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Everything posted by Boomer

  1. I can't even speak right now, but I love you guys!
  3. Hope you've had a super day HBD!
  4. WELL I was gonna tell Happy B-Day but instead I guess I have to say.............................................................. FU THEN!
  5. indeed I have been blessed my friend and yes with my daughter too!
  6. oh yeah I almost forgot.... not really fu hahahahaa this is me and my little girl with some trophy rainbow trout the smallest one in my daughters hand was 4 lbs and around 18 inches long..... the one in my left hand yep the biggest one my little girl caught 5 3/4 lbs and around 24 inches long and then yeah I know Dad brings up the rear with one 5 1/2 lbs around 23 inches long yes she was laughing at me in this picture the damn brat lmao!
  7. This is what I look at EVERYTIME FOOKING TIME I go to the mountains, get out of bed and have my morning coffee!
  8. hmmmm ok then Happy B-Day lol!
  9. @@Labob well I didn't try to register I just dropped in and looked around! hes a fooking loser and he knows it Labob what he's done to you and sniper is wrong and that's just a crying shame to fuck the two people that cared most for him.........
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