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  1. the gtx 11xx series is about /releasedin about a month??,get one if possible or get a gtx1050ti for about $170. or a great card is the gtx1060 for about $229 rite now - both great cards for cod
  2. prayers to your lovely wife and your family.cancer has touched many of our lives here your not alone.Hang in there we are with you.
  3. dont be a pussy do it
  4. wtf wy
  5. said the russian whores
  6. didnt used to be play 100hrs in our server and 40 posts ?and have a sponser?
  7. dont tell me its a new video card you got real simple put another gpu back in and see if it happens i had the same problem.i returned the new ati card and put back in my old card and walla no more problems and you never started the thread by stating you haven't changed any hardware or you have recently changed hardware..that would help/you got everyone guessing and throwing you in every different direction.
  8. you will totally get laid now.
  9. this is typical nowadays.rite off the bat she is triggered and emotional -and this guy is something special.his interviews are fun to watch