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  1. major-mark63

    you lucky that restaurant are opened (here still lockeddown)and also terrace are opened ,here they are full of snow banks
  2. major-mark63

    happy birthday all of you!!!!
  3. major-mark63

    ill make some cuba libre for you
  4. major-mark63

    happy birthday to a great bunch!!!!!!!
  5. major-mark63

    Easy to say when you didnt do it...
  6. major-mark63

    but not sure if its only on TS on on website..
  7. major-mark63

    pwd will be given 20 minute before ithink
  8. major-mark63

    Do we need to be logged on TS to have powd info etc??
  9. major-mark63

    Ok server is now on my list ill wait for PWd to set my loadouts thx
  10. major-mark63

    Rose i idnt find this server on the list is it active ??
  11. Itaht kind of society now i should start feeling bad about been a white macho male hetero catholic english speaking etc...
  12. major-mark63

    happy birthday !!!
  13. major-mark63

    LOL the challenge is not to drink FFs i know its easy to get a drink it is not a challenge ..try it 28 without!!



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