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  1. copenhagen

    merry christmas you bunch of crazy idoits
  2. copenhagen

    my teamspeak is not playing sound when i start it or join the channel. anyone know how to fix?
  3. copenhagen

    @@hxtr he needs more help then i thought
  4. copenhagen

    we need to sit supa down and have a serious talk he just can stop anymore!!!!!!!! supa why man why i know your mother loves you and we do to. (sometimes)
  5. copenhagen

    @@Go0fLo0p ok thx
  6. copenhagen

    is ts down?
  7. copenhagen

    @@bds1961 i learn about that in school and a couple of people have shown me pics..
  8. copenhagen

    I was watching a TV show and when it went to commercial brakes and one of the commercials was about smoking. it was talking about all the harmful chemicals and things that could happen to you. As i was half listening to the thing i realized that apparently smoking tobacco is the only thing that people and kids do. i have to laugh at that because tho I'm 17 at the moment and i personally have been using (chewing tobacco,snuff,dip) for almost four or five years now. In all that time i have never seen anything about dip except on the can itself. Now in my opinion i think smoking is more dominate then dipping, but i'd rather "beat the lip then blacken my lungs".
  9. copenhagen

    @@hxtr what happened?
  10. copenhagen

    @@Damage_inc- i got like 60 hours logged
  11. copenhagen

    @@hxtr hey now dont hate against my race. haha
  12. copenhagen

    well ladies, gents, supa, and hell ive gotten the 20 posts all that is left is to wait a month and a half as well as get the last bit of hours them ill be a full member....
  13. copenhagen

    @@BattlewolF i think i found you if your on



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