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  1. ah 80 % is afull high. What does it take to impeach a sitting President ?
  2. Labob

    go to your sound control panel select recording and switch from your old mic to your new usb mic
  3. Labob

    Well your game server does not hand out the custom maps to your players very well. Very slow speed can take up to 30 minutes to get some of the big maps. As well as your mod would be hosted there so your players get the files they need to join your server fast and easy.So you get a redirect there's one at the bottom of this post. just one there are hundreds. Not to much money as well . Its also more than likely the game server host your using has a redirect for you. And do not be sorry we were all where you were once. If you pm me with your ftp creds I can help you right in the server files instead of telling you here. That way I can find the problem and then let you know how to fix it. p.s. also need TS addy https://www.gameservers.com/redirect/
  4. Labob

    If the server is working fine on stock maps your missing something easy. Do you have a redirect setup ? And can you add your maprotation.cfg for me to have a look at.
  5. Labob

    don't touch my cookies and yours should be what a thin chocholat waffer mint maybe half ? you ['re on a rock and roll diet there storm. I know you should give me your cookie I'l hold it for you :)-
  6. Labob

    What it comes down to in the end is we have alot of dedicated servers on real old games. If we want to keep them we need to have people populate them. We have on several server developed an attitude of its our server and to be welcome you have to comply to our version of XI code of conduct. So take the COD5 dm server it has the same players always new player do show up from time to time and play a while but they leave. So the population of that server is shrinking. How do we attract new players and keep them so we can keep our servers. IDK the answer I do know that the way we handle our clan members attitude towards new people needs to be looked at and worked on. We are not doing a very good job there.
  7. Labob

    Man do people really love to hate you. I can say and all admins who show up to vote all the time can say your numbers were not that bad I've seen many lose by far greater numbers. Right now however Real I can't say your numbers would look good Something else here that bothers me is the vote. 80% is a hard number to reach for anything and any reason I think its way to high and some of you are very happy I don't make those decisions . Some things we need to remember here its an adult clan suck it up buttercups. It funny how we can remove a moderators status for kicking or banning somebody because they look like there cheating. Or because there score at the end of a game bothers you so much you hate them and we seem to think thats ok because were members of a big clan. It's two faced people and if you all thought about it you would have to agree. We do kick players because we simple do not like them or their to good. Its more than childish and it is sad. It seems its easier to remove a player because we don't get along them than to figure out how to get along with them. Its going to be a hard thing to grow any bigger here.
  8. no labob like i told beers ^^^^^^^^ some are different than others and as a dirty wheel i don't use my wheel to zoom and my keys are not sticking so what do think?lol it that the some scopes have been messed with so much they all need to be set back to their standard settings that came with the game out of the box?then how much cod5 cust map2 do you play i have never seen you in there so how would yo know what the weapons are doing? Edited 17 minutes ago by 7Toes because i can Because I know how it works. For one the settings apply to everybody the same way. There is no setting to may 7toes scope wonky and Harrys scope blue green with envy
  9. That sounds more like a stickey key or dirty wheel on your mouse I guess depending on how you zoom
  10. So the two your dealing with is wrm and wdm weapon range modification and weapon damage modification. 100 wdm would be a kill at the distance set in the wrm 200 would be a kill at a larger distance. Same goes for the distance setting my guess on the shoot guns the round would quickly fail after the distance set. SO if you up the 25 to 50 and the wdm is 100 it would be a one shot kill at 50 meters. So the range set for the double barrel is set 25 meters. So that weapon at 100 (wdm) and (wrm) at 25 would be a kill. So now at 40 meters it could take 2 or 3 shoots to kill . Also keep in mind you have to nail the target a glance don't count As it is right now the double barrel is set to (wrm) 25 and (wdm) is 150 so just a guess because I have no idea what math they used would be a one shoot kill at say 60 meters. And the handle perk just steady's the weapon so it becomes a rifle shoot gun So to make it do what you would like play with those numbers.
  11. Those settings are from the stock game. That server is running the ace mod that's a custom mod. And I found it. My bad here's where things are at. Stock setting should read 100 for everything if its more or less its been changed.
  12. Labob

    I'm not Harry too
  13. Labob

    I would say yes he smells funny wears a touque in the summer but he kills all the players I do not like. @HarryWeezer what is the correct procedure for this Harry ??
  14. Because WAW was released too early and never patched properly. The game will also freeze or simple end during custom map rotations when your directed to the redirect site.So its not you its the game. You can help by insuring you have the games listed in the new map rotation. You v=can get those by using our XI downloader . Its in the download section.