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  1. some of my favorites-metallica,iron maiden ,slayer ,megadeth.testament,judas priest,anthrax,ozzy.dokken,def leopard,ac dc,faith no more,Queensreiche,yngwie malmsteen, mötley Crüe,ratt,rush , scorpions, whitesnake,rammstein,best new in my opinion avenged sevenfold/many i forgot now listen to a lot of hard rock and everything else which is another huge list
  2. love this song and neals heartfelt cover
  3. another great cover
  4. i remember 911 and the concert after and this song as tears ran .such a sad time
  5. om g
  6. i thought Morris passed away
  7. its economic/i say no alot because im poor but richer secure people not having to worry about money will say yes more often feeling less burdened
  8. im hurtin but Im sure many are hurtin worse,bless you for your christian kindness
  9. so if you commit suicide is that sin?no mass at my funeral?
  10. thank you Russia again
  11. happy bday ole man hope ya have good health insurance enjoy the stipper