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  1. Labob

    I do not know what I'm doing on the 29 th. Still place me on the DM Side see what may happen . Keep Merlin on the FT side we don't need him stinking up the place What maps we playing I need to practice cheating .
  2. What are you using for an antivirus scanner ??? So insert dvd into player. When auto run starts decline it. Open windows explorer open the dvd. Right click on the setup.exe . Under the compatibility tab select run this program in compatibility mode for and select xp service pack 3. Also select run as an administrator. Click apply XI servers for WAW do not use punkbuster so I recommend you do not install it. You will get an error when you launch the game but get rid of it and go find a server. As for the game patches 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 You can skip one or all not my place to say what is right or wrong. I install all of them in sequence. That should get you up and running.
  3. You let him into the political forum 🙀 That could not of worked out well.
  4. Labob

    Hey now proof of his heart is he bribed his child with cash hard cash not candy . Big diff
  5. Labob

    Great idea ? way to think outside the box.
  6. Labob

    Old softy
  7. Labob

    Two different mods. one is alot newer so it could mean they wrote the code to different standards ?? But thats whats going on with the speed of the game.
  8. Labob

    Remember you do not find or hire great employees you make them
  9. Labob

    I do not care if there called lollipops and sunshine i'm still shocked this is ok now. Just because somebody adds an image to a site as you say cursed images or pick any site they add that photo to say Mississippi state fair fun games. Does not make an image right for this site. But its still here so I must be wrong.
  10. Labob

    I don't see how this is still here. This can't be acceptable these days ??
  11. Labob

    If a Senior admin would scroll through these Pics I think the thread would be deleted
  12. Labob

    Flickers the 570 almost doubles in price in canada
  13. Labob

    Mods are mods and map files are map files. The two never touch so to speak. It could be they have changed there ver of the map added something to the iwd like a custom image. The odds of you playing the same map on two different servers are big. I'd keep the one that works on our server and see if it ever happens again. You can also delete the mod folder and get a fresh one when you join the server again. It doesn't haRM ANYTHING. And you get a fresh copy of the mod .
  14. Labob

    How about that merging stuff I mention. If we run one map on two servers by the level rotation and share the IWD's . The check is not there as the rotation cfg is not in the package. The game does not quite work that way. What happens is the server tells the client what map to play and the client plays the map. The only thing the server does with the actual map file is tell the client where to get it if the client does not have it. And if the server is pure as ours are is compare the files for security reason. This time the server found the clients map file was not the same as the one it has. So impure client. What the server does not know is it has the wrong file not the client. This is also one of the reasons the game crashes when you do not have the map. It tells the client where and then sends that client off to go get it. There is a problem with the server and the client handshaking on that task. AND BOOM ya crash most of the time.
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