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  1. Na talk to spinpuppy
  2. Was just looking at those. They seem to have lost there ver number. So once you download them however the patch number is there.
  3. No don't need a new server we can change out redline for something else. See if it gets played if not then I think its time for some MW and on and on we change
  4. I'm not a fucking dinosaur
  5. Death burns no calories but "to follow" can burn over 27 a minute due to to the anxiety effect.
  6. So you would have to know the server mod what map it changed to and it you had a steam update for WAW and if you had a windows update Normally I would say delete the mod delete the map and then join the server again and let it feed you a new copy of the map and mod. But cod5 does that to alot of people from time to time because its not broken On the my side I still think its the master server that has issues and its not the XI server or you.
  7. I think it was from bad gas
  8. Which one ?
  9. pfft looks like were werking up to a winter thing
  10. the only place in the world Chuck has never been is the Virgin Island because if he had they would not be virgin
  11. Yep and I can probably say with a certain amount of certainty Activision won't fix that issue
  12. Free Shamu