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  1. In all honesty RobMc you need to do something about your rage i think Rob only Rages if he doesnt get his dinner on time hahah
  2. i always play Drunk on ma days off from work but never kill peeps from under the map if i fall under the map i go spec and rejoin again Simples
  3. Ricko

    you Twat waffle made me look hope your ok see you when your back
  4. Ricko

    for those of u that watched top gear/grand tour watch this with jezza funny as hell it on prime tv
  5. Ricko

    @FRENCHI Blahhh Blahh Blahh lol
  6. Oops , now I'm afraid for my little friend Groot Fu Groot hahaha
  7. Thats 2 much porn hub Bazza try relocating ur table to another Room u might get a better signal instead of it Buffering all the time
  8. 16 gig of Ram i only got 4 also 4 gig for graffix



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