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  1. TheBishSlap

    That's good to hear! I just installed it last night and was looking forward to giving it a try after I'm off work tonight.
  2. TheBishSlap

    I just picked this up the other day. I'm down to group up sometime.
  3. TheBishSlap

  4. TheBishSlap

    Okay great! Thank you! Since Day of Infamy just launched, is everyone transitioning over to playing that more? I was hopefully going to pick it up tonight, so I can join in on that as well!
  5. TheBishSlap

    Yes, I'm sorry! I forgot to mention I was already in a server. I was playing in one of the insurgency servers last night but didn't seem to see anyone in the TS3 lobby. I just wasn't sure if there was somewhere I could ask if anyone was interested in playing. If not, that's okay, I was just curious. Thank you for the response!
  6. TheBishSlap

    Forgive my ignorance, as I am new and still attempting to learn my way around things. Is there anywhere to post that I am currently online looking to play in a match? I wasn't sure if it was proper protocol to post in the chatbox, or if I needed to create a new post. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Thanks in advance! Loving the community so far!
  7. TheBishSlap

    Haha I see what you're saying, but then it's not as witty with my name
  8. TheBishSlap

    That's actually not a bad idea! I've had this as my ID for most things since I was a freshman in high school, but I kinda like the sound of BishSlap better! Surprised I never thought to change it to that sooner lol
  9. TheBishSlap

    Hello Everyone! My name is Sam Bish, and as you can see, Bish is my last name. I promise I am not purposefully acting in a profane manner with my username haha. I am big into gaming and stumbled upon your Insurgency server today and decided to try and become a member of your clan! I am a 23 year old college student in Ohio studying Computer Information Systems and Security (IT). I enjoy playing all types of games but mostly action/shooters, multiplayer games and RPGs. I hope I can get to know some of you all and make some outstanding friendships! Feel free to message me anytime! My steam ID is the same as my username here. Happy Gaming! Sincerely, Sam
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