound card (Sound Blaster of course).
  15. Alice Cooper is one to see live. What a show !! And he has his own sound crew, so the sound is always on point. The sound crew and board used is a deal breaker with me too. Been to tons of shows where the sound guy (or girl) is, well shit and many where its sounds great. A good sound guy can make any venue sound good. Some just compress the hell out of everything then slap a limiter on it at say , negative 1db (digital now-a-days) and it sounds like shit !! No dynamics at all !! Sounds like Metallica's Death Magnetic !! Squished and limited to hell !!! Now dont slam me, I do have "Death Magnetic" on vinyl and its tolerable.