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  1. Wild Fire

    I would have said hello but their pimp was packin
  2. Wild Fire

    I did just see a couple of leggy Russian women in the hotel lobby. Those legs went on forever.
  3. Wild Fire

    Wow, I can't UNSEE that.
  4. Wild Fire

    Hahahaha...... NO! I'm not wild enough to try that. Have to go change my underwear now.
  5. Wild Fire

    Hello all you Torontonians, I'm off to visit your fair city from Sat May 11 to Wed May 15. Daughter is playing in a National volleyball tournament downtown at the Enercare Centre. So if any of you happen to be in the area shoot me a message and I'll send you my cell phone number. Make sure you keep track of your women during that time especially Chile and Stormcrow. Did I hear correctly that Chris has a new friend? I'd like to meet her too. :)
  6. Wild Fire

    Great choice. Congrats
  7. I don't have too many issues with the mod. I do have a hared time with some of the sniper rifles, but I think they should be hard to use. I found a combo that kind of works for me. No match for the sniper folks but I get by. I would like to see EMPs when tossed on a teammate also do a bit of defrosting of the enemy too. Perhaps not a full defrost but a couple of points anyway. That will make those frozen jam points a little more interesting on the defrosting side. Further to the emp thing. If I die while about to toss one and it drops at my feet, I think it should defrost me. I like being able to defrost a few peeps with the car and then Blow someone up, especially Chile. Question on the sniper rifles. When I set up my controls, it appears that there is a way to zoom in and zoom out with the scope. Is that true? I haven't been able to get that to work.
  8. Wild Fire

    Welcome OB1, always nice to play with a fellow Canadian. Now the big question. Pipeline: for or against?
  9. Wild Fire

    Great news AussieGirl and Yaccster.
  10. Wild Fire

    Love Aruba. Especially Baby beach. Some gorgeous women there.
  11. Wild Fire

    Happy Birthday Deckard. Sew your fingers back on and get back in the game man.
  12. Wild Fire

    Sure, hide the recipe between a quote and a youtube. I see it now. Thanks a bunch.
  13. Wild Fire

    Where's the fucking recipe?
  14. Why is this thread 7 pages and 8 years long? Do we have some idiots that don't get it? Oh right, we are all idiots.
  15. Wild Fire

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.
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