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Found 8 results

  1. im mainly looking forward to Dying Light 2
  2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R

    Fellow (xtreme)idiots! I am placing this forum post to make you aware of a new Twitch streamer, called 'stealthypredator'. He just started around the 17th of May 2017 and really has the passion to continue what he is doing. Yes, he is a beginner and yes he still has a lot to learn, but in time that will all come in place. Normally he was never that talkative due to a bit of insecureness about himself, but now he definitly tries to better himself on that point. But to be completely honest with you, that streamer, is me. I have been thinking about it a long time and I decided to just go for it. This is a huge step for me, because this means I finally have climbed out of my shell and try new things. Like I said, I was never that talkative, but because people do not want to watch streams where nobody talks, I now have to talk all the time. Difficult task, but I try! At the moment while I am writing this post, I have 24 followers and 871 views, though I could use a lot more of both. So if you want to support me, a fellow (xtreme)idiot, you can do that by watching and/or following my stream. Saying something in chat will also be awesome! Even if you do not like my stream, you can still follow me (haha). Just keep in mind, I am a beginner in this. So I might fail in stuff. But hey, you can always give me feedback so I can better myself. Hopefully I will see you on the next stream (on the Twitch website, search for 'stealthypredator' and you will find my channels schedule). Greetings S.T.A.L.K.E.R>XI< / a.k.a. stealthypredator
  3. Closed Beta Wave 7 Date Announcement Hello Everyone, We here at Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games know that many of you are geared up and ready to jump into the next beta wave, so here is the news you’ve been waiting for: Closed Beta Wave 7 starts next Thursday, May 11th. As always, we’ll let everyone know when the servers are open on the day, so stay tuned via email, forums and discussion groups.Everyone who already has a beta key will be able to join the test (no purchase required) as always. We will be sending out new beta keys to those on the original RS2: Vietnam mailing list who haven’t had one yet. In addition, expect some of our business partners to be giving out additional beta keys.The only other way to get in on CB7 is to pre-purchase the game: Everyone who has pre-purchased the game already, or does so before the test closes, will be able to get in on it.Now as a reminder, current testers and pre-purchasers will not be able to launch/install the game until Closed Beta 7 starts (or shortly before).We will also be streaming the game and answering game related questions from our Twitch account (twitch.tv/tripwireinteractive) as Closed Beta 7 starts! So come on in and hang out with us in the Stream as we answer questions from the community!Last but not least, as part of this closed beta we will be making the server files available for Admins to test and host servers with. We will be making the usual rounds early next week with more information about that (so keep an eye on announcements and/or HLDS mailing list).
  4. Crossfire

    Just an idea that ran across my mind for the people that do not know how to map very well. This forum could be used for like a map suggestion box and then the mappers might be able to make the popular suggestions. Like I said this is just an idea and I have some of my own. 1.) A cruise ship - I think it would be pretty fun fighting end to end on a cruise ship. For a close map with tight corners and fast paced game play. 2.) Cabin - A heavily wooded forest with a cabin in the middle (Cabin in the Woods). A medium sized map with open areas and enclosed one allowing for a mix of play styles. 3.) Alcatraz - A prison map on an island would be pretty cool. Or just any prison for that matter. Have any ideas of your own? Or like one above. Put them under this topic.
  5. HueHefnaXI

    Hello to all my Idiot friends! I finally was able to get a rig! My old rig to be exact LOL...the one my gal sold awhile back when we broke up temporarily. My friend she sold it too was on a financial bind and I was able to buy it back dirt (and I mean super dirt) cheap LOLOL plus he threw in a bunch of leather working tools/supplies and brand new sewing stuff for my gal...what a score...I also have an amd machine that is much newer with a quad core cpu so I might just move my gpu and psu over to that platform...either way my Idiot ass will be back on the ace mod very very soon! Missed all of you very much...I can finally get back to giving away nades to all my favorite idiots LOL See you Soooon! Dino Roman Pagano aka Huehefna>XI< member since the early early days! and still rolling with ya'! reporting from Hopewell, VA!
  6. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=452_1356058064 Video Game Glitches In Real Life rofl
  7. Damage_inc-

    Wow this is a kool game..the free alpha version is out to download to pc.If you like adventure games where you can build and breakdown environments and also a great fps game then this may be the next thing coming around...Its in development...My kids will absolutely love this game.. it has amazing physics.... http://youtu.be/OSmlrPcXumc
  8. im looking for a new game besides league of legends and minecraft.
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