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  1. "Country Roads," by John Denver, @Hunter? To the penitentiary, where you belong? In West Virginia? With mountainous mamas? Lol. Nice ghee-tar, Storm. Ayaq
  2. As a side note, Sweet Ice Cream told us (me) about a guy she dated who wasn't into trying other "positions;" he liked just one. He would sing the Eurythmics song to Ice Cream: "Don't mess with a Missionary Man . . ." True story. Lol. Love you, Kama Sutra Queenie. Ayaq
  3. Yeah, we happen to adore our @Icequeen, one of the original Sweethearts of >XI<. Before we get into any "supplanting" discussions, though, is there anything you can do better than she can do? She doesn't do "everything." Lol. Welcome to the >XI< Forums. Ayaq
  4. Hey, buddy, it's "Count Dukoo" if'n you be nasty. (Which you are) Lol. Congrats, Mr. Dukoo (it's "Mr. Dukoo" if'n you be real nasty). Ayaq
  5. "Post" slut? I thought he was a "current" slut? Lol. Ayaq
  6. Wow, that's one heck of a "track mark." Lol, just kidding, don't kill the messenger!! Don't wanna mention any names, but @SGTSmeg wanted me to ask. Lol, Smeg, just kidding, don't kill the messenger!!! The one who asked me to finger you (finger you?) has initials that begin with "SGT" and end with "Scott." Lol. Just kidding, Giggles--hope you heal quickly without risk of infection. Ayaq
  7. Whoo-hoo, one of the hottest--I mean, "smartest"--Admins. is having a birthday today. Happy birthday to my favorite defroster, one who was always keen to remind me, too: "Geez, Ayaq, I just defrosted you--you're frozen again?!" Lol. Ayaq
  8. Happy birthday, Bog. You remind me of a golf course with a fairway that has an abrupt turn 270 degrees of center: it has a "Bogleg left." Lol. Hope your day is real good. Ayaq
  9. Happy birthday, Johnny Q. Rest in peace, buddy. Ayaq
  10. Grow your own hybrid: high-quality cannabis grafted to Columbian beans to produce the bean that is later roasted and ground, then mixed with the crown royal. Make it more fun to work on spreadsheets and develop creative accounting practices. Just suggestin'. Ayaq
  11. Super-hot 100% dark-roast Columbian coffee mixed at a 50/50 ratio with Crown Royal to get the smiles started and the dismissal slip delivered. Ayaq
  12. Sorry, meant to type "Viva." Or was it "Vulva?" "Vulva Los Loco?" Nice ring to it, bud. Lol. Ayaq
  13. Vava Los Loco!!!! Many more have been wished to come your way, sir (said in "Yoda" voice). Ayaq
  14. LMAO, Johnny!! Please keep them coming, kind sir. Ayaq
  15. LMAO, bud. The flowering kind? The plural form of "moose" is the like the plural form of "goose." It's "Meese." When two or more groups of meese get together, it's "meeses." Hehehehehehehehehehahehae!! Just kidding. Ayaq P.S. - Don't wanna confuse anyone: the plural form of "moose" is, in grammatical fact, "moose." I checked with @Hoth for clarification. Thanks, bud.