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  1. Joe, buddy, you Canadian wankers spell "harbor" funny. You should take your Webster's Collegiate Dictionary "oot and aboot." Eh? Your strip ladies scoff at my "two-nie (two "loonies")" tips--they prefer the paper with a picture of Queen Victoria on the front ($5). Lol. What's wrong with Plumped Out Pete? It's his birthday, isn't it? Happy birthday, Pete!! Ayaq
  2. Happy birthday, Ghost-Chase Jim. Who you gonna call? Jim, of course. Many more, eh? Ayaq
  3. What @TBB typed, times two factors of 2,000, because my wish to you, sir, is infinitely better. Many more, hmm? Ayaq
  4. What @TBB said, +10, 'cause mine is bedder . . . Ayaq
  5. Let's pray for this sinful ignoramus, what you say, Joe? You want Plumped Out Pete to have an affair on his birthday, what you talkin' 'bout, Bart? Lol. Happy day to you, Sir Pete, Lord of Ages-A-Lot. Ayaq
  6. Sorry, Steve-Oh, on two counts: The movie was "Jackass," not "Assholes;" and It is poor McRib, aka @RobMc, who is on the mend, not you. I just got the two of you confused between "physical ailments" and "mental deficiencies;" it is McRib with the physical ailments. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused . . . Ayaq
  7. Happy birthday, Sweet @Xalandra. I think it was you, in particular, that ABBA had in mind when they sang "There was something in the air, it seemed, when you smiled at me, Xalandra . . ." Or sumthin' like that. Many more to you, Sweetheart. Ayaq P.S. - Haven't "met" you in-game or on T.S.--I hope you're a lady. I got confused with @TBB, too, so don't feel bad . . .
  8. @bds1961, buddy, you're normally a funny guy, and I so-wanna see the humor ("humour" if you're @Uk300 (happy birthday, by the way) or @RobMc ("McRib") or Sweet @Raven or Even-Sweeter @dadda2, or etc.--fill in the name of your favorite Brit here ______________) behind your particular post. I don't know Painkiller personally, so I'll have to make my comments based on the emancipating and soul-killing posts I've read about him so far . . . Is your post funny because Painkiller has just "dropped trow" in front of her, and she's thinking "they come in mini-mini-sizes?" Is your post funny because she's thinking "I've experienced your 'performance,' and I'm better off doing it myself, so don't even try?" What? What? Pray tell, por favor, Sir BDS, Duke of Shirks-A-Lot. Ayaq P.S. - Pray tell, mon ami (or however @FRENCHI likes to butter you up).
  9. Hey, @HookerHeels, happy birthday!! Hope you got some shiny new pumps to help you with your "pumps." (wink, wink!) Lol. Hope it's (which could be a contraction of "it was") awesome. Ayaq
  10. Hey, Steve-Oh (of "Assholes" fame. Wait, what was that movie where those guys do dumb things and prank each other?), happy birthday, bud. Many more to you, Sir Steve, Lord of Heals-A-Lot. Ayaq
  11. Yeah, Weed, maybe @bds1961 will share his corner with you. Careful with @TBB, though, he usually gets a "frequent flyer discount" from BDS, and will likely ask you to honor the same rates . . . Lol. Congrats, I suppose. Ayaq
  12. It's @KillerKitty's birthday, too? Happy birthday, Sweetheart--you share it with @Timmah!. He likes to share his stuff. Make sure he doesn't share his "stuff" started with "H" and ending with "erpes." Lol. Ayaq
  13. A "pre-emptive spite . . ." I mean, "strike," @Sammy? Julius Caesar's last words were "Et tu, Saaaammmmmyyyy . . .?" What about poor @RobMc, aka "McRib?" He was born on February 29th. They call it "Leap Year" because after McRib was born, his parents jumped off a cliff. Lol. Just kidding, McBud. Ayaq
  14. "Someone's in the kitchen with De-Anna . . ., someone's in the kitchen I know-oh-oh-oh . . ., someone's in the kitchen with De-Anna . . . strumming on the old banjo . . ." Happy day, happy day to you, young lady. Ayaq
  15. What I meant to say was (to steal from @TBB's playbook): "What TBB said, plus 2 integers." Lol. Yeah, Happy birthday, Timmah! Ayaq