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  1. Happy Birthday Dipsy1 

  2. Wow…Been there done that…I had a Widow Maker a couple years back. Now you just have to take care of yourself..Start by eating right. I haven’t touched lunch meat since. A lot of chicken and lean beef 93% or better. Also read every label for sodium content and sugar. One good result I’m not diabetic anymore. Lost about 30lbs…lol Best of luck Dude
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  4. Happy Birthday Essssieeee!!! Enjoy your day....

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  7. Happy Birthday VanHelsing Enjoy Your Day


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      thank you sir enjoy your day as well


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  9. Thoughts and Prayer with his Family.. Cant Believe this.... Johnny was my first friend back in 2009 when i joined (XI) He will be truly missed by all....R.I.P. Johnny hope your starting a new (XI) Branch in Heaven....
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