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  1. NostradewmusXI

    Thank you all so much.
  2. NostradewmusXI

    very sad news indeed.
  3. Hello Nostrade. Could you please add The 1.12.2 Pack to your server?


    1. NostradewmusXI


      we do have an active 1.12.2 pack at 112.xtremeidiots.com

    2. EinfachJustiin


      Okay Thank you ❤️


  4. wow this is terrible 59 is way too young. He will be missed
  5. NostradewmusXI

    thats awesome. happy birthday
  6. NostradewmusXI

    thanks a bunch you guys.
  7. NostradewmusXI

    i watched you with the golden bad and the item filter along with the dollies. the whole time you never went anywhere else. the duping method is easily seen. i mean cmon you had at least 6 drives that i inspected that were identical. there isnt any way you could have accidentally done that. besides i watched you. for future reference i would get the item filter out of your inventory when youre done duping specially if you dont have any transfer nodes. we are aware of most dupe methods thats why it was easy to spot the items in your inventory. the admins will discuss your ban and get back to you
  8. NostradewmusXI

    Happy birthday
  9. NostradewmusXI

    so jealous. i haul that way all the time but im stuck at home with a hurt back so im not working. I hope its a blast
  10. NostradewmusXI

    Do we need to tag the original poster of the appeal? I dont suppose they'll see any of this.
  11. NostradewmusXI

    Your ban has been decided to be lifted as long as you understand that any future bans for you will not have an appeal available. Please respect our rules from now on and you are more than welcome to be a part of our group.
  12. NostradewmusXI

    Welcome to the club
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