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  1. those so called players are bot like in nature in cod5
  2. post it on our youtube channel I'll have a look at it for you.
  3. Beers does not have a problem with XI he does love us. He does have a very serious hate on for the management team and could not learn to compromise. And his server he had a little bit more than a tight hold on it. He did give it up though and he did make that decision freely and on his own terms. I know this because I spent a great deal of time trying to get the head admins and Beers and the way the server was handled worked out without any fighting. That was a failure sadly. Once I left and this was the reason for me . It was only a matter of time before beers would snap and the fight between management and beers would take another soldier. So in short the Beers story was Beers fault he did give up his server and things went south when he could not get it back. There is no other story thats it in complete and that simple. Now this forum thread is not about Beers its about how everybody thinks about how it ALL happened. My goal was to see if there was a better way to of handled it of even remember we lost 3 head admins and Markoff and a few other will suffer because of the loss. KInda like Beers I guess I just want to know if I did the right thing maybe or handled everything as well as I could of. Selfish yea but just trying to learn from my mistakes. again I did ask the everybody be nice in there posts please keep it like that the fighting or hard feels towards other does have a cost. P.S. Hey boss I did not always agree with some of your decisions but I did administer them and did so without complaint. When I would have doubt about your decision I would just have to look at the site and all its member new and old and that would answer my doubt. THIS fucking guy knows his stuff. I cant begin to understand the hard decision you had to make for our benefit. I thank you for each and ever one. You sir are made out of sugar and spice and superman steel
  4. This is not a drill this is a hammer and that is a screw driver or as my partner likes to call it a star twisty thing. Stil test server or not something has to point ya to it
  5. Labob

    Where's the USB port ?
  6. Well that all went sideways. I'm shocked people think Chile has balls. Mrs Chile had them removed quite some time ago. And dirty they are not the dogs are licking them clean every time the rains brings them out of the ground. Like little squeak toys. Anyway I got my answer. Not one person knows why. Few care, a lot more care its over. That might be a good thing. Reason I asked because it is important for admins to know why things happen and why team members think they happened. Last was it solved in a way that people could live with. IDK I do know people care that its done with.Which in a sense means get it fixed fast .
  7. 65 views and no opinions. WoW Not even from an admin in COD5 This place use to talk about things.
  8. LOL and I know its in bad taste but this ones for all the Beers fan )-
  9. lOOKS LIKE DUCK CHANGED THE REDIRECT NAME CAPS ON CAPS OFF CAPS ON CAPS OFF looks like DJ needs to change the redierect aDDY IN ALL THE SERVERS. I hope ya have time for that DJ
  10. So the news was suppressed I read the forums daily and I never know about all the action traranspireing . So from what I can gather COD5 is now left with two great admins Cat (love ya) and DJ smart dude. What does everybody think about how it all came about. Keep it clean first I hear of anybody bashing anybody I will ask that the post be deleted and my guess is it will be deleted. This is so I can understand how this all happened and went down. It did take a long time and it did have a big cost to the management team. Harry you post last old wind bag LOL
  11. Labob

    Multicultural = a Canadian team full of Americans win a championship in Canada and an American Hockey team full of Canadians win a championship in the States .
  12. I did install a great mod for tourneys on the tourney server its called mp_xi_svr . You can set it up for just about any type of game or weapon choice or map.
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