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  1. LMAO, @bds1961, maybe @Logan isn't into women, not unlike our much-heralded and oft-maligned friend @Joe Canadian. Lol--we love you, Mean Joe!!! (snickering) Ayaq P.S. - Way to hijack Joe's post, @TBB, and get us going. Okay, now I'm laughing.
  2. Welcome to the >XI< forums, Road Kill. It's a good thing you don't have a crazy-ass wife named "Spaz," lol. Ayaq
  3. Same to you, Cajun. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you beautiful >XI< ladies and handsome (hurk! hurk!) >XI< gentlemen!! Ayaq
  4. LMAO, @Sammy--good catch, bud! Can't believe I missed it. Ayaq
  5. Oh my Lord . . ., Lord, Lord-Lord!! Oh my Lord . . ., Lord, Lord-Lord!! (Sung to a song in the Academy Award-Winning film "Glory") Sweet Athena is turning 29 again? It's like the 10th Anniversary of her last 29th berf-day. Lol. Happy birthday, Sweetheart. Ayaq
  6. Anyone besides me remenber the short-lived television series "Logan's Run?" Hmm? Anyone? Yeah, that's him, our beloved (cough! cough! wheez! Frickin' wheez!! Pink Panther-style, even!!) member celebrating this joyous day. Dear, dear, Sweet Logan, "Happy Birthday!!" to you, Sir Logan, Duke of Hole-ee Ship. Ayaq
  7. Wild Thang, you cork-sucker!! Happy birthday, bud. Many (I'm not gonna say how many, come on, now!!) people on my team said they used to "mute" you. I never muted you--you made me laugh my frickin' arse off, as I was busy hiking up my pink panties while doing so. Lol. Happy birthday, bud. Ayaq
  8. Hey, Double-Ought 7.5, Happy Birthday to you, sir. Hope you giggle lots today. Ayaq
  9. Happy birthday, Goosie. Ayaq
  10. You weigh your fecal matter, Kracken Dem Nuts? Wash your hands afterwards, I hope (in Yoda voice)? Ayaq
  11. What @TBB said, +1. @luke144 . . . (heavy breathing) . . . TBB is your faa-ther . . . (more heavy breathing) . . . Hope your day was great, and dinner, too. Ayaq
  12. Nice shootin', Tex, aka @WeednFeed, aka "Blast 'n Feed (eat, that is)." I'll have you know, sir, that I happen to be a card-totin' member of P.E.T.A. People Eatin' Tasty Animals. Sorry, Sweet @KillerKitty, I don't know how many ducks I've blasted flying the hostile Alaskan skies over the past few decades. Ayaq
  13. Nice fish, Papi--got no fish like that in Alaska. Ayaq
  14. Mmmmm . . . Penguins . . . Slowly smoked then slathered in sweet 'n spicy barbeque sauce . . . (drooling). Ayaq
  15. Hi, Husqvarna!! Good to see you back, and congrats again on your beautiful cherub. Ayaq