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Call of Duty 2 is a 2005 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Konami in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.

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  2. I will not touch is (everyone had it) arse with anyones gun or whatever
  3. I'm not THAT bad of an influence honest! All we did was have a bash match as there were 3 of us in and he just carries on bashing now and it's great. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
  4. Your corruption runs deep. Zapper was a nice guy but with bad influance like you he has become a basher. Zapper come back from the dark side
  5. It's the two jobs mate, I got to be up at 4.15am for work in the morning so I can't stay around for long on the DM server. That's my own excuse. Well you can relax when I am not there but watch out for Zapper, he's gotten a bit bash hungry recently and if you aren't careful, he'll have you
  6. I have gotten to the point where I keep my back to the wall when you are in game. Not sure from being bashed are taken advantage of. Lol. But it’s been a long time since you have bashed me. Losing your touch. The girlfriend must be throwing the game off or is it the new jobs. Giving you the chance for excuses. Lol. Now get back in game so I can shoot you
  7. I usually kick ass on the sniper maps we have so it doesn't bother me when I can't bash. I still wish I can get over there and hit a few people though nothing beats the thwack sound when you bash someone
  8. Sniper maps? Lol. Guess when you try and bash all the time you have to be able to cover up your failures by making it harder Now smile and watch for the flash
  9. I think you'll all be glad to know (our TDM players) that I have put together a new rotation for TDM, it's all live and on the server now and there are no issues with it. Spoken with Loader and I will be in charge of managing the TDM rotations and server. There is a lot I can't do except make map packs and rotations for you guys but I will do what I can. Any feedback would be nice on the rotation because I'd like to put together what you guys would like to play. Let's be honest here, the last rotation was pretty shit but you can blame loader for that I only did the sniper maps on that one. Only four sniper maps on this one, aren't you all lucky!! I have also made sure that I have limited the amount of 'camp maps' to keep the majority of you guys happy
  10. Couldn't read your post just kept looking at the TITS!
  11. Check your mouse pointer settings, Windows 10 usually sets some settings to defaults after some updates. Also try switching between windowed mode and full screen mode (alt + enter) and see if it goes away.
  12. The way you play I thought your o\s was dos??
  13. Yea that sounds about right with Windows. Still not sure if I want to get 10 or not
  14. Sounds like the dreaded dbl mouse curser one for game and one for windows...The only known solution was to drop game to task bar and bring back up and it will be fixed...You will have to do this everytime.. I suspect you have win10 and just received a update that has caused it to rears its head.. With that being said if you right click on "windows icon" bottom left corner of desktop go to "settings" then "gaming" and turn off gaming mode and see if that helps... Should that not help then we will need to see what has been updated/corrupted on your last windows update Report back when you can
  15. Found this...
  16. Had this issue many years ago, and it has cropped up again. Desktop mouse curser appearing in game, and killing all motion until I hit left mouse button. Any guesses, because I can't remember what solved it before.
  17. It gives you the URL of the place to download the file, you can use your browser to download it and put it into the main folder.
  18. I vaguely remember something about this. I'll have to do some research into the Hatfield - MaCoy feud to see how long it took them to go from grudge to feud. You 2 would be the first neat O
  19. Yeah let him know and tell him I still think he is asshole and always will be. I have been known to hold a grudge lmao
  20. Welcome back sir!
  21. Somebody let that guy in Texas know he's back in game LOL
  22. He had a solid 50% chance of figuring it out. With two try's he might of done it. He's back
  23. Good to hear PMan. Welcome back.
  24. Welcome back Pman!!!
  25. Welcome back P-man! Glad to hear, like BDS says more targets!! LOL! Get in TDM with the weekend morning gang, too!
  26. No need to register or login.....Always use it OFFLINE BUTTON