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  1. I Love you Markoff ?
  2. Mazdarati

    Happy Birthday ! ?
  3. When you say (I don't think) you would be correct , you didn't think .... When you say (people) please don't think that you can speak for me because you cannot , Keep up the good work DJMot you keep things fun and interesting
  4. I love the video's Mot , thank you .... I look forward to them
  5. Mazdarati

  6. lol ok Rob ... I've been on it the last couple days and it's been really fun , I do hope you like it
  7. Settle down killer ... not here to argue , I was just trying to figure out what was confusing you ... So you liked the gravity thing and now it's back with a few modifications , Have you tried it ? you just might like it !
  8. What was it you liked about it ? the gravity ? if that's the case then I don't understand your confusion
  9. So here's an idea go play and have fun ... it's not really confusing... now I could be wrong but I haven't seen anyone playing on that server as of late
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