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  1. HELLO Damit...i miss you very much!! how you doing these days?:yahoo::yahoo:

  2. WOW! Thanks for to X-mass gift idea for Rugger!
  3. Damit1

    I think it is because you are an XTREME IDIOT! I willing to bet it is your joy stick config... fix your joystick settings DAMIT!
  4. Damit1

    ya If you stare long enough ...I see what you mean!
  5. Damit1

    ohhhhhh...thats bad! lmao
  6. Damit1

    You can count me in when it releases!
  7. Damit1

    Wonder if I can get a side of bacon with that?
  8. Damit1

    No need to be a sad dawg...just need to learn a new trick, Congrats m8!
  9. fortunately or unfortunately you have been benched SOB hehe... I would like to see the rest of our clan ( that has/had a bf acct ) to vote up and make an additional post in the thread. If we get enough members, they might notice!
  10. Sure glad mine is Damit! otherwise it might have been a @@Sonovabich for me to be able to post in their forums!
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