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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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  2. PainKiller

    It was good to see you in PMan, We still run snipers on TDM as you saw and DM gets busy in the weekday evenings so be sure to come along to that!
  3. I kill you !!! Good to see you will be around cod2 Pman !!! Hopefully my ass can play some soon.
  4. Good to hear Pman. TDM is still running sniper maps, as well as others. TDM starts to get busy at 8:00 CT on the weekends/holidays. Hope to see you there tomorow morning.
  5. I just figured out why I couldn't get COD2 to run. I fixed the issue and am pretty sure I will in game this weekend for some sniper maps. Are we still running those on the TDM rotation? and when does the DM server get rocking?
  6. This will also be hosted on the cod2 server ,, stock only maps on our DM server -
  7. PainKiller

    I don't think that the Panzerfausts will work to be honest. We have flamethrowers on DM and they can lag the game to all hell - I have no clue what the panzerfausts will do. But, I can give it a go. If I want to bring CTF into the TDM server it will have to go to a voting system where you can vote for either CTF or TDm BUT that is something I haven't looked at. There is a map vote system but not sure on mode vote. I am not sure if people will be happy with a random CTF map coming up because some players will just come in for CTF, some for TDM which is why the event server will be used for all the CTF stuff.
  8. RobMc

    Certainly, I don't need it do I ? 🙄
  9. BOB

    I think you should pass the badge down to me Pain Brilliant idea, Im 100% in on the CTF weekends. I like the idea of bringing the different game modes into TDM too, I just hope we get a good amount of people because playing CTF and LIB with like 4 people is rather hard! Maybe add some Bash only maps where its just 5/10 minutes long and i also heard you mention you could add Panzerfaust, Now that sounds fun!! I guess just try it out see how it goes? if it works, it works.. if it doesnt at least you tried
  10. PainKiller

    Missing the whiner badge though, can I borrow yours? I used to hop all over the damn place but getting better lol
  11. RobMc

    I see you've got the bunny badge ???
  12. THIS IS CURRENTLY IN DISCUSSION SO THIS MAY OR MAY NOT ACTUALLY BE A THING! Morning/Afternoon idiots! Firstly, thank you everyone who came to the event over the weekend to remember our fallen members! It was a blast and it was great to see some of the older members turn up and not just the regulars of CoD2. Was great fun all around. I wanted to gauge the feedback though. What went well and what didn't, that's all. The reason being is that I would like to put forward an idea to you guys. Something that I've been meaning to do for some time now. Monthly CTF! Yes, monthly CTF. The CTF was a huge success over the weekend, an all around great time by all. How would you people be if I were to have a weekend dedicated every month to CTF? Perhaps the last or the first weekend of the month? It's requested a lot and we never seem to do anything about it. There's no point in making these events if there's not much interest which is why I am here now. This kind of idea has always been drifting around for some time but I want to actually make it a thing. We owe our roots of >XI< to CoD2 and CTF and I'd be more than happy to revisit all that with you fookers. What do you feckers want? I am also very happy to hear that the weapons were enjoyed all around. Especially shotties only or pistols only. I want to see if we can bring those into both TDm and CTF, mix it up a bit. There's only so much bunny hopping most of us can take! Any changes will likely not be done until the new year! Lets just unwind for a little! The Event server is still open for business should anyone want to play on it before anything changes!
  13. Only issue with that though is for some its a massive habit, to bunny hop when shooting and being shot. Yes we can make it a rule but if people stick to it, that's another thing. I'll break it in five seconds!
  14. yes you can use the jump and loose the weapon and then they cant shoot you as they jump. But they can still jump around to avoid being shoot. The only way is to make it a rule.
  15. It all depends on how sensitive you make it, which is the really fine tuning bit. Too sensitive and every small bump you make that takes you off the floor will put your gun away until you land again which is a real pain in the ass. Have it too low and its basically nothing happens. I have looked through the other scripts on the mod that we use and the playercontrol.cfg script is the only one to manage it. It looks to me that it comes into play every time you jump and Loader and I have tested this briefly to see what we're going to be messing with. I'll take a deeper look at it with him when we get a chance.
  16. This seems a good idea, i was thinking about it and i find alot of players also like to jump shot if they're hiding behind boxes and are too low to shoot over the top so this ^ would still allow that t happen and would also solve your falling problem would it not?
  17. I thought the setting was if you jump once or twice or dolphin dive your weapon became mute. I wish you luck I've tried as much as I could to solve this and it always ended up pissing some poor sole off. We did how ever settel of the jump twice option your weapon would be lowered.
  18. <<< If you want to skip this, I'll add a TL;DR at the bottom for those who don't wanna read blocks of text >>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >XI< TDM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First off, we are aware of the annoyance that is bunny hopping. We're all finding it a pain in the ass to deal with, my self included. I have been scratching my head on how to deal with this and so far, Loader and I have not been able to alleviate this issue. There is an option in the mod that we can toy around with that puts your weapon away when you jump, which is amazing on pen and paper but when put into action it would also put your weapon away if you fall off a roof or down a ledge, which is really not what we were aiming for considering the pace of the server. It takes a lot of fine tuning and I am hoping over the course of the next few weeks if Loader and I get time to, to try and sort this out. Although, we have already made some changes that you will notice when you come in. This is the weapons. The ability to choose every weapon has been disabled. This is because of the sniper maps. To make it easier for other people when it comes to sniper maps to actually KNOW it's a sniper. People such as Dirk You can select snipers ONLY! To make this happen I had to disable the ability to choose every weapon. Thankfully there's a work around. Your primary weapon will be for your team, your secondary weapon if your enemy. So regardless, you'll always have access to an M1 Garand or Kar 98k as American or British vs German and access to a PPSH when Russian vs German. I can try to see if I can make the PPSH available to everyone but once more, that will be on the back burner. I can do it on RCON to give a PPSH but that will only last for that map so it's not the sort of fix I am after but can do for the time being. So here I would like to propose a question: with the ability to edit the weapons on the maps, would you like me to have some maps where we do things such as shotguns only and perhaps bolts only? This is already active on the >XI< Fallen Member Memorial server! Which is of course, the next block of text! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >Xi< Fallen Member Memorial Server ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 days left maggots! 4 days until this years Open House begins and you can all go nuts and beat the shit out of each other. This has been a love child between Loader and I for some time and we've got it all up and running and this beast is now LIVE for everyone to get in and have a go on even before the event. It features mixed modes DM, TDM, CTF, LIB and MIXED WEAPONS! What this means is that we're not only stuck to the one mode now, either DM or TDM. We have a good mix of modes and weapons now to cater to different things. You could be slugging it out with shotties in Moscow to Pistol whipping each others asses in an arena all the way to running around a chateau to free your buddies from jail and not get your ass handed to you at the same time! We've bought back the family favorite CTF so I am sure many of you will be more than happy with that one. We know these are always a blast and always a resounding success so it's the same maps as last year (plus a couple of extra ones). What Loader and I would love to do is give you guys the opportunity to get a family photo so at around 4 or 5pm EST we'll get everyone in and get a photo done so you can all get back to beating the shit out of each other. The IP for the server is: The best way to connect is to open the console with ` (above Tab and left of 1) and type in: /connect OR just copy and past that! You can also find it in the server browser under: >Xi< Fallen Member Memorial As I final note we are, as always, aware of the downloading to get in to the server. Some of you will get failures whilst downloading but that is out of our control, you just time out connecting to the server or downloading. Yes we have large map packs but that is down to how CoD2 handles maps and mods. On CoD4 and 5 it is much more streamlined which is why you have thousands of separate maps. Sadly we don't have that luxury so we're stuck to doing it a different. Luckily I only update the rotations every couple of months so you'll be fine once you get them! I won't be updating TDM until early next year, perhaps March time. TL;DR! Weapon changes on TDM, sniper maps have snipers only, event server is live and ready to go! We look forward to having you on the killing fields! If you enjoy this weekend you are always more than welcome to join us on TDM every weekend from about 9-10AM EST onwards. PainKiller out
  19. ColdSore

    Thanks for checking on it. I went to get a screen shot and it's updating now. Thanks.
  20. Something is wrong with the Stats. I’m not listed as number 1 another admin hack at work.
  21. Sitting-Duc

    Can you show me? I see stats in there from today? Duc
  22. ColdSore

    So what happened to the "stats"? Seems to be off line since September 25.
  23. PainKiller

    Dude that looks so fun! I'll have to try that some time
  24. Was riding some of the many miles of trails we have in Michigan! Fall color tour. Will be full of snowmobiles soon!!
  25. PainKiller

    Always happy to help! Especially in a game that helped define my teen years (mostly because I met you fuckers). It's okay if you weren't around. I wasn't on Saturday but I was wondering where you were!
  26. Thanks Pain! Appreciate the work you put in to make COD2 remain a great game. Sorry I missed this past weekend (I’m sure y’all missed me as well)!

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