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  1. Wild Fire

    Welcome OB1, always nice to play with a fellow Canadian. Now the big question. Pipeline: for or against?
  2. Wild Fire

    Great news AussieGirl and Yaccster.
  3. Wild Fire

    Love Aruba. Especially Baby beach. Some gorgeous women there.
  4. Wild Fire

    Happy Birthday Deckard. Sew your fingers back on and get back in the game man.
  5. Wild Fire

    Sure, hide the recipe between a quote and a youtube. I see it now. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Wild Fire

    Where's the fucking recipe?
  7. Why is this thread 7 pages and 8 years long? Do we have some idiots that don't get it? Oh right, we are all idiots.
  8. Wild Fire

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.
  9. Wild Fire

    Here are a couple shots of the Skywalk for your next trip. No way in hell you'd ever get me out on that.
  10. Wild Fire

    Great photos Storm. Lake Louise is georgeous and photos can't do it justice. That picture from the glass floor of the Calgary tower is breathtaking. Next time you have to check out that skywalk near the Columbia ice fields. Yes, British Columbia is also beautiful, but these photos are from the Alberta side. Next time give us Albertans a heads up, maybe we can meet for a beer. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Wild Fire

    Do they have this for Macs?
  12. Wild Fire

    Prayers to you and Jody.
  13. Wild Fire

    Angelz, that is a very touching tribute. Well done. All hockey communities are in mourning, especially in Humboldt and the home towns of these boys and men. RIP....... Thanks for sharing.
  14. Wild Fire

    Well done BPD. Glad to hear you are seeing improvement in the numbers.
  15. Wild Fire

    Happy birthday Sunshine. Hope you have a great day.