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  1. And to think the military were going to retire it. I worked on the A10 as well as other military fighter programs for 30 years (retired). Man I miss the hands on work, but not management.
  2. Oh I agree. Its blatant fraud. Just like the current admin using covid to their advantage. We are in the endemic phase of covid (fingers crossed). We just all need to move on and let people make their own choices. The little virus is everywhere. No mask or lockdown will stop the spread. It has now become the new flu. Get the shot if you want, just like the flu shot. Middle America is over the mandates, and masking. Which is very apparent by the crowds at all the ball games. Time for the government to get over it too.
  3. This pisses me off. Have an acquaintance who's mother just passed. Obituary said "From Covid Complications". Ran into them the other day and said, Sorry for your mothers loss. During the conversation it was brought up about her dyeing from Covid. The response was, "Oh no, she died from a car wreck injuries". She was tested for Covid during her emergency treatment from the injuries. Popped positive (asymptomatic). So the hospital told the family if they listed the cause as "Covid", they would eligible for more burial benefits and a break on medical bills !!!
  4. One mans garbage is another mans treasure !!! Everyman, women and child have the right to believe in what ever the hell they want. Its when someone FORCES you too do so, that it becomes a problem in my book. You can believe "Fairies Wear Boots", I dont care. Anyone, anyone ?
  5. Im thirsty for some reason
  6. Maybe you should watch a video he does. May enlighten you. He just goes over latest data that gets released. Nothing political or "conspiracy theory" bullshit. Just the facts Jimbo.
  7. My ole lady owns my ass !!! But at least she keeps my happy !!!
  8. Viruses, unfortunately, are natures way of population control. Unless ????
  9. Latest episode he was talking with a virologist. I didn't realize there are millions of different types of viruses out there. Crazy. And of course viruses are an important part of the ecosystem.
  10. Dr. John Cambell gives daily covid updates in a very easy to understand and non political manner !!! Good stuff. This is from today.
  11. Three of my family members have covid as I type. All three had the three shots !! One it hit hard a few days after his booster !! Not hospitalized , but in bed with a high temp. The other two just mild symptoms. Runny nose and cough. I know several people who got real sick after the booster. So research people. Make your own decision. My ass isn't getting the booster. I had Covid about a month and a half ago (tested). And I feel like in early 2020 I had it too. Same symptoms both illnesses. The first time in Jan 2020, they were not even testing yet.
  12. You talking "Satan" is your master or your wife ?
  13. What is your quest ? What is your favorite color ?
  14. Be nice !!! Kind of narrow minded to think the Universe just happened. Big Bang ? Well something or someone had to create the bang. Mankind is just to damn caught up in our ignorance to see beyond ourselves. There is no denying Jesus existed. Historical records prove that. Now whether he was the Son of God, thats where you have to figure it out. Maybe we are a test planet for superior life forms. And the only way we could explain with our limited knowledge of the heavens was that they or it was God. I have seen some strange things in my life that lead me to believe we are not alone. One was a UFO encounter. Are these visitors what man considers God ? Or is there a Devine being that created all ? Including the aliens who visit our planet. Who knows. But upon our death we will all find out. Plain and simple. Question is, are you at peace with it ?
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