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  • Birthday 08/11/1963

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  1. major-mark63

    Anyone wants some snow? its for sale as it looks today april 17th.2019 i sell it by cubic foot. It's free shipping if you buy it all. Whish i could mower my lawn grass. If you found this bad you should see how much more they had in Eastern Quebec !! Have a nice day LOL
  2. major-mark63

    Yes i indeed saw it , strange ...lol
  3. F... snow again today , it didnt stop till last november , i wish i was born a bit more south ...

    1. AthenA


      Imagine ici... j'ai le goût de brailler pis j'ai commencé à sacrer hier ! On est encore en pleine tempête ce soir !

    2. major-mark63


      OUin c'est que dans l'ESt vous y avez plus gouté encore que nous , e juillet ca devrait etre fondu lol

    3. AthenA


      J'espère ! Sinon, je t'en shipperai 😜

  4. HEy puppy how are you?? yesterday we had f.. freezing rain one inch thick and today another 12 inches of snow.

    i should bought a grill cover FFS...LOL

  5. No , but i was back from vacation and my brain was still in Cancun mode lol....
  6. i got it in 20 mins , pretty easy if you draw a grid. was fun to do.
  7. I congrats to you Harry , but im asking , can i still klink you even Head admin??? , never did it before??
  8. major-mark63

    is this possible to mod the sound of headshot? I will be thank full is headshots on ADmin would sound more like a klunk . Instead of the normal klink . Thx lol
  9. major-mark63

    Dont wanna a fun breaker but in my place winter is there since last november 17th, and today high was -21C or around -6F , damn f.. cold and tomorrow forecast is additionnal 15 inches of snow!!!!!!!! Mark BRRRRRRRRR
  10. major-mark63

    Happy New year 2019, i hope we all gonna have a good year with health , fun and laughs , anything else you'll buy it. MM63???
  11. major-mark63

    Happy birthday DJ , i wish you a year with lot of klinkers lol MM63
  12. All to my friends and non-friends i wish to all seasons greetings and  a 2019 year fullfilled with klinkers.

    Be happy and live longer.

    from your favorite Major Mark is the name ????

    1. AthenA


      Joyeuses Fêtes à toi et ta famille aussi ! Pour les "klinks", on verra lol 


  13. major-mark63

    I wish to you a happy Xmas and a merry new year 2019!? ohhhh or maybe opposite merry and Happy. too much rum lol Lots of klinks in the year to come.... Mark
  14. major-mark63

    Sorry i dont know the summit map , but i say its hills with pines tree firs etc , where you have to climb uphill ...some like it.
  15. I say leave it like this , so youi know someone is approaching , i use it often when im not using betties.. MM63
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