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  1. AyaqGuyaq

    LMAO, buddy--safe travels!!! What's the name of your hybrid "scooter/sailboat?" "HMS Noah's Titanic Ark?" Avoid the icebergs at all costs, buddy . . . maybe you can cut and "splay" your empty beer caps open to add to your sail, or to augment your rudder . . . or sumptin' . . . Hmm? Lol, bud! Ayaq
  2. AyaqGuyaq

    Yeah . . . What he said . . . Lol. Happy birthday!!! Ayaq
  3. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy Birthday!!! We'll be "Okay . . ." Ayaq
  4. AyaqGuyaq

    @P!nk, when the dog "grows up enough," maybe @RobMc can "gallop" him across Europe, and Asia, then take a ferry to Alaska (or, since it's "winter" in Alaska, just keep "galloping . . .,", then continue galloping the precocious--I mean, "precious . , ., " and precarious, "Run D.M.C. "down here (from Alaska))," to California, since his scooter "sail-boat" sunk because of the massive, sheer-weight of the "beer-load . . ." Hmm? Lol. Ayaq
  5. AyaqGuyaq

    At "the very least," he'll jump into the water to save your drowning arse . . . "Newfies" are the best swimmers, of any dog-breed . . . He's a cutie. Ayaq
  6. Borrow from @Tron . . . and pay the "usury fees . . ." Lol. Ayaq
  7. AyaqGuyaq

    Wow, lotsa special birthdays, today!!! Happy birthday to all of you's . . . Ayaq
  8. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy Birthday to you two!!!! Ayaq
  9. AyaqGuyaq

    I had a "different" nickname for "BigRedTwit (wow, had to be careful of my spelling, there!!!)" when we were playing COD4 FT1 . . . Lol. Ayaq
  10. R.I.P., my buddy. Thanks for kicking ass in the Falkland Islands. Sweet Sandra Anne, sending my love your way, Sweetheart . . . hang in there . . . Ayaq
  11. R.I.P., our "Pennsylvania Idol," AH-1 >XI< . . . "Every . . . rose, has it's thorns . . . " Ayaq
  12. AyaqGuyaq

    What sets this Clan, this "Family," apart is that we do care. If you didn't want us to "worry about you," why'd you make the post? It sounds like you want some "Prayers" out your way . . . AND . . . River_Rat, just "prayed one" for you. Merry Christmas . . . please try not to worry, too much. Ayaq
  13. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy birthday!!! What was that line in that Shakespeare play, that goes sumptin' like: "Beware, the Ides of December . . ." Or sumptin', or udder . . . Hmm? Lol. Ayaq
  14. AyaqGuyaq

    Lol, bud . . . I was just summarizing what the Aussie's were posting . . . Google it . . . no MY math . . . Hmm? I have no idea what their contract with the French outlines; could be the (Aussie) guy who made the post that you should be sending your message to . . . Hmm? LMAO!!! One Australian commented: "The French weren't even our Allies in World War II--they weren't there to stop the Japanese from knocking-down our door--the Americans were." Just "re-gurgitating" the Australian posts I've seen about the impending submarine purchases . . . Ayaq
  15. AyaqGuyaq

    I read a great post, yesterday, about how the Aussies are gonna pay $6.6 billion--EACH!!!--for French DIESEL subs, and an article in the local paper said that the U.S. "only" pays $3.3 billion for an American "Virginia-class," nuclear-powered submarine. One person remarked, "Why are we buying subs from the French, when they're buying their subs from the Germans? Shouldn't we be buying our subs from the Germans, too, if the U.S won't sell us their Virginia-class (the U.S. won't, just like it won't sell our F-22 Raptor planes . . . or "Gerald Ford" or "Nimitz"-class aircraft carriers . .



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