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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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  2. Blackbart

    I don't think there has been a day go by since his passing that someone hasn't said to me that they miss him...That speaks volumes about what kind of person he was...We all miss you Buddy...
  3. Grumpy

    P.S It was Black Bart who reminded me of this sad day.
  4. Tomorrow is the date we lost Mac Daddy......I miss the old guy.....Just saying
  5. PainKiller

    It has me stumped that's for sure. I am trying to work out why it's trying to look in your system32 folder when you boot the game though Have you tried booting single player? Try that, it might need to make your config file first.
  6. TheLastColdBeer

    Here you go, it's a pisser isn't it?
  7. PainKiller

    Can you show an image of your /main folder please? looks like you've got missing files. Which is odd. I need to be able to see the sizes of the folders in the /main directory too. You need these folders:
  8. TheLastColdBeer

    Here's a quick screenshot after an attempted start.
  9. PainKiller

    Best idea to stick with the version that is stable then but still try the tips that Rob and I have posted. Feel free to post some bits and pieces and we might be able to help. The most common issue with CoD2 is Direct X errors, but take it step by step, eliminating problems as they come. Message Loader and get him on TS if you can. I am not always around but I can be if you need it.
  10. RobMc

    Check it's enabled in bios, usually default but might not be, you got the latest motherboard drivers, chipset, audio etc?
  11. TheLastColdBeer

    Thanks lads, & a very LARGE FU to you Pain, lousy tosser. I'm running realtek onboard audio system w/3.5 plugged in headset. From what the Radeon message board folks tell me, the Adrenaline drivers from on really messed up compatibility with a lot of games, best off to step back to 19_whatever until AMD sorts things out. I always ran COD2 in compatibility mode as admin, & upgraded to 1.3patch as soon as it installed. If I get time I might post the boot screen & error messages I receive while trying to start the game. I think it's the Radeon drivers mucking things up. Off to work, cyas!
  12. PainKiller

    First off, FU beer you wanker What type of headset are you using? If it is a USB one, the game has a real hard time picking that up so if you have a 3.5mm jack on it, use that. It wouldn't matter if you put it in the onboard sound or on the sound card it will still work regardless. You just need to tell the computer what it's going to use. As for the game crashing on start up, try updating the game to 1.3 (should be done automatically if done through Steam) and also make sure that your video drivers are up to date. It could also be crashing because the game cannot render the current settings. To sort this out you need to find your player config file. If you are using Steam this is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 2\28\players If you are using the disc then it will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2\28\players If you have not yet been able to connect at all then you will not have a player profile to edit. If that's the case I can send you mine and tell you which bits you need to edit. You then need to look for the file config_mp.cfg and you are looking for these lines: seta com_hunkMegs "256" or something similar. Change that value to 512. That will allocate the game more memory to run some of the more demanding stuff the mod has and the maps that have a lot on them. seta r_rendererPreference "auto" set that to "dx7" instead of auto. It will force the game to render in DirectX 7 and not be such a dick when you are starting it up. Also make sure you are running the game in compatability mode for Windows XP SP3 and administrator.
  13. RobMc

    Hello my old mate, mic errors are dependent upon whether you have a sound card and it uses external software or windows, for instance I have a sound card that uses it's own software and every time I start computer I have to configure it to two speakers where I have my mic plugged in. What do you have?
  14. Howdy everyone, just sorted out a new power supply & new Radeon 570gtx video card. Or, so I thought. Cannot get my computer to recognize microphone or start up COD2. All I get are COD2_mp.exe stopped working errors. Can't seem to find its' localized config file. I've scrubbed the game twice & re-installed with the same results, so I ain't bothering to do that again. Runs WAW like a raped ape, but I wanna play COD2 @ night with all you gentlemen (?). Still running win7 pro, but I'm ready to jump to 10. Ideas?
  15. ColdSore

    Stats stuck again? I've been present quite a few times since 1/15! last seen playing on January 15th, 2020 11:23 PM, connected 17 times.
  16. PainKiller

    It was good to see you in PMan, We still run snipers on TDM as you saw and DM gets busy in the weekday evenings so be sure to come along to that!
  17. I kill you !!! Good to see you will be around cod2 Pman !!! Hopefully my ass can play some soon.
  18. Good to hear Pman. TDM is still running sniper maps, as well as others. TDM starts to get busy at 8:00 CT on the weekends/holidays. Hope to see you there tomorow morning.
  19. I just figured out why I couldn't get COD2 to run. I fixed the issue and am pretty sure I will in game this weekend for some sniper maps. Are we still running those on the TDM rotation? and when does the DM server get rocking?
  20. This will also be hosted on the cod2 server ,, stock only maps on our DM server -
  21. PainKiller

    I don't think that the Panzerfausts will work to be honest. We have flamethrowers on DM and they can lag the game to all hell - I have no clue what the panzerfausts will do. But, I can give it a go. If I want to bring CTF into the TDM server it will have to go to a voting system where you can vote for either CTF or TDm BUT that is something I haven't looked at. There is a map vote system but not sure on mode vote. I am not sure if people will be happy with a random CTF map coming up because some players will just come in for CTF, some for TDM which is why the event server will be used for all the CTF stuff.
  22. RobMc

    Certainly, I don't need it do I ? 🙄
  23. BOB

    I think you should pass the badge down to me Pain Brilliant idea, Im 100% in on the CTF weekends. I like the idea of bringing the different game modes into TDM too, I just hope we get a good amount of people because playing CTF and LIB with like 4 people is rather hard! Maybe add some Bash only maps where its just 5/10 minutes long and i also heard you mention you could add Panzerfaust, Now that sounds fun!! I guess just try it out see how it goes? if it works, it works.. if it doesnt at least you tried
  24. PainKiller

    Missing the whiner badge though, can I borrow yours? I used to hop all over the damn place but getting better lol
  25. RobMc

    I see you've got the bunny badge ???

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