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  1. AusiGirl

    Christmas is for giving! i need all above...
  2. AusiGirl

    Lol mario
  3. AusiGirl

    i can put kids at one end and not see them for a month
  4. AusiGirl

    prayers, looking forward for your return .....
  5. AusiGirl

    80/ Land cruiser....
  6. AusiGirl

    welcome and you that old? don,t sound like it lol
  7. mp_summit crashed at the end of game(froze up)
  8. AusiGirl

    welcome to the clan..... Idiot
  9. AusiGirl

    nope thats cold,chasing balls around
  10. AusiGirl

    not even summer yet
  11. AusiGirl

    Hot Hot! 35 degrees C
  12. AusiGirl

  13. AusiGirl

    ignored! fu
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