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  1. Labob

    I’d be interested
  2. Hey ya liked the beer I left ya just saying
  3. First Mercola in a person selling crap online. And by doing the complaining there boosting there public image therefore boosting sales and ya fell for it. This is what Mr. Trump call fake news and here he would be right. People will tell you anything to sell you anything to get your hard earned cash. Ya have to weed through the crap to find the good stuff
  4. Labob

    Of course if this gets bumped to tomorrow or tonight I will be available for knives in the back and head shots.
  5. Labob

    Sadly and I am sorry but I have to bow out. I have to go up to the kids house she has a frozen water line. I'm so sorry
  6. Labob

    He goes fishing in all the right places
  7. Labob

    LOL I'm still banned from there I have to think you were to Boss.. They did have some old posts that were worth a good read. So in terms of the mapping community were losing some great tuts but that site has been dead for years. I think it will be for the good get whats left all going to a couple of sites. So at least those sites will stay afloat. Its all good noob
  8. Labob

    Do you have the hotwheel track ??
  9. Labob

    Not quite its fun true but I do it to help stave off arthritis in my hands. It also really helps with fighting alzheimer . The fun side is playing a song ya really love. My rule is twenty campfire songs with a little flare though. P.S. I'm trying to find some time to record a bit I will add it when I do :0
  10. Labob

    All sorts of great talent here
  11. Labob

    Good on you I play but not ready for prime time :0 Can't sing can't dance but I can some times keep a beat. Acoustic guitar 6 and 12 string.
  12. Labob

    Ah i'm such a virgin so sad . Hey flickin asshole why don't they ad that to the starter system greedy cheeky basturds
  13. Labob

    What the whata. Been around cars for a few years now ok many. So what is this code for. Sorry never heard of this
  14. Labob

    That game still have invisible ships sinking other ships ?
  15. Labob

    Have you tried COD 5 ??
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