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  1. NostradewmusXI

    Happy birthday
  2. NostradewmusXI

    so jealous. i haul that way all the time but im stuck at home with a hurt back so im not working. I hope its a blast
  3. NostradewmusXI

    Do we need to tag the original poster of the appeal? I dont suppose they'll see any of this.
  4. NostradewmusXI

    Your ban has been decided to be lifted as long as you understand that any future bans for you will not have an appeal available. Please respect our rules from now on and you are more than welcome to be a part of our group.
  5. NostradewmusXI

    Welcome to the club
  6. NostradewmusXI

    After talking with our admin team we decided that at the very minimum a 90 day ban is in order. Appeals for bans of this nature are referred to senior admins for approval. There is no gurantee it will get approved they may look at it and decide no dice. so just hang tight @dadda2 @Sitting-Duc
  7. NostradewmusXI

    i mean whats stopping you from rubbing one out to some files
  8. NostradewmusXI

    we can definitely check it out and set something up i dont see why not. updating the mod just isnt an option even if they have a current update out that fixes it. If we update the mod then everyone who joined would have to manually add that mod on their client.
  9. NostradewmusXI

    The banned items list was just updated a few days ago as was posted by swedish_medic. I can however add that the right clicking of bound tools is disabled. that was an oversight on my part. I will also list the bedrock dimension as disabled next to deep dark and last millenium
  10. NostradewmusXI

    this will have to be reviewed. we take racism seriously, it doesnt matter if its a joke or not really its the same. we will get back to you
  11. NostradewmusXI

    We will discuss this and get back to you shortly
  12. NostradewmusXI

    welcome to the club
  13. NostradewmusXI

    jailed please login
  14. NostradewmusXI

    just wow. i can remember playing with him since i very first joined. he will be missed by me for sure. Sending prayers to the family
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