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  1. Labob

    Hey I'll have you know I do drink the wine from Chile after that its italy then it la champagne de France. I do not repeat do not drink anything from England WTF's up with warm beer.
  2. I have another solution I have just applied.
  3. Still is a problem with certain individuals. I have to ask are you donating or do you think your buying XI ? Yes that is what we are doing. Several players and members had decided they would leave if we did not get rid of the good players. Good players are now gone and the fix that was applied seems to be working. I guess they like everette I want servers that work for everybody not just a select group. Again if the servers are not the way you like it sorry they are working. Nobody is stopping you from going to other servers to see what they offer. Maybe then you guys will see what you have here. That would also answer the why you donate question. And I know Markoff well thank you.
  4. So let me see If I can explain this to ya all. You had a few player who would come into your server and hand you your butts. You did not like that. You all got very upset and made a huge stink. I fixed it now the players who come into your server can't kick your butt. Now one would think we would get a thank you for that. So now I hear and yea I get it you don't like the fix to the first problem. So if I turn it off you get problem one back. I really have to ask are you guy's pm'sing ?? or are you just bitchy lately ? Another thing making a treat that you will go play elsewhere does not work. We have the best servers if you went elsewhere their admins would ban you for all the bitching plus you would be playing with people who want to win. And all the players you have banned. Plus I would think there are more people who would stay then leave. And you would miss them to. So its all up tp you guys and gals. Do what you think you have to but for now the server stays the same. I'm not going to open up that other can of worms. If you want to jump I'll put the low grav server back for a while.
  5. Labob

    Thats like saying do you want your last meal at noon ? Or Later but you must have it before 11 pm
  6. Merlins got the right answer and thanks for double checking Jon of deer
  7. Labob

    we have snow the same color as your sand our women look happy to just that ours all have headlights on
  8. Labob

    Ruggers right on that and I can promise I will always fight against that rule. And I'm still here. And I fight hard. And I'm allowed to fight against that rule and I dop and I'm still here Anyway its time to put this one to bed its crazy
  9. Labob

    pw is joda HAHA
  10. Labob

    potentially ? this is happening more and more lately. Yes the last one was an ex XI member . It was decided that is was better to ban the person who buy his game play ended up disrupting the server. And I agree what would a too good score be a 60/40 K/D ratio maybe consistent scores that are 50% more than the next player. Or is it all about the server spirit as in people just go there to relax and fool around not take anything to serious and a good player ruins that for them. Still leaves the question is it right to ban somebody because they are so good they piss other players off. There is no winning answer here it is purely academic .
  11. Labob

    There are no joints in the pain in the ass
  12. Labob

    well if this thread can be considered addressing the topic of is it right to ban a player who is so good he pisses everybody off to the point they want him kicked from a server. Or is that just a wrong thing to do. Voted on no this is not a vote and there is no vote going on in the back ground. Harry started this post to see what the general feeling of everybody is on this topic. My opinion is yes its wrong to kick somebody for there skill level. My opinion is its wrong to let one person mess up a server so bad that it makes people leave a server. So my job is to find some common ground in that mess and apply a fix. Right now I do not have one that would work. So in the end what usually happens is it is better to ban 1 person than a server full of people. And yes right now as this is the only workable solution that makes it the right solution. Shitty way of handling it but it is what it is.
  13. Labob

    Man I have to read all this shit eye balls burning really did some of you really say some of that
  14. Labob

    Pm Me lets talk see what I can do for you