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  1. welcome 2 the mad house
  2. Sadly my wife has passed at 48 yrs old we wasnt expecting this it was a sudden death we have been together since I was 16 years old married at 17 we had our ups and downs like every couple does but we stuck together i still don't know yet what the cause is as they have to do an autopsy I'm not in a good place at the min but fighting it day by day not been eating much and turned to drinking alot just glad I got my family around me just wanted to let u all know as xi is part of my family had a really nice chat with @FunStick thank you brother that did help to take my mind of things for a while
  3. Ricko


    Less Tubing hahaha
  4. I once shoved 5 chicken McNuggets up my ass because I thought it would be a tasty snack later when I shat them out.
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