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    FU beeech ! love u all
  2. google

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    Thank you FU beech!
  4. google

    A column of the Russian army on its way to Kyiv stops by a hill. From behind it is heard from a megaphone: "A Ukrainian soldier is stronger than 10 Russian soldiers!" Irritated, the Russian commander sends 10 soldiers over the hill, there are gunshots, shouts, then silence, none of them return. And the megaphone: "A Ukrainian soldier is stronger than 100 Russian soldiers!" Annoyed, the Russian commander sends 100 soldiers across the hill. This time there are more shots, the sound of fighting, then silence and no one back. Same voice: "A Ukrainian soldier is stronger than 1000 Russian soldiers!" Jumping out, the Russian commander sends 1,000 soldiers across the hill to attack! There are noises of great battle, shouts, bursts of bullets, and then nothing, silence. But now a severely wounded Russian soldier appears, crawling towards his. He manages to get close to them and shouts at them with all his might: “Don't go! It's a trap! There are 2 ”
  5. I started here on cod 2 2007 - 2009 I met him in cod 2 good m8 RIP bro I think most of the *older ones here started with code 2
  6. google

    g00gle#21507 g zero zero g l e ))
  7. My EMP mine exploded 3 times,at my crossing and killing me )
  8. and yesterday , my EMP device countermeasure for RC ,he killed me 3 times thx
  9. google

    TAVI? if is Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation recovery is short-lived and I will be able to shoot you very soon beech.. I wish you good health
  10. google

    in the last 3 years ,I wanted to leave the clan 3 times ,I never found understanding here , for annoyance due to the change of game mode.. bla bla bla .no longer open this topic is useless time solves everything ..you do not leave the clan beech,just take a break ,and let's hope I'll find you here too cya m8
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