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  1. Happy birthday, Ghost Looper. Wishing you many more, sir. Ayaq
  2. Happy birthday, @Millpucky, 2nd cousin (twice-removed) to "Horse Pucky." Hope it's more than you thought it would be. Ayaq
  3. Lol. Ayaq
  4. Ibid. Ayaq
  5. John Wayne Bobbitt? Huh? Careful, bud, ex-wife "Lorraine" might be sharpening her knife again . . . LMAO!! Ayaq
  6. I like to hold hands when I fly, but the strangers I'm sitting next to on the plane usually don't appreciate it. Huh? @RobMc, you "telepathy-ing" stuff for me to type again? Lol. Ayaq
  7. Welcome to the clan, Messy Mistake!! Congratulations. Ayaq
  8. Hey, it's the guy with Gary's jiggling balls!! Lol. Welcome to the clan. Ayaq
  9. Yeah, Morris the Cat, what she said, +1. Many more to you, sir. Ayaq
  10. Hey, my Vancouver, B.C. ROTU 2.2.2 Zombie savior and stone-head buddy!! Happy birthday to you, sir, and wishing you lots. Ayaq
  11. Don't be cruel . . . to a heart that's true . . . Happy birthday, @Elvis9!! Ayaq
  12. Holy son-of-a-maraca!! I typed a bunch of stuff, typed verses from a Roy Orbison song, talked about my handsome son at Indiana University and my National Honor Society daughter in high school, how handsome and beautiful they are (respectively), how much money I contributed to their Coverdell college funds, how several women have told me: "Any kid you father, Paul, will be good-looking," about having one more beautiful child, just to realize ("realise" if you're you or Sweet @AthenA) that I timed out. Sigh. What I typed was eloquent and beautiful. I have a "management position" job interview in about 10 hours, bud, gotta go beddy-bye. (Roy Orbison): "In dreams . . ., I walk . . . with you . . . In dreams . . ., I talk . . . to you . . . In dreams, you're mine . . . all of the time, in dreams, in dreams . . ." Not you, Sweet Sir Run D.M.C., them--those beautiful, professional, amicable, humorous, game-laying, and willing ladies of child-bearing age. Crikey. I'm not gonna type all the stuff I typed again. Lol. Good night. Ayaq
  13. Rob has so much "incriminating stuff" on his hard drives that he: Uses a 6.5 kilogram sledge hammer to smash it, then; Uses heavy-duty shears to cut the disk to shreds, and finally; Sends the remnants to "Frank's Family-Friendly Crematorium" for the coup-de-grace (with an apostrophe above the second "e"). Geez, bud. In a rare moment in history, I'm with Sweet @Angelz on this one: what you got to hide? Hmm? Lol. Ayaq
  14. Huh? What you talkin' 'bout, Willis? I've got plenty of estrogen pills left . . . Ayaq
  15. Oops, I was gonna recommend Viagra to help your "Junior," until I read your post. I don't use Fake Book, otherwise I would (wood?), bud. Ayaq