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  1. iMC

    Ah classic Womble.
  2. iMC

    If you're not going to overclock your CPU right now, I'd suggest just going with the stock cooler. It comes with the CPU anyways, and if you want to overclock in the future, you can just remove the stock cooler and replace it with the AIO. In fact, you could overclock with a Wraith Prism cooler, as explored by JayzTwoCents in this video -->
  3. iMC

    I personally used Bitdefender when I had a PC. This website may help with your decision --> http://av-test.org
  4. iMC

    OK, I'm a university student working towards a B.Com. Also, I am currently an staff member on a roleplay server on Unturned and play Insurgency to take a break after dealing with some of the screaming kids on there. I have a habit of being creative when I'm bored, and I play on a potato MacBook Pro.
  5. iMC

    So, I'm a regular on the >XI< Insurgency servers and Discord. I thought I might as well visit the forums too. Hi.
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