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  1. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy birthday, young men!!!! Ayaq
  2. AyaqGuyaq

    Lol, buddy . . . Sorry about the "middle-finger-up-your-arse" symbol, I just felt the inspiration. I love you, man!!!!!!! Can I get a sip of your "Bud Light?" Hmm? Lol. Ayaq
  3. AyaqGuyaq

    Yeah, thank you, very much, to all of our servicemen and service-women . . . Hats off, and then some . . . I tried to join the U.S. Marine Corps when I was 17 years old (and all the people that have ever played me in the COD4 FT1 server knows) and kinda aggressive. Heck, growing up in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and commercially-fishing for salmon since I was 13 (I don't know how many times I, literally, almost got-"died" fishing from 13 - 17 yrs. old.; you learn from your mistakes, that's for sure!!!), a wrestler in high-school, and Captain of the X-Country Running Team, I was frickin' and rarin' to go and bag me some Commie Russians!!! Lol. That was the fervor of a young, bullet-proof American ready to serve. Sadly, perforated ear-drum got the physical-inspection doctor shaking his head at me . . . But hey, I tried!!!! Hmm? Hmm? LMAO!!!!! Thanks again to all of our veterans, and even to those veterans who've served amongst our Allies . . . Salute. Good will always prevail. Ayaq
  4. AyaqGuyaq

    Wow, you're gonna "carve-up" some highways . . . I hope you get "frequent driver-mileage . . . Hmm?" Lol. Safe travels, buddy. Ayaq
  5. AyaqGuyaq

    Naw, Fuck Chile--embodiness of "misery." I shun people like him in real life, and kick the asses of the people that don't like me "not liking them." Lol, in my Old "fishing days," when all the Captains and deck-hands gathered at the bar in Bristol Bay . . . that's where you settled your "differences and atonement for any perceived trans-gressions . . .Hmm?" Lol. Fishing in Bristol Bay Alaska is da proverbial "cut-throat"business, and when you "cork" someone; i.e., et your gillnets right "below them," so that they catch the salmon that woulda been caught in your nets . . . that's somethin' you don't forget, and usually "gets resolved" at the end of the season, with lotsa pretty blue 'n red flashing lights . . . Hmm? Lol. Yeah, "Fuck the crying, whining Bastard." Ayaq
  6. AyaqGuyaq

    Lol," Fucking Josh!!!!" Nice shot. Ayaq
  7. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy Birthday!!! Open your own hotel, and call it "Comfort's Comfort Inn . . ." Hmm? Ayaq
  8. AyaqGuyaq

    Happy birthday, gents!!! Ayaq
  9. AyaqGuyaq

    This is a bunch of frickin' crap, @Ruggerxi . . . sorry, Sir, you know I respect you, Sir. @CryBaby, aka @UnChileno doesn't like the fact that I can't "dis-like" his posts, or post "I have read this . . ." Frick', there's a prescription for what he has (or hasn't): it's called "Growacet." Unbelievable. They sell pacifiers in "Adult" sizes, you know. Frick. Gotta "walk on egg-shells" around here for frickin' @Unchileno? Not worth it. Ayaq
  10. AyaqGuyaq

    "Once upon a time, there was light in my life . . . now there's only love in the dark . . . nuthin' I can do, a total @Eclipse of the heart . . . Turn around bright eyes, turn around . . ." Lol, Sunshine--"Happy Birthday!!" Ayaq
  11. AyaqGuyaq

    And the ground he walked on . . . Ayaq
  12. AyaqGuyaq

    Well look at you, celebrating a birthday today . . . Happy Birthday!!!! Ayaq
  13. Make up your damned mind, Chicken-Got-Fingered!!!! Lol, buddy. Ayaq
  14. And then you wake up? (Yoda) "Hmm?" Lol. Nay . . . Hehhehaeheheahehehaehehahheahehewh!! Crazy bastige . . . Ayaq
  15. AyaqGuyaq

    Hey, we got an @Ruthless @HarryWeezer . . . Truth be told . . . Lol. Happy birthday, you two!!!! Ayaq
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