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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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  2. Just tossing this out there to all the rotation heros . A thank you lots of time involved in doingvitvtheses days. So my idea is Christmas in July
  3. Hello all, Just a forewarning: I will be changing the rotation at the end of this month (June). I am open to member suggestions so if anyone would like to see a map that they haven't seen for a long time or have a favourite in particular please let me know. I also intend to make some slight changes to the spawn timers just as a trial and seeing if I can stop making people pick up someones weapon when they want to zoom out their sniper! This will once again be a 1:1 ratio of run and gun to sniper but feedback is always welcome. ~Pain
  4. Keep in contact with us admins and we can do something soon for sure. I wanted to try something new every few months. Just a weekend event before I change the rotation, how about we do something for that?
  5. hey now im an old one,,not a young one!!!Hahahahaahahha Yes I just thought that the staurday morning crew may like a change of pace for 1 day. No big deal,,we get in a rut and play only what we like and dont like change!! If anyone wants to do something just let me know ,,other wise its really no big deal.
  6. I may be older but I still suck at the game I meant nothing disrepsectfully, we (myself, laz, window and some others) always talk shit about each other in the server, it's what we've always done. Anyway, As pman said, don't let the lack of response get you down, it's difficult to organise something on an older game with a crowd that is very much set in their ways as it were. We'll sort something out eventually. Just keep chatting with Loader and if he needs me to do anything he'll grab me on facebook or PM me here. A lot of the crowd want CTF which we've done a few times before so may
  7. Hey now both of you young whipper snappers slow your roll, many of us old fuckers read the forums and respond to those that we feel the need to. I tried several months ago to see if there was any interest in a tourny or a scrim to help @BlackRose after a talk with @loaderXI and we got no real interest. We have about 40 regular players on the 2 servers with little over lap. Some like the DM in the Evenings and others just play on the TDM weekends in the morning early afternoon. Like @PainKiller said the group mostly plays just COD2 with a few exceptions and for something like this to work you w
  9. You're expecting a bunch of old men doing things that they're not used to or really care for. The game is over 15 years old now. We've tried events before, and the only one that ever goes well is the Fallen Member event. It needs proper planning and also discussion within the game with the players and what they'd like going on. It's their server as much as it is ours. If there's no interest then no point in doing it. A lot of the players in CoD2 don't read the forums and due to their age not even know how to use it. We have to remind some of them to log in every now and then! The onl
  10. Maybe game is so old nobody plays as far as the people with 10 years plus. But a lot of new members or way after that time? Heck I tried to get the United Offensive long time ago one of the first COD you can drive jeeps tanks! No go had interest even trying a server. LUCKEY COD4 LASTED THIS LONG. HEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAW!
  11. It does not look like there is any interest in anything except the once yearly fallen member get together and thats ok. SO i will leave that up to you as always.
  12. @BlackRose I will make a in server request for all cod2 players to follow this thread both member and non member...Thank you for the work you put in and we will get it working for sure
  13. Well the knife tourny did not go well for cod2,,are we not reaching enough ppl??? are cod2 ppl not reading the forums?? Thinking maybe the saturday morning that you guys normally play would be a good time to do something else for a change. A one time thing. Thoughts??
  14. The servers are fine honestly unless people have had performance issues in game or so The XI INS servers have been attempted to be DDOS'ed for the past few years on average every week. NFO notify you the DDOS attack attempts, you can also check the attacking IP address to get a idea of who is attacking your servers. Ironically only recently I discovered one a few weeks ago, we were bombarded with like 5 DDOS attacks on the one server, 3 were in the space of 5 mins and all came from the same IP which is the signs of an amateurs job . I did a quick search and the IP in question was onl
  15. COD2 is still there because of the people who still love it. COD5 with its popularity would be a tough argument. There are plenty of us that still play many flavors. I play cod2, cod4, Warzone.
  16. Code is getting d dos attacks as well according to nfo. So its not the game being attacked it is NFO getting hit.
  17. Still searching high and low...I no longer have access from some sites due to being banned many years ago....So if anyone has access they can cross search that image on google and log into those map download sites
  18. Well it is Dos Rosie, they haven't got to windows yet, protect your Windows 95 set up now, donate $1000 dollars to Robs 'We'll fight them on the beaches' programme, coming shortly (as does Rob himself according to his wife?)
  19. cant believe this is still happening on such an old game
  20. I've looked through all my old screen shots and came up with nothing. I may have some more screen shots on some old hard drives I have packed away if I can find them. That ass hat that had COD Utilities Caused the loss of a lot of COD Maps...
  21. Time for all my old COD2 friends to move up to COD5 !!!
  22. I am sure @loaderXI has it saved somewhere. You could also take a look on the redirect? I know Loader and I managed to salvage some really old maps, one of them being Glamorgan - one we both thought was lost.
  23. That explains how bad the server for a few weekends ago, peoples pings were hitting way into the 300's, if not more. I'll let you know if anything like it happens again. Last time it happened I did a server restart; it helped a tiny bit but it came back.
  24. I remember playing the map, but no, the name doesn't come to mind.



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