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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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  2. TheLastColdBeer

    Now, If I could get rid of the "Call of Duty did not shut down properly, would you like to start in safe mode?" message, I'd be a happy camper. It also likes to mis-place my desktop icon. 🙄
  3. YACCster

    Yep, COD and sound settings are the largest issues for some reason.
  4. TheLastColdBeer

    10-4 Loader, been working a lot of hours, & summer is a poor time to spend sorting computer issues. Was going to try a headphone & adapter for HDMI, but I didn't want something that was useless for COD2. Really couldn't figure out why my working microphone suddenly stopped in WAW. Nobody on the Radeon sites was much help. Just guessed by the way my device manager was behaving that sound was the issue, and the only thing I changed was the video card....that wanted to play sound. Back up & rolling, I'll stop in Saturday for TDM before I mow grass.
  5. Blackbart

    I was wondering where you have been, not that I miss you it's just I miss the easy points...
  6. loaderXI

    Cod is very partial to realtek and 3.5 jacks
  7. Howdy, after months of playing WAW without a working microphone & not being able to play COD2 at all, figured the problem out. My Radeon RX-570 wanted me to use HDMI sound, but Realtek is my default device. Uninstalled the drivers I had been using, uninstalled COD2, then installed the latest Realtek drivers. Had a working microphone in WAW, so I re-installed COD2 & it actually allowed the game to start, something Loader, Pain, & I couldn't get to happen. Patched, & back up & running. Finally get to shoot Lead, Sinbad, & BDS again. Joy!
  8. i may have to revisit cod2 at some point sound good nice one !
  9. Pistols and melee only maps. I miss the movie sound bites as well. Thanks for your efforts you guys!
  10. OK so I came to this post to read about the baby. What about the baby? And how on earth?
  11. Just a quick update on the state of the server. We have implemented the female Diana model and the perk store. Sprinting has now been adjusted because it was originally far too fast! The gunship now works correctly as well. I need to stress the fact that this is still in its very early stages of implementing so whilst some features will be active, they may not work as intended or at all. Given its really when Loader and I can both get together to work on it, I expect to have a basic working build soon for people to play test.
  12. Thanks for all the work Loader, Pain! Haven’t checked this server out yet, but certainly will eventually.
  13. The mod is in it's purest stock settings yes...Everything will need fine tuning
  14. WAS WHAT i WALKED IN TO TODAY A STOCK SETTING WHILE YOU GUYS WERE KNIFING EACH OTHER? I ran to other side of the map with the most common weapon choices and they fire almost like stock weapons. Just wondering what's up
  15. 2.9 is built upon 2.8 so there will be a lot of similarities in what it can offer but as I understand, 2.9 is a lot more polished off than 2.8 and more powerful. Loader and I are building this from the ground up using the barebones/default mod settings. It's our pet project
  16. I would like to ask everyone to consider this is a fresh from the door build...There will be issues,likes and dislikes and we will need simple input to address these as they come in...If you have played the 2.8 mod on the DM server then you know the likes and dislikes from there...However this will not be a mirror of that server and that is not our final goal.. HUD will be changed to remove the bullet hit in display @Hoth Respawn will be commanded out and you will not be required to hit use key to respawn
  17. I would like to see the grenade launchers returned and for the flame thrower to work both ways like it used to so if you walk in to your flame you get burnt up as well since when they are used the take up a huge amount of energy from the graphics portion of the game. Also maybe adding a map or 2 that are just shotties that can be voted on so people like me who don't like or use our low powered shotguns won't get bitched at for not using shot guns when a few people have decided for the group that the "Next Map is shotties and bashing". I f I hear about that one more time I am going to take a road trip and hunt someone down. 15 years later and still hearing the same fucking shit. Less Smoke grenades as well since they too cause the server to lag when it is full and I hate the fire nades fyi but oh well. Current weapons set up is fine and I am not a big fan of adding modern weapons to a WWII game might as well add light sabers and phasers to it. I looked at a few videos I could find on You-tube and it seemed like it was only being used on a "Bot Server" so tons of spawn raping to get the gun ship which made for even more spawn raping and it was only on "Stock Maps". I think we have tried the voting system before and needed to make sure a map stayed out of the vote for a few hours after play or they would just play a few "Select Maps" and also if mics can be shut off during voting that would help make sure folks aren't feeling pressure to go along with the herd?
  18. All is Cool if implemented , if mod 2.9 would allow the following Also Thanks Boys for all the work ....
  19. Now I have your attention! First off, Loader and I are proud to announce we are going to be implementing a new mod onto CoD2. I say new mod but it is more of an up to date version of the current mod we are hosting: eXtreme 2.8. We are moving to 2.9 on a separate server and we would like your input as well. These severs are yours just as much as ours. What is it you want to see in the mod? Do you want similar to what we have now or something different? A new weapon set up, say modern weapons? Trade out fire nades for ones that go boom? Anything you'd like to see in it, let us know and we'll see what we can do. We can build upon what we have in the current mod and try to fix any glaring issues anyone might currently have with the current one or we can go a completely different route. There is no ETA for this as Loader and I are doing this on the side as the main servers are our current priority but I will keep people updated as and when anything major happens. What about the old mod? That is staying, don't worry! This is going to be on a separate server so you can still beat each other off-- I mean up! on the current CoD2 servers whilst we take a gander at this new version. Can I have this and that in the mod? I am sure you can! As we are moving from 2.8 to 2.9 there will be a lot of things that are familiar so a lot of systems we have in play now will still be available. This is a very powerful mod and there is a lot that can be done! Personally, I want to replace grenades with potatoes but we'll see. I also want to try and fix that damn bug with the gunship where you can still carry the weapon around for 20-30 seconds when you jump out. And maybe fix the spawns so a couple of you will stop crying. As I have mentioned, any input you have on what you would like to see would be greatly appreciated. Even if it is just a list. Take mine for example: CTF and TDM map rotation Grenades are potatoes Map skip voting (should only be used when there are hardly any players and its a big map) Mode voting (vote for CTF or TDM on the next map) Longer spawn time/distance Anti-camping mechanism
  20. Hi everyone, as i sit here in my commanders office at the Bradley Military Academy for boys i would like to have all to remember the fallen.
  21. CTF tournament still happening tomorrow?
  22. Yep I'm late but I would be intrested if it still not too late.
  23. BIG is not a problem 🙂 problem we always face is people coming together...Most will but are slow to respond so for now we need to focus on getting people in that server



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