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  1. timinator

    Beware of investing in alt coins. I didn't understand gas fees and would have done much better had I left my money in ETH and not staked WISE. The interest and profits were great, but I made the mistake of doing multiple smaller investments for different time periods. Thus, when I was up around $2000 each on about a $350 investment each I was stingy and thought I'd wait for the $300 transaction fees to go down. Now, the investments are worth about $300 each, but the fees are $350-$400. The result was fabulous gains that I couldn't pull out because the transaction fees by the minors were so high. The moral of the story is you can find a great alt coin and do well, but still lose due to the miners. All that to say, by staying with Bitcoin or Etherium, your transaction fees are low compared to other coins. Had I stayed with just ETH I could have walked away with $12k profit on my initial investment.
  2. timinator

    You got it all wrong. The real reason he got suicided was he was planning on funding my independent, Ross Perot style infomercials ahead of my 2024 presidential campaign. He was also going to hack the polls to make sure I could participate in the debates. The New World Order killed him because they couldn't handle the Timinator as President.
  3. timinator

  4. timinator

    Thank you
  5. timinator

    Thanks. It's a blast! Pun intended
  6. timinator

    Will do GG
  7. timinator

    Thanks, glad to be here.
  8. timinator

    Thanks Gator.
  9. timinator

    Hope you are enjoying your gift.
  10. timinator

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to formally introduce myself. My wife, clan member "Bombshell", got me hooked on gaming, so here I am. Still navigating all the ends and outs of COD4, but getting there. Much thanks to all those who have offered in game tips of the trade.
  11. Welcome to the XI website.  I hope you enjoy it and our servers.

    1. timinator


      Thanks. Very pleased to put a face with the person who's always killing me 

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