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  1. AusiGirl

    sorry for your loss
  2. Happy Birthday AusiGirl


  3. AusiGirl

    Thanks everyone.
  4. AusiGirl

  5. AusiGirl

    welcome hellpain!
  6. AusiGirl

    welcome to XI
  7. AusiGirl

    congrats and welcome to XI
  8. AusiGirl

  9. AusiGirl

    that is awesome
  10. AusiGirl

    welcome to the forums
  11. AusiGirl

    Never give up! you,ll find her when it,s right. life can sure suck sometimes, pick ya self up and move on, she wasn,t worth it to start with if she tells lies like that. I have a friend who did stay with the mum and he just found out his daughter wasn,t his and she is 10,but he signed the birth certificate so he still claims her as his and now fighting in court for her.
  12. AusiGirl

    ewwww stinky shoes! welcome
  13. AusiGirl

    omg why? welcome



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