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    Mirabel, Quebec, Canada
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    Ice hockey , cycilng, gaming , travelling.

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  1. Hi all Xi gamers , im now retired from work since january 14 this year , so just prepared to be klinked a lot more , ill be seen online  more since have more free time.

    klink ya


  2. I didnt know Dadda personnally but only by reputation , dying at 59 so early RIP for him and i send prayers to his family . I am 56 now and i was hesitating to take my retirement , but in the last days a had a lot of signs saying thats the time to enjoy life fulfully cause it can stop very fast . Hope there is a paradise special for gamers . CYA Dadda
  3. major-mark63

    I wish i could be an american citizen to share theses meals and goodies wtih you. I wish to my American neighbours and happy thx giving week-end and dont forget the ''Tums '' on monday morning lol
  4. I want to wish a very happy thanks giving week-end to my American neighbours.


  5. I ve changed my profile photo for a newer last one was 5 yrs old, this picture was taken in Belize city harbour.

  6. major-mark63

    thx guys , my hardware stuff is not very old at less than 4 yrs and also my peripherics, so should be ok then. MM63
  7. Is someone can tell which beach is on my cover photo??

    the winner wil have snow shipped at home free for next winter.

    1. AthenA


      Moi je contribuerai à envoyer la neige ! 

      I'm going to contribute to the snow shipping as well ! 


  8. major-mark63

    since W7 we will had no support after jan2020 from MSoft how effective is the transition from W7 to W10 , and how is easy to get used with W10??? Mark
  9. major-mark63

    i wish to be in count me in plse rose
  10. Happy birthday Willy !! mine was yesterday lol

    see you online


  11. major-mark63

    thank you all, mark
  12. happy birthday kamikaze!!!!


  13. major-mark63

    Oh my god !!! no more excuses not to be better than me now LOL. Have only 33mbps here , klink you soon!!! Mark
  14. major-mark63

    Anyone wants some snow? its for sale as it looks today april 17th.2019 i sell it by cubic foot. It's free shipping if you buy it all. Whish i could mower my lawn grass. If you found this bad you should see how much more they had in Eastern Quebec !! Have a nice day LOL
  15. major-mark63

    Yes i indeed saw it , strange ...lol
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