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  1. in perk 2 to exist stealth ( so I will not die to claymore the weapon of Cowards ) and in perk 3 eavesdrop (so I will not die to to RC other weapon of Cowards) over 2 years this can not be achieved ... stealth and eavesdrop they are in the same class perk perk 3 I hope I made myself clear thank you
  2. and something else !!! no longer exits for a long time HARDCORE server ! the problem is "": server changes are made by those who do not play this fkg game !!!!
  3. starts year 3 ..same bs perk for me ..see you next year thank you Sammy because you succeeded ....no longer necessary for me to play this game for 2 year for me it is no longer fun, I found fun elsewhere
  4. google

  5. google

    I wish you good health M8!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry to hear that ...
  6. google

    La Multi Ani fericiti ,si sa te fut
  7. google

    Happy Birthday inciuciuna beech !!!and FU
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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok.. too late I think..
  9. Happy Birthday Beeech!

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    fu pajero
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