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  1. Run D.M.C., Santa quit coming to your house because when he was sliding down your chimney, you were waiting "up on the rooftop, click-click-click, to pay conjugal visits to the reindeer of Ol' Saint Nick . . ." Lol. @7Toes, you're supposed to drive around the deer, buddy, not hunt them with your car! Glad you're okay. Ayaq
  2. Hey, Soliloquy, sorry I missed the original post . . . Happy belated birthday!! Ayaq
  3. How 'bout re-naming the thread "Who has the Best Cry After Battling?" Ayaq
  4. Lol, @LOCO, nice observation, bud. You ever notice that "Leave Our Children Out" has "LOCO" as its acronym? Just askin'. Ayaq
  5. Hey, it's "noobiedo," not @LadyIngvild-do! LMAO. You sweetie, you. Not you, noobie, her. Ayaq
  6. TSW, buddy, was that from the last stripper show you attended? Loaded as your desktop's background? Lol. Ayaq
  7. Happy birthday, Lady Invalid! JK, you Lovely Lady of >XI<, you. How about "Lady Ingot," as in gold? Ayaq
  8. Happy birthday, Hemp-Zee. Wishing you many more, too. Ayaq
  9. Happy birthday, Expeditiously!! Ayaq
  10. Congrats, @LilAcorn! Someone once asked me if I had video of my two kids' deliveries; I replied "No, but I've got some of their conception!" Lol. Hope everything goes peachingly-smooth for you, Sweetheart. Ayaq
  11. Laughing my frickin' arse off, buddy! Maybe my next book (after I finish the Sasquatch book) will be memoirs of all the times I've come close to dying while commercial salmon fishing . . . This latest occurrence (sadly) isn't the first time I've almost broken my neck. I've almost gotten crushed, almost fell overboard in rough seas--at night--countless times, almost had systemic fish poisoning a few times, almost got some ladies pregnant while on the boat--wait, how'd that sneak in there? Lol. My older brother (the one that passed away, and the one from which I've adopted the moniker "Ayaq Guyaq") was saddled with child support payments for much of his life, so I was always careful. When we were in harbor, the bunks in my Dad's fishing boat saw "lots of action," if you will. But, I always had more than one raincoat on board . . . The bench seat of Dad's 1982 Ford Pick-Up saw lots of action, too. 'Nuther story. I'm just glad I can walk. As I lay at the bottom of the fish hold, lying flat on my back with my legs stretched vertically against the fishing-hold wall, I remember thinking "I think God is telling me to get offa this boat." True story. I gotta see my daughter again. I'd like to fly with her and my son back to Indianapolis, Indiana before he starts his junior year at Indiana University. He's a Hoosier. No, not "Hoser." Lol. Are you using a double-stitch on your table mat? Yeah, you better stock up on canned salmon (though the ones we catch are "flash frozen" and sold as fillets--more money for the company, you know) because it will likely be last year's catch. And canned sockeye ("red") salmon costs about 2.5 times more than pinks ("humpies"). Chinook salmon are called "kings," Cohoe salmon are called "silvers," and Chum salmon are called "dogs." You can guess which of the five salmon species we harvest are the cheapest. Thanks for the well-wishes, buddy. Thank the Good Lord I'm able to type that to you. A still-hurting "lol" to you, kind sir. Ayaq
  12. Sweet @Icequeen, happy day to you, Sweetheart!! Many, many more to you, eh, you Lovely Lady of >XI<. Ayaq
  13. Just got back from commercial salmon fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska, for two weeks. I would still be out there, but I fell backwards into a fish "hold" and almost broke my neck. Had a spinal x-ray yesterday, as well as a "head-to-ass" Cat-Scan. Thankfully, nothing broken, just a concussion and a sore-ass spinal column, from neck to bottom (literally). The doctor signed a form saying I shouldn't fish for two weeks, and should rest and avoid exertion--even mental exertion. So, coming up with my witty quips and cleverly-cloaked insults is even on the "No-no" list. Did okay, though--made about $3,000 (U.S.) on one good delivery, alone (about 15,000 pounds of sockeye salmon). The tenders are paying nearly $2.00 per pound, brought on by the crash of the Cordova and Chignik salmon returns. We use gillnets (as opposed to seines), so my back and fingers got one heckuva workout. I've lost 20 pounds, and I feel like I can crush steel. I wasn't planning on fishing, but my life-long buddy came to me two weeks ago and said one of his deckhands quit; he was heading out on the out-going tide to another fishing district and needed help, so I threw some clothes and toiletries into a bag, grabbed my boots and raingear, and took off. That's I've been eerily silent, mi amour. Mon Ami? @FRENCHI, how do you say "Good Buddy" in your native tongue (pronounced "tung-guh")? Good to back on solid ground, though, even though I'm missing out on some serious cash. After being on the water for two weeks, my sense of balance is still askew, and the floor seems to be wave-like--inner ear is so used to the rocking. I wished I brought my cell phone, because we travelled in some 10-foot seas that woulda made land lubbers seasick. I'm a-gonna buy a new laptop so I can continue my prose. I'm also a-gonna get my business license so I can start my consulting business. Gotta finish healing and get paid first . . . Good to be back, buddy. Ayaq
  14. Whoever's asking "Is anyone there?" should know it's time to high-tail it outta there when they hear this: "Tch-tch-tch-tch . . . huh-huh-huh-huh . . ." Or yell "Damn it, @TBB, I told you, 'No' means 'No!'" Ayaq
  15. Nice pic, @Trailrtrash, buddy. Which one is Pinhead? Just wunderin'. Ayaq