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    Many of the pubg players know me by now but just thought i would go ahead and do a introduction for the ones that havent!! Been playing on the XI team-speak for over a year now, and have many many hours into multiple games with other XI members just going to give y'all a fair warning i do rage alot lmao... other than that nothing much to me feel free to send a friend request on steam!! its Sling__Sh0t ( will be changing my xi username soon ) games i play Madden 19 (82 hours) Players unknown Battleground ( 1000 hours ) Rocket league (1600 hours) Will be buying Dying Light 2 when it releases
  2. im mainly looking forward to Dying Light 2
  3. Sling_shot

    niceeeeeeeeeeeee ive got a 65 chevy c20
  4. Sling_shot

    Any one else excited for Dying Light 2?
  5. Sling_shot there's mine
  6. Sling_shot