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  1. 1974 Pontiac Ventura (Think Nova with a Firebird nose). 350 with Holley hi rise intake, 650 double pumper carb., Turbo Hydramatic Trans., Hooker headers, and Cherry Bomb dual exhaust. And of course air shocks to clear the M50's on the back. Totaled it in a drag race. Fucking big ass dog ran in front of me at 100mph. Hit that dog head on and caused me to spin out and hit a tree sideways. Loved that car. I lost lane choice and of course the dog chose my lane to stroll into. Oh yeah !!! Had 6x9 Mind Blower Speakers and a Craig Cassette Deck. Those Mind Blower speakers got their name for a reason !!!
  2. I guess Pete doesn't want that Beatles Book. Must not want me to know where he lives. Its OK Pete I understand.
  3. A healthy does of eating dirt always did us good growing up. Lord knows I ate my share. That and creek and lake water !! Good to hear from you Pedro !!! Just ordered a Gibson Monkey SG with P90 pickups brother !!! Guys I jam with tell me I need to add a Hofner or Rickenbacker Bass to my collection !!! Only have a couple bass guitars. I still have that Beatles Auction Catalog I wanted to send you !!! But alas you never sent me an address !!! Very interesting Beatle memorabilia in there. Stuff I never new existed. Here is a link to one for sale on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324598402803 PM me your address and I will send it to you via USPS Priority mail. Good bathroom reader !!!
  4. Its biological warfare and population control rolled into one. And its hard to prove if it was man made. Not like mustard gas or others used in a war.
  5. Taken with phone. The cool one was a friends phone with a camera filter.
  6. We are lucky to have a 5 time World Champion in Ohio. https://600downtown.com/about/
  7. 1710460004068_7C67AB0DFD7A131710460004.mp4 Sorry the video is grainy. Was at night and camera doesn't pick up well. Couldn't resize it to make it less grainy. But that cloud touching the ground straight across the lake is the tornado. It was very wide. Once I get the other video I will upload it.
  8. Most houses lakeside are on slabs or foundations. Was there today cleaning up. Hard part is cleaning up the small shards of glass. Will not be going bare foot this year. Nails are easy to pick up with magnet rollers, but not glass. Crazy how many volunteers have come from all over to help aid those in need. People grilling and feeding workers everywhere. Amazing !!! I have security video of the tornado hitting one of the islands slammed by it. Will post it when I get a chance. Have another video that shows it heading over the water towards us, but until power is restored I cant download it. On cameras internal memory. That on should be crazy. Thanks to all who wished us well.
  9. My cousins place a few houses down lost the entire second story of their house. Other areas up there are flattened. We feel lucky. But need a structural engineer to check our place out before we do any repairs. The exterior wall that took the force looks like its leaning in. And the floors are sagging a little. Crazy
  10. We had an F3 Tornado hit our property there. Lucky our house is still standing. Had significant damage in our area. Whole area is like a warzone. Heading back up in the morning to do more cleanup. That little white building in the second picture is our shed !! Its intact but on its side. And moved about 20 ft from its base
  11. Timmah has some scary issues going on. Daddy or Mommy issues at that. Or could be the plugs !!! Remember Timmah has me blocked. But lordy... he needs some help or a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Better yet he can use those counterfeit Amazon plugs to satisfy his urges.
  12. Timmah can you hear me ? Can you feel me near you ? Timmah can you see me ? Can I help to cheer you ? Oh Timmah ! Timmah !
  13. Timmah will have us all blocked in the near future !!!!! Boy needs to not take shit seriously. Quit getting his ball baby panties in a wad. You think he will unblock me to read this ???
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