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  1. The truly sad part of this aside from patois head being one ugly girl tater is Evolution will render us non gender and that will end sex. Than we will all be like Rob Mac
  2. they do have COD WAW on Steam I don't know about the tools though. I'ma gona look into that right now though.
  3. Nope thats wrong. They make games not for long term success. They make games they want to last 18 months top . They then release a new game . Thats how they make money not by keeping alive an old game that nobody is buying any more.
  4. Labob

    More clutter more more more
  5. Labob

    Names labob 43 years a commercial driver . Have driven across Canada more times than robmac has had sex. Lived in Calgary forc11 year andc10 in Vancouver region you can hit me up usually in the am est 9 ish. You can make good money these days driving . But the thing you need to know it is not a good family job driving highway
  6. And your a member so its not fake news
  7. Labob

    Hey you just wait Duc and Rugger will get the dirt on this bad boy and sell it for big bucks to people who need to know so they can make money off my very bad doings because mystery and intrigue pay not to mention all the girls yea baby just wait . Then Duc can travel and pay for his gas and Rugger can buy all those baseball cards . And I will be the guy in the shady part of the interweb
  8. Labob

    I'm really hoping this helps me prove to the wife I've got a life of mystery and intrigue and have a history of being the bad boy here
  9. So I was wondering because I do not do twitter if some admin who does could add activision to there twitter feed and see what comes of it. I say this because of this. https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2021/01/12/call-of-duty-servers-down-black-ops-cold-war-warzone-servers-down-activision-investigating/ And yea I see its seems to be PlayStation but my guess is the server that handles all the authentication all comes from one server .
  10. Labob

    Ahh so sad his dates must be hmmm well entertaining ")
  11. Labob

    I'm broken for sure now I seen this and the only thought I had was Rob mac trying to breed



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