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  1. pfft activision has a few letters all ready from me.
  2. Labob

    [email protected] or just pm me Been a while for cod4 but there lots in commom our download site has all you need if somethings missing I should have it. Or a place to get it and I alway have time to help a XI mapper and I know a few other who do have time too
  3. Labob

    Thank You GG 5 years of your time dedicated to others so they could enjoy there gaming time. I bet a few scars as well Enjoy your time now you deserve it and you earned it.
  4. Labob

    CAn I have a ribbed one ? That way I can be a ripple ketchup canadian
  5. Labob

    Once I'm done with this years map I'll make a xmas map for this event. Should of done this years ago my apologies XI
  6. I'm not defending anybody here. I am saying I find your remarks on topics like these racist . All of the post you have mad about transport accidents have been about immigrants not of the white kind. And I'm saying you have charged and convicted these two before they even get to court. What happens to them is not up to me in the least bit and my op ion does not matter in the least bit. But I am allowed to voice my opion on the manner in which you post and my opion is its racist. I'm not asking you to stop or to not have your say here what I am doing is letting you know what I think about it. And it here is your post,not the the accident in Saskatchewan. Surely this is a sad sad thing but to even think that somebody who could read english would of never ran that stop sign . Accidents happen why this one happened I every truck driver is really curious about. And to suggest I don't blame truck drivers sheesh go back and read my post.
  7. I'll let the courts know that the decision has been made "guilty". Should save some money there.
  8. Canada follows the international standard for its hwy signs you do not have to read them just see them and the shape will tell you what they mean.(how do you think colour blind people know their signs ) Oddly same signs as in India . Now street signs well that's a different story. A decade earlier at the same road crossing a family got wiped out by an other accident. The interchange went through some big upgrades flashing lights rumble strips. 4 foot stop signs advance stop sign warning lights with flashing lights.Trees removed to increase visibility So this driver it did not matter what he could read he missed an awful lot. Why he missed them is up to the courts to figure out. But have no fear because he is from a country Angle with a z does not like he will go to jail. The owner well he will get a few thousand dollar fine because what he did wrong was poor paper work. Racist comments do not belong here. Also keep in mind the over 70% of truck drivers in Ontario Canada have less than a grade 8 education. No where in the new standard for truck driver education did it say you need to have passed high school as a minimum education. Also there's a serious lack of law enforcement out there. Want to teach a truck driver some manners ticket them till they smarten up. Law enforcement agencies do not hand out enough tickets. Passing up hill with a tractor trailer these people are proof they need an education. Tailgating OMG they think it a race and need to draft. Over speed in a snow storm LOL I know they can't see the end of there hood because I can't. But for all that they only get tickets after the accident. Get them to hand out the tickets be shorter than a year and you will see a lot of nice truck drivers all curtious and shit. So its not the Pakistan the Muslims the new Canadians it the lack of law enforcement that has gotten us to where we are. And Angel with a z I got my license out west with a key to a tractor trailer and zero training 42 years ago so yes I know what I'm talking about.
  9. Try deleting your video card driver then let windows boot and try the game like that. If it runs its your driver if it doesn't good bet your card might be gone. This is not fool proof.
  10. man I'm not going any where near the sway no sway sniper rifle topic pfft thats a harsh place
  11. Labob

    Rust is something most commonly found on a Ford truck
  12. Alright hate to do this but @Ruggerxi or @dadda2 please lock this its not getting to the point and has become a player bashing shit fest grrr
  13. Its not hard to understand this. We have a lot of servers and even more servers set up for different play styles. From fast to slow low gravity freeze tag and on and on. Because of the game and play style they attract there own players that enjoy that style of gaming. Members and non members alike. When someone joins one of those servers with a totally different play style its disruptive and ruins the game for those who play there because of the style of the server. When that happens we usually ask the player to find another server to play on. If they don't like that we kick them to let them know were serious and if it continues we ban them. If from there they go ape in other servers or on the web page we ban them from XI anything. This is not new here or in any other gaming community. On the flip side to this we do try to accommodate those player with different gaming styles. Proof just look at how many servers we have and they are all different that's a lot of accommodating to me.