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  1. Nisty*

    Shame you cant join any servers now.. i bought it too the DLC version..
  2. Nisty*

    Cant find the edit button! thanks for pointing that out
  3. Nisty*

    I know!!! I always get into a fight there and for me theres never any good loot :-/
  4. Nisty*

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! Hell yeah! Add me if you wanna share the meal My steam is : Nisty87 (same avatar)
  5. Nisty*

    Hey, if anyone has trouble with the sig i made in the past, thank Photobucket, after many (many!!) years of using their services, they decided to charge their clients 400 dollars (!!!!!!!!!!!!) to share a picture outside their website through a different link. But not to worry! If you still want your signature, I can just send you the file instead of a link. All you need to do is send me a PM, and we shall fix it! - Cheers.
  6. Nisty*

    My condolences, he was a great guy, I had lots of respect for him. R.I.P my friend!
  7. Nisty*

    Seems to be working.. I did send you a PM
  8. Did i see you ask something about Rocket League?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Poseidon


      I added ya to steam but dont think ya ever saw it. I'll go back on the groups page and re add ya.

      My avatar is the BuddyChrist but my steam tag will either be "I Suck @ Rocket League" or "Poseidon>XI<". I play alil and got a teamspeak that has a few folks that play alil too, but not as much as me.

    3. Poseidon


      Steam invite resent :)

    4. Nisty*


      I play a lot and got my own discord - i got your inv :) Let's play!

  9. Nisty*

    Happy birthday!
  10. Nisty*

    I cant wait!!!! Any update on when it will be released? Not Alpha.. maybe free Beta? I wanna try it first before I buy it.
  11. Nisty*

    That game is dead cos not many ppl bought the game to begin with cos theyre all waiting for Battalion to come out... As far as I've read on forums. As for fast paced game.. It depends on who is in the server. The video was given out was from a guy that has been playing video games ( FPS ) for years and is pretty good and understood the movement pretty fast etc. If I or a lot of people would join the game, it takes time to get good at it and not everyone will be fast.. I know some ppl that play like old farts Like I said, don't base your opinion on one video and see how things turn out ^^ Also, the video is not even in the Alpha stages.... Meaning they are still working on things, and even after that it goes into Beta and will still be worked on until it is made good. They have a forum and a Discord set up for people that play Alpha and Beta to listen to people that play it to adjust things for the final game changes.
  12. Nisty*

    This might be a lil late, but very nice work on the website !! Really like the blue. I know there's always a lot of things that have to be fixed and it looks awesome!!! Now waiting for the new banner, but nice work mate!
  13. Nisty*

    Yeah, I am keeping my eye on this game. It definitely looks promising !! I've been saving up my money for this game, so I hope it will be awesome!!!!! Anyone else thinking of getting it? Can't wait to play a decent FPS again that reminded me of the good ole days.
  14. Nisty*

    mine is nisty87#1177
  15. Nisty*

    Some I've been mocking about with. My 1st and 5th one are with background, the other 3 are transparent (same color as background up top, I can send it as a transparent..)
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