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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.

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  2. The server is open all year around, there is no set dates for people to be in there; we just wanted to get a crowd together this weekend is all. After the weekend it will stay open until Loader and I close it for the next memorial or other event
  3. Probably my favorite game type with FT being a close 2nd. I happily look forward to some ctf. The game takes teamwork and quick thinking. Deathmatch is fun but I get a little burnt on watching bottom feeders sitting on spawn spots. Hopefully it will carry to some different days. Possibly some of the Saturday tdm crowd will migrate over. Usually the only time I get to play this if Loader throws one in as we are playing or around the annual memorial gaming sessions. I beat on people like a drum and then have to wait until the next year. :0
  4. Gonna bump this up a little, so people remember!
  5. Thanks mate. It's open now but we'd like to get a crowd in soon. After that's it's going to be permanently open (until loader and I take it down to get ready for a new event). It's gonna be a blast!
  6. Hey, thanks for the work. See you in there next Fri.
  7. Good evening everyone. Loader and I have been working on a pet project and we're happy to announce that we're ready to rock! We've now got a CTF server up and running for you idiots to enjoy. So not only have we been making sure the DM and TDM servers are up to date with rotations but we've got a whole new room for you guys top shoot each other The map pack is live, hop in and download it and we'll see if we can get some of us in next Friday night! We've dug out some old maps for nostalgia so get in, get the maps and hope to see you there! Here is the IP:
  8. It was great to see some new players! Most of us will be on in about two hours Glad you enjoyed it as well
  9. Hi all , Last evening we played on your server and it was a lot of fun ! ,we gonna play this evening again on ur server . greetz Marco
  10. You're welcome. We're gonna put it on DM in the next rotation which will be at the end of the month
  11. Thanks for trying to get it to work on both...
  12. I can do it, it's just gonna take a while and gotta make sure people don't get impure clients because of the same custom map being on two servers. BUT I can do it EDIT: Can't get it to work, unfortunately. It's gotta be one
  13. We're actually going to be putting the map in the next rotation on either DM or TDM, not decided
  14. I have the code don't worry doesn't mean I'll share it I don't blame you really!
  15. I am hoping it’s not a pain killer gay bar. Don’t want that code
  16. Ya, I remember it...Dawgy's castle map...The last time it was in rotation everyone tried to remember the combo to get in but no one did...
  17. Anyone remember this place and the code to get there?! Loader and I dug it out (on my call) and just want to know if any of you old fuckers remember it!
  18. ya I happens to me and im running windows 7 ultimate I think its someone running a hack!!!!!
  19. It might well be a Windows 10 issue. I still run 7 and I haven't ran into this issue yet and 10 is still a pain for old games and actually getting them to work properly. And that's great to hear that feedback!
  20. It is strange. We are thinking it is a Windows 10 issue that may be causing this. BTW, you guys at XI rock. Great website, good communication in your forums, and good players too.
  21. i got same problems in cod4 but i think its because i smast mouse to mutch
  22. I have it happen from time to time. Depends on map. So your not crazy !!!
  23. Not had this one on our servers at all. I'm not sure what could be causing it. Mouse sensitivity? The mod you might be running may have an issue? Server lag? There are so many variables that cab be put in place.
  24. Great to hear it's working, hope to see you in the servers soon then!