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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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  2. I've found over the years changing server settings do not make grumpy whinning players any less grumpy and whiney. I have found that one rule does help. Respect our admins in game. Have a problem take it to our forums. Continued disrespect in game will get you kicked from the game. Servers are a place to have fun. Forums are a free for all. Harder then it sounds to do though
  3. loaderXI

    Yes exception can be written in the script
  4. kleinehexe

    Thx pain...no problems with teams....i play with all idiots and have fun..sometimes we win....lol.. Almost great job from our admins.....thx for that
  5. PainKiller

    I can only carry so much dead weight
  6. PainKiller

    I am sure this can be sorted out It'll upset some people but it is what it is. No, all it does is try to autobalance faster. Yea, specs will always affect autobalance. That's why when the round starts there are the occassions of 3v1 because the other two players of team two are still in spec. It's all ballache
  7. Giggles

    Louder can you make it so if they sit in spec to long it will boot ... I've played on servers like that before. I also know that when you put that into place there was a place to make it so admins would not get kicked from spec without an admin kick. Just a thought.
  8. loaderXI

    So the mod change I did with reducing the time with auto-balance did nothing ? Also spectators will have a effect on auto-balance as the server see's players sitting there and has to consider them joining...I can make a mod to change the handling of specs but some will not be happy for sure
  9. TedsofBeverlyHills

    Thanks, Pain, for taking the time to explain and all your hard work with map rotations, you are appreciated much...
  10. bds1961

    But painkiller. Why is it anytime I play I get stuck on your team and lose. wait wait I get it. It’s down to skill level. Lol Thanks for the explanation.
  11. NEVER had a problem with anything on the server - thanks for your efforts - keep up the good work
  12. Good afternoon all! This won't be too long but this has been coming for a little while now. I want to bring attention to an issue that has been getting to me lately on the TDM server. Accusations of team stacking and moving people around. I want to put this out there and tell you that any accusations are false. Why? Auto-assign. That's it. I do not have any control over the teams in game. The server automatically sorts players into teams when they join. They do not get a choice of what team they get to choose. The reason auto-assign was enabled in the first place was to STOP team stacking. We're all guilty of it because we all want to be with our friends on certain maps. I can understand that but on the other side, it made the teams very stacked. We had all the good players on one team, all the crap ones on another, etc. By enabling auto assign, we remove the team stacking. The reason people accuse me of team stacking is purely because of a lack of understanding on their part. When you join the server, you're given a number. For example, player A, B, C, D and E are numbered 0-4 respectively and the server uses these numbers to assign you a team as soon as the map starts. This gets shuffled around every map. The reason it may be 4v1 at the start of a map is because of the way the server has assigned numbers to teams. You just need to get out of spec and you'll be put where the server wants you. If we get three admins on one team, well we do. That's just how the server assigned us. It doesn't care about your name or your status. You're a number to the server. Which leads me on to my next point. Moving players around. I ONLY MOVE THE LAST PLAYER THAT JOINED TO EVEN OUT THE TEAMS If the teams are drastically outbalanced and auto-balance doesn't work then I will step in. Say someone joined the Axis team bringing them to 5 players, and the Allies were at 3. If auto-balance didn't work then I will MOVE that person to the Allied team to make them 4v4. If you were the last person in then I am sorry, that's just bad luck on your part. I find the accusations hurtful and disrespectful and I've had to write this to address those issues. I will not take that disrespect towards me, especially false accusations. I've worked my ass off for years, even before becoming an Admin, to keep this server the best it has been. This server is my baby and quite frankly I'm getting frustrated with all the shit getting flung because something doesn't work right. There are some things on the server that are out of my control and please understand what I am saying from an admins point of view. To keep the servers fair and fun for all players. I don't want to be putting my foot down, but I will if I need to.
  13. PainKiller

    Yea that's too late for me, I am working Friday and Saturday morning, which is a shame because I love CTF, it's a lot of fun. I can still help get set up though but I can't take part
  14. KamikazePit

    8 pm during the week is unfortunately too late for me, since here in Germany it would start at 2 am... And I have to work on saturday. On saturday (evening), I'd like to join a team.
  15. BlackRose

    love ctf...not sure if I still have cod2 loaded....
  16. Hello all we are looking to have a little CTF scrim per say on our event server...We could do 2 teams of 5 or 6 best of 3 20min stock maps...I want to try to limit players for now because we know a lot of folks do not like to play CTF... So based on responses here we will set up teams and we are looking at a 8pm EST game start (maybe thursday or friday) Would you like to be on a team ?

    I had to install Steam a few years abo when I tried out COD5 even though that PC had a disc drive. When I went to Windows 10 on the old PC I had to buy a copy of COD2 in order to play even though I am looking at 2 disc sets with original CD keys still in the box. Fast forward to a year ago when my old PC died a horrible death, when I got it home and logged in to Steam "After installing it" I had every game I play all set just the way I like them since this PC has no built-in disc drive. Great way to save some money, have some fun reliving the old days with some cool people and know you can change hardware and it won't affect your gaming ability for the worse. Hope this sale bring a few folks back to say hello, plus you will ready for the Memorial in December
  18. LtLaszlo

    The original disks ($40.00) wouldn't play when I went to Windows 10, so had to pay $20.00 for the Steam version. But that $60.00 has gotten me 100s times the return in hours of fun with this game with you guys (and gals)! So for $7.00, even if you don't like it, at least it's almost free! LOL.
  19. loaderXI

    Damn that was fast
  20. KamikazePit

    Have them now in my HLSW and watching it. If someone is online, I'll try to join.
  21. loaderXI

    @KamikazePit Yeah we have missed you ! Here are the servers >XI< MacDaddy,s Camp Ground's active on evenings >XI< Team Death Match every weekend mornings >XI< CTF www.xtremeidiots.com this is our event server...Next big event will be December 18-19 for Our Annual Fallen Member Memorial Event Hope to see you my friend
  22. KamikazePit

    Ok, thank you for your information. I tink, somewhere in my backups, I still have a virus free NoCD-Exe but installed the game these days hopeing to find some players on the XI-gameserver. It's been about 15 years I stopped playing COD2
  23. Daddyo

    Will recommend both games, and straying some bullets past these "kind" folks.
  24. loaderXI

    Cd you need multiple disk and have to patch the game to 1.3...Dvd one disk and have to patch the game to 1.3...Steam version the game will come patched and you never lose your Cd or Dvd disk and can play Sp with out loading any other Cd or Dvd

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