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  1. Labob

    C4 c4 cat
  2. Labob

    walk backwards and keep a firm grip on the soap. And your mouth shut trust me on that last one I live in a big prison town mouth shut will help ya out.
  3. Labob

    I found your lost weight its all above my penis and below my neck 🙂
  4. Labob

    AHHH sweet sweet drama. Man I love you girls
  5. Labob

    hey you took all my money in poker yesterday I call it Karma :)-
  6. Labob

    How many points did I get ?
  7. Labob

    Why bananas ?
  8. Labob

    I must be in a mood so here it goes. Did you ask or pm Beers ? Just wondering
  9. Labob

    I just know one name and its debbie I think she lives in dallas
  10. Labob

    Let the quizzies renew so we can go back and correct our failure so I don't run around tell people i'm a failure 🙂 Or say things like I'll never try that again
  11. Labob

    I do know the call of duty franchize does not like realtek anything. I do not know why . Nor is it a reason to lose all your sound it could just be the card died 🙂 RIP card
  12. Labob

    One of the great blues men out there. I'm happy his music will carry his name into well forever
  13. Labob

    What how will they track him ? Everybody's always up to let Google do all the heavy tracking let Facecrap do some for once. ")
  14. Labob

    So the map construction the easiest I can figure out anyway. One sky box so all is contained in one map. Top level is the ships. You can see and shoot each other from each ship. You portal to the next room. In a 3d view it would be below the water or maybe a small cloud town above. Portal over and fight the next thing we can create plus the other team. If you die you spawn back at the boat and start your trip over. If you find the next portal you travel on. My guess is we will have to hide these room under the water. In the end I figure it will be like freeze tag in the fact that the first team to control the last level will win. Problems is room sizes we can only make a map so large so it will only fit so many rooms. Portal exits going to need more than one each of they will just be camped at and the game will die at the first portal exit. We can create death wall traps and traps portal of death LOL portals that send you right back to the begining and so on.
  15. Labob

    IDK something like this would work. We could cut a map into say 3 sections for this idea. Clip them off from each other . As well we could get more rooms and create more levels.



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