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  1. FunStick

    I lost a good chunk of money from a reverse split. It went up a bit to lower my DCA, but I flaked, took my loss and put it in two other etfs for the time being.
  2. FunStick

    Alright, Looks like I better chime in a bit. Some of you already know how I invest and what I have and also know im well off for the next 12 generations. However, everything is risky. All financial markets are controlled and manipulated by politicians. this is common sense. The markets are only fucked up because of very bad unbeneficial policies put in place by the current administration and by design to steal our wealth from us. Cryptos - Not all a scam if you invest in the right assets and if you don't understand crypto, then do NOT get into it and if you want to get into it, find someone who is in it and that you trust. I helped a few on this thread and I been around for 14 years in XI. I won't misguide you but everything is risky. The best thing to do is 1. buy the proper assets (BTC, ETH, BNB, just to name a few and hold like your falling off a bridge. 2. - Savings are in fact getting eaten up with artificial inflation which basically means the current admin did this on purpose and this is a result of bad policies for the common american, vs the wealthy. We lose and they and they're friends get richer off the poor. So my best advise is to park your cash into a CeFi that pays more than a bank (Coinbase, Gemini) these are the only fucking two that are good. I am not sure about FTX yet. I still need to research more. Stock Markets - a lot of you are forgetting that we in the US rule the world. We provide money (our tax money) to other countries and they provide us with their goods and services. This is why the world reserve currency is the US Dollar (Petro Dollar). This fucker is getting stronger but it all artificial. Precious Metals are booming and will go up even higher because the demand of them in electronics is going to sky rocket the value. Stocks that pay Monthly to quarterly dividends is also a good option for income and then you use that income to park it to another interest bearing account (noted above in crypto section). This is what I personally do as well as have a stash of gold and silver. Watch the economy tank even more, and the markets crash harder than a fat kid falling down the staircase. It's going to happen and then your parked cash can buy up low and HOLD forever. You do not lose unless you sell. Real Estate - We all know prices are sky fucking high. They are coming down but buyers are weary because of the fed interest rate hike which I predict will go into 2023. Houses will be lower during Jan- Apr value wise and there are good options out there but that interest rate is going to fuck you for a while. Just find a property that you can buy and invest - 2nd home, rental incomes, etc. Remember it is all about strategies and how well you design the structures of your wealth. It's bad policies that cause these conditions.
  3. FunStick

    were are the impurest of idiots! haha
  4. FunStick

    That worked! thanks
  5. FunStick

    Anyone else ever this error? This happened after map rotation change.
  6. FunStick

    looks good bro.
  7. FunStick

    No Pic but I am a Systems Admin aka glorified computer geek
  8. FunStick

    @WeednFeed That looks amazing bro! I tried making a samosa and let me tell you. A 3 year old can wrap it better than me. I bet it taste great too!! Imma have to upload some of my cooking pics.
  9. I decided that Imma do the rental on my way back and transport dads salted audi back home. fml.
  10. Im too clumsy to drive a uhaul with a dolly. People will die on the road lol
  11. FunStick

    He was a great friend and a great clan member. You will be missed and never forgotten. May you rest in peace and your family be forever blessed.
  12. @WldPenguin - I love you and thank you @WeednFeed - FU lol @Majbasil I am precious cargo! @major-mark63 I like Canada but NO. lol
  13. Guys, Looks like my tie's to Minnesota are going to end with the exception of a few people like Rugger, WIldthing, my cousin and uncle and 1 other buddy. I will be travelling to Minnesota to pick up my dad's car and his belongings, and the idea is to drive his car back from there to here (MD). along the way I might die, might get stranded, get raped, who the fuck knows? But if worse comes to worse, then I would hope to break down along the way to my friends in XI that could help me. Plan A is to drive back to MD in his car, if it breaks down, then I can get it shipped to MD and get a rental and come home safe. But I need to try before i spend a grand bring his car back when it would only cost me 300 in gas. So it is being planned between now and at the end of labor day weekend. If I break down, I will need some help and to ensure i dont get kidnapped and raped, and murdered. The Route is below of the states I will be driving through. I have driven this route before last year when Dad passed away, so it is nothing for me. I am just worried about his car and trying to conserve money.
  14. im jumping in soon bro. and fuck that @HELLSPAWN guy. I own him once in a while.
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