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  1. major-mark63

    is this possible to mod the sound of headshot? I will be thank full is headshots on ADmin would sound more like a klunk . Instead of the normal klink . Thx lol
  2. major-mark63

    Dont wanna a fun breaker but in my place winter is there since last november 17th, and today high was -21C or around -6F , damn f.. cold and tomorrow forecast is additionnal 15 inches of snow!!!!!!!! Mark BRRRRRRRRR
  3. major-mark63

    Happy New year 2019, i hope we all gonna have a good year with health , fun and laughs , anything else you'll buy it. MM63???
  4. major-mark63

    Happy birthday DJ , i wish you a year with lot of klinkers lol MM63
  5. All to my friends and non-friends i wish to all seasons greetings and  a 2019 year fullfilled with klinkers.

    Be happy and live longer.

    from your favorite Major Mark is the name ????

    1. AthenA


      Joyeuses Fêtes à toi et ta famille aussi ! Pour les "klinks", on verra lol 


  6. major-mark63

    I wish to you a happy Xmas and a merry new year 2019!? ohhhh or maybe opposite merry and Happy. too much rum lol Lots of klinks in the year to come.... Mark
  7. major-mark63

    Sorry i dont know the summit map , but i say its hills with pines tree firs etc , where you have to climb uphill ...some like it.
  8. I say leave it like this , so youi know someone is approaching , i use it often when im not using betties.. MM63
  9. Wow what a nice winter panorama outside  snow sun all is missing is a good dark rum on the rocks...!

    I know i know rum is better on beach front  but im looking for that in next february..

    the cheers all.


  10. major-mark63

    Im agreing a bit with Eastcoast, i often play in the late evenings , not im saying there is hackers but some time player could slaughter us damn too easily. like 3 times our kills end of a game, maybe could be agism or beers , but i think im a good average player and its pissing me off. When im sure , usually i emailed spinpuppy with some details he can track the video files. Wall hackers or aimboters are easy to discovers but others are very smarter with these stuff and hard to catch. but im always having fun playing and im concentrating my fun with all others players instead. Mark
  11. major-mark63

    Too bad i dont have cod2 , but at least i will say: god help them rest in peace. Wow i found this very touching , its a memorial day for XI online player . Iam proud to be part of this family. Mark
  12. thx i find good when maps follows the seasons they put me in the winter xmas mood. MM63?
  13. Yes indeed this rules was one that is important for me . We are all human beings and all we love to play online. also i love to hear different languages and learn foreign swearing lol. M-Mark
  14. major-mark63

    Yea welcome in the Idiots family!
  15. major-mark63

    ok them ill say its climate changing. I would say more that the temprature has bipolarity desease. Today it was rainig +2C 35F so diffential of close to 25degrees celsius in 5 day WTF