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  1. Damit1

    looks good enough to try once ....even if it has dawg in it.
  2. Damit1

    No Papi....social distancing does not apply to FPS games....Idiot
  3. Not sure if you all have seen this already....even so can you really have too much Bacon?
  4. Sounds like you started of on the wrong foot this year. Maybe if you could find a boot that fits all 7 toes this would not be happening. (fucking Idiot) Well the important thing we all want to know is...Will you be changing your name to 6Toes or 5Toes soon? or "Formerly known as 7 Toes" ? Best of luck m8!
  5. Damit1

    i FOUND A 2 FOR 1 ! They are being shipped to your basement now.... Feel free to go hog wild ...patch kit included!
  6. I will miss him and his GREAT posts in the forums! tsw 8.5 will have to work overtime now.
  7. Damit1

    mmmm can I get some fries with that....
  8. HELLO Damit...i miss you very much!! how you doing these days?:yahoo::yahoo:

  9. WOW! Thanks for to X-mass gift idea for Rugger!
  10. Damit1

    I think it is because you are an XTREME IDIOT! I willing to bet it is your joy stick config... fix your joystick settings DAMIT!
  11. Damit1

    ya If you stare long enough ...I see what you mean!
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