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  1. major-mark63

    Happy birthday everyone !!! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!!
  2. major-mark63

    I think its not the first controversy problem Alec is dipping , didnt he s been in sexually scandal or sort of in the past??
  3. major-mark63

    Happy birthday everyone!!!
  4. major-mark63

    happy birthday have a nice day!!
  5. major-mark63

    Happy birthday m8!!!!
  6. major-mark63

    Can you imagine on my side , my screen freezes and i cant shoot you , and when its coming back im already dead... cant wait next year we will have fiber optic running the street telephone posts with 120 mbps slowest speed...up to giga speed
  7. major-mark63

    its gonna mess your KBoard LOL looks like strange Mc nuggets
  8. major-mark63

    Happy birthday!!!
  9. major-mark63

    i think its not the way here in Quebec , but still special effect fire and explosion could be dangerous too.
  10. major-mark63

    thats i pictures i took in Saint -Marteen close to Orient bay (french part of island).
  11. major-mark63

    I donno why they are using real guns , replicas are so alike they should be use for safety FFS.
  12. major-mark63

    this is correct connection but 4 similar batteries needed , never mix regular and deep cycling . They are not built the same way.
  13. major-mark63

    Happy birthday !!!!!
  14. major-mark63

    @J3st3r you still quick my ass dont worry. im always the most killed every game.
  15. major-mark63

    what about my dancing ping LOL?
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