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  1. Sad day for all. Hunter you are missed
  2. So maybe just draw on your unclothed upper torso some XI themed sweet tata sweater . I this place they would forget to vote
  3. Lost my fav link to visit the site so I googled us. Found this I'm impressed that they say were in the top 500000 sites in the world Very cool if its true. Plus were 17 years old how time flys wow https://www.statshow.com/www/xtremeidiots.com
  4. Well thats so much better than a leaf fan
  5. Of course we are anybody who knows an idiot knows about us.
  6. Well male prostitue to the stars. I know but it pays the bills. As a side line I write murder mystery romance novels under the sudo name of Antoinette Stockenberg. Just for fun on weekends I race cars of all types. Ok There stolen cars but again it pays the bills plus it a ton of fun. My hobbies are training assinsins and teaching writers about assisins. Can't make it to easy for them now can I . I'm also a cruse ship captain and a trained proctologiest. ( its the field of hunting boogie men up ones bum) Next week I'm pondering playing in the Spainish bull fighting cercuit (yes I know but my academic assistants are off it is saturday night after all). But I have to see about all that bullshit we have to deal with. Slippery when the previous fighter pee all ove the place quite a mess. its a living and its 7 weeks till Im quiting .
  7. Woo Hoo ya got some points and so now I did too unfairly IDK but I'm hapy with 2 p's
  8. I had to Google tubing and I'm glad it was not what I thought.
  9. I like this solution thinking outside the box. Excellent idea
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