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  1. AyaqGuyaq

  2. AyaqGuyaq

    Hhehehaheheaheheheheaheehheehehwaahehaahhahew!! Buddy, I usually start laughing before I even read your posts . . . After I've read your posts, I start sobbing . . . LMFAO, you crazy cork-sucker . . . in a loving, non-gay kinda-way, as per the contract, etc., yadda, E. Pluribus Unum, por favor, Perestroika, Glasnost, an "easening of yadda, yeah, so much for that." Ayaq
  3. AyaqGuyaq

    Yeah, I probably shouldn't have any more kids, anyway . . . BUT, I had a dream recently that I had a beautiful baby girl, who looked more like "Momma" than "Daddy;" hence, she was beautiful . . . I am still "potent." A few ladies told me that whatever baby I have will be beautiful. And then they would add, "As long as it looks like the mother. Just sayin'" And I'm like, what da? Lol. Ayaq
  4. AyaqGuyaq

    I was thinking, "Damn, do you ever wanna dare venture into THAT? (Yoda) Hmm?" Lol. Great post. Ayaq
  5. AyaqGuyaq

    Duck Dodgers in the 25th-and-a-half-Century? Look at you, celebratin' a birthday all by yo' self . . . Lol.--hope it's awesome. Ayaq
  6. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy birthday, My Saliva, Pussy Socks, Spinal Tap, and Yakuza!!! And many more to ye . . . Ayaq
  7. AyaqGuyaq

    Whoo-hoo, three great birthdays today!! Happy birthday, gentlemen, and Pawn Bear! Lol. Hope your days are absolutely-frickin' spectacular . . . Ayaq
  8. AyaqGuyaq

    Sweet ride, buddy!!! All you have to do it put paddle-tires on your rig, mount it on your Union-Jack sail-equipped catamaran (with flexible solar panels on the opposite side of your flag to power your battery), and you'll be littering the Panama Canal with empty beer cans in about 1.5 weeks (U.S., 1.2 weeks British-pounds . . .). Lol. Ayaq
  9. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy birthday, Timbuktu!!! You got da whole day, DA WHOLE DA, all to yo-self!!! Hope it's awesome. Ayaq
  10. AyaqGuyaq

    Cracklins, anyone? (Yoda) Eh? Ayaq
  11. AyaqGuyaq

    Sorry, buddy, pork spare-ribs and pork tenderloin, with pork brisquet and pork 'n beans, served with a nice bacon gravy over steamed rice, with pork skins as an appetizer . . . (Homer Simpson voice) "Mmmmmmm, pork 'n beans (slobbering . . .) . . ." (Yoda) Huh? Ayaq
  12. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy birthday!! Ayaq
  13. AyaqGuyaq

    "Hxtr Dawn, what's that flower you have on . . . Have you gone to the chem-trails in the sky . . .?" (Yoda) Hmm? Ayaq
  14. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy Frickin' Birthdays!!! You sons-of- . . . - - - . . . Ayaq
  15. AyaqGuyaq

    @Surge, it's "Newman" voice, not "Newton" voice, you silly!! (Newton voice) "Silly Surge . . ." Lol. Happy birthday, bud. Ayaq
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