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  1. Hey AMD is just fine if we did not support amd I promise you intel would just do nothing to get better
  2. I've told iphone no , ipad no and now i'm telling iframe no
  3. yep we got that snow thing her too not so sure I ike it much
  4. And survey says
  5. Hmm I'd undo the bann until somebody comes forward. All admins know they ban they post it . This is why .
  6. He aint got a scarf
  7. rama rama ding dong
  8. See that the thing I've always had great asus boards all my old ones are in the kids houses running plex servers and one is real old two. Same goes for kingston ram I've never had a problem so I went with the ones I know . I'll be honest here though I've always went business class on my MB this time I decided to go fancy and this happens . The one I pulled out of this build was running ddr 2 mem that old and the only reason to change was I wanted ssd support . O well live and learn we all have our lessons grrrrr
  9. Yep and we the french do that naked
  10. I suppose if I have to I will wait lol
  11. So lets see I have a repair ticket into bell canada I'm watching the repair ticket to activision so sad those Grrrr I'll send one off to asus too now I'm a cop I'm writing tickets up like there were candy
  12. Well I'm not dropping another 250 for ram so for now this is it Fine tuning ram right down to what they say is the absolute perfect ram for that cpu is all good and fun for some real serious gaming but I was just trying to build a good working rig. I tried all the combos and it all came back good I tried it with memtest as well as mdschek.exe . I tried cpu-z and found this ? I wonder if its all cut in half because the frequency is cut in half ???? I checked in the bios and it is set at 2133 which is double of what cpu-z sees .
  13. Come on old man do you ever stop all that exhausting finger pounding it tappity tapping me crazy. Congrats as well and you have said maybe 3 impotant things. Medal should be on its way.
  14. Yes it is they do a bad job of keeping track of there paper work lol I will give it a try J3st3rXI thanks its a different path and one never knows