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  1. Hehehaehahhehwaehehahehahahewahhaheheaw!! Buddy, I'm a homo-phobe, but God is teaching me to be more "accepting." You crazy bastige, you!! "Golf season" in Alaska, as you can imagine, is relatively short, compared to the rest of the "Lower 49" states, as we called 'em, in Alaska. I used to take annual leave to play golf, and always kept my clubs in the back of my extended-cab (4x4, mind you . . .) Ford F-150. I played 3 - 4 times per week, and I could drive for show, but couldn't putt my frickin-ass-off for "dough!" (Homer Simpson voice): "Doh!!" Lol. Golf takes skill. My drives and approaches were golden, but I seem to have a penchant for "three-putting." Never broke 90. Hit "90" a few times, just never broke it . . . Sigh. The life and travails of poor "AyaqGuyaq . . ." Lol. Ayaq
  2. You'll get it "fingered out," Cautious Clay. Ayaq
  3. Hey, c'mon, now!!! The only people that think golf is "boring" are those that don't play the game, and hence, can't appreciate those magnificent shots . . . It's those "magnificent shots" that keep the golfer going back for more. I've got a $2,000 set of golf clubs in Alaska that I'm going to send for--as soon as I find an apartment. And, I think I just did that, yesterday. Gonna "stink up" some golf courses down here . . . lol. Ayaq
  4. AyaqGuyaq

    Got two more awesome birthdays today . . . @Ruggerxi, you got "the game" rigged so that we only have really awesome and special birthdays, each day, sir? (Yoda): "Hmm?" Lol. Happy birthday to you, Lady, and Strapping Gent(?) of >XI< . . . Ayaq
  5. Happy birthday, buddy!!!

    Hope it's a great one for you.


  6. AyaqGuyaq

    Whoo-hoo, three awesome birthdays, today!! Happy birthday, all. Ayaq
  7. AyaqGuyaq

    Please try to relax . . . Not you, @7Toes, me!! Lol, buddy. Praying for you. Reflect on all the happy times in your life, which, by the way, isn't over yet (Yoda), hmm? Hmm? Ayaq
  8. Happy birthday, buddy!!


    1. NumNutz


      Thank you Ayaq,   I was at the beach today what a view  


  9. AyaqGuyaq

    Whoo-hoo!! First one to wish you a "Happy Birthday!!" Happy birthday, buddy, all to yo-self . . . Lol. Ayaq
  10. AyaqGuyaq

    Lol, bud, everyone just thought that you got arrested again . . . Ayaq
  11. AyaqGuyaq

    Damn, that's awful. I don't know why people just can't accept each other for who and what they are? I told my father a while back that it was amazing, to me, how people and countries always try to find the best way to kill other people in a different country . . . Doesn't make any sense. Ayaq
  12. AyaqGuyaq

    Buddy, try to relax . . . I know it's gonna be hard, but watch "The Three Stooges" videos, spend time with your grand-children, play Bingo . . . anything to get your mind offa your worries. Ever notice how times flies by when you're "having fun?" And how it drags by when you're not? Do some fun stuff--it'll help settle your mind, and take some Melatonin (which naturally occurs in our bodies, but a 5 mg. dose will do) to help you sleep. Uncertainty causes anxiety; don't be anxious, okay, sir? I told you: it's just a cyst . . . Ayaq
  13. AyaqGuyaq

    But every Master; e.g., "Yoda," needs a cadet, Young Padoin . . . . Hmm? @TBB is that Master . . . . Hmm? Lol. Ayaq
  14. AyaqGuyaq

    Fuck everyone that think the "Moon Landings" were fake. Frickin' idiots--we got proof. The United States of America is the best, and everyone else is jealous of us. We are all "Americans" at heart. "America" is "everyone." Hmm? Ayaq
  15. AyaqGuyaq

    Lol, Chicken, you son-of-a!!!! Not like @SGTScott, that son-of-a . . . - - - . . .!! Lol. Hhheheahehahehehehahehehaeheae!! Ayaq
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