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  1. Labob

    End of the world's has come and gone. Most of us are now going to hell in a hand cart
  2. Labob

    If we're all so horribly in debt. Who has all the money ? Or are we all lending money that does not exist if that is true would the debt not exist as well. Asking for a friend
  3. Labob

    I think so looks like a dry prune the size of softball hint hint nudge nudge eh. With what seems to be lots of curly Grey colored sting all about it . Just hangs there between the legs like an old poop that will not let go. Wife says I should get it looked at. That's why I go to the beach in my speedo.
  4. Labob

    Why Thank you.
  5. Labob

    It is a rather big one . Quite impressive I would say. I even think it has a mind of its own when it pops out of my red speedo to get some fresh air and bop around.
  6. Labob

    I sir disagree. If you have a set or mind you one or more testi. You are a male of the species. What type of male you are is irrelevant. You maybe anyone of the alphanumeric people. But owning one makes you a male. Thank you very much.
  7. Labob

    Fine I can say this then OFF with HIS BALLS :)-
  8. Labob

    And then there is OFF with HIS HEAD :)-
  9. Poo poo caca pee pee wee wee robmc is a fee fee
  10. They do not go all the to Mexico. They fly north or south as far as they can . Start there life cycle again. I think each life is about a month long could be 2 .
  11. Labob

    Lost my dog in Kansas goes by the name of toto.
  12. Ok so I figured out how to check the file size. Mine do match my usermap folder file. Just right click and use proberties to check size. Explorer I guess just rounds them up or down. Why I have to ask silly MS
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