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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


  1. What's new in this club
  2. We will be doing this on Sunday evenings as well same time
  3. >XI< DM www.xtremeidiots.com
  4. Im in cod2 teamspeak
  5. @loaderXI, let me know when you're around.......
  6. Do you use HLSW ? If not download it and install it then contact me...We can get together on teamspeak or perhaps ring my cell...If your not good at directions hehe download teamviewer14 as well...You probly left a ghost in the server
  7. I tried to connect last night through steam, but it kept giving me an error that the app was already running?
  8. I will add this to my mass pm next time I send one out.
  9. We had some nice rounds this afternoon/evening. Lot's of fun. Our hope would be to get more peeps in on Thursdays. I understand that we all have stuff going on, but if you have some time, come on in and join us if you can. If the time frame on Thursday is an issue just let us know. Thanks Loader for starting this up.
  10. Is this EST? Assuming so, just asking for a friend 🏳️
  11. i will be jump in buddy
  12. Sounds like it could be fun. I will try to jump in . But may not be till 6ish
  13. Thanks Loader. I will try and be / jump in. Thanks for setting it up. Sounds like tons of fun.
  14. Sounds great Loader! Count me in, but a little after 6:00 pm EST.
  15. I can't do thursday sadly. I'll be in bed because I gotta be up at 4am every morning for work and when this rolls up it'll be 10pm here lol I can do fridays or saturdays
  16. Sounds fun! I will try to be there
  17. Hey guys and gals as some of you may know we are going to be starting CTF Thursday on July 11 from 5pmish on... In hopes of getting a fair turn out with hopes of moving towards scrims with in our group and leaning outward towards other clans Thursday seem to be the choice for now and may move to a weekend evening should it be better to do so For now we will meet up on our Ctf server - >XI< CTF www.xtremeidiots.com and go from there If anyone wishes to have any direct input in this please inbox me with a Pm...I/We will be open to any and all suggestions Auto assign is still shitty so we will at some point have to select teams Hope we can get this going and see you all there loADER>XI<
  18. Glad you are back...
  19. Dawgy? Dawgy?? Dawgy who??? Oh - the >IDIOT< one
  20. Is this how you go about showing me your fancy medals again....i will look into finding my cod2 and see if I cant come show how much I suck now 😆
  21. Haha yeah I know the distributor and after 10yrs of being a good servant I have earned a few....How the hell are ya my friend ? Dont think we forgot about ya.... You get spoken of all the time in the server (ears ringing?)....Crank that rig up and give us some fresh meat in there would ya
  22. Wow loader thats alot of awards! 🤔🤔
  23. BlownAwaybyLewinski

    More on the Sanzhi Projects... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanzhi_UFO_houses from BlownAwaybyLewinski!
  24. BlownAwaybyLewinski

    Thanks for that LoaderXI! Here is a link for additional information on this project....interesting read! https://www.bobshideout.com/view/the-strange-story-behind-taiwans-alien-housing-project/&page=1
  25. Hey all just wanted to share some info Blewinski shared with me in regards to the Cod2 map named mp_sanzhi aka Sanijhih....I did know it was made and based off of a real place/location **notated in map read me file** but never thought to research it as he did so here it is and a big Thanks to Bob aka Blewinski for the find a sharing https://www.flickr.com/photos/cypherone/albums/72157600694356865/page1/ P.s it is in current rotation on the DM server already
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