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  1. What kinda "cheese" do you take with that particular vintage, sir? Sheesh. Did I just type dat? Lol. We got da best Admins., Sr. Admins., Moderators, Gossipers, etc., etc., around here, sir. Someone will tend to your fancies soon, sir. Ayaq
  2. Hello, Waffle Iron, what @FRENCHI said, plus 250--yes, "250." Welcome to the >XI< forums. Ayaq
  3. Be safe, you guy-that-likes-to-slurp-da-droppings-from-da-stopper-of-da-bottla-wine. Ayaq
  4. Hey, @BUDMAN, why do you think I keep referring to @dadda2 Foods Mayonnaise? Hmm? Lol. Good day to you, sir, and Budman. Ayaq
  5. Don't smoke anything, unless it begins with a "W," and ends with "eed." Just suggestin'. Ayaq
  6. Hehhhaheheehhehhhehhehahehaew!!! @FUNky, you guy-that-likes-to-slurp-da-stopper-from-every-bottle-of-wine, you!!!! You "cork-sucker." Awesome post, bud. Ayaq
  7. Eidel vice, eidel vice? We listening to "Da Sound of Da Frickin' Music?" Lol. Happy birthday to you. Ayaq
  8. Happy day to you, sir. What Jerome said, +2,000 Wait, don't be sad, @TBB will add some more. Lol. Ayaq
  9. Nice "intro," Val. Welcome to the >XI< forums. Put some "bullets" in front of your first stanza. Lol. Nice intro. Ayaq
  10. Fricker. Sigh. "Donna Sommers," bud, aka @SGTSmeg, "I feel da love, love, love, I feel da love . . ." Lol. Ayaq
  11. @dadda2 Foods Mayonnaise, keep dat damn stuff churnin', bud!!
  12. LMFAO, Powah!! I got da Powah--it's gettin', it's gettin', it's gettin'-kinda-hectic . . . No, rewind, rewind, that phrase is reserved for my buddy, @pwrcrzy52. I got da Powah . . . Lol. Ayaq
  13. Jerome wants to see you guys strip. C'mon, @Jeroen v.2, Come on, now!!! What a team, what a team!!!!!! Who is you're frickin' . . . Dadd-eeee? C'mon, Jerome. I wanna see da ladies strip. Not da guys. Ayaq
  14. Yeah, you @SGTScott's and @SGTSmeg's recipient of da "Ayaq Award" of da . . . . . . - - - . . . . Though, Scottie will always be da first recipient. Lol. Ayaq
  15. @Scoarch, aka "Scoarchie," that was a nice, publicly-acceptable-response this time, bud. I told you, therapy works wonders. Huh? Hehehahhehhhaheeheahehahhaahe!!!! Love ya, bud, ya, I said (typed) it. You crazy bastige. Ayaq