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  1. Mazdarati

    Best drummer Ever ! RIP Ginger 😢
  2. Not sure why anyone would want to play on the Beer's Limp Dick server anyway .... He loves to play people against each other and thrives on that shit just as he's continuing to do now ....
  3. I Love you Markoff ?
  4. Mazdarati

    Happy Birthday ! ?
  5. When you say (I don't think) you would be correct , you didn't think .... When you say (people) please don't think that you can speak for me because you cannot , Keep up the good work DJMot you keep things fun and interesting
  6. I love the video's Mot , thank you .... I look forward to them
  7. Mazdarati

  8. lol ok Rob ... I've been on it the last couple days and it's been really fun , I do hope you like it
  9. Settle down killer ... not here to argue , I was just trying to figure out what was confusing you ... So you liked the gravity thing and now it's back with a few modifications , Have you tried it ? you just might like it !
  10. What was it you liked about it ? the gravity ? if that's the case then I don't understand your confusion
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