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Minecraft Ban Appeal

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This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all.

What server were you banned from?: mod-mc.xtremeidiots.com:25565
When did you get banned?: idk
What was your in-game name?: _flame_kitten_
What is your game GUID (if known):
Why do you think you were banned?:

i honestly have no clue why i was banned. so if you could tell me that would be awsome


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Hi, i had a bit of a look into the matter and it seems you are not actually on our ban list. if this is the same appeal as the one @Sitting-Duc had posted earlier, our server is currently a whitelist only server and if u are not whitelisted, you should have gotten an invite link from within the client to join our discord channel. The discord channel will provide you details on what you will need to do to become whitelisted. Hope to see you soon!

Here is the discord invite link: https://discord.gg/vhMVFkt

- Tristen 

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you are posting on a close to 2 year old ban post why ?


Your best best would be make a new appeal and answer the following questions below


discord bans are done by staff not bots. I believe the  bot just tells you that you are banned


so one question is what did you do to get banned ?


another question is what is your discord name ?


third question is when did the ban happen ?


forth question is was it the minecraft only discord or were other games listed ?  the reason i ask there is an old and new discord version

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