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  1. I been working and envoy ng real life bro.
  2. FunStick

    You know we are going to party so fucking hard that we will wake up like hangover.
  3. I need a greasy, loaded with mayo, onions, tomatoes, something greeny like spinach, plus hot peppers, and a mountain of 7 different kinds of cheeses type of cheese steak in my life right now. This shall be the death of me.

  4. To all of my friends..... I found out yesterday that one of my aunts had a stroke. we do not know if she will recover or not but I ask all of you that are reading this post please pray that she lives and that she gets a decent recovery

  5. I LOVE YOU ALL AND............... FUCK YOU ALL! <3
  6. Who all helped creating our XI Website? I need help with something I need to do for my BMW car Club. Can someone please contact me. Thank you
  7. This tournament is put off on hold for the time being. We are going to do a girls vs guys with some very very nice perks. Please watch for my post in the forums later on this evening. Thanks everyone.
  8. No fire!! u gotta find a guy! Nessie needs to find one too..
  9. what kind of cheating are you talking about? lol