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  1. FunStick

    I remember how we used to do knife nights and we had a dedicated server for it. However, we don't need a dedicated knife server since it is not as popular as it once was. But I do challenge the following newbs to a 1v1 Knife / Showdown @MHsDaughter Airbud, pistol ranger, and i can't think of anyone else but free to anyone else. Can be sometime next week on a Saturday (any time) The wager would be.....tbd. Any other takers?
  2. Iii said you look tired mf. lmao. get your ass on there.
  3. I will be there only if Hellspawn and El terrible have their shirts off with butter on their chest!
  4. FunStick

    A few years ago I found out that one of my old friends from my UT 2000 gaming days killed himself. He was super depressed. His girlfriend at the time was cheating on him and she was pregnant with another mans kid. He pretty much did everything he could for her and nothing worked. He disappeared for years, and then I found out he killed himself due to depression. He stopped talking to everyone, stayed to himself, he had a good job, but the pain was eating him up inside. We all go through things in life, and we have our ups and downs, but if anyone who is reading this has thoughts of end
  5. If its after 6:30 pm EST I am in. It takes me an hour to get home.
  6. FunStick

    Well, a month after my 2nd dose, im happy to report that my libido has fucking skyrocketed like I am 20 again.
  7. Because most of us work around that time on a weekday lol
  8. if I can remember, I will come join in. @MHsDaughter here is your chance to redeem yourself.
  9. FunStick

    Hi Asshole.
  10. FunStick

    Nevermind, I saw the other post. May you and the rest of our XI Family rest in peace
  11. FunStick

    I liked Shady Greg Brady better but meh.
  12. FunStick

    took you several years to make 1 mother fucking intro post! Well done bro



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