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  1. Mazdarati

  2. lol ok Rob ... I've been on it the last couple days and it's been really fun , I do hope you like it
  3. Settle down killer ... not here to argue , I was just trying to figure out what was confusing you ... So you liked the gravity thing and now it's back with a few modifications , Have you tried it ? you just might like it !
  4. What was it you liked about it ? the gravity ? if that's the case then I don't understand your confusion
  5. So here's an idea go play and have fun ... it's not really confusing... now I could be wrong but I haven't seen anyone playing on that server as of late
  6. It's the same outcome Ayaq lol Rotten is never good ....
  7. It was starting to ooze some stinky goo. The others seemed fine. Can one rotten potato contaminate an entire bag
  8. Mazdarati

    I think this topic has come up since the beginning of time and it's just some people's gaming style and you just got to deal with it .... I am guilty of it but then there are things other people do that I don't care for but it's just how they play .... THE END lol
  9. Mazdarati

    OMG !
  10. Mazdarati

    Welcome !
  11. Mazdarati

  12. When I was an admin I hosted a couple. ..not sure why no one is doing it now
  13. Mazdarati

    Curious as to what the purpose/benefit of the curve would be ....
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