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  1. Streetcleaner I've only known one good thing that ever came out of Ohio and that would be ---------> lmao
  2. It's disturbing that thought even crossed your mind
  3. Thank you everyone , That's awesome Markoff lol I love you too
  4. First you must be able to spell Member
  5. And thank you btw for having his name added to the group I'm certain he would have loved that ...
  6. Labob , He was from Michigan and had family here , A few years ago he let me know he was coming to Grand Rapids and he and I met up . He was such a kind man and I am so happy to have met him ... He will be missed
  7. @Ruggerxi @Labob https://www.muirbrotherslapeer.com/obituaries/David-Max-Vaughan?obId=26464833&fbclid=IwAR2KGERIesSPAwollMxpq0dSWShh-0NUqnm3A7jZLg8fuuyWJ54G6Gd0nm4#/obituaryInfo
  8. Yoburt for those who remember him we have sadly lost, Such a funny and kind man ... RIP , You will be missed
  9. and he always gets away with it ....
  10. Build and repair airplane parts for the military and Boeing ....
  11. Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes , It was a great day
  12. I prefer Motorola over anything else but not sure I'd like the new flip ... Don't know anyone who has one but it just looks like trouble to me , I am not a fan of anything Samsung but that's just me ....
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