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  1. Labob

    We should ask rugger how his investment went
  2. Labob


    Z I win
  3. Labob

    I liked the fact it is possible to take what's in your mind and turn it into a Map. The stranger the better. Raygun sweet
  4. Agree these boats are foils not sails . But it shows what thinking can do. Through design and innovation using what is already available they can get a boat to go 3 to 4 times faster the the power pushing them . So it might be possible to get wind powered generators to make more if not the same amount of energy as what is being used to create the energy.
  5. Sail boat can go 4 times faster than the wind pushing them . That's efficient
  6. I own a bike have to peddale the basturd but goes down hill very nicely. Its free too my neighbour bought it .
  7. Labob

    Do not get me going on the media. Holy crap . The bigest one lately for me is the redidential schools. Kamloops BC . Kamloops BC The remains of 250 dead shildren found at residential school. This exploded and was just pure crap. Even to thios day all the unmarked graves found people still believe they are murdered children. Thank you media. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/tk-emlúps-te-secwépemc-215-children-former-kamloops-indian-residential-school-1.6043778 So everybody knows any child lost is horrible. But to say the possiblility of of discovered graves are those of dead children to sell adds on media sites is a crime in my mind.
  8. Labob

    You do not play with real handguns.
  9. Yes yes well done but now it looks like your computer is stuck in a corner. Use the alt escape key.
  10. Labob

    I just had covid. Caught it from work right after the removed the mask mandate. There are 47 people on the shift. Week 2 11 had caught covid. Week 3 15 had covid. Week four everybody else had it. I gave it to the Wife. We both have 4 shots I had a reLLY bad throat I think i hurt it and the wife 4 weeks later a smoker is still getting over it. So its still here and I hope by opening this crap up the rest of the world will catch it and get over it. On the kinder side of things I hope eveybody who cathces it now is well vaciated. Those who are not sorry but we tried real hard to let you know. Freedom has a cost always folks
  11. Labob

    Unless I Missed something human rights are not physical in nature . The right to freedom freedom of speech ect. There are not many human rights. You do not have the right to own land you must purchase it and it can be taken away for many reasons. The only physical right that I know of is American and its the right to bear arms. It does not matter how to interbit the right. It is the right to have something tangable. So there that is. Now on a differnt subject. Just to show the difference between Canada and tha US of A. Justine in the above picture has 4 RCMP gaurds covering him I would guess a few more in the back ground. 4 Guns TLCB said. How many guns would be gaurding the American president ? Small army comes to my mind. My belief on why is because everybody else has a gun and it takes that many to protect him from it. Again Canada can be saved were not over the crazy line yet.
  12. Labob

    Oh Krunch our conservatives are liberal compared to American conservatives. We might look like pussies but I promise you were tough as nails.
  13. Labob

    So here we go again. Harry is pissed that the liberal goverment in canada will fire up thE Left wing fruit cakes in the states. I wish canada had such power. As for the mass murder problems in the states the out of control gun violence. Just my opion. This will never get solved with my right to own guns is more important than your idea of a safer society. Or my favorite my guns protect your damm safety. It just goes round and round . people die yes from guns people yes I know people kill people but they kill so many more with a big gun. So do not worry about what canada does to ban guns its such a small part of trying to end gun violence.
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