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  1. Labob

    Bamm kinda has this one right. I suspect that spell check or the person has a hard time spelling in french If you change revenue to revenir it seems to make more sence. What he has typed in "positions " I'm going to guess he's trying to say people are accusing him of giving out the positions of the other players. Must be from Freze Tag ??
  2. I think the marshalls web browser is locked on bitchute
  3. Labob

    Wow I always thought pee was used to wash the poop off the inside of the toilet bowl
  4. Labob

    He's never gone if you never forget. He passed in the best possible way.
  5. Labob

    Play Call Of Duty World at War instead
  6. Labob

    go to the gametracker on the main page click on your server search for your name and it will be there
  7. I have Been reminded any thing racist can result in a permanent b an so please keep that in mind.
  8. Come on people if ya want teh post locked down we have to cross a line. Having just read that it might be a hard thing to do in this thread
  9. This one is interesting
  10. I tried to get it shut down I posted some religious and political crap and that did not work. I'm looking for some serious religious stuff and some real bad political stuff. Maybe DJ you can help got anything politically offensive to our DUC ?
  12. Labob

    cream corn ? asking for a friend
  13. Labob

    Lucky basturd
  14. Labob

    Live every day like it's your last. Anybody who ever died would give you that piece of advice.
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