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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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  2. Thanks for the change and time you put into this, Pain. Seems to work well, but time will tell.
  3. I've been busy all week so I have not had the chance to check in on this one. I am glad that the changes we have trialled went well on Sunday, and I am all for seeing how it goes over an entire weekend. If anything crops up that comes to attention, I am hoping that it can be addressed swiftly and without issue!
  4. Pain, Today, on the TDM server it worked well as we discussed. Our hope is that it works better for all on the server. It will make a big inpact for the CTF maps for sure. Of course there may (will) be people trying to test the will, but as we said there will always be recourse if needed. Nice work Pain!
  5. Good evening folks, Just passing this your way but I am going to try a couple of things in the server as a trial I want to look at fixing the issue we have with Auto Balance. Currently, the server sets people into teams as soon as they join the server, and then scrambles it again in the next map; auto selecting peoples teams, even the spectators. What this means is that the server will try to auto balance spectators. The idea that I propose is to turn off the team auto-select, meaning that you can now choose your own teams. This stops the server from giving you a team automatically, and it should then stop the auto-balance not moving people around. However, there is a down-side to this; this will invite team stacking. People want to play with their mates, which is great and all but it can end up with teams being 6-4 etc. I would like to think that people have the decency to still choose auto select. To combat this inevitability, the server will check every 15 seconds if the teams are balanced and if not, it will move someone. Again, if it moves someone and they move themselves back to where they used to be, I will warn you. If you do it again, I will kick you. It may end up moving people all the time, but this is something I want to try out at least. This will be live for tomorrow, and will run for tomorrow to see how it goes. I have also added some new sniper maps to the server, which will break it up a bit more because I was using old maps from old rotations. Hope to see you all tomorrow!
  6. Alot of older games do not like any sort of Overlays running in the background. Could you create a desktop shortcut to the COD2MP.exe file and launch it from there without running Steam?
  7. Found this in another forum: Follow the instructions step by step. Start the Call of Duty 2 single player mode and create a new profile. Quit the game and return to the desktop. Open your Steam folder "C:\Steam\". Now copy the file "Steam.dll" and "Steam2.dll". Open the game directory where you installed Call of Duty² "C:\Steam\steamapps\cmmon\Call of Duty²\". Paste here the .dll files you copied before. Right-click on CoD2MP_s.exe, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab and select "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP Service Pack 3" In the lower right corner of the screen, right-click the "Volume Mixer/Speaker Icon" and select "Recording Devices". Make sure your "default device", usually the "microphone", is ENABLED and also physically connected; if you don't have a microphone, your speakers will suffice. You may also need to copy AppOverlay.dll and AppOverlay64.dll if you want to use the Steam overlay. TL:DR Start COD2 Single Player at least once and create a profile. Windows XP SP 3 compatibility mode for CoD2MP_s.exe Copy Steam.dll and Steam2.dll into COD2 folder Microphone activated and plugged in. (default recording device) If you want to change the resolution to 1920x1080 you have to do it in the configuration file. D:\Steamapps\common\Call of Duty 2\main\players\Hariizy\Config_MP.cfg seta r_mode "1920x1080"
  8. Just got a Steam copy for COD2 and when I try launching MP I get a black screen. Task manager shows as not responding. Any help would be appreciated. (I have my USB headset connected) (I finally got it working.)
  9. I concur he is indeed a twat...Rather dry one too
  10. I'm a twat and pressed the wrong button... here is the rotation!! I have also colour coded the rotation so you can see which maps are which modes set sv_mapRotation "gametype tdm map mp_toujane map tlotd_trainyard gametype ctf map mtl_pirates gametype tdm map SPS_Atalaya map arnhem map sps_free_port gametype ctf map mp_karkand_reboot gametype tdm map sps_cabewood_f2 map mtl_bismarck map em_central_station gametype ctf map fr_mogadishu_v3 gametype tdm map mp_tl_the_bunkers map mp_cus map mp_damvalley gametype ctf map mp_rouen gametype tdm map mp_cbs map mp_dock_assault map mp_codcasnipe_s1" set sv_mapRotation "gametype ctf mp_canal3 gametdm tdm map ifis_one map mp_emt map hillsides gametype ctf map Moh_Verschneit gametype tdm map icsl_village map mp_boysroom map tlotd_trainyard gametype ctf map mp_borisovka gametype tdm map SPS_Atalaya map mp_Argentan_France map sps_freeport gametype ctf map abbey2 gametype tdm map mp_cbs map gob_tozeur map ifis_one gametype ctf map alcohol gametype tdm map hillsides"
  11. Another season, another rotation! As this year comes to a close soon, I've made one last rotation for this year into next year. I've somewhat pulled out a lot of stops and had to split the rotation in two because there are over 30 maps. I will swap each one every weekend. Here are the rotations, and the included maps: Snipers: tlotd_trainyard sps_atalaya sps_freeport sps_cabewood_f2 tl_the_bunkers mp_damvalley mp_cbs mp_codcasnipe_s1 ifis_one Hillsides/sniper icsl_village em_central_station CTF: mtl_pirates mp_karkand_reboot fr_mogadishu_v3 currahee_rouen mp_canal3 mp_island Moh_Verschneit Currahee_borisovka abbey2 bpu_alcohol TDM: mto_arnhem mtl_bismarck mp_cus mp_dock_assualt mp_emt mp_boysroom mp_Argentan_France lothringen_v1.3 Gob_tozeur Gob_rats dv1_moonbase Currahee_tuscany_ext_beta Please note that some of the listed maps are not in the rotations - they serve as backups should maps prove unpopular or one refuses to play nice.
  12. Sadly Our Cod2 community has lost several long time members to their passing Dolphin>XI<, RustyRifle>XI<, MacDaddy>XI<, Blackbart>XI<Admin, Starfire>XI<, Sherm>XI< and others that for health reasons can no longer play I manage the rotations with suggestions from active members and Blownaway who can rotate to next map when needed...Most players have direct contact to myself and other admins via cell phone should there be any problems or concerns.. I have been wanting to switch up a little bit and perhaps I can reactivate map voting Thank you for your input and if there are any particular maps you would like to see let us know
  13. Hi, I don't play on your dm/tdm servers a ton but one thing that seems to come up pretty regularly is there are only a few people on the server (the most I've ever seen is 6-7) and we're on rather large maps with only 2/3/4 people. Most of the time it's not an issue. However, I've seen a number of times where a map change would keep the server populated and there are members (and long standing players) around but unable to do anything about it. Is there any chance of you guys making more people admins with the ability to either use the in game rcon or some external version you guys prefer so that maps can be rotated/changed? At OHMY we use several rcons but the primary is the internal rcon in the extreme mod. It's extremely flexible and allows for a variety of levels of admins. It's also intuitive and easy to use for the most part. Obviously this is your server to run as you see fit but it's a small thing that would likely see an impact on ppl playing more often etc. There's virtually no down side to it other than the work whoever keeps the server running would have to do to apply it to the server. (Basically gathering the GUID's of the players you want to be admins and entering them in the script data/configs and assigning different tags if you wanted different levels) If I can be of help or answer questions feel free to hit me up. I'm sure you probably have something you use as well but I have access to Team Speak if it's easier to have a discussion etc. Thanks for considering and take care!
  14. Oh Shit, I did forget about the issues with the white house map. So, no worries there. My bad. s
  15. I keep looking at White House but sometimes there are issues with weird invisible walls when you try to shoot which makes half of the map useless. I can always give it another go! I can have Toujane added whenever we need it so if I take a map out for any particular reason such as its not liked then I will replace it with Toujane.
  16. Devis den is a decent choice for CTF Nice and small for 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 I think we should bring back the map White House, and tojane for run and gun, or other mods by Adm. My opinon.
  17. Good evening folks, New rotation for TDM server is now live, and the maps can now be downloaded. Here are the maps and the rotation if anyone was interested: Run and Gun: mp_cvcg mp_curra_tuscany2 gsm_megiddo_v1 mp_alienscape_v1 mp_bazaar mp_construction mtl_hobbiton CTF: mp_ccd mp_alburjundi mp_fgm gob_italy2 mp_ao_beta mp_devils_den_beta3 Sniper: ifis_platform2 mhz_bridges_day3 sps_artic_island_f sps_snipers_toys mp_tl_sniper_v2 mp_sf_dickeshill fr_mouse3 mp_insanity mp_memin "gametype tdm map mp_bazaar map ifis_platform2 gametype ctf map gob_italy2 gametype tdm map sps_artic_island_f map mtl_hobbiton map mhz_bridges_day3 gametype ctf map mp_fgm gametype tdm map sps_snipers_toys map mp_cvcg map mp_tl_sniper_v2 gametype ctf map mp_toujane gametype tdm map mp_sf_dickeshill map mp_ccd map fr_mouse3 gametype ctf map mp_construction gametype tdm map mp_insanity map mp_alienscape_v1 map mp_memin gametype ctf map mp_devils_den_beta3 gametype tdm map ifis_platform2 map mp_curra_tuscany2 map mhz_bridges_day3 gametype ctf map mp_ao_beta gametype tdm map sps_artic_island_f map gsm_megiddo_v1 tdm map sps_snipers_toys gametype ctf map mp_alburjundi gametype tdm map mp_tl_sniper_v2" There should not be any clashing maps if you have been keeping your main folder clean If there are any issues, and I am not around to resolve them that day please notify me ASAP and I can remove or replace any maps as required.
  18. We now by request have a Sniper Only Server... Currently set at 12 slots - >XI< Sniper Only www.xtremeidiots.com 1 map pack - SnipS22.iwd map em_TheWhiteHouse map mhz_residence map mp_codcasnipe_s1 map mp_cs_sniper map mp_mhz_atb map mp_oilpumps map mp_shalkanv2 map mp_SniperBase map mp_switchessnipe map tl_convoy2 Please report any issues or suggestions either here or via DM
  19. Thanks for all you do to help keep the COD2 servers and game alive, Alex!!
  20. Hi folks, I may have already posted this in the memorial event topic but I wanted to post it here for clarity for all members should they want it on hand. This is a troubleshooting guide for common CoD2 problems, and how to resolve them. I have also included a config file for all to use should they so want to. it is a copy of mine which is guaranteed to work. You will need to remove test_ from the front of it when you put it in your player folder. For the TDM server, your config file is found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 2\tdm\players\yourplayername C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2\xitdm\players\yourplayername For the event server, your config file is found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 2\28\players\yourplayername C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2\28\players\yourplayername This may not resolve all your issues, but if you are having a specific issue not covered here please let me know so I can add it, and also let you know how to resolve it. (test)config_mp.cfg Troubleshooting.pdf
  21. I haven't quite decided yet. It's when I get the time really. New DM rotation is out now, I just need to test it

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