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  3. sweet so for its purpose I think this idea might work then. For those who do not know can't scan a zip file as far as I know so you get that message from google . Thanks Anglez
  4. Na if ya can get all 10 at once I'm fine with that. I say stress test this crazy idea of mine.
  5. It could be my fault to. I did test the links out twice before releasing them them i tried them when angelz post showed she was short in total maps that’s a 50 gig download and one complete round of hitting the links.
  6. Yea but for 2 dola fifty a month it does kinda work well until I get the hey labob WTF from Google lol
  7. damit guess thats what google does to stop them being used as a redirect. Good news is you can try again tomorrow maybe. I'll look at my settings see if there's something I can do.
  8. no but thanks for the offer I've got them all hosted right now they are at the top of this thread.
  9. there's 627 maps with a total size of 25.2 gig . Yep thats the plan I think it will be 10 map packs of around 2.5 gig each so as not to kill everybody's bandwidth. Now I need to hunt me down a merlin .
  10. hmm don't think the download site is structured that way. I have to create a whole new set of map files because the old does not include everything. Upload them to google and get Rugger or Duc to pin the post to the top of the forum colum. Well something like that. I have most of it done just downloading files to finnish zip the wack of them and upload and test. Be a few days.
  11. Sadly that would take a life time to upload and download. We can only do 1 map at a time both up and down. I am however going to make a google account for just the maps and see how long google lets it sit there.
  12. Ok so here's this weeks rotation for dm1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gxtMjDuPvx3hnL5oIH4uNLgAbXES-ymH
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