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  1. be strong and hang in there -
  2. omg I miss titheaad he is a Vietnam vet that would always talk about shit.very amusing and memorible/also zombie is absolutely hilarious aslo dirtnapist...funny as shit he is
  3. so nacho in cod5.pink in cod4,pitbullpete when drunk and angus who is always drunk in cod4
  4. kool.what is it though
  5. agreed,now wot I always listen to news in background/cnn/fox or alex jones
  6. this song sticks with me.I was in my early 20's sent to long island .sensall inc to learn how they build there product because our company in Illinois bought them out and they were closing them .When this song came on 20 hispanic ladys some not speaking english would all sing this song in beautiful harmony which could be heard rite in the middle of this large manufacturing building-it was amazing btw thats where I first heard MEGADETH also.metal rocks!
  7. love her vocals-great song- but just crackin up at the dancers .that gayness shown in this and other 80 pop song= videos drove me to metal
  8. worst movie trailer ever.based on that id never think of wanting to go see that if it was at the movies-looks like a chikflik
  9. Adult film legend Ron Jeremy banned from porn awards/accused of grabbing boobs at the previous porn awards and porn gatherings- AVN says he violated their code of conduct.
  10. back to working out at home**today/watching my diet and doing 20 monutes in morning narrowed the workout down to 3 exercises .the 2 arm swing-10.the one hand overhead press switching off each arm 10reps on each and the squat holding weight with both hands at chest .total full body workout including cardio in 20 minutes-kettlebells are amazing .. beginners start with lower weight kettlebell.whatever will exhaust u after 10 reps.try 20-35lb kettle bell for guys-start with those 3 excercises above do 10 reps of each 3 times and 20 minutes with fly by...after months of doing this you can increase 15 reps to 20 reps as required also*maybe buy a back support belt also so as to not strain you back .i always wear one starting out till my back adjusst and core gets stronger
  11. avenged fkn rocks