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  1. Ricko

    40 Yrs ago now number 1 in the Uk due to Stranger things on Netflix
  2. Uk 154 ping for west 84 for other
  3. Ricko

    Watched simple minds back in the day @the old maine road stadium think i was 16 at the time along with voice of the Beehive and omd
  4. Ricko

    Judge the server you are trying to connect to is the map test server join this 1 Buddy
  5. Ricko

    I believe thats an extra server Penguin for testing maps
  6. Ricko

    no voice either voip Rugger
  7. Ricko

    Flying Dutch kept killing me he new to the Mod can u tweak it so i dont get killed asking 4 a friend hahaha
  8. Ricko

    Oh the memories cant wait to get back in it now lets populate it Fukeers!!!
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