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  1. downloading now.
  2. Happy birthday you Dirt Digger you !!!
  3. Sorry been away a few days. Are you logged on as admin ? Try putting your cursor in the password field (end of text), then hit apply. Here is Microsofts link to what I did and relayed to you https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings/windows-10-windows-update-keeps-turning-it-self/323c832e-119f-4552-8641-474acbd3dcff Also came across this app. http://www.novirusthanks.org/products/win-update-stop/
  4. Once you get them ironed out, shut off updates like I showed above. Or you will be going through this again at some point with a future update.
  5. Turn that auto / check for updates off !!! I know many just try to set "Windows Update" to manual, but that wont stick. Windows 10 will restart the damn thing. Here is the only way I could get Windows 10 updates to stop and stay that way. Go to services and double click "Windows Update",force it to stop, then choose the "log on tab". Check the "This Account" box, then in that field type .\Guest In the password field leave it as is. Though the password field generates characters, they dont function. Just leave them. Click apply and thats it. Hope it helps.
  6. I have that same mouse on another pc in the house. Im still using an ancient Logitech Dual Laser Mouseman. I have to revive it once a year from the dreaded dust bunnies. I have a new Logitech G502 (corded) but just cant seem to give up the old Mouseman !!!
  7. Wish I had his drumming skills !!! When you get around the 3 minute mark the snare and kick work is crazy !!
  8. Came across a few videos of my young cousin playing drums and another with him playing guitar and singing. Also have a video of him when he was 14. I had just finished building my home recording studio and I recorded his band to test things out. He is singing and playing guitar in that video. Very talented kid. Started with drums at age 3 then as a teen switched to guitar for a few years. Still plays both in several bands. But as a drummer, the kid kicks ass. Here he is singing and playing guitar at age 14 Here he is playing guitar and singing with other bands.
  9. I was going to build a new gaming PC this month, but may hold off now till this fall. See where video card prices go.
  10. Oh this thread is so good , even though it old !!!! Bart was called a dipshit !!!!! And he kept his cool !!!
  11. Sorry just misunderstood your intentions. Thought you wanted a refund and to stop owing. We like to break even or owe a little too.
  12. Beers !!!! Claiming yourself on your W4 is not a good thing. Plus there is no "Head of Household" on the W4 So if you are single or even married for that fact, with no kids you claim, then be sure to file "Single 0". Especially with the new tax code in play. While the average tax brackets have dropped 2 to 2.4%, the payroll tax withheld (be it W2 wages or pension") have dropped too. Meaning they will be taking less taxes out each pay period. If you or anyone have any related questions PM me, I would be happy to help and get you squared away for next year.
  13. Since deadline falls on weekend, you get two extra days. Sucks !!!!
  14. Sorry dad !! Forgot your birthday present again. Just like you forgot mine !!! Your loving son, Mikey
  15. And dont you just hate lovely RITA !!!!