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  1. my ping is 198! super
  2. AusiGirl

    welcome back rob now come in,and i will shoot ya!
  3. AusiGirl

    after the last person was shot, we all was on same gun(didn,t get that gun to be able to level up to nades )we were running around and then all of a sudden i got nades. didnt have a problem on previous maps
  4. AusiGirl

    no i don,t remember
  5. AusiGirl

    we played gun game the other night all of us got to a certain gun and then had no gun at all.I put up a pic of what gun we meant to have.we were just running around and all of a sudden we got nades.
  6. AusiGirl

    thank you!
  7. AusiGirl

  8. AusiGirl

  9. AusiGirl

  10. AusiGirl

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Welcome to the clan
  11. AusiGirl

    hahahahahaha ! was it broken already...
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