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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.


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  2. PainKiller

    Dude that looks so fun! I'll have to try that some time
  3. Was riding some of the many miles of trails we have in Michigan! Fall color tour. Will be full of snowmobiles soon!!
  4. PainKiller

    Always happy to help! Especially in a game that helped define my teen years (mostly because I met you fuckers). It's okay if you weren't around. I wasn't on Saturday but I was wondering where you were!
  5. Thanks Pain! Appreciate the work you put in to make COD2 remain a great game. Sorry I missed this past weekend (I’m sure y’all missed me as well)!
  6. Hi everyone. As we come close to the end of 2019 and the 2010's I have put together a new rotation for the TDM server. It features old favorites that I know we all love and some not so well played ones (just to mix it up a bit). We have a grand total of 44 maps and 5 packs, with two rotations just to split it up a bit. I just thought it would make a nice end to the year and get rid of the steam pile of shit that my old rotation was. Can I ask that our players remove their current .iwd files so it contains the packs iw_00.iwd to iw_15.iwd as well as localized_english_iw00.iwd to localized_english_iw11.iwd. This will make your 'main' folder pure and safe for you to get the new packs and have no conflicts. The new packs are named as follows: ON_19_1 ON_19_2 ON_19_3 OS_19_1 OS_19_2 I AM AWARE OF THE ISSUES PEOPLE GET WITH DOWNLOADING SUCH AS FAILURES BUT THAT IS JUST THE SERVER TIMING OUT ON YOU. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT, JUST YOUR SHITTY CONNECTION. As a final note, if anyone has any suggestions such as a mix up of CTF and TDM, throw it to Loader and I and we'll see what we can do.
  7. Over the weeks I must have sat there for an hour so far, all I want to do is play ffs, I've given up now, no one is going to sit and load that lot before they can play
  8. PainKiller

    And I have told you once you have the maps downloaded then you'll be set until I change the rotation again. We get connection timeouts (causing download failures) but that is down to the server host not us. There are only three downloads you need to do. Granted you already have the mod.
  9. I tried to join again sunday with same result, constant file downloading, ffs I just want to join now and again to play a couple of maps, like the unfaithful bitch I am. You must lose a shitload of new players wanting to play.
  10. PainKiller

    It's always good to see I am #1 let's keep it that way, yes?
  11. loaderXI

    @rocketman here ya go bud...Some insight
  12. Ruggerxi

    Do a search for your name and it will come up, then you can click on the other headers to get more details
  13. loaderXI

    Got to play around with it you will find what your looking for https://stats.xtremeidiots.com/2/player_stats/view/24
  14. LtLaszlo

    I get some basic stats, but not detailed like you mention. None against other players, but then only a few appearing in the COD2 stats. Only numbers, no names unless you click on the number, one at a time. But COD5 does give names, partially in those stats. I'm missing something. I do get Google maps can't display correctly, but seems unrelated problem.
  15. Hello everyone please take note of the new now working stats checker (found on left side of home screen)...You can follow your stats and see where you need to correct your skills,Know who your enimies (good or bad) are lol and you best maps and what weapon you work best with....Keep checking to improve your rating and rank....Get-R-Done scumbags <----in Painsponges voice Simply click on the server icon to view on home page
  16. PainKiller

    Good news, I have been given a new key for CoD2 from the place I purchased it from and that should now work. Can't keep an idiot out that easily!
  17. PainKiller

    That was my first port of call. Sadly I have tried everything and I've decided just to buy a new copy of the game. It's not overly important that I can't play it. I'm sure the server will survive without me for a bit
  18. if you upgraded everything should be there check https://steamcommunity.com/app/2630/discussions/0/864973123451977509/ might help one of the steps is to delete registry entry but check if its there first Go to the "Start" menu, select "Run", type "regedit" and click "OK". Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Activision\Call of Duty 2 Note: In 64-bit operating systems, this path may begin as: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ Click on the registry value "codkey". This is your Steam-assigned CD Key for Call of Duty 2.
  19. Firstly, fuck Windows 10 for doing this. Secondly, you don't have to put up with me for a while! So, finally got to upgrading to Windows 10 and I really do enjoy it and it's nice and all BUT after reinstalling my steam library from a back up I can't play mutliplayer on CoD2. This is because it didn't actually give me my CD key. It's gone! I have tried these: Looking in RegEdit, nothing. Installing Windows 7 on my other HDD and also CoD2 and that was the same, no Key at all. Also verified the games cache, also nothing. It's a right old pain in the ass. For sure. If anyone else has anymore tips then that would be greatly appreciated! It might just be me having to get another key
  20. We will be doing this on Sunday evenings as well same time
  21. >XI< DM www.xtremeidiots.com
  22. Im in cod2 teamspeak
  23. @loaderXI, let me know when you're around.......
  24. Do you use HLSW ? If not download it and install it then contact me...We can get together on teamspeak or perhaps ring my cell...If your not good at directions hehe download teamviewer14 as well...You probly left a ghost in the server
  25. I tried to connect last night through steam, but it kept giving me an error that the app was already running?
  26. I will add this to my mass pm next time I send one out.

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