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  1. NostradewmusXI

    dam i was just in nashville at a waffle house last week
  2. NostradewmusXI

    ok i have unbanned you and your friends. Play nice now because next time its permanent.
  3. NostradewmusXI

    we will discuss and get back to you shortly
  4. NostradewmusXI

    taken care of
  5. NostradewmusXI

    we will discuss your ban and get back to you shortly.
  6. NostradewmusXI

    well i do pray and ill keep ya in them mule. Hope you start feeling better soon
  7. NostradewmusXI

    tomorrow. your ban will be lifted on the 15th as previously stated.
  8. NostradewmusXI

    just like when the NSA started building their massive datacenters. The price of HDDs went thru the roof.
  9. NostradewmusXI

  10. NostradewmusXI

    maybe this helps illustrate some as well
  11. NostradewmusXI

    I just upgraded to a MSI gtx 1050ti and i love it. My two 6970's that ive been running for 8 years finally couldnt keep up. this new card was 175 and i can play codww2 all turned up.
  12. NostradewmusXI

    So Sorry to hear that. I will be praying for ya
  13. NostradewmusXI

    welcome to the clan only16. glad to have you
  14. NostradewmusXI

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. it was busy but fun. glad to hear from you guys. it makes my day
  15. NostradewmusXI

    welcome to the club man.