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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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    I have been having the same issue every once in a while and it doesn't affect my movement but I have the curser in the middle of my aiming point and seems to lag a bit as well. I just log out and log back in to make it stop for the time being. Sure is a pain in the ass getting this older game we love so much to run on Windows 10. I can't run it thru my sound card have to use on board sound which is why I can't run a mic right now. But my wife insisted we upgrade so my PC suffers now WTF "women"

    I have tried today and it finally downloaded and I was able to hop in the server. Thanks guys for everything you do to keep it fun for all of us
  4. window

    It was all good for me. But I saw many peeps not get in today. We will get it fixed. Loader and Pain are on it. Thanks guys.
  5. PainKiller

    We'll both do what we can in time for next weekend and see what we can fix. The redirect is sluggish and has been since the webby was down so give it some time to settle out
  6. loaderXI

    I am going to remove that pack and spit it up so anyone who has downloaded it can delete it
  7. LtLaszlo

    Mine crashed once, but went in the second time, then ok. Hmmm? Strange some can and some not.

    I have tried at least 10 times this morning and map pack SPJ19.iwd --- sniper maps is the one that won't load no matter what I do. Just FYI since no one is now playing it and won't be back playing until next weekend
  9. loaderXI

    Also guys check and see if you have multiple temp files and delete them as it may be confused as to which one to finish the download in...Any file that is a temp will look something like this "m1.c9ec2516.iwd" where as any complete will be only a few charactors... The ones on there at the moment are J19_1.iwd J19_2.iwd J19_3.iwd J19_4.iwd ---you will not download unless mp_tobruk is chosen to run SPJ19.iwd --- sniper maps Please let us know how you make out Thanks loADER>XI< P.s I had 1 "time out " while downloading on first attempt but ran right through on 2nd pull
  10. PainKiller

    There are no problems with the packs themselves, loader and I tested them all yesterday. I pulled them with a couple of download failures but I got them in the end. What you need to make sure you do is what Window does, as soon as it connects, quit then reconnect. There are some intermittent problems with the redirect yes but also you can blame the CoD2 Master Server owned by Activision because that's a crock of shite.
  11. window

    When redirect comes up hit quit and get out. Come back in, and it should / could work. It was a work around for me. I did not catch the map name that is the problem, but I'm sure it will get figured out. Only a small handful of people were able to get in this morning. I did see many download, but not make it in.
  12. leadpoison

    I have tried restarting, etc. but am getting stopped cold when "redirect" comes up.???????????

    There is a 78 mb map pack that I have tried to load 4 times and it won't even start to load so unable to play this morning in spite of the fact that I restarted my PC twice. I sure hope this issue gets resolved quickly because now that I woke up early to play and can't I have to unbury my AWD car and go to the market for supplies since we are snowed in here in Seattle
  14. window

    Thanks PK for the efforts you put in. You still suck though.
  15. loaderXI

    New map packs are in place and all is working....You may time out once as seems a lil sluggish but will be ok on the second pull...Thanks PK for sorting this out but im still telling mum
  16. LtLaszlo

    Thanks for your efforts Pain! We appreciate it!
  17. Just a heads up, I have gotten the new map packs sorted for the TDM server but due to the redirect being down yesterday, @loaderXI was unable to get them on there so unfortunately we will be running a stock rotation for hopefully just today (Saturday) until we can get it working. There is one old map pack on there we've got but there aren't many good maps in it but I'll see what I can get together for a temp rotation! I promised a new rotation and map packs this weekend but they'll be a little late! Sorry about this and I hope you're all okay with it ~PainKiller
  18. PainKiller

    I'll get around to it today or tomorrow don't worry, I've not entirely forgotten
  19. loaderXI

    Sorry RobMc You may have cleared out your TDM maps and thats why your redownloading them...Check your trash can first if not there then yes there is a boat load on there im waiting on @PainKiller to get me a new map pack so I can do a clean out...Map packs on there are as follows ST_1.iwd T_4.iwd col_1.iwd T_1.iwd T_2.iwd T_3.iwd snip4.iwd TD14_iwd TD15.iwd
  20. PainKiller

    That's because Loader did a whole new map rotation but I have no idea why it tried to download for about 10 minutes! That's not right! @loaderXI will be your best bet. If it's for TDM, I haven't done much to it for a while
  21. Sorry RobMc. I cant get into my admin settings. May have wrong passwords. I'm trying to correct my login. You should message Loader about your map loading malfunction.
  22. Went to play on Sunday and it started downloading loads of maps, wtf ?, left after ten mins as I was getting bored, never happened before ? thought I had them all
  23. I should scrape my shoes more often, the poop's getting deep
  24. YACCster

    hmm, no rush to get back to COD4
  25. PainKiller

    Shooting logan is one of my favourite pastimes. But bashing him is much more satisfying. We have two servers that are on the public list: DM: TDM: The DM server is busiest in the weekdays in the evenings and TDM is busier in the morning on the weekends. Other than those times, they are relatively empty. As loader said, we have an event next weekend on the side server mate
  26. loaderXI

    Great ! Look forward to seeing you in the server....We will be having our annual Fallen Member Memorial event 12/15 and 12/16 on our side server ....Hope to see you there