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  1. major-mark63

    Now COPs are giving finds to poeple that dont follow confinement rules. 1000$+ 535$ of fees for Dumb ones who doesnt obey, Today there are now over hundred finds given in all our province and going up!!!
  2. major-mark63

    That stuff is true we seen it at our local TV news (Sherbrooke is 1hr and half off here). Also the driver was not alone in his car , one woman was with him, that was the reason they were refused going together in the store. Rule is one person per car admitted in the store. He's inj prison now. They have 4 charges against him and this could change if the victim dies.
  3. major-mark63

    Yes ive seen this its close to my place , stupid people stupid reaction, , this poor man who was hit has 5 children and he rest in ICU and his family cant visit him....
  4. major-mark63

    THx Labob , Oh yes , I remembered that i played this zombie version times ago. I deleted all the folders xinazizombie that contained all old maps and it worked thx. Only thing when join on zombie and come back to another server i still loose all the load names , but its not a big deal. See ya and thx again. Mark
  5. major-mark63

    Hi labob, i tried join this covid zombie server and my pc crasshed fatal error invalid files etc... something i can do?? Mark
  6. major-mark63

    Hold on my COD5 buddy , ill send good positive thinking for you. hope to klink you soon Mark your favorite Major.
  7. major-mark63

    Same for me in Canada , i was sick and tested while waitng for results i had to be quarantine in my house and even from my wife had to stay in the basement until get my result from my local Health department had results in two days and was negative, but by the rime our government asked us to stay home to not spread the disease. too bad no sick leavefor me , im retired now LOL. Mark
  8. major-mark63

    Here its the same i donno why people they afraid of paper toilet miss, can we do it like old time , wash with water and a towel, newspaper is not much and option now , not good to use ipad or iphone to clean lol. This fear was taken from australia cause the paper was coming from China mainly. In US and Canada we produce are own paper .... i dont understand this panic..... Mark
  9. major-mark63

    Hello every body , Im from Canada , here is my opinion and self experience about Coronavirus. I was returning from a 16 days cruise on march 1st , to port of Los Angeles , three days after i was ill , slight fever headaches coughing a lot , and runny nose, two days after , i had to call ambulance to get me to hospital cause of difficulty breathing, bubble sound in my lung , impossible to stay abed or even sit too much coughing . At my local hospital they isolate me in a special room , and they took special protocol to threat me and test me for different disease including covid-19 and flu . The personnal of hospital thanked me because i told them all the good information and i didnt get in the emergency wiating area to possible infecting people there. Thx god everything was negative , but they treated me for infection in the lungs with penicillin for 10 days and i has statex also for helping me sleep and not coughing. Our government took it seriously and the put lock down mesures to slow down virus spread to insure the system is gonna be able to treat and have enough equipement to cure citizens. They do not want to loose control like Italy who reacted too late and doctors had to choose who they gonna treat. Here its easier beacuse everyone as free hospital and all of this. We are still limited by bed availiabilty and breathing equipement. In US i read that over 35 millions people are not insured (including the illegals) . hope you not loosing control of the spread. This virus gonna cost a lot of money and gonna put finances of most country to enormous deficits , and i say also lot enterprises gonna run bankrupt hope this not gonna put the world in big recession. I think we should take this serious and think to save our elders and others with health bad conditon. I hope 1'll never be responsible to infect another and possibly send im into death . Take care evrybody. Mark
  10. major-mark63

  11. major-mark63

    hi all here is a list of country i travelled for leisure since 2003 . I live in east Canada with long winters so i travelled a lot to warm me off . USA of course (many times most eastern part ) Mexico (west coast and riviera maya few times) and mostly Caribeean spots: Cuba (3 times) Bahamas (2 times) Bermuda 2 (times) Turk and Caicos US Virgin island and Porto-Rico (before the big hurricanes) Sint-Maarteen Antigua Dominica Martinique (2 times) and Guadeloupe St-Lucia (2 times) Barbados Grenada Trinidad and Tobago Venezuela (margarita island years ago when safer ) Columbia( main and SanAndres island Roatan Island Honduras Belize Jamaica (2 times) Cayman island Dominican republic (2times) EUROPE: Italy Greece (main and few islands on cruise) Turkey ( west coast) This feb im going on a 16 days cruise from Miami to LA across Panama canal to celebrate my retirement so more vacations to come lol thx Mark
  12. Hi all Xi gamers , im now retired from work since january 14 this year , so just prepared to be klinked a lot more , ill be seen online  more since have more free time.

    klink ya


    1. AthenA


      Bonne retraite avec ta douce, je suis certaine que c'est bien mérité ! Profitez-en pleinement ! 

    2. major-mark63


      merci , oui pas mal mérité depuis que jai vingt ans que je travaille sur les shifts non-stop, la c'était assez , je profiterai j'espere longtemps ...

    3. AthenA


      Je te le souhaite !

  13. I didnt know Dadda personnally but only by reputation , dying at 59 so early RIP for him and i send prayers to his family . I am 56 now and i was hesitating to take my retirement , but in the last days a had a lot of signs saying thats the time to enjoy life fulfully cause it can stop very fast . Hope there is a paradise special for gamers . CYA Dadda
  14. major-mark63

    I wish i could be an american citizen to share theses meals and goodies wtih you. I wish to my American neighbours and happy thx giving week-end and dont forget the ''Tums '' on monday morning lol
  15. I want to wish a very happy thanks giving week-end to my American neighbours.


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