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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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  2. I need help finding the transporter that will send you to the bunkers in the sky on the Uboatbunker/Sniper map. I have found the transporter to the crane already but not the one to the bunkers in the sky. The map was created back in July 2020, Id appreciate any help . Thankyou, [email protected]
  3. I've found if I start the game and go get a beer it'll finally be up and running by the time I come back. Then I click on Multiplayer and go get another beer and by the time I get back I've forgotten what I was doing.
  4. You're welcome! Happy to help you out! We're in TDM during the weekends at about 2pm GMT for a few hours and in DM during the week late at night. Hopefully see you there!
  5. Thank you very much @PainKiller! It worked! CU on the battlefield (I didn't try the solo mod though)
  6. Thank you hexe See you and bakke on saturday to shoot you :
  7. You cannot find the servers because you are running the wrong version of the game. You will need Version 1.3 which you can download here: Use XP compatability mode with both the single player and multiplayer exe and both should work. As for finding the servers, do you have HLSW installed? If not, you can download it here: http://www.hlsw.org/hlsw/download/ You don't have to register, you can use offline mode in the application. Once you have opened the program you will see a long address bar at the top. Put these in there one by one and HLSW will add them for you as CoD2 servers: The top one is TDM and the bottom one is DM. When you join you will probably be known as Unknown Soldier, just change your name the downloads do take a while and if they fail, just reconnect and try again, you can get them; just might take a few times.
  8. Thx for our worked on it..almost great and we always lucky to fight with you all on our weekends.... so many fun... Great job pk and loader.. greats hexi and bakke
  9. The MP mod works but not the solo mod. How can I look for the XI servers? I have got the number of the 2 servers but can't find them in the list when updating.
  10. In fact, I could install it but it won't start lol! Actually, would need some help.
  11. Never mind, sorry. Found the way to install it!
  12. I tried to install CoD2 from a brand new DVD (never opened the box after buying) but it won't install because of the (in)compatibility with Windows 10. I tried the compatibility mod with Windows XP and exec as an admin but but it won't work. Always the same message about the compatibility. Could someone help me plz? Or is it hopeless? Thks in advance!
  13. Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully the changes go well and if needs be, I can alter them quickly if necessary. If there was a way to give rage quitters an hour cool down I would but so far that's not possible. Would be funny though
  14. @PainKiller I wish more players would take a even a small amount of the time they spend bitching about things to say "Thank You" to you and @loaderXI both for everything you two put up with and how much work you put in to making sure we all have a place to have fun and some laughs. Few really know or seem to care about how much time you give to these types of things that very few of those bitching would be willing to do or have the skills to pull off. Please accept our thanks here from those few who post them here from all of us who meet up every weekend to enjoy the fruits of your guys labor. Looking forward to seeing how things go this weekend and what Mr. New Name each week comes up with next to grind his ax on lol. Too bad Rage quitter's can't be made to miss 1 hour of gaming as a penalty, now that cracks me the fuck up right there...
  15. Thank you sir! Thanks Window, I appreciate the feedback and the kind words. I'm getting the hang of this They will always bitch but it'll keep them quiet for a while. I am a young lad yes, 27 in a week and a half lol
  16. PK Thanks for the work with the TDM server. It can be a thankless position. I would say these are more than slight changes. Some will always bitch, and you know who I'm talking about. Great working with you young lad. LOL.
  17. Thanks PK for the work you are doing to make this server fun for all.
  18. Good Evening everyone! This is just a real quick update on the CoD2 >XI< TDM Server. I have implemented some changes that have been long in the backburner. These updates include: Increased spawn timer to 8 seconds (was 5) Increased spawn protect distance to 200 feet (was 50) You now drop weapons on death so people cannot accidentally pick up someones weapon on a sniper map Slight rotation changes Unknown Soldiers are now automatically renamed to Guest_Idiot# (the # denoting what number they will be) I know these aren't big updates but they are some nice quality of life updates for us all to enjoy.
  19. The maps you selected for this rotation are good solid choices and a nice variety of big and small size maps with some nice super long range sniper maps that make it hard for those who want to use a Kar and rain lead instead of snipe because the smaller maps can be so close. But considering that we range from 4 to 16 players at any given time on the weekends 9:00am to 2:30pm EDT it makes great sense to have both. Those big maps with just a few players could be like watching paint dry looking for someone to shoot if the move as much as Laz which is zero. My comments are just me sharing my thoughts only and by no means are they to be acted on by anyone unless 1) They make sense to all who matter and 2) They are easy to do at this point in the games life. The Server is set-up extremely well and the only reason several people who actually take our games serious are asking for more spawn protection is because of what I said before, Campers have no idea how they can cause their team to be pinned down and crushed because they have a solid ratio not knowing we let them live many times because we know they won't move unless shot and forced by the respawn. So sorry that we are asking you guys to figure out a way to protect us against our friends and clan members not fully grasping the math of COD2 after 15 plus years. Keep up the good work and go England on Sunday Mate
  20. Rotation has now been done and ready to go. There may be errors with IWD's but unfortunately some of that cannot be helped. We don't know what the client has on their system when they connect so it may give them issues. Loader and I will be looking at the spawn timers today and I will also bring up about the picking up weapons. I am not sure if that can be controlled server side or not. I can look at disabling all but one sniper but that means changing the whole weapon loadout system on the whole server which is something I do not want to do. I want to make minimal changes to the weapons we use due to feedback regarding the last time I enabled certain weapon loadouts. Rest assured, we'll get something going right.
  21. No worries and that longer spawn will help some of us who understand how the spawn works get away from those campers who don't have a clue that they are causing their team mates to get slaughtered. I have been known to not shoot said campers to keep targets in a specific area and I also throw smoke in front of those on my team that camp as well by the 3rd time I respawn next to them so maybe they will move. As soon as I see other teammates spawning around me I move to a new place on the map, I hate crowded areas LOL. And the weapon pickup is a huge issue on the sniper maps when there are a few sweet spots and some pick the Springfield and others select the Enfield. Both are good weapons but the commands for pick-up/use and zoom are pre-set to use the same key as you know and with our weapons choices and ammo amounts it is very rare a player would pick up a gun they come across, nades and health yes but a dropped MP44 I doubt. You are doing a great job and should take great pride in that so we can wait without any problems. Keep it up KID
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  23. Except this is dad's boat
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    So whats your point?

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