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  1. might rain
  2. pfft seen worse on the wifes knees
  3. Modern in what style ? Maybe it had a pic-casa like flare to it
  4. I use a 4 panel as well and get 10 channels. I could point it at Toronto or Ottawa but why when I can get your american channels. Wish I had larger cities but Watertown and area is what I got around but its solid and works well.
  5. pfft get over it waw is up and running
  6. TS3

    So my wife is 64 and gives me headaches. Should I switch to a 32 year old wife ?? Would she be issue free I like that line
  7. TS3

    spam and eggs I'd get spam and eggs I would
  8. Well its not us on that. That guys computer is wound up to tight. He would have to say yes to allow access to the down loader so he might as well say yes to the .rar file same thing in the end.
  9. Welcome abored
  10. Agreed I hope they both see this
  11. I'm told when British Russian's fart the gas they release can kill Read that on a Russian news site. Oh and facebook
  12. Brexit was done by the Russian according to our news oh and facebook