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  1. sorry im a little late getting your birthday wish out . happy birth day maz . must of got your computer up and running or got a new one . still playing on line . and what game are you playing cod www at war .

  2. Mazdarati

    Thank You everyone for the kinds words and Birthday wishes , Sorry I wasn't on sooner but our weather has kept my power and internet out of service ......
  3. Mazdarati

    Happy Birthday !
  4. Hi , I miss you guys too thank you .... I've been back in playing here and there , hope to see you
  5. Mazdarati

    Merry Christmas Idiots ...
  6. Mazdarati

    HEY FUCK YOU !!!!! lmao ..... You ain't right !
  7. Mazdarati

    I like 10 , no problems here
  8. Mazdarati

    Shock absorber for a high performance cock sucker hehehe
  9. Mazdarati This is what i use and i really like it ..
  10. Mazdarati

    Amen Johnny !!!!
  11. So my question is why is he not banned yet ? people have been complaining about this guy for months .... what are we waiting for ?
  12. Mazdarati

    I'd like some expert opinions about this free version of Win 10 and Go !