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  1. Damage_inc-

    I agree with angus .tell her to shut her mouth open up her ears and listen and learn.
  2. Damage_inc-

    rx570 is a beast.just bought a mining card .that was sold for mining only for $75.0 dollars including shipping.reflashed bios to original .baked it in the oven and reassembled with fresh heatsink compound and its like new and is amazing.limit frames to 125 for lower power consumption and it fkn roks
  3. Damage_inc-

    oo go tulsi 2020
  4. Damage_inc-

    wata feckless cyunt go tulsi 2020
  5. Damage_inc-

    agreed go tulsi 2020
  6. Damage_inc-

    washing dishes
  7. Damage_inc-

    i saw the cables
  8. Damage_inc-

    its because we are the best and rule the world now that you gave it up.so there
  9. Damage_inc-

    its nice to know he fired all the people involved and is taking measures so this wont happen again so easily for us to see -whatever/deport those aholes .a person that is so cruel to animals is surely cruel to people as well/i dont want those people in my world
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