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    Hello XI family, I have changed my name from Hauptmann to StoneGhost, this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated. I apologise for my absence, due to me being in ​the navy, trying to be online and stay up to date is/has been difficult. thanks for your guys time. stay frosty! STONEGHOST GM2(SW) Rokes, Kevin .D USN

    Hey guys it HAUPTMAN. i was going through my old hard drives and found my CRYSIS wars VTOL Gun Ship. i wanted to show some friends what some of my stuff looked like. i know that CRYSIS wars is old and semi-morlike-dead game but it was a good run. so please just post you thoughts on it mabye some suggestions. BTW the machine guns can be used by other players IN-FLIGHT. i fixed the thing where you die if you try to use the gun IN-FLIGHT. thanks Vtol Gunship.bmp

    hey, does any one know where i can post some pictures? of san diego, and japan? apperantly while the ship is in port, i can use japans internet.

    thaks guys a lot i am going tomorrow, i am leaving around 11:24, i leave the country at 13:00 and arrive at 16:00 the next day. o and cobryis, i ment the ribbions that i have, including my medal. i have 1 National Defence ribbion, that ribbion also has a medal, and i have a pistol qualification ribbion, no medal, but should be added plz. (2 ribbions 1 medal) Thanks for your support guys i really appreciete it! hope to respond soon, ( ill try, but when ever i get the chance. and hopfully with PIC's i can share) Gunners Mate Seaman Rokes, Kevin D. USN AKA..XI HAUPTMAN

    okay well im going to japan, X-Ray told me to make an announcement before i left so no one thought i like deserted. and i would very much like not, to become removed from the clan. um, yeah i really dont have much else to say......yeah im going to japan. Inaddition you guys probebly will seldom hear of me. good luck guys and rock on XI!!!!!!!! o, and the reason i am going to japan is because i am in the NAVY, and my next duty station will be in Yokosuka, Japan. i will try to post and keep up to date as much as possible. but, as a member of the Armed Forces, my duty is first; while in japan i will do my best to try to be in contact as much as possible, but i find that doing so will be difficult, as there is no internet connection on a ship. yours truely, (>XI<) HAUPTMAN AKA Gunners Mate Seaman Rokes, Kevin D. United States Navy GMSN Rokes, Kevin D. USN

    hi dude! im in the Navy, i get sent to a ship in japan in june some time. im looking foward to it. IDK where you are, but then again, its on a need to know basis, and i dont need to know. BUT, however i will say good luck, stay safe, and.. above all, KICK ASS!!! lol GMSA Rokes, Kevin .D USN

    thanks guys i really aprrecite it!! mm a little about me.. well i can say that i am 19 and in the UNITED STATES NAVY. As a Gunners Mate (GM) and i am a Seaman Apprentice. which is an E-2. i joined in Nov 5, 2008. and i am currently stationed in San Diego, california. i will be going to school next week for "C" school.
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