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  1. yea our redirect is not working at the moment please do not change the channel
  2. Labob

    Well I will have to remove all sound files to get rid of the error were seeing Sammy so I'm going to leave it as is. It works ambient sounds not super loud and you can hear everything else just fine. Seems to run just fine when I run around in it. So when we get a redirect back i'll upload it.
  3. Labob

    Now a best buy for those who need to feel light before gaming available at all Home depot outlets. LOL The shower enima
  4. Labob

    He says pretensenoly with to many or too little letters in that verb or is it a noun He asks pretentiously
  5. Labob

    I went out for a coofee and she got the order wrong twice I did not see that on our down loader is this an old game problem ?? I ask while looking at my huge bank account and pondering a new game so is it COD 2 fault we can't get good coffe now I ask is it is it ?????
  6. Labob

    Second post if would be one of my cats I would sat hey big buddy maybe one paw south of teh belly button
  7. Labob

    Thats just wrong I mean the dreaming part this happens in real life all he time. Ya just have to grab on to the riens and hold on life will hand you the dreams penthouse has said as much
  8. Labob

    Damm that dog is dumb his head is where his legs should be and his legs are where his legs should be and his owner is not under his chin watching the the latest net flick video Dumb post and its a weekend where no snow does not matter but for some odd and strange thing I wanted to rub his belly pft maybe to wipe off the cat hair that sticks to me what ever
  9. Labob

    For me a allied or axis spawn on the wrong side of the map or if you wish allied spawn in an axis spawn area. I Only separate team spawns and that is usually across the map from each other and in at least two different locations to help fight a spawn zone being captured
  10. Labob

    This died before it's time. I think you should keep the map name if all your doing is fixing it. The forced reload is to fix it or ya get this problem. Any way has this map beeen tested ?? Can I get on with something else now ??
  11. Labob

    Well half the world has a beaver and the other half wants a piece of it
  12. Labob

    Don’t montoions have a whole wack of guns and shoot shadows for fun and think Texans taste good ?
  13. No blame i know this method is still new. And I think it’s all yours again. HOPE you find the problem
  14. I just finished moving it all over to the test server as well so a second place to play.