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  1. NostradewmusXI

    you should be good to go
  2. NostradewmusXI

    i will do it now
  3. NostradewmusXI

    welcome to the club
  4. NostradewmusXI

    wherever you've gotten your information about admins laughing about must not be accurate. We don't laugh about any of the appeals and they are all legitimately discussed.
  5. Hey, I just now looked at the banned list didn't know the enderium seeds were on there; just was trying to progress in magic crops mod and get to the master stone. I apologize for not realizing they were banned I will pay closer attention to the list in the future.

  6. NostradewmusXI

    dam i was just in nashville at a waffle house last week
  7. NostradewmusXI

    ok i have unbanned you and your friends. Play nice now because next time its permanent.
  8. NostradewmusXI

    we will discuss and get back to you shortly
  9. NostradewmusXI

    taken care of
  10. NostradewmusXI

    we will discuss your ban and get back to you shortly.
  11. NostradewmusXI

    well i do pray and ill keep ya in them mule. Hope you start feeling better soon
  12. NostradewmusXI

    tomorrow. your ban will be lifted on the 15th as previously stated.
  13. NostradewmusXI

    just like when the NSA started building their massive datacenters. The price of HDDs went thru the roof.
  14. NostradewmusXI

  15. NostradewmusXI

    maybe this helps illustrate some as well