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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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  2. Hey guys, I drop in to your cod2 servers later in the evenings for a bit now and then but thought I'd extend an invite to play CTF with us at OHMY sometime. ( Players of all skill levels welcome. Rocketman and focusedfrog who frequent the DM server play some with us but I hope more of you will drop by sometime. Team Speak is there as well if anyone wants to join that. We're typically on from lunch time until 8/9PM cst. One of our members has made roughly 50 maps in the last 3-4 years and many of them are really good. So if you're ever looking for new maps it's a good place to find those as well. Anyway, thanks for keeping a server up and running in cod2. Hope to see you at our place sometime. 10001110101- a.k.a. Binary
  3. PainKiller

    I had to manually kick her so it would stop doing that lol. I will have another look at the scripts but as far as I am aware. there is not much else I can change aside from the amount of time it takes to kick people.
  4. loaderXI

    Need to look and add a in game warning on being kicked if idle to long in spectate or vocalize it in game so everyone knows
  5. LtLaszlo

    Yes, thanks for the new batch! Liking the new lineup so far. One round, at least, it kept saying it was going to kick Hexe for inactivity, but don't think it ever did. ?
  6. PainKiller

    Following some brief feedback, I will be increasing the time allowed to sit in spec to 3 minutes tomorrow. I am trying to find a way to fix the broken auto-balance
  7. Thanks pain - but how do we keep @loaderXI out???
  8. TedsofBeverlyHills

    As Always, thanks Pain, for the update and work, the cod 2 players thank you...
  9. It's finally time to update the TDM server with new maps and a quick change to how the server handles AFK players. NEW ROTATION gametype tdm map mp_wspawn map ubunker gametype ctf map mp_schultz_bunker gametype tdm map mp_arena2 map mp_frontline_forts2 map sps_el_Embarcadero_f gametype ctf map mp_coddm3 gametype tdm map sps_free_port map mp_frontline_carnage map mp_rds_s gametype ctf map mp_carentan_ville gametype tdm map mp_cs_sniper map mp_cargotown gametype ctf map mp_asylum2 gametype tdm map mhz_massacre1 map mp_bretot map hillsides gametype ctf map mp_bassano gametype tdm map icsl_village map mp_accona_desert map germanairfield gametype ctf map mp_overgrown gametype tdm map open_sea map mp_trainstation_rain_v2 gametype ctf map amd_stadt gametype tdm map mp_bastogne map mp_chelm_night MAPS map mp_trainstation_rain_v2 map mp_chelm_night map mp_accona_desert map mp_bretot map mp_wspawn map mp_frontline_forts2 map mp_frontline_carnage map mp_cargotown map mp_asylum2 map mp_coddm3 map mp_schultz_bunker map mp_carentan_ville map amd_stadt map mp_bassano map open_sea map mp_rds_s map icsl_village map sps_free_port map SPS_el_Embarcadero_f map germanairfield map hillsides map mp_arena2 map mp_cs_sniper map mhz_massacre1 map mp_bastogne PLEASE REMOVE TO SAVE SPACE: J1_22.iwd J2_22.iwd SERVER UPDATES I have made some changes to how the server managed AFK players. This will have an impact on the Auto-balance. What this means is that if you are in spectate for more than two minutes, you WILL be kicked to allow the server to autobalance correctly. This is the only way we can stop moving people around manually.
  10. #DMROTATION FEB 25 F22_1 map mp_st_chaos map mp_kemptown map gob_icestation map gob_italy2 (map duhoc) map mp_castle (map mp_db_vacant) map mp_dome map mp_fragcastle map mp_remagen2 map mp_the_village F22_2 map mp_desertcamp (map mp_arrigny_sm) map mp_construction map mp_island_madness map mp_king F22_3 map mp_villecourt map mp_scrapyard map mp_refinery_dm map mp_xfirec map mp_underworld map mp_kiev map mp_marketsquare_b1 map mp_kalsingrad_v2 Maps with ( ) on them will not play DM but are there for CTF Impure clients will be MEM3.iwd,MEM4.iwd and n2.iwd...There may be others for you NEW ROTATION gametype dm map mp_burgundy map mp_st_chaos map mp_kemptown map gob_icestation map mp_breakout map gob_italy2 map mp_castle map mp_dome map mp_fragcastle map mp_carentan map mp_remagen2 map mp_the_village map mp_desertcamp map mp_construction map mp_island_madness map mp_king map mp_villecourt map mp_scrapyard map mp_refinery_dm map mp_decoy map mp_xfirec map mp_underworld map mp_kiev map mp_marketsquare_b1 map mp_kalsingrad_v2 map mp_dawnville REMOVED X1.iwd ND11_2.iwd ND11_3.iwd ND11_1.iwd TJor.iwd DS22.iwd OLD ROTATION map mp_toujane map mp_bathroom map mp_colditz map mp_coddm3 map mp_delta_mission map mp_codcastle map mp_gobboi map mp_the_tomb map mp_boxfight map mp_xfirea map mp_assault map mp_xi_jordan map mtl_hobbiton map mp_tuboff map mp_anzio_moh_bt map mp_breach map mp_farmhouse map kuhnia2 map mp_coddm3 map mp_tubw map mp_frontline_carnage map mp_shipwreck_redux map mp_death_star map mp_cdom map gob_tozeur map lnl_arena map mp_tuscany_ext_beta map mp_matmata
  11. Giggles

    Dang phone likes to auto correct everything even when I type it out the way I want it. Lol
  12. loaderXI

    The last version to come out is 3.0...We run 2.6 on TDM and 2.8 on DM
  13. Interesting to know @PainKiller. I didn't know the specs played into auto balance. It seems like that would be an easy coding fix from the developers to keep the specs out of the auto balance headcount. Is that mod still being worked on actively at all? I haven't read up on it in ages. It seems like that feature request would have already been made.
  14. loaderXI

    Silly girl/s Dat why me wuvs u so ...No I changed my in game so everyone remembers to [email protected] their weapons and if members want to join they canme to make room
  15. Majbasil

    LOL "Louder", hahaha that is a good one. hehe So is that why Loader changed his name to Re-load? To stop Giggles calling from him Louder? Hurry in the maps so you can "Murderize" him. hehe
  16. window

    All, Thanks for explaing here. PK, and myself have had several conversations on this topic in the past. There is no team stacking going on. The Tdm server runs a mix of sniper, run & Gun, and CTF. Just imagine if you were playing CTF and the teams were 6 vs 2 how fun would that be if you were on the latter team? This is where auto balance is needed, but many times won't work due to the people in spec. As PK said, he moves the last person in game from the over balanced team. That's it really. The stacking blame game is just not holding water. It's clearly done to make it better. If peeps think there is something wrong in the servers then bring it to an ADM, or just post here in the fourms and it will get pick up.
  17. I've found over the years changing server settings do not make grumpy whinning players any less grumpy and whiney. I have found that one rule does help. Respect our admins in game. Have a problem take it to our forums. Continued disrespect in game will get you kicked from the game. Servers are a place to have fun. Forums are a free for all. Harder then it sounds to do though
  18. loaderXI

    Yes exception can be written in the script
  19. kleinehexe

    Thx pain...no problems with teams....i play with all idiots and have fun..sometimes we win....lol.. Almost great job from our admins.....thx for that
  20. PainKiller

    I can only carry so much dead weight
  21. PainKiller

    I am sure this can be sorted out It'll upset some people but it is what it is. No, all it does is try to autobalance faster. Yea, specs will always affect autobalance. That's why when the round starts there are the occassions of 3v1 because the other two players of team two are still in spec. It's all ballache
  22. Giggles

    Louder can you make it so if they sit in spec to long it will boot ... I've played on servers like that before. I also know that when you put that into place there was a place to make it so admins would not get kicked from spec without an admin kick. Just a thought.
  23. loaderXI

    So the mod change I did with reducing the time with auto-balance did nothing ? Also spectators will have a effect on auto-balance as the server see's players sitting there and has to consider them joining...I can make a mod to change the handling of specs but some will not be happy for sure
  24. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Thanks, Pain, for taking the time to explain and all your hard work with map rotations, you are appreciated much...
  25. bds1961

    But painkiller. Why is it anytime I play I get stuck on your team and lose. wait wait I get it. It’s down to skill level. Lol Thanks for the explanation.
  26. NEVER had a problem with anything on the server - thanks for your efforts - keep up the good work

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