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  1. major-mark63

    thx for the hints since im pretty new on cod4 . @Ruthless gambler is choosing random perk for you and it changes at every spawn ive used it to learn the different perks and effects.
  2. major-mark63

    happy birthday all!!
  3. major-mark63

    yes three things i dont have any lag spike on video ,all gaming is smooth and also when one on one i have lot more kills like before i was like always late on enemies , half a second is long in gaming lol. and finally laoding map and newer is 30 times faster (had 4 meg before) Et c'est moins frustrant en jeu , la je peux juste blamer mes réflexes et le rhum LOL.
  4. major-mark63

    i took the 120 meg package for me ok , see yours is only 40 upload , upload is the speed you send your fire signal from your mouse to the server its as important as download for gaming. 1 gig down is better if your listen to streaming video, or tv , which i dont do much.
  5. major-mark63

    yes true storm will pass then two days after its gone... except maybe for new-orleans years ago
  6. major-mark63

    come to Canada no hurricane but more snow lol
  7. major-mark63

    So all who lost lot of asset in their pension plans gonna have to work longer so its a great thing for lack of work force....
  8. major-mark63

    maybe she have only younger reflexes Jester??lol
  9. major-mark63

    i taught he said roD not roB?????
  10. major-mark63

    Happy birthday!!
  11. major-mark63

    Its bad but when interests rate are getting higher, prices of house will go lower. so all who paid overpriced house in the pandemic crazy market like @MikeB said the never gonna make money with this. And soon these maybe fully mortgaed house will found on the market at lower price then. sad for them
  12. major-mark63

    Happy birthday to a great bunch!!!
  13. major-mark63

    Been tied to the world now with fiber optic to the modem, with speed 120m byte per sec up and down. get ready to get killed abit more often by me cod5 and cod4. the Major is happy now!!!
  14. major-mark63

    Happy birthday everyone!!!!!
  15. major-mark63

    Is Coors light even taste like beer?? not shure taste nothing
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