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  1. AusiGirl

    So sorry to hear about that! I know what you are going through! my son rolled his 4x4 2 months ago,came out with huge cut down his arm and broken elbow, it will take him 12 months to regain his muscle use. Hope all goes well
  2. AusiGirl

    your not on a funny farm now? jester
  3. AusiGirl

    welcome to the forums!
  4. AusiGirl

  5. AusiGirl

    klondike withdraws
  6. AusiGirl

    we pay dearly for our steaks,living in a beef capital but lucky my son gives us Brangus ! yummy
  7. AusiGirl

    great news! pets are family for life!
  8. AusiGirl

    sorry for your loss! I too lost my 15 y/o mini poodle this year and my cat, been a sad year.
  9. AusiGirl

    kool! congrats
  10. AusiGirl

  11. AusiGirl

    Happy Birthday being! ya old fella
  12. and we still can,t grow it here lol....one day i suppose when they ban smoking cigarettes here in australia. congrats to the mrs! i got years to go lol
  13. AusiGirl

    kids mate kids make ya grey! oh yeah and the old man!
  14. AusiGirl

    I,m using my old computer! I also have a i7 predator, I don,t like it at all.
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