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  1. Ahh first rule never use wireless gaming LOL . And thank you very much for the answer to the problem it might help somebody later
  2. Yep nobody is going to stop you from getting the job you want. people will however try to stop you from doing a job you don't like
  3. Hey Fry its your birthday you remember :)-
  4. LOL the other side of the compile some will get that others will not
  5. Actually they say the issue with the beetle is global warming. Usually the winters get cold enough to cut the beetles back but they had a few rather warm winters and the beetle population grew fast. As for what fires are man made I would guess, the more away from the populated areas its lighting but the ones that cause all the house fires are mostly man made. Kinda sad eh. Things like sparks off train wheels cigarettes tossed out of windows careless fires while camping.
  6. here's another one. This is caused by the mountain pine beetle. All those dead pine trees have to burn to get a new forest to start growing. These are wild fires when they get going. That ones from B.C.
  7. Its more to do with the terrain. A lot of our fires in Canada are in places where not many people live so there is not much they can do. Another one is the mountains make it very hard to combat fires. Plus in the mountains with fire get the wind going hard. Sounds like a freight train roaring past you. Then the last one and its a big one its so dry due to lack of rain over several years the under brush is just primed for fire and all of it together allows the fire jump over firebreaks with ease.
  8. I looked and found a beer and shinny thing ooh wife in the pool maybe she's skinny diping NOOOOOOOOO She's in the light and naked hold on maybe IOcan get lucky yea thats my plan , Hold on did I type that out loud my bad hold on looks like nowhere is scratched out damm women is drying herself off now and I'm typing idiot I am I should be the towel boy damit the neighbor here shit I got to go .
  9. IDK medication might be a bit strong for that. I think maybe when your polishing it lighten up on the down stroke should straighten that out in a few weeks. Another thing might be to change hands
  10. is it me or is his gun barrel a little droopie
  11. mp_xi_nowhere

    Version 1.0.0


    OLD MAP DO NOT USE by Labob must be deleted ====================================================================== Map Title : mp_xi_nowhere Map Version : 1 Orginal creator : Merlin007 Recreated & Modified By : E-mail : Website : Date : Jun/03/2018 ====================================================================== Notes: This is of no particular place hence the name. This is my first map so I hope you have fun with it. Enjoy. ====================================================================== Game : Call of Duty 5 Supported Gametype : Deathmatch : Team Deathmatch : Freezetag Map Size : Medium Mod tested Ok : mp_usermaps, xidmace, xinam ====================================================================== Contents of this Package: localized_mp_xi_nowhere.ff mp_xi_nowhere.ff mp_xi_nowhere_load.ff mp_xi_nowhere.iwd ====================================================================== Installation Instructions: Place the mp_xi_nowhere folder within your USERMAPS folder used on the server/local PC; **MUST HAVE HIDDEN FILES & FOLDER ON** Where to find USERMAPS folders: Windows 7 & 10: DRIVE_LETTER:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/AppData/Local Data/Activision/CoDWaW/ ====================================================================== Credits/Thanks : Labob, for his suggestions and help in debugging. Thanks to Treyarch for providing the tools/assets. ====================================================================== Additional Notes: All original and composed textures or assets in this modification remain property of the sources respective owners. ======================================================================
  12. Well done Merlin ya worked hard for it and its a great map. kudos to you
  13. its not puking. Its harking up chemo laden spit to use in the termination of any little pest on the ground. Its a super power I'd use it freely around ant hills
  14. ya can beat it so do it