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  1. Looks good congrats. Maybe make an XI something they will buy anything in here 🙂
  2. In the redirect here /redirect/cod5/COD5 Admin you will find a file called cod5 master map list. That should help you out a lot and nice work Merlin ? Hope that helps you out Black Rose
  3. Hmm I'm 99% sure if there is a cod5 map we have it on our redirect Blackrose.
  4. Labob

    I found a manager there hard to find here this one will be with you after hes done with her.
  5. Labob

    Where's the fish ?
  6. Labob

    Does he know what snow is. Hold on TSW do you know what snow is ? Like Canadian snow not the stuff from across the gulf ?
  7. Ya can just go into the wifes stud fund ?
  8. If you get it off that offer I'll let you have 10 minutes with rugger in private and 10 liras yes the old peso dollarama . Plus I'll let you in on the secret Spinpuppy dramma called home depot idiot style yea bay I went there offer only last till spin sobers up
  9. Pfft ya idiots making it hard. I have no point I do have an XI gambling problem I'd be willing to toss in though. $35 canadian ?
  10. What a couple of hundred bucks on ebay WOW thats a steal at 15 dollars then. Take that Ducky
  11. I never knew fleabay thats funny . And I'm sure many people could use it. 8$ not letting duck get that.
  12. Labob

    Thats a long road and she will get better as the baby grows and her as well. Mothers are so strong.
  13. Labob

    As a Roman Catholic I preferred the term god hole ?
  14. Labob

    I go to the Toyota distribution center for eastern Canada every day . Its in the corn fields LOL tons and tons of geese. One pair decided to nest in a rut by the picnic table. That pair turned the smokers into standing smokers. So I pulled out my little tupper ware of cheerios. The geese loved me and let the smokers sit down after they found out you can tame them with cereal LOL. Such little cuties they are.
  15. Labob

    Don't want to go there but our gay geese are tougher then you nasty gang bangers Just saying everybody runs when they go wild true story there



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